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November’s First Thursday Round-up

1. The New Orleans Saints are 7-0 which ties their best start ever behind Bobby Hebert, the Cajun Cannon in 1991. The Monday Night Football victory over Atlanta  was very exciting. I think Atlanta is a better team in many ways than their finished product shows right now — the parts have not yet clicked into the right whole.

2. The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series title last night. The Yanks are back on top. It was an entertaining and well played series overall.

3. LSU crushed Tulane and now plays Alabama. What does any of it mean in the BCS picture? Will Oregon be in th Rose Bowl and continue a journey towards being a permanent contender? Is UL still a contender for the Sunbelt Championship?  College football is still a very indefinite situation, lots of question marks belong here.  

4.The relics of St. Mary Magdalene visited our area and I visited them at the Chapel at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Abbeville where I was baptised, made my First Communion and was wed. There was a long line visiting the relics.

5. To follow up on a post on Anglican and Catholic Relations that appeared as part of an earlier round-up go to this site:  http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/11/04/letter-published-in-the-catholic-herald-during-last-week-of-october/

6. The Republicans won the governors races in New Jersey and Virginia and Maine repealed the same-sex-marriage laws by popular referendum. It seems that Obamania has died down since President Obama campaigned for both defeated gubernatorial candidates.

7.  Police negligence stories are really being reported for the first time in my life.  The house of horrors with eleven bodies is on the news, Jaycee Dugar enslaved in a backyard in a neighborhood, he testimony by Elizabeth Smart recently, the eight prostitutes or “high risk lifestyle” women killed in a parish here in Acadiana, the millions of illegal aliens, the ACORN corruption and other stories are showing what our political system as it operates does to mundane duties like policing.

8.The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall his consort have been visiting Canada recently and I believe they are still there. He impresses me as an engaged and relevant man.

9. I lost the most recent Parliament Quiz and have only won once out of  four attempts.

10. Sarah, Kevin, Alyse, Anika and Soren are still on their trip around the eastern USA.

11. My mother’s birthday is November 13. If you know her it is time to get a card in the mail if you live far away.