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American Rights & The Workings of Black Power as We Know it

This post is my effort to address a crisis of the lack of white racial consciousness in America. It is my effort to communicate the truth clearly on those issues related to that in those terms.

This is the kind of post I avoided writing for much of my life. There are many more things I could write and don’t. I do not wish to inflame passions outside of the right and proper conduits and outlets for their best and highest expression. I know that divisions can become very serious indeed. I do not wish to unwisely divide the country.  I do remember all my life being part of a regional remembering perhaps illustrated well in a video clip found here. Besides my connections to a long interest in the history of the States which formed the Confederacy I am a ware of how complex it can be to maintain that history. I am aware of how honoring it can be a means of empowering people who are the enemies of that heritage and always have been as well as those who have very different visions and wish to corrupt those goals and dreams and traditions for very different ones. Nonethless, Confederate feeling survives and the reader can come into contact with  some of those who make a strong effort to publicly preserve its essence here and here.

The definite connections I feel to the South have strong connections to the sense of loss, defeat and desperation which I associate with the end of the War Between the States and the aftermath of that war. The significance of race in that conflict is a subject for many books and not so much for a brief blog post. But the Confederates were fighting against Black Republicanism among other things and elsewhere in this blog I have discussed how that is relevant to our current situation. My Model Constitutions  both State and of the Union are among the permanent pages of this blog and also are among my most serious attempts to address these issues although of course they address many other issues as well.

It should be clear that I am not living in shame and secrecy. We will face the future are it will devour us from behind regardless of whether I try to write about it. But America should be aware of what Black Power , Black Africanism,  the continuous massive assault by a conscious pan-Black group which is willing to lead an anti-white legion of identities. White racists often make anti-white unity easier. In South Africa the ANC got Indians and Zulus eventually to side with the rebellious Black common folk but once freedom was achieved rule of the streets by black common criminals was much more of a factor than the many defectors from other identities had feared. Black crime emasculates white men in America and creates a unity of destruction and subversion functioning much as the wave of Hitlerism functioned for a different group in Germany during the Weimar Republic — it is an infrastructure of violence and identity. This infrastructure of violence, rape and intimidation is tied to more serious art, scholarship and politics which seek Black Power  and Black Supremacy in this country and Americans need to see this trend  to see what these factors tend to as conditions of power and organization.

Meanwhile every effort at  universal and national concerns not related to race is condemned by some or many open white supremacists. David Duke and his ilk tend to see Jews as making Whites somnolent when in fact much of the language comes from very Euro-Christian historians of what is called our Civil War in explaining away and lying about factors involved in understanding  the nature of race. political organization and slavery. I am aware of how many neighborhoods, schools, jobs and women Whites have surrendered specifically to Blacks. I am aware of how many people have adopted a life of fear and cowering to black racially conscious violence. I am aware of how many other groups find it safer and better to play a small role in a black supremacist political and social agenda than a white supremacist one. These facts of life in America and around the world are real and important. But I do not want the kinds of extreme solutions which may become possible in a rise of white identity. My Constitutions are my proposal. Blacks should be citizens, they should hold property, they should  hold office. A white supremacist America can offer justice here and address similar problems around the world by being a small contributor to the right solutions.  In addition, racism itself is nothing I greatly love or aspire to foster. White Supremacy and racial consciousness for all I admit to espousing. But I have other values too. Neither my politics nor ideologies are capable of being easily compressed and summarized  into a few simple phrases.

One notes the passing of former poet laureate Maya Angelou, the struggles of the Black African Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and the latest achievement of some black artist, author or athlete coinciding with this post. It is easy to think that his is not a good time for such a post or that there is never a good time for such a post as this. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Hussein Obama deserve to be treated as American figures. They contributed more up to now to America than to Blacks. But their contribution is always racially conscious and racially motivated. A nuanced White supremacy is needed which can deal with that reality. First we cannot deal effectively with theoretical or idealistic foundations of racial interaction and race policies in this post. The general theory I proclaim here is that when the structures are such that organized race behaviors in favor of Whites are made illegal in America that is a gross distortion of properly functioning social fabric. It also tends to most energize the Black racists who now have an undue advantage over all other players in the new and distorted environment. Here one can find an account of how race plays out in the streets of America which should be disturbing to White people and others in many ways. One wonders how many young White and Asian girls are never on any radio show who have somewhat similar experiences with far less to bring to the confrontation than this person did. One also knows that there are risks posed to innocent young black American men when persons like the victim are made insecure and edgy for a lifetime by certain kinds of confrontational events.

On May 31, 2014 I failed to attend a funeral of a white friend at a largely African-American church. I am who I am and am not hiding much about my politics including a concern about race and yet in the many reasons why I did not attend that funeral the racial issue was probably the least. My own health was a factor but not the principal one and there were many more reasons related to the dynamics of the day. The truth is that race is just one of a number of areas where it is very easy to make false generalizations. This post is about race and US politics from a particular point of view.  I have recently outlined some of my larger political views as they affect the near future here.  This is not South Africa or Zimbabwe. So how much can Black Power really be much worth discussing in the American context?

I am going to argue in one of these rambling and complex blog posts that Black Power has something very much to do with the American present. I think President Obama devoted to making many improbable things come true. His administration makes it possible for people to see things not often considered possible before. Dinesh D’Souza has followed Obama’s anti-colonialism and is putting out another movie that may have insight into his vision of the future. But this post has to do with many things besides the Obama administration. This post is about my life and times and experiences in a variety of contexts.

I just recently posted a couple of blog posts which have been important to the understanding of this subject. Any reader can access those two here and here. One of those is about Memorial Day and about two very different men with very different lives who both served in the US military and are both tied to the memories of Memorial Day for me. The time has passed when I would have done an ordinary and complete obituary for either one of them and I did not attend either of their funerals. Sev was buried in Arlington and his funeral related to that although there were probably closer places that participated in the ritual. Graham’s funeral was out of Our Lady Queen of Peace a mostly Black and  Creole of Color Church with a white pastor whom I have long known. I have attended that church before with Graham. But we have had a complicated relationship and it continued to be complicated even in his passing and so although my parents were participants in the rituals I did not attend his funeral. I did attend a series of lectures my sister gave to a Charismatic group in that same church.

I am writing from the Black Supremacist United States of the Occupied South as well as from the United States of America and the former Confederate States of America. This blog post is about Black Power and Black Supremacist reality as it actually occurs. There will be many struggles along the future and my own role in those struggles hardly portends to be very significant from where I stand just now.

I am writing as one who has already committed himself to a powerful reform of the country. I believe there are others who I do not know well who believe in the possible variety of American truths, one such speaker can be found here. In addition, in a small world and a smaller part of it one cannot help but feel a need to interact with others who may be struggling to achieve some of the same goals even if one does not approve of the large part of the way one expresses certain things in these days. Such is the case with my own connection with the principal author of this short video clip.

This may be a time when France and other powers in Europe can be amenable to conversation. See one possible place for conversation here. I am committed to the certain principles and I have spelled out my positions fairly carefully. But let us be clear that any path forward will be a risky and costly one. I am a man comfortable with travel, familiar with hardship who can work with his hands, I am also the holder of a graduate degree and one content to read a great deal. My political profile has gone from obscure to more obscure. But I am not here looking to join someone else’s vision I am putting forward my own vision.

The title of this post is ambiguous. I meant the rights of Americans have a racial aspect and also that all those on the right in American politics have a responsibility to discuss and understand the racial implications of our lifestyles and policies.  This post is one small part of a life but it is an effort to be direct. It is an effort to say that narrow minded fanaticism can still be averted. A truly American future can still emerge. But we must face the reality and complexity of the threats undermining America’s future.

American whites have long failed to replace the number of white children leaving childhood with babies. That need not be all bad but in our somnolent state is is disastrous. Read this whole article for one take on some implications.    The problem is far more than an American problem, as some have noted. The realities are everywhere complicated.

I believe an America with mixed marriages, social interaction and a future of ambitious projects is possible. I believe we must have a new level of white racial consiousness for that dream to have a chance.

Discussions on the Model Constitution (22d in Series): Direct Imperial Government, Aristocracy

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (22d in a Series): Direct Imperial Government. Aristocracy
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 5:12pm ·
This Note will be about the Second Section of Article Six in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


The aristocracy is at the heart of this new regime. It is that essential element which joins the democratic tendencies of recent decades to the institution of the Imperial Monarchy and the royals in it. It also does many other things for the total development of a society and this society in particular. The Imperial custom which will be observed by the Imperial Domestic Services Agency, the Imperial Military and all of the other agencies of the House and Direct Imperial Government will be to recognize and when possible prefer rank and especially those of noble rank. Thus all those in the Five-Fold Nobility will find that they participate in something akin to a citizenship in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction, even if they are actually citizens of one of the Constitutional Jurisdiction under our two levels of citizenship in this society. The Nobility, being subject to the Honor Code are also much more tied to the Imperial Court and House and the Persons of the Emperor and Empress than are other Citizen-Subjects of the Empire.

The idea of an aristocracy was very much in the mind of the founders and framers of our current Second Union. They were more intrigued with understanding the ideas and concepts than perhaps they would have been if all the Senators had been titled aristocrats in the British Peerage. They were seeking to understand whether concepts such as the aristocratic resistance to sudden change, the sense of autonomy and other things were easily incorporated int o the new Union and whether it was possible to encourage the best aspects of The Few without the worst.

Merely writing this constitution, then writing the notes explaining it is a huge waste of time for which I am not being paid by almost any standard. Like the online novel I wrote which got some response around the world but did not generates any cash at all. Like a hundred other projects I have done. Some of these are things that those who fill the role of the few in our society are doing and I think not doing well enough and others are things they are not doing at all. I really do need a job and would love to be teaching abroad next year. My life is increasingly intolerable here and never was all that tolerable — yet I do this and other things. That is a sort of aristocratic penchant of mine which is not really justified in the way that it would be for someone in the context that I outline here.

I have done many practical things in my life. I have also done things that did not fall into that category. My parents are planning to sell the house I live in with them to Family Missions Company with whom I have never worked regularly and the house where I am typing this is supposed to be part of an estate sale. Whatever continuity there may or may not be in my life it is not about the kind of devices and institution such as entail and well chartered Houses discussed in this Constitution. In fact forced heirship diminished and disappeared in my own lifetime in louisiana. I have spent lots of time in family concerns and am not writing from the point of view of someone with no awareness of family concerns at all. This is present as one of several themes in my larger versions of my Curriculum Vitae. To see most of my curriculum vitae you can join the site and go to this link:


There is a lot on the site and it is a pretty mixed array of entries. Here is some of it. The quote typeface is kind of weak where it is not bolded but there are not many words, so I suppose you can struggle through it alright. If you are so inclined.

Insurance Specialty Training of Louisiana
Life and Health Producer, Life and Health Insurance
2003 – 2003
Tulane University Law School
1989 – 1995
I attended this school twice from 1989 to just into 1990. Then comparably from 1994 to just into 1995. I did not complete studies for a degree or study there during the intervening years.
Activities and Societies:Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation
Louisiana State University
Master of Arts, History, Anthropology
1991 – 1993
Activities and Societies:Catholic Campus Ministry Retreat Team, published in Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Board of Regents Fellow, United Blood Services
This education is associated with:
1 Honor or Award
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Bachelor of Arts, English
1983 – 1989
Activities and Societies:Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Honors Program, Brotherhood of the Cross, Bread for the World, The Vermilion,
This education is associated with:
4 Honors and Awards
Franciscan University of Steubenville
English, Communications, Theology
1984 – 1986
Activities and Societies:Ahim Adonai, President’s Mulitpurpose Steering Committee, Dorm Council, Karate Club, intramural sports, CACDYS, Public Relations Student committee, Student Production of Our Town
This education is associated with:
1 Honor or Award
Bukidnon State College
Peace Corps Sponsored Introduction to Cebuano-Visayan
1982 – 1982
This was a very introductory course which combined texts by native scholars with American Peace Corps texts. However after a few sessions it was cancelled and so Il learned very little. But I brought my notes and partial texts and stayed with friends on the campus of Central Mindanao University in Musuan, Bukidnon for a few weeks and with my minimal knowledge acquired elsewhere and the structure of the course was able to leave my stay there with basic proficiency in Cebuano-Visayan.
East Asian Pastoral Institute
Screipture Ventures Basic Exegesis, The Bible, Sacred Scripture
1982 – 1982
This was a special prgogram with senior and other faculty from the Institute under the direction of Father Herbert Schneider on the Campusd of the Ateneo de Manila where EAPI is located. This is in Manila on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.
Bishop Viard College
Secondary School, General education
1980 – 1981
This school is located in Porirua in the area of the North Island of New Zealand which is functionaly near the capital of Wellington. It was essentialy a Catholic High School of good quality run by the Redemptorist order…

Office of Religious Education, Diocese of Lafayette
Lay Evangelist, Evangelization
1980 – 1980
This was a program held at Vermilion Catholic High School at night largely during the summer. VCHS is located in my hometown of Abbeville, Louisiana.
Instituto de Estudios America Latina
Conversational Spanish, Spanish language
1979 – 1979
An intensive course in conversational Spanish held on the IDEAL campus in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
Mount Camel Elementary School
Elementary (primary) school studies
1970 – 1978
Located in Abbeville, Louisiana. This is where I studied whenever I returned to Abbeville, Louisiana.
The Lord’s School
primary school studies
1977 – 1977
This was a start-up school held at the Jesuit ministry site of Our Lady’s Youth Center in El Paso, Texas. The principal was a Dominican nun.
Tonga Side School
primary school studies
1975 – 1976
This was a school located in the city of Nukualofa on the Island of Tongatapu in the Kingdom of Tonga.
St. Hilda & St. Hugh’s School
Elementary (primary) school studies
1970 – 1971
This is the Episcopal school I attended in New York in Western Manhattan…
Soho Parish School
1968 – 1969
This was the school I attended in London. It had a small playground and was in the midst of the redlight environment but was a pretty nice Church of England school.
In the text of this model constitution I discuss the studies that bring the highest level of recognition under the “Nobility of the Robe” this is not entirely new to all scholars of the subject although it is not entirely derivative either. A cursory review of my studies will show that I have not received any doctoral degrees myself but have been close enough to get the lay of the land. Besides the time I have spent in studies and the travels that have accompanied them I have of course also thought a good deal about the themes discussed in this model constitution from all sorts of points of view. One thing I deal with in this section is the idea of honors. Although I have not achieved any honors as famous as those listed in some of the “Nobility of the Games” proposed in this text.

Honors and Awards
University and Foreign Studies College Lecture
Shandong Institute of Business and Technology
November 2004
Shandong Institute of Business & Technology
I was invited to give the lecture and to select the topic at a principal distinguished lecture series and site on campus. I spoke on the topic “The Idea of the University”. This was in Yantai, Shandong, China
Board of Regents Fellow
Louisiana Board of Regents and Louisiana State University
May 1991
Louisiana State University
This was not only an occupation but in itself both a very substantial honor and award. The award is given out based on GRE score, academic average, general character and connections to the State of Louisiana. The most important factor is Graduate Record Exam scores.
Hohorary Lietenant Governor of Louisiana
Office of the Lietenanant Governor of Louisiana
June 1990
Catfish Wholesale
This was given to me on official record and with due ceremonies and a magnificent certificate directly from the hands of Lieutenant Governor Paul Hardy. It is also true that he handed the certificate to me at a bar in Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico while we were both having a few drinks after a hard days work in a trade mission…
Outstanding Graduate Award
Alumni Association University of Southwestern Louisiana (now UL)
May 1988
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Highest nonacademic honor at commencement.
Outstanding Graduate Award
College of Arts, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
May 1989
Highest overall honor in college
Outstanding Graduate Award
English Department
May 1989
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Highest honor in the department
Cum Laude
University of Southwestern Louisiana
May 1989
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Third highest class of academic Latin Honors. A significant achievement only a small percentage achieve.
Phi Kappa Phi
PHi Kappa PHi Honors Society , USL chapter and national society
April 1988
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Awarded to top two percent of the class classified as Juniors or Seniors at a certain point in their studies.
Sophomore Class Award
Franciscan University of Steubenville
November 1985
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Highest overall award given to sophomores. One was given to a male and one to a female student each year.
Mensa International and Mensa of America
August 1991
Louisiana State University
Membership awarded to those with an IQ in the top two percent of the sampled and projected population.
Lord Norton, Lords of the Blog Quiz Winner
Lords of The Blog and the UK House of Lords
December 2011
I have twice won this quiz. Most recently just a few days before typing this and the other time many months ago. The quiz is fairly competitive in its own way.http://lordsoftheblog.net/2011/12/17/quiz-history-of-the-house/


Perhaps seeing all these little milestones and looking at where my life is now one can understand the motivation to a radicalism of one sort or another. Few radicals in history have ever gotten there without becoming what we might call stuck. Unlike many radicals of our time and previous times I have no criminal record, no bankruptcy and no committment to a facility for the mentally ill. But those things are not vast distances from my way of being. I am at a point in my life without any real future or a way forward. However, this is something I have known before. I hope to devote this year in part to finding a way forward. The Linked-in Profile from which you are viewing these excerpts is more expression than communication at this point. It likely will remain that, a record. but it is a basis to for communicating a bout a future position probably teaching English abroad. I have not entirely disengaged from life’s practical challenges.

My life’s timeline now exists in this profile but I have had a great part of my life not associated with either university credit (or earlier school credit) or paid employment which is not so well represented. In putting forth the information in this profile I publish the record of life. But the task is not completed. It is not a perfect record in any sense. It is not even perfectly accurate. I will probably make corrections for as long as I am able to carefully spend time improving it. This year’s end is a time to try to plan the future.

One thing about the proposed Five-Fold Nobility which becomes more obvious in other parts of the quoted text is their diversity. It is not a random diversity but they are diverse. I have dealt a lot with diverse and varied people. I am fluent really only in Spanish and English but havesomething better than modest proficiency in a couple more and a level of traveler’s proficiency in many other languages. I have also developed a fairly unique web of contacts around the world. This also affectsteh way I relate to the many people I know in this country. However, all of this does not portray the most important things in my view of myself or my life up until now.

I do not aspire to the ideals of the idle rich of the sort more or less suggested in books as diverse as The Great Gatsby, the horrors of HG Well’s future and the charm of Jane Austen’s novels. Such stories never tell the whole truth but whatever truth they tell is not much like my life so far I suppose. Here is a brief outline of my employment not including a number of positions that I cut because this note was to long to publish and I had to cut something.

IBC Healthcare
May 2005– October 2005 (6 months)Youngsville, Louisiana
I was a caregiver for my disabled, special needs brother SImon as he moved into his own apartment for the first time. The situation was disrupted by Hurricane Rita in general and my own injuries in particular which resulted from the Hurricane.

Bonnes Nouvelles
May 2003– March 2005 (1 year 11 months)Abbeville Louisiana
Writing and photography for feature stories. I also had my own column — “The Summery of the Local Cultural Scene”

Foreign Expert & Instructor
Shandong Institute of Business & Technology
August 2004– February 2005 (7 months)Yantai, Shandong, China
Teaching written, spoken and other English as well as administering the production of plays and workshop dramas. Furthermore advising and editing in the creation of formal research papers and advising students.
Substitute Teacher
Vermilion Parish School Board
August 2000– March 2004 (3 years 8 months)Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
Long and moderate term substitute teaching at many levels but mostly Middle and High School students…

Tract One Farm
March 1997– January 2004 (6 years 11 months)Forked Island, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
Leasing, supervising surveying and equipment, dealing with cattlemen, building a fence and handling finance.

Owner Operator
Resounding Praise Publications
May 1998– May 2003 (5 years 1 month)Abbeville, Louisiana
Publishing newsletter and in-office memoranda for small companies and assisting in self publishing materials as an adviser was the flagship operation. Most revenues came from brokering, wholesale and distribution on consignement of tangible intellectual properties such as printed books, artwork and jewelry. Furtherservices included translation, interpretation and discreet courier services.

Abbeville Meridional, Louisiana State Newspapers
July 2002– April 2003 (10 months)Abbeville, Louisiana
Writing sports and taking supporting photographs…

The Daily Advertiser, A Gannett Company
August 2001– May 2002 (10 months)Lafayette, Louisiana Area
Writing sports stories and assissting with the sports desk and sportsroom work…

Sales Representative
Sysco Foods
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; SYY; Food & Beverages industry
September 1993– May 1994 (9 months)Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area
Standard basic sales representative position. In addition to ordering, inventory, customer relations, product knowledge and other skills and duties I also worked on one project to develop a protocol for a category of fresh-frozen seafood with fresh qualities at just above thirty two degrees….

Board of Regents Fellow
Louisiana State University
Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
August 1991– May 1993 (1 year 10 months)Baton Rouge
Studied, did research, published a review and fulfilled the obligations of a purely academic fellowship. This was not merely tuition waiver but was a paid position. I was in history and received my Master of Arts degree upon completion of the Fellowship studies.

Spanish Instructor
Travel Talk Academy
January 1992– March 1993 (1 year 3 months)Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area
I planned programs for and gave classes in conversational business and travel Spanish to adults.

Personal Assistant
Chief Justice Frank W. Summers
February 1980– January 1993 (13 years)Louisiana
Varied small and less small projects for my grandfather in all manner of legal, agricultural, construction, courier, research and confidential assistant work

Theology Teacher & Coordinator for KSTM Student Television
Saint Thomas More High School
August 1990– May 1991 (10 months)Lafayette, Louisiana
Taught five classes of students daily and facilitated the student television program.

Sales Manager
Catfish Wholesale
February 1990– August 1990 (7 months)Meaux, Louisiana
Devloped new accounts to chains and institutions, markets for underutilized sizes and also assissted in various importations.
Pre-Law School Clerk
Mangham, Hardy, Rolfes and Abadie Law Firm
May 1989– July 1989 (3 months)Lafayette, Louisiana Area
Varied basic clerical work projects and networking with lawyers. I also prepared a single background research paper.

Extra and some contract services
The Blob
January 1988– February 1988 (2 months)Abbeville, Louisiana on location
I was mostly a gun-toting extra running around in a lit-up white decontamination suit with a plexiglass helmet.

Varied positions
The Vermilion
October 1983– February 1988 (4 years 5 months)Lafayette, Louisiana
Some paid on staff writing, some research, some volunteer interviewing — a very sporadic relationship with my university’s student newspaper.

Sales Representative
Crossroads Catholic Bookstore
June 1986– December 1987 (1 year 7 months)Lafayette, Louisiana Area
Sales clerk in bookstore…

DJ or Disc Jockey
KASC Radio
December 1986– February 1987 (3 months)Abbeville, Louisiana
I played and hosted the music for a night country show and ran the antenna and feed.

Director of Religious Education
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church
April 1986– August 1986 (5 months)Duson, Louisiana
Planned and organized catechetical programs for the parish and ran a program for finding out what the Catholic community wanted out of its parish life in a program I devised called Operation Body-Building. I also joined the local Knights of Columbus Council and the larger fraternal order and assisted in training altar boys. I lived in the rectory.

News Editor
The Abbeville Meridional, Louisiana State Newspapers
January 1986– April 1986 (4 months)Abbeville, Louisiana
Night editing and Production responsibilities…. Some writing.

Lay Catholic Foreign Missionary
Missionary Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph
June 1974– June 1985 (11 years 1 month)North America, South America, Asia, Oceania
Varied projects and services of increasing complexity over many years. I spoke, wrote, organized, learned langauges, studied abroad and did many other things.
This position is associated with:
1 Project

Copy Clerk
Clay R Summers Abstracting
April 1980– October 1980 (7 months)Abbeville, Louisiana
Some research, mostly pulling cited documents to reproduce for legal abstracts of property title and then actually copying them.

owner operator
Beau Summers Lawn Services
May 1976– August 1979 (3 years 4 months)Abbeville, Louisiana
WHen in the country I managed a group of young boys and also cut grass myself in yards and lawns throughout the area and was responsible for billing planning setting up comtracts and passing on business to employees when I left town…

Yet, for whatever reason I am still writing this series of notes. It might take a serious committment to read many notes in order to get a clear picture of what I am after. Why I propose what I do will not be essentialy clear from this note but it is possible to see the substance and shape of what I propose. Having skimmed my cv you can conclude whatever you like about whay I am proposing these things and whether I am qualified to do so at all.

The Nobility of each type fulfills a special function in society and is not duplicated by any of the other types. Each is Noble in its own way. The democratic and monarchic elements of course also can be found in these most aristocratic institutions of the new regime. That is because these are basic organizational principles that cannot safely be completely refined out of any large system of human organization. That may bring us to the question of why to have an official aristocracy at all. The first and easiest answer is that almost any royalist system of monarchy or para-monarchy has an official noble aristocracy at leat to some limited extent. Therefore, it is worthwhile to know a bit aboutother royalist regimes and it is also useful to ask why they are universally deemed useful as well as what makes this proposed system different from other possible and actual systems.

Let me refer anyone reading this to many voices first and then return to my thread of argument. My own link is first but I have reproduced much of the page of links in that segment of my blog just below it. I would have published all of them for perusal but the note was too long to publish:


Links to Royalists and Royals of Many Types
These are in no particular order. There are likely to be problems and irregularities. However, it is a sampling of links on a single page.
2. International royalists and royal watchers and some royals networking in a casual way, I have a group there myself and belong to others:

3. Louis de Bourbon and his family hold up the Bourbonist and Bourbon Banner. He lives in Venezuela most of the time and we used to be Facebook friends.

4. Keeping track of French royals and nobles and other royals and nobles in French:

6 -7. Two sites for the House of Habsburg which has a variety of Princely, royal and Imperial claims and incarnations:

9-11. Three sites for the Claims, Claimants and surviving elements of the House, lines and half Houses of Orleans and Braganza. There are relationships and ties but separate causes and distinct families in Portugal and Brazil:


Associação Causa Imperial – A.C.I

12. A social order not royalist or papist in self concept but deeply rooted in royalism and papism in every aspect of its culture. My grandfather was a member.
The Order of Saint Lazarus – Startpage

14. Sort of a casual collection of blogs by the members of the House of Lords who choose to participate. I have won the quiz they sponsor twice:
Lords of the Blog
14.Website of the King and Royal House of Spain
Majestad el Rey de España
15. The Belgian Royal House and Monarchy:
16. The Queen and Royal House of the United Kingdom:
Welcome to the official web site of the British Monarchy
17. An order with a complex history seeking its way in the modern world:
XP – IN HOC SIGNO VINCES – Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George
18. The Official site of the Tongan Royal House. After attending a Roman Catholic Mass in Tongan each Sunday I attended services in English in the Royal Chapel. I also went to Tonga Side School patronized by Tongan Royals and aristocrats:
19. The Dutch Royal House and website of the Queen of Holland:
20. The Ashante King and his court seeking to exist the Republic of Ghana:

And I will add despite space constraints a link from off this page but from a nearby page on my blog:

I am typing this note in my recently deceased grandmother’s house. She and I had many discussions related to this topic. While I have done quite a few other things today I am still aware there were other things I probably could have done instead of working on this note. I really want to get a family video together and I need to get together some correspondence but working on these notes here in Gammie’s house is at least part of a griveing and healing process. There is a large oil painting of she and my grandfather which overlooks my workstation and another stylized painting by her daughter, my aunt, that shows she and Chief Justice Frank W. Summers walking to heaven together. It is perhaps over the whole course fo these notes that anything like an overall argument for the general value of the arisotcracy and nobility can emerge. There is an efficiency to gathering some of the most significant “movers and shakers” into a system. There are some intangible rewards that can be cheaper than providing tangible ones. There is the chance that it will be much harder to undo or betray a society with a vibrant aristocracy and a bit harder to destroy one with a rather inferior aristocracy. There are connections to and lubricants between the democratic and Monarchic elements of a Constitution. There are many reasons and yes, there costs involved. Out of the huge number of things that can be said I will try to discuss a few relatively coherently in this note.

Here is the text and perhaps you can develop an appreciation for the ideas proposed regardless of the newness or contrariness you may find in them. Or perhaps not…
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Section Two: Aristocracy
All Nobles in the Five-Fold Nobility are eligible to serve in and vote for officers in the Councils of Nobles. All have a Duty to Respond to the Honor Code. All are entitled to display a crest or arms according to their station. All will have some privileges in Imperial Services and the Courts of Palaces and fiefdoms not available to others.

Subsection One: The Nobility Closest to the Imperial Monarchy, A Special Case
1. The Emperor and the Imperial House (as well as each Peer-Elector and their House) shall have an official religion or a group of sponsored religions with which he will set the example of that mix of devotion, conflict, adherence and protest which typify these relationships. In the case of an Acadian Basileus the Roman Catholic Church is the Official Church and the Greek Orthodox Church is the most honored other church to which also an excommunicated Basileus should first seek admittance for himself. However, the Emperor’s religion shall not be imposed upon the Citizen-Subjects of the Empire.Those in the Nobility and Aristocracy shall be subject to an Imperial Honor and Protocol Code which shall govern their standing. In the founding papers it shall be described how the Imperial bureaucracy may discriminate in favor of Aristocrats and Nobles in Good Standing and how they may not so discriminate. Anyone may buy a lowest rank , such as that of High Squire, for the purposes of attaining some small participation in these privileges. A fee shall be paid to the Ministry of Protocol and another to the House, a Family Crest shall be certified, a plot of land subject to the new entail law be established, a family trust and a family charity endowed and one can unless sued to prevent it on solid grounds buy such an elevation. The True Nobility starting at the equivalent of the British Rank of Baron may also be applied for and in a sense purchased but here the Ministry of Protocol must certify that there is some honor to be gained by the Institution and the Purchaser must already be a High Squire at least before applying. No rank above the baronial may be purchased directly under this scheme. Here a Knight’s Hold, a Coat of Arms, a family Shrine and a Personal and Family History would all be required of the purchaser as well as a very secure trust sufficient to provide a modest living at the time of its creation. These trusts will not be subject to seizure by creditors and therefore will require new working out of various laws.
2. The House whether the single Imperial Royal, a royal or a noble House duly chartered will itself will be a domestic regime unto itself under Imperial Law and with a fairly extensive set of written property and domestic laws. In the case of all other houses the Courts and leglal sytem will have to find which law pre-empts and applies but in the instance3 of the Imperial Royal House it is the supreme Domestic regime and it shall not be subject to other domestic and property laws outside the many set up to govern its operations and life.
3.The First and Executive Vice President would report to the Emperor regularly as prescribed by law and would pay him homage openly at the start of each four-year term or would not be able to hold office. Each will at that time receive a special title and seat as an ex-officio holding from a few choices available to the Emperor. These temporary participations in the ordinary nobility will be offered even if a First Executive Vice-President is already ennobled and may be matched with life or hereditary titles truly his or hers when the official becomes a Censor. However that is at the whim of the Empror on advice of the Council of Nobles.

Subsection Two: The Five-fold Nobility

This Constitution authorizes and defines one particular regime and the governance of one particular society among all the past, current and proposed different kinds of Empires and Kingdoms. There are very significant variations in the types and structures of various royalist ideas and royal regimes. This constitution authorizes a regime which has a very rich and complex body of antecedents. Neither this subsection preamble nor the Constitutional Charter of the Third Union as a whole will be able to bring all of those antecedents into a good and clear light for all instances in which law, honor, commerce or custom may need to recognize the aristocratic or other elements of the Constituted regime. However, this charter makes it clear that, in the end, the five-fold nobility functions as and must be sustained as a definite and essential structure for both the social and political structure of the United States and the Empire after the reconstitutionalization from the Second to the Third Union.

The Ordinary Nobility alone have their own Subsection in this Article so the other four types of nobility have Provisions in this subsection. The Ordinary Nobility do not. In this Arcadian-Acadian system (and especially as it is modified and has evolved in the American experience and come to form this new Constituional Element) the collegial and conciliar elements are very much stronger than in most recent regimes of aristocracy and nobility. In the case of the Ordinary Nobility this will be evident in the stronger role of houses than most are used to in other regimes and in councils of nobles. The Houses allow the near noble and the associates of the nobles a voice in the affairs of the nobles which is unusual across such systems. There is a further incorporation of Supreme Knights of most honored orders of Chivalry as being in themselves equal to Barons and in many privileges functioning as higher ranks still. The same principle continues for the other four forms of nobility. In general Junior Membership implies the right to be informed and to vote in the seating of Full Members. Some Full Members are able to expect that whenever possible they will be seated of their own right and even if not seated they carry the privileges of a noble. Full Members of the four other types but ordinary are usually not fully noble unless seated in some official Imperial Council but neither are they fully Commoners. All Four types are considered in general inferior tot the Ordinary Nobility but not in the sense that their highes is clearly below the lowest baron always — such is not the case. Any person is entitled to all types of nobility for which he or she may qulaify and does in fact hold. They are not in themselves mutually exclusive.

Provision One: The Nobility of the Sword
The Nobility of the Sword only comprises the upper ranks of the general system of military rank. However, it is to be linked by many devices of law and custom to the system of military rank as a whole. Cadets, recruits and privates are also seen to form a Constituent Base for the Political manifestations and operations of the Nobility of the Sword.
Variances of Rank
First, the Services directly to the Emperor and Empress, and the Basileus Arkadios and Basilissa.
The junior membership begins at first lieutenant and full membership in the Nobility of the Sword begins at major’s rank in these services.
Second, equally the Services of the United States and the King and Queen of Louisiana/ Roi et Reigne de La Louisiane
The junior membership begins at major and the full membership begins at Colonel.
In the matters directly affecting this Union DIG Forces shall be held as Imperial Forces and all Jurisdictional Forces held as equal with Junior Membership at Major and Full Membership at General. However, in Fiat Zones, Imperial activities of the Empire Proper and committees detailed tot he House the scale of rank shall continue as follows:

Third, Services to the Direct Imperial Government and the States
The junior membership begins at lieutenant colonel and the full membership at General.
Fourth, Services to Fiefdom and Peer, to Compacts and services to the Territories
The junior membership begins at Colonel and the full membership at General.
Fifth, Services to Chartered Nobles and to the Possessions
Only Generals or Supreme Commanders of Small Charters are full members. There are no junior members.
Sixth, Family Guards, Licensed Militia and Municipal Paramilitary Police Units.
Only established Commanding Officers in Full are junior members. There are no full members.

Provision Two: Nobility of the Robe
First, as to their nature and constituents: The Nobility of the Robe shall consist of the Excellencies of Religious, Academic and Judicial realms of status and endeavor. These three noble groups are regarded as largely one group by law and custom in this Third Union. The Joint and Combined Scale of Rank of the Nobility the Robe shall be somewhat brief than the scales of military rank which include or go below the rank of the Nobility of the Sword. The ranks in systems composing this nobility are varied but the Association shall have its own functional rank. Highest to lowest this shall be: First there is the Crowned Mitre. Second rank is The Mitre and Throned Coif. Third Rank is the The Cowl, Skullcap and Benched Coif. Fourth Rank is the Robe Proper. Membership and its privileges largely cease to apply after this rank and are not presumed to be of value or importance after this point in the scale. Fifth Rank is the Robed Vestry. Sixth Rank is the Outer Vestry.
Rank is determined by the following factors:
1. Greatness of the functional title.
2.Social Importance and Cultural contribution of the institution.
3.Age and Tradition of the role and institution.
4.Degree of Association with the Constitution, Royalty and Imperial House.
5.Conformity of the Title with the Emperor’s religion, philosophy and constitutional model.
No single factor outweighs the others. The Ministry of Protocol will describe the standards and with the advice of the Compact Associations of the Nobility of the Robe will issue the list of ranks. Here are some examples:
The Cardinal Archbishop of New York is the Crowned Mitre and so is the President of the LDS Church. But Ordination to the Roman Catholic Priesthood is Robe Proper while Ordination to the Mormon Priesthood is not recognized and belongs to unlisted class Vestibule.
At a standard university a Bachelor’s degree is Robed Vestry, a Master’s is Robe Proper as is a Juris Doctor, most doctorates are Cowl Skull Cap and Benched Coif. A Juris Doctor admitted to the bar is at the highest level of Robe Proper. Experienced trial lawyers and most judges are Cowl, Skull Cap and Benched Coif as are most abbots and mothers superior and the head rabbis of major synagogues. Catholic, Orthodox and Episcopal Bishops are Mitre as are Deans and Presidents of standard colleges and universities. Peers and other academic leaders of great significance would beCrowned Mitres as would members of the US Supreme Court.
The Crowned Mitres are actually less immune to Honor Code Provisions. The greatest such immunity would peak at the third rank.
In general, the Robes Proper can always vote but only the first three ranks can hold most Nobility of the Robe offices. In protcol terms the top three ranks area always noble folk and the Robes Proper are Noble Folk only with ex officio support, lower orders are never themselves Noble Folk. The Lower two orders are not subject to the full special tax. However, they have a limited schedule of benefits and can only vote in exceptional Association elections. Another factor is that Mistress of Ceremonies through the Haute Ecole des Traiteurs has the right and capacity to issue a number of titles and degrees at each rank and rank point of the Nobility of the Robe. These will also be possessed of these privileges of the Robe and other Privileges of the House and Household.

Second, as to their unique roles, duties, privileges and obligations:
1. They are not required to duel to retain their honor and may insult, accuse and slander members of the Nobility in the pursuance of their official duties. They may question the legitimate nature and avowed rights of other nobles and forms of nobility without suffering ordinary liability under the Noble’s Honor Code. If they verbally or by sign violate the provisions of the Honor Code in Pursuance of the Official Duties they have a high but rebuttable presumption of Impunity. If they are challenged the Challenger must also file a Motion to Uncloak against them with the Office of Ritual Confrontation. In Ritual Confrontation they have the highest presumed rights to Champions and Mitigated Stakes of all sorts of Nobles.
2. Whenever the Nobility of the Robe are not in their homes or on the premises of a site set aside for their official duties they must carry with them or wear a sign or declaration of their status in the Nobility of the Robe or else be liable to violations of law and of the Honor Code.
3. The Nobility of the Robe are to have some greater level of sexual license as regards promiscuity, homosexuality, and lewd behavior where the persons involved in the lewd behavior were all the Nobility of the Robe and the premises used spoke of an expectation of privacy. They are not so protected in other circumstances.
4. The Nobility of the Robe Seating Block in every Compact Council of Nobles will be the head of an Association of the Nobility of the Robe in that Compact. Every member of the Nobility of the Robe will be taxed an additional one percent of his or her income which shall be divided (after a fee to the Collector) equally among all the Compact Associations of the Nobility of the Robe to which he or she belongs. The Compact Association of the Nobility of the Robe will have standing as a friend of the court in any court and in all matters involving its members.

Provision Three: The Nobility of the Games
1.The Nobility of the Games and of the Chamber are the two groups least privileged as Nobility. However, they are privileged to be Nobility and then can add such privileges as they find their own endeavors.
2.The Nobility of the Games will be of three classes of membership. The First Class will be the Imperial Rolls, the Second Class will be the Compact Rolls and the Third Class will be the Jurisdiction Rolls. There will be little formal rank except by qualifying for one of these classes by winning a contest in one of these categories.
3.Each Contest licensed by the Ministry of Protocol will have a Nobility of the Games Association. Should they not be licensed to have their own association they will be granted participation in a Roll of Lesser Contests with a chance to elect one seat from among many contests and these with voting alotted by the rank of the contest. The Ministry of Protocol will certify for each Association its charter for its operation and for each Roll its charter for operation. In the Olympic Association a Gold in the current Olympic cycle will be worth ten votes and one from earlier worth four. A current Silver will be worth five and an earlier on worth two. A Bronze will be worth three and an earlier one shall be worth one. Some Associations like the Olympics will always have seats available where they have eligible members in the thirteen compacts and the High Council. Most Associations will have rotating terms. The weakest associations will be part of the groups of associations described here as Rolls of Lesser Contests and will rotate terms less frequently than others.
4. Only multiple winners of the ten Highest ranked Contests in the Empire as listed by the Minister of Protocol are Noble Folk on their own. The others are only Noble Folk while holding offices related to the Fivefold Nobility or after having retired from fulsome service in such offices. Until the Minister of Protocol can produce a list with explanations for its choice the starting list of Ten Highest Contest Associations will be:
i. Olympic Gold Medal Winners Roll (which shall be within the Olympics Association)
ii. Lombardi Trophy Winners Roll (which shall be within the NFL Association)
iii. Heisman Roll (which sahll be within the NCAA Football Association)
iv. NCAA Basketball Champions Roll
v. Best Actor and Best Actress Combined Academy Award Roll (which shall be within the Academy Awards Association)
vi. Pulitzer Prize Roll
vii.National Book Award Roll
viii. Indiana 500 Roll.
ix. Peabody Award Roll
x.Forbes Richest Top Ten Places Annual Roll
Only Multiple winners of these may expect Imperial support if not accorded something near to if distinctly below Baronial courtesies abroad at the time of the founding for example. However their office holders are entitled to full Noble Folk status.
Rank however shall vary for all Compacts as certified by their Compact Legislatures and authorized by the Ministry of Protocol. As a binding Constituional example in the Confederate States of America Compact the Olympics shall outrank all of these five associations but the five listed will be very high and higher than some of the ten best when considered for matters related to the Confedrate Compact only. These Five Distinctive Compact Associations will be:
1. The SEC Champions Association
2. The Country Music Awards Association
3. The NASCAR Winners Association
4. (A newly Founded) Imperial Prize in Southern Literature and History Association
5. The Highest Scores Association on Mississippi Riverboat Pilots Exams Association

Provision Four: Nobility of the Chamber
The Speakers of all Compact Assemblies, all chief executives of Constitutional Jurisdictions and all others from a long list published by the Ministry of Protocol will be the Nobility of the Chamber. Full members are those actively serving in the offices rated as the highest rank only . Junior members would be those from the lower ranks of the list of offices who are still serving and those who have retired from the higher ranked offices in good standing and are not later stripped of their status by any legal act.
Subsection Three: Ordinary Nobility and Their Special Role in Guarding Rank, Nobility, Protocol and Aristocracy
Provision One:There is no doubt that United States of America have formed a federal Republic since the American Revolution. There is little doubt that although many forms of inequality have heightened our forms and customs have increasing become those of and undifferentiated democratic (as opposed to mixed government) unitary republic. This new regime will be a very substantial adjustment to and correction of that trend. While a large set of open public and commercial spheres will be kept separate from the rest there will be a strong movement to awaken and assert that aspect of our society which is a society of rank.
Provision Two: The Noble here is given many burdens compared to some systems and is required to interact more than in most despite offsetting beneifts of independence. The noble is not merely an orbiter of the Emperor as was often the case in the royalist regimes known as the ancien regime in Europe. Nor is he or she exactly a mini-king in fealty as came to be after the weakening of the Carolingians. Both experiences inform this current union and in addition as a Greek royalty it is the very essence of our tradition going back before the great work of Aristotle to compare and contrast and arranged varied historical elements when a new constitutional charter is drafted. In this current and reformed Imperial Arcadian-Acadian system the collegial and conciliar elements are very much stronger than in most recent regimes of aristocracy and nobility. In the case of the Ordinary Nobility this will be evident in the stronger role of houses than most are used to in other regimes and in councils of nobles. The Houses allow the near-nobles and the associates of the nobles a voice in the affairs of the nobles which is unusual across such systems. There is a further incorporation of Supreme Knights of most honored orders of Chivalry as being in themselves equal to Barons and in many privileges functioning as higher ranks still.

Provsion Three: The Ordinary Nobility are more or less the aristocracy of hereditary and thir blood relative or an even fewer exceptional created life nobles who are ennobled to titles and privileges in a manner which is more recognizing and encompassing of the whole person than it is expressive of a functional excellence. While passivity is not their ideal they may still be described as passively noble. However they attain to a noble status they are noble intrinsically (at least in the eyes of law and custom). Titles flow over them but the Noble stature and even a rank is secure. An Empress may become Princess Former Empress Bereaved but remains royal and imperial. A First Heir to any post will hold titles of rank that will be lost if he rises to the principal title or if he is downgraded to Fifth or Tenth Heir after an election. However, even if the falls or very substantial he is assured of a position in the orbit of the title he approached and of a title created “_______________ at Court” if necessary to remain a royal, higher noble, middle or lower noble as when he was carried to that height by law. His legal and social rank may fluctuate but not too far.The Ordinary Nobles may be stripped of titles but this is to be an onerous and extraordinary process designed to be rare unless a sweeping purge were justified by the most dire circumstances.

Provision Four: It is useful to repeat here some language which will be authoritative in the Article on the Founding. Where the details conflict this Provision shall give way to the language in that article but thart article shall be informed by the general tone and meaning of this provision. At the time of the founding while lands from the Bureau of Land Management will serve other purposes there will be lands that will be brought into entail from the Bureau of Land Management as well for which many of the newly created Nobles will pay a fee decided by a complex process. Some of this fee will go to the Emperor, Empress and Imperial House as we; as directly to the Second Union Debt, to the DIG and to the Third Union Federal Government. However all those portions shall account for less than half of what they pay for the Estate and similar proportions will apply to Jurisdiction created fiefdoms at the founding and later. The majority of all enoblement and entail money will go to very conservative trusts and endowments. In the case of BLM taken fiefdoms the funds will be divided as follows: Ten percent to a perpetual and income fed estate charitable trust. Twenty percent will go to an estate maintenance perpetual trust. Fifteen percent will go to a scheduled perpetual income fed Trust for assistance of Heirs of Nobles holding the endowed title who will not inherit it. Ten percent will go to the Empire wide trust of the Imperial Association of Royalty and Nobility. Ten percent will go to the Endowed Trust of the Jurisdictional Nobility Association . Then we reach funds for which the payer is in no direct sense a beneficiary. Five percent will go to the Emperor, three percent to the Empress and two percent to the Imperial House all to be held in various trusts from which they shall have unfettered use of income and interests. Then we are left with the liquidated funds. Ten percent will go directly to the payment of Second Union Debts. Five percent will go to the DIG’s operating fund. Five percent will go directly to the Federal Government’s Operating Budget. The final five percent will be dedicated funds going to federal government’ s temporary Displaced Citizen’s Bureau and of those monies at least a third will be spent on programs to help those adversely affected by the cessation of the Existence of the BLM as we have known it. The one percent of BLM lands retained by the feds amy be managed by an agency with that name or not but the actual BLM will have ceased to exist. These Associations of Nobility will have programs to assist lower income nobles and that blurry catgory of nobles atc ourt and of almost empty titles. They will operate schools, small industries worl projects, placement fairs and other things so that their may be some barrier between the Ideal Noble in all his glory on one hand and starvation, prostitution, organized thuggery and total shame on the other. The DIG will reserve many places in many events for the Ordinary Nobility. thry will be first welcomed, when all things are equal, at Court. However, they are playing the games of the Citizen at Higher Stakes there are many risks and the Associations and the gardens and ponds around the manor houses are all precious in this Empire for mitigating those stakes to some degree. In addition, other forms of mitigation more universal and traditional to almost all aristocrats shall be taught and cultivated by the Associations and the Court. Still it bears repeating — acquiring a title always admits of acquiring new risks as well as new rewards.
With the exception of the National Parks and existing military bases the ordinary Federal government’s land ownership shall be that which most yields to the transitions of creating the Empire. The Imperial House, The Peer-Elector Fiefdoms, The Gift Estate and the large transfers to the new Constitutional Jurisdictions will largely consume and exhaust other federal land ownership. Thus the First Executive Vice President will control fewer and less extensive lands as federal although new lands will enter the hands of the Emperor. The Peer-Electors chosen and choosing will pay something for their lands and these funds will be divided into four equal parts. One part will go to a fund to pay down the national debt, one part will go to the Emperor’s and Imperial House Trust, one part will go to a Custodial trust of the Fiefdom and Title of the Peer and one part will go the Imperial Combined Aristocratic Trust. The Forty-Nine Fiefdoms will be part of the Direct Imperial Government.

Provision Five : The Ministry of Protocol will publish as numerous guides, orders of precedent and Advisory Notes as are required to help this complex system to function in all the variety of situations which exist in this Federal American EMpire of the United States. The analysis of functional rank will be most guided by a smiple atandard scale of rank but it will also take into account that the real ranking and function of the ordinary nobility will contain numerous complex features. Those which are most important are:
1.Royal and or Imperial Rank and Status
2. Attachment to a Royal or to the Imperial House
3. Being a Peer-Elector
4. The Status of Heir or Consort
5. Attachment to a Constitutional Jurisdiction
6. Public Service and Public Office
7. Martial Glory
Nonetheless, in ordinary education and the official media there will be an effort to provide a brief and comprehensible scale of rank for all. The scale of rank will be published and in most cases and for most purposes rank will determine protocol. A non-Elector Duke will usually have precedence over an Elector High Baron. There will be times when other factors change the effects of rank. However, usually as regards protocol the Classes will be:
Imperial Royals,
Royals: King or Queen, Princely titles to Demi-Prince and ArchDuke or ArchDuchess
Higher Nobles: these include all Marquis, Earls, Dukes, Counts and several others.
Middle Nobles: these include Viscounts, High Barons and other titles.
Lower Nobles: these include Barons, Supreme Knights and some others.
Then in each Council of Nobles there will be some Nobles elected by the Chivalry and Titled Gentry. The Chivalry are simply Knights (mostly but not all men) and Knight’s Ladies. The Titled Gentry will be High Squires and Squires and their consorts known as Mademoiselles, Subladies or Little ladies. These Chivalry and Titled Gentry all have full Second Class Access to the Honor Code and its general privileges.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ***** **

If you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in Section Two “Monarchy” in Article Six “The Direct Imperial Government” is tied to the usual tension that for our system to work there are always principles flowing from the One, the Many and the Few and this continues different levels and aspects of government and these relate both to the sharing of sovereignty and the exercise of government. This Section shows how the aristocracy work in general and how it is formed by the five components of the five-fold nobility. These are the ordinary nobility, the nobility of the sword, the nobility of the robe, the nobility of the games and the nobility of the chamber. This Article assures that no misunderstanding of the proposed aristocracy and these special institutions can grown up through later langauge addressed only to specific purposes like founding or earlier language in passing fro the purposes of discussing Compacts or the US Senate. But it is a bit repetitive and these notes may makeit more so. It becomes clear to those who know more about such matters that to prevent some common abuses and faults this constitution provides within the aristocracy itself checks by the Nobles on the Emperor and the healthy exercise by the Emperor and his House of some special reserve powers as regards aristocratic regimes throughout the society. Further one sees the way the shap of the whole Direct Imperial Governement may work, whereas in earlier articles it was seen mostly through the lense of the Union and the Constitutional Jurisdictions. For those reading only this note this is likely to be a challenging amount of strange material to digest. In terms of the One, the Many and the Few they are not equal everywhere.
Much of all three aspects has a monarchic overcast in the DIG just as in the Constitutional Jurisdictions which retain republican forms from the second and first union there is a democratic hue to everything. So in this Section there must be amking clear thatg there is a role of the few and not the one that applies to the subject of this whole Article and not the part just before this which was the section on Monarchy. The language about the Direct Imperial Government is most important in authorizing and describing those functions of governance which will form much of the structure of the newer elements of the new Constitutional Union.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

Discussions on the Model Constitution (20th in a Series): Direct Imperial Government, Monarchy

Discussions on the Model Constitution (20th in Series): Direct Imperial Government, Monarchy
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 1:53pm ·
This Note will be about the first two subsections of the First Section of Article Six in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


This is one of the many times when I ought to express clearly that founding the Constitutional Union proposed here in this Model Constitution will be very difficult I would not be proposing it if I were not compelled to believe that it was truly exigent and urgently needed. There are risks and huge obstacles along the way. Often in these notes I choose to spend most of the time and space involved in the note in discussing not the principal topic of the text but the the part which a reader might find most disturbing or shocking if reading the note without great familiarity with the topics being discussed. Then in a few words here and there I try to draw connections to the main legal points of the text and the basic constitutional theories involved. I also break down the constitutional text in a very basic way in the bold print section just below the text in these notes. That is what I am going to do again in this text. Most of the note will be about Imperial polygamy because polygamy is shocking and disturbing to many people and in this text the Imperial Harem is more or less introduced for the first time. Polygamy is essential to this partion of the Model Constitution but it is not the main point here. You can read over the bold print just below and a few points I will make along the way to grasp those main points. While the founding of the regime is not making Christianity the official religion there is an officially Christian Emperor and Empress and so the claims of Christianity must be dealt with seriously. That is the reason why this has a good bit of the tome of a theological and dcotrinal tract. That will not now become the normal trend for every note.

The Empire does not dictate domestic regimes to all or any of the Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Federal American Empire of the United States. However, it does presume and operate on the presumption that society will be better if most Citizen-Subjects are in monogamous marriages for a good portion of their adult lives. The tendency will be to see a structure courtship with what is still a love match leading to a single monogamous marriage between a man and a woman as the ideal for most people. However, the regime and its leaders expect to support the survival of monasticism for homosexuals of both sexes, bisexuals of both sexes and true celibates who wish to create such regimes. The regime and its leaders expect to support the survival of divorce with all of its trauma and injuries to society as part of the cost of a free people living together. The regime and its leaders expect to support the survival and restoration of formal placed mistresses for elite men who can afford a modest degree of polygamy in a modern American and Western Context. The regime and its leaders expect to support the survival and restoration of a relatively small number of true harems which clearly are regulated and recognize ranking of wives and both varied rules and traditions and Imperial Justice. In the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction all of these institutions will be extablished and also the existence of licensed courtesans who are highly regulated women who are paid sexual partners married to consenting and licensed men and operating outside their normal social circle.

However, the great Imperial Harem proposed here is far more than just one of these ancillary domestic and sexual regimes. It is also very much at the heart of the Empire and the Imperial section of society as proposed in this Constitution. This harem is very important to this Empire being what it must be for this regime to survive. It has been argued by many that polygamy is immoral and many of those who argue it are Christians, Jews and even Mormons who adhere to religions as their basis of morality and these religions are founded in the life of Abraham. Abraham was of course a polygamist:

Genesis 25:1-6
New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)
Genesis 25
Abraham Dies
1 Abraham married another woman. Her name was Keturah. 2 She had Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah by Abraham. 3 Jokshan was the father of Sheba and Dedan. The children of Dedan were the Asshurites, the Letushites and the Leummites. 4 The sons of Midian were Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida and Eldaah. All of them came from Keturah.
5 Abraham left everything he owned to Isaac. 6 But while he was still living, he gave gifts to the sons of his concubines. Then he sent them away from his son Isaac. He sent them to the land of the east.

The passage above leaves out Abraham’s union with Sarah the mother of Isaac and the early years of their monogamy. It also leaves aside the long story which consists of his union with Hagar and the life of Hagar’s son Ishmael. But it shows he lived in a ranked polygamous system and shows the danger of taking things in a narrow and obviously foolish way as he gave presents and sent them to specified lands but gave Isaac the “everything” that was his title and estate. Isaac’s son Jacob will repeat the custom of a significant harem as recorded below.

Genesis 35:23-29
New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)
23 Leah was the mother of Reuben, Jacob’s oldest son. Her other sons were Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun. 24 The sons of Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin. 25 The sons of Rachel’s female servant Bilhah were Dan and Naphtali. 26 The sons of Leah’s female servant Zilpah were Gad and Asher.
Those were Jacob’s sons. They were born in Paddan Aram.
27 Jacob came home to his father Isaac in Mamre. Mamre is near Kiriath Arba, where Abraham and Isaac had stayed. The place is also called Hebron.
28 Isaac lived 180 years. 29 Then he took his last breath and died. He was very old when he joined the members of his family who had already died. His sons Esau and Jacob buried his body.
From these sons of polygamous Isaac we get the twelve tribes of Israel whose Patriarchs are also the type Jesus imitates in calling the Twelve Apostles. These products of polygamy found the archetypal structure of the Judeo-Christian Tradition. Just as Ishamel’s line which Mohammed claimed led to Arabs and Islam was also polygamous so was Esau’s line. One can see this in Genesis 36:1-7. Jesus Christ was most often called Son of David in the Gopsels of the Christian New Testament and in the historic reality of much of his life. David was called “a Man after God’s Own Heart” and made the claim of being “The Lord’s Anointed” a regular titile central to devout kingship. David was a very polygamous king whose marriages to Michal Princess of the House of Saul, Abigail, Bathsheba and several others all have the character of separate love stories with many troubles which display the individual personality of each of the women he loved who loved him. He had many more plural wives or consorts than are named as we see when he retires the ones who had become sexual partners of his rebelious son Prince Absalom, that passage is 2 Samuel 20:3.

The New Testament never condemns polygamy and it makes no bones about condemning at least some aspects and expressions of homosexuality in the Apostolic epistolary portions. This regime will tolerate and some other regimes in the Union will foster homosexuality which clearly is of the kind not allowed by the authoritative text for Christian morality. Further, the Christian tradition has its founder’s unambiguous condemnation of Divorce which is also permitted and this passage is also subject to careful interpretation.

Mark 10:1-12
New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)
Mark 10
Jesus Teaches About Divorce
1 Jesus left that place and went into the area of Judea and across the Jordan River. Again crowds of people came to him. As usual, he taught them.
2 Some Pharisees came to put him to the test. They asked, “Does the Law allow a man to divorce his wife?”
3 “What did Moses command you?” he replied.
4 They said, “Moses allowed a man to write a letter of divorce and send her away.”
5 “You were stubborn. That’s why Moses wrote you this law,” Jesus replied. 6 “But at the beginning of creation, God ‘made them male and female.’—(Genesis 1:27) 7 ‘That’s why a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife. 8 The two of them will become one.’—(Genesis 2:24) They are no longer two, but one. 9 So a man must not separate what God has joined together.”
10 When they were in the house again, the disciples asked Jesus about this.
11 He answered, “What if a man divorces his wife and gets married to another woman? He commits adultery against her. 12 And what if she divorces her husband and gets married to another man? She commits adultery.”
While the founding of the regime is not making Christianity the official religion there is an officially Christian Emperor and Empress and so the claims of Christianity must be dealt with seriously. It may happen that this regiome being founded will cause Mormons to use the DIG Jurisdction to live out polygamy while believing in Celestial plural marriage. But this is traditional Christian polygamy and accepts that even full sacramental marriage is abond only for earthly life which is still caught up in the eternal mystery of love which is on both side of death. This is one means of securing the inner person and dignity of each sex and especially of women in the harem and elsewhere.

Mark 12:18-27
New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)
Marriage When the Dead Rise
18 The Sadducees came to Jesus with a question. They do not believe that people rise from the dead. 19 “Teacher,” they said, “Moses wrote for us about a man who died and didn’t have any children. But he did leave a wife behind. That man’s brother must get married to the widow. He must have children to carry on his dead brother’s name.
20 “There were seven brothers. The first one got married. He died without leaving any children. 21 The second one got married to the widow. He also died and left no child. It was the same with the third one. 22 In fact, none of the seven left any children. Last of all, the woman died too. 23 When the dead rise, whose wife will she be? All seven of them were married to her.”
24 Jesus replied, “You are mistaken because you do not know the Scriptures. And you do not know the power of God. 25 When the dead rise, they won’t get married. And their parents won’t give them to be married. They will be like the angels in heaven.
26 “What about the dead rising? Haven’t you read in the scroll of Moses the story of the bush? God said to Moses, ‘I am the God of Abraham. I am the God of Isaac. And I am the God of Jacob.’—(Exodus 3:6) 27 He is not the God of the dead. He is the God of the living. You have made a big mistake!”
Having discussed this we need not get nto every detail of how these things play out theologicaly any more than we already have. The next thing to remember is that Tertulian who was never canonized because his teaching and life were more successful than exemplary spent much of his life trying to change the status quo among priest in that grand and semi-united communion of what became Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Priest. Until his time there were three very sizable groups of priests in terms of domestic rgimes. One was a group of monogamous priests who lived much as Protestant ministers and most Greek Orthodox priests do today. Another group was made up of men who vowednot ot have relations with women and consisted of real celibates, homosexual and those with hidden relationships much like Roman Catholic priests today. The third group was made up of priest who married usually two sisters from a devout family. The fact that he had to fight so hard is evidence of how well respected these priests were throughout the Church.
The word filioque in the phrase Pater Filioque procedit (proceeds from the Father and the son) which describes the Holy Spirit was added to the Nicene Creed and the glory of the altars by Charlemagne Carolingian, Duke of Bavaria, King of the Franks, King of the Lombards, Holy Roman Emperor, was born in the year 746 in Herstal to Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon and died 28 January 814 in Aachen of unspecified causes. Charlemagne was astrong polygamist who taught his royal sons to be so as well. He married Himiltrude (c742-c780) . He married Gerperga 767 . He married Hildegard (758-783) 770 . He married Fastrada (?-794) . He married Luitgard (?-800) . He was very much an openly Christian King and also puts to death the idea that among the very white people of the cloudy West in Europe Polygamy had no place. rpyal polygamy was essential to the ideas and work of the man known as Charlemagne (Latin: Carolus Magnus, meaning Charles the Great) who was a Christian and traditional King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans (Imperator Romanorum) from 800 to his death. Charlemagne turned the Frankish kingdom into a Frankish Empire holding much of Western and Central Europe. A military and protocl success he united most of Italy and was crowned Imperator Augustus by Pope Leo III on 25 December 800 rivaling the Byzantine Emperor in Constantinople for a while. The importance of this man is hard to overstate. His contributions include the Carolingian Renaissance which was a revival of art, religion, and culture through the medium of the Catholic Church. However, his devopment of law, human e fuedalism and the arts of war went far beyond religion. A sophisiticated Western polygamist is numbered as Charles I in the regnal lists of France, Germany (where he is known as Karl der Große), and the Holy Roman Empire.

In this regime we are talking of course about life in this century. Assuming that Prince Charles’ relationship with the Current Duchess of Cornwall has not at some times been a cover for any number of other things including possible homosexual relationships one cannot help but feel that had she been introduced to Diana originally as his Official mistress things might have been better for a great many people. She may be a fine person but the outcome has hardly been ideal. Between Charlemagne adn the present day we have the discovery of the Forbidden City and its huge harems, the ladies that were bound to French, English and other kings. We have a whole battery of poygamist instituions we will not discuss in depth. But we will deal with an institution close to the intended and proposed regime and to its roots in Louisiana.

Plaçage was a very important recognized extralegal system in which white men drawn from the elite or prosperous classes of French, Spanish, Acadian, Creole and later some of the planter Elite of British America men entered into the what Americans often regarded as the equivalent of common-law marriages with women of African, Indian and white (European) Creole descent. However, while the formalities and some codes did devlope when white women were rare and serve as limited marraiges of amonogamous type they continued and spread as the polygamous achievements and glory of successful polygamous men who left their main estate to a woman and the children by her in their own class and a smaller estate to their placee. The word Plaçage is French derived from placer meaning “to place with”. The women were open consorts with rights in law and honor but were not legally recognized as wives but were known as placées; Free people of color called these institutions and domestic regimes mariages de la main gauche or left-handed marriages. Most such women quarteronnes or quadroons, or octaroons, the offspring of a European and a mulatto or a quadroon. Secondly most sought were the less numerous Metis women born to an Aboriginal American and a Europena or White person, but plaçage is found between whites and mulattoes and blacks. This influential domestic regime was well established throughout the French and Spanish colonial periods and survived in declining from throughout the antebellum period Found outside Louisiana there was an infrastructure in the cities of Natchez and Biloxi, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; St. Augustine and Pensacola, Florida; as well as Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti). Plaçage, was more formalized as part of the whole second system of hidden laws and secret governments which operated behind its ts open application in New Orleans. The Imperial Mistress of Cermonies who will be governor of the Imperial Harem will also hav an offic which operates a system of placement and licensed mistress regimes for all races in limited and well-defined legal contexts. This institution has grown up in a monogamous society and despite the important prevalence of interracial covenants in the colony, not nearly all women in the Creoles of Colorcommunity were or became placées.

We will return to this subject. It will come up if we are to get through this Constitution. There will be time to talk about why it works and about all the functions it has and what its importance is. I have some other things I need to be doing and so I am simply getting this Note out and then taking a few more days off. People reading this will know that I am an American Christian and I just do not want them to think that I sort of accidentally wrote these things without thinking of how no American Christian could really propose such a thing. Quite, the opposite is the case. This is a serious part of a serious proposal which is seriously made.

Now I will leave you to read the Constitutional passages. There is an effort to show that we are gvetting away from the Union itself into areas where the Emperor would be more himself and more operating directly in an Imperial way.

**** ***** ***** **** ***** ***** **** ****** ****** *****
Article Six: The Direct Imperial Government
Section One: Monarchy
Subsection One: The Nature of the Monarchy and of the Direct Imperial Government
Provision One: This article shall not be construed in a significant way to enhance or authorize expansion of powers reserved or granted to the Emperor elsewhere in the Constitution. Likewise limits to the Emperor in the Direct Imperial Government shall not necessarily carry over to those powers exercised dirfectly in the sphere of the Empire in the broades sense, extraordinary powers in the Union or powers in the Sovereign titles held in Louisiana and in the Imperial Tribe. The Emperor shall reign, shall be the Supreme Executive, Special and Extraordinary Commander in Chief and Judiciary of Last Resort in the Empire. He is a minor and indirect player in the making of laws known as Legislation. This Article and this Constitution as a whole do not prejudice his roles as holder of other Titles.
Provision Two: This Article is also not the Constitution of the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction. This Article discusses the Direct Imperial Government as it exists within its roles and functions in the Empire and Union as such. The Emperor shall preside over an a federal Empire which while it is more unitary and less federal than the true nature of the republic is as federal as the republic was often understood to be recently and his sovereignty is that of the federal and direct imperial power and not of the States or constitutional jurisdictions in which a portion of the system of dual sovereignty exists. The Emperor shall by right occupy in fullness the Presidential and executive power during times when the First and Executive Vice President is disabled or unnamed sharing them with the Second or Deput Executive Vice President as proper under the Constitution.
Provision Three: When seeing the texts of this Article which authorize the effective exercise of powers by the Emperor not subject to much or any check or review by the Union or its executive it will not change the certain fact that powers of the Executive Branch as they have been vested in the Presidents of the Republic shall be ordinarily and customarily exercised by First and Executive Vice President except where the written constitution of the Empire clearly transfers or reserves those rights to the Emperor or where lands, bureaucracies houses and tribes clearly fall under the special power of the new Empire and were not part of the old Republican Presidency.
Provision Four: The processes of the Founding of the Empire shall in every way count as the Election of the Founding Emperor and the joining while the Constitution endures of the title of Basileus and Emperor. Basileus shall be the senior title and the Acadians shall provide no less than two-thirds majorities in all conclave elections under the Constitution. The Emperor shall also be at least King of the Compact of Louisiana and possibly of some of its Jurisdictions as well, including Roi de L’Etat de la Louisiane. This shall be a title equal in seniority to that of the Emperor and shall produce no less than half as many electors in the Conclave as the Empire itself produces.
Provision Five: Further the Empire and Union must accept that the Direct Imperial Government will be the principal venue covered by this Constitution for interacting with the Imperial Tribe. Nor can the republican and democratic ideas of accountancy and transparency always be applied to the House and the Tribe. Thus the committments to transparency and accountability made in this Constitution as regard the House and Tribe are to be narrowly construed. In this sense of separation there is also the fact that the Empire and Union must accept the fact that some of the Acadians will not be citizen-subjects of the Empire. These Outside Acadians will participate in benefits of the Direct Imperial Government in a limited way with respect for the security of the Union and Empire and their representatives and random select members will number no more than one fifth nor less than one tenth of the Acadian section of the conclave unless the demographics or politics should obviously mean that the se persons had become citizen-subjects of the Empire.
Subsection Two: Partial Enumeration of the Elements of the Direct Imperial Government
The Royal Monarchist element of the Third Union will be most effective and complete in the Direct Imperial Government (DIG). There shall be a handful of Institutions which shall be most especially the Preserve of the Royalist Imperial element of the government and society. A partial but substantial list that includes most of these elements would be:
I. The Imperial House itself.
*The Special Properties of the Royal Fiat Spaces, Zonesections, Grand Seigneuries Fiefdoms of the Imperial House and Harem are all going to be very substantial shocks and difficult adjustments to the political culture of this country and union.
i.The Imperial Harem
Imperial Harem will be the most difficult to accept as a real and normal part of life. It will be governed more than almost any other institution outside the purview of this constitution itself because this is primarily the Federal Constitution and secondarily the Constitution on that part of the Imperial regime which is most public and invoved with the Federal regime. However, there are some laws and facts to which the Federal Union and the Jurisdictions must give effect and of which they must take legal cognizance.Separate from the other issuesis that while the Harem has some daily self-governance as well as its outer voice and while it is under the power of its absolute Lord and Master it also has a governor who is not part of the Harem, this is the Mistress of Ceremonies. Her office is described in the Article on the Imperial House and Tribe eventhough she has more to do with the DIG than the Harem does. It is imperative that the regime not be founded at all along these lines unless the Harem in its strangeness is accepted and duly authorized and so it must appear here in twelve simple principles:
1. The largest harem manageable and sustainable is presumed to be the right size
2. Women who are Citizen-Subjects and are not royalty who have been involved with the Emperor before he was Emperor have a strong but rebuttable duty to join the Harem.
3.Women inducted go through an Accounting and Civil Settlement, A Ceremony of the Civil Execution of a Living Woman, a social funeral and then a Proxy Wedding.
4. Harem Consorts cannot be arrested or charged by any but Imperial House Authorities.
5. They do have and important voice in both GRIHHA legislation and Emperor Succession.
6. Their sons over six years old will never live with them again unless they achieve high harem rank but will live largely nearby, eat with them and visit often. Their children are of whatever rank and class of filiates and persons they were if they are not the Emperor’s children but if they all their children by the Emperor are his Natural Children of mother-varied rank.
7. Their daughters by the Emperor must always wear a daughter’s uniform in the seraglio sites after the age of twelve,
8. It will be a felony to harbor an escaped Harem Consort anywhere in the Empire.
9. No Harem Consort below the rank of Established Mistress will leave the seraglio sites without a guard who is a Eunuch made by war and wearing an Imperial certified chasity belt.
10. Harem consorts will share in their division of the ten percent of the Emperor’s set-asides in three thirds. One third will be divided among all Harem Consorts equally . One third will be divided based on structural class: this will be4d for an Estabished Mistress or Chief High Concubine, 3d for a Mistress or High Concubine, 2d for a Mistress’s Maid, Concubine or High Concubine’s Maid, andd for a Concubine’s Maid. The last third will be divided on the basis of Earned Harem Merit Rating.
11. Harem Consorts retain all property rights although they pay a one percent tax on both capital gains and income to both the Emperor and the Harem.
12. All their personal rights are vested in the Emperor while he lives. The Harem is disbanded upon his death by law. They are often strong and ambitious women of free spirit and are all presumed to have a motive for murdering their Absolute Lord and Master. This element need not be proved in law and if they are convicted of the other elements in a murder of the Emperor then those individual consorts convicted face a mandatory death penalty.
ii. Grand Seigneury Fiefdoms of the Imperial Household
There will be fifty Grand Seigneury Fiedoms and three hundred Petit Seigneury Fiefdoms created in the division of the Bureau of Land Management lands as described in the Article of the Founding in this Constitution. Forty of the Grand Seigneury Fiefdoms will go to the Peer-Electors who will have their domestic regimes seated there and will pay very divergent fee and settlements to recieve these estates which anchor all their privileges. However, there will be ten which go to the Imperial House without direct remuneration. They will also receive some Petit Seigneury Fiefdoms. But in this Constitution we only enumerate the disposition of the Ten Grand Seigneury Fiefdoms of the Imperial House. All shall have a true place name but here only their descriptive name is given:
1. The Ex -Officio Prime Fiefdom of the Emperor.
2.The Ex-Officio Prime Fiefdom of the Empress.
3. The Ex-Officio Fiefdom of the Commander of the Honor Guard.
4.The Ex-Officio Fiefdom of the Mistress of Ceremonies
5. The Ex-Officio Fiefdom of the Imperial Chaplain
6. The Ex-Officio Fiefdom of the Solicitor for the Executive
7. The Ex-Officio Fiefdom for the Basileus appointed President of the Bouletherion (one of five)
8. The Ex-Officio Fiefdom for the Chancellor fo the King of Louisiana/Roi de la Louisiane
9. The Severable Founder’s Fiefdom shall go to the Founding Family Association and they shall beome the forty-first and lowest ranked Peer-Elector House and elect from among their Head Peer-Elector line from the group of candidate not in the upper or inner Imperial House after the death of the Founding Emperor. Their full title and regime will emerge after the death of the Founding Emperor. This Peer-Elector shall have all rights of the others even where they are called the forty in honor of the Forty traditions honored in the begining who paid into the treasury to redeem their fief.
10. The Ex-Officio Fiefdom the First Seeded Heir. In this system there is no Heir Apparent or Presumptive Heir and Merit and Election are decisive but this is the greatest special privilege of the First Seeded Heir.
II. The Office of Liaison to the Ethnos Arkadios.
III. The Empress’s Office of Women’s Affairs
IV.The Empress’s Ministry of Protocol.
V. The Mistress of Ceremonies’ Office of Liaisons and Placements
VI. The Mistress of Ceremony’s Office of Ritual Confrontation
VII.The Imperial Household
VIII. The Imperial House & Household Bank
IX. The Emperor’s Office of Wastes and Ruins
X. The Imperial Office of Human Habitat Expansion.
XI. The Personal, Household and Direct Imperial Military Institutions.
XII. The Imperial Services Agency.
XIII. The Imperial Wellness Agency.
XIV. The Imperial Borders Administration.
*Royal Fiat Zonesections belong to the House and the IBA
** DIG Zonesections Belong to some othe part of the Empire and to the IBA.
***Imperial Tribal Zonesections

***** **** **** **** **** **** **** *** **** **** ***
If you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in these Subsections One ” The Nature of the Monarchy and of the Direct Imperial Government” and Two “Partial Enumeration of the Elements of the Direct Imperial Government” of Section One “Monarchy” in Article Six “The Direct Imperial Government” is that for our system to work there are always different levels of government and these relate both to the sharing of sovereignty and the exercise of government. In this Constitution the Emperor reigns over the Empire and has a very fiminished role in the Constitutional Juriosdictions. However, the same person who is the EMperor is also the sovereign monarch of the Compact and possible of Constitutional Jurisdictions in Louisiana. Beyond that the Emperor as Emperor directly exercises significant Executive power in the Directi Imperial Government Jurisdiction. Then there are Constitutional reservations and grants of authority and privilage to agencies of the Direct Imperial Governement through and for its agencies which provide effective connections of society’s democratic elements to its royalty through an aristocracy and minister tot the needs of thefull society and of the inner Imperial institutions through effective national and regional organizations these agencies have specified ties to the Union but are administered under the Emperor and Imperial House as the Direct esecutive to which they are respond. They also cultivate throughout society a culture which is loyal to the Emperor and Empress as well as responding to the demands of a society with federal, combined styles, and a mixed government nature of our society. Specified roles in foreign relations are alotted especially to the Compacts where a particular relationship is most recognized. They wil conduct these activities largely within the Empire Proper but for that it will have to be recognized in the Union as well and needs this Constitutional support and imust find its role within the Union and Empire. This role of lthe Direct imperial Government continues with this Article’s conclusion of discussions of the Monarchy in the Direct Imperial Government and then introduces the role of the Five-Fold Nobility in this Direct Imperial Government element of society and then goes into the democratic aspect of all of this. The language about the Direct Imperial Government is most important in authorizing and describing those functions of governance which will form much of the structure of the newer elements of the new Constitutional Union.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

Discussions on the Model Constitution (19th in series): Compacts of Jurisdictions, Minor Compacts, Special & International Issues

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (19th in Series): Compacts of Jurisdictions, Minor Compacts, Special & International Issues.

by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 11:07pm ·


This Note will be about the Third and Fourth Sections of Article Five in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


This a note which will finish the discussion of Article Five on the Compacts of Jurisdictions. America is in total collapse in hundreds of ways and so this is clearly flying in the face of many trends and that actually recommends it for adoption in my view. On the other hand it is quite necessary to show a due respect for both the realities of the moment and the course of our constitutional history. Therefore I will write a bit about these matters before lunging into a part of the Model Constitution which I think is among the easiest parts to understand. It is also quite possible that I will take a bit of a break from these little notes after this one. I have not decided that one way or the other. However, the next Article is about the Direct Imperial Government and is really quite challenging to explain in a series of notes such as this. It is not as if I was writing this for an assembled Constitutional Convention. Instead I am writing in all likelihood what is at most an influence upon some unknown posterity. Therefore it is worth taking advantage of this disadvantage from time to time.

In writing this Constitution there are many aspects to the effort. However, it also exists in the tradition of a long series of projects which joined the relatively small world of Acadiana to the larger world in a variety of ways. I am committed change on a grand scale but it comes from small places and near ones in large part. Aside from merely seeking to survive and leaving aside the not so unusual outlaws of this region and people form those who worked to build an extralegal empire on the Gulf Coast with Jean Lafitte. He certainly palyed a crucial role in saving the United States with Andrew Jackson and there have been many others who have been significant. The general rule though was that if they were looting foreign enemies even a little distance away they would be left alone but if they were devoted to local crime they would find many local Acadian defenders of law and order to end their careers. The good film Belizaire the Cajun by Glen Pitre and starring Armande Assante wasgood in many ways but could leave some the impression the Cajuns were the outlaws and the Vigilantes were Anglos and (white) Creoles but actually the Vigilantes were a all under teh command of prominent Acadians in that period of our history. So the struggle for legitmate organized force and justice continues in my Constitutional effort. I once responded to a request for a brief list of Acadian ethnic actions which are known and organized in historical documents and are clear to the observer as distinct from the outlaw heroics of men like the real men Belizaire represents. Here is my list:

The following timeline is from memory and tapped out quickly. It leaves out far more than it includes. Nonetheless, in this blog I often argue that we may have reached an Acadian moment in American history. Therefore, I want to give some idea of where that moment would fall in our history.

1600ish Project of founding Acadie begins in Western France.

1755 Le Grand Derangement peaks with exiles from Grand Pre area as the Brits drive out the “French Neutrals” and burn, confiscate or destroy almost all their possessions.

1779 Acadians, French Creoles and an American with family ties to the Revolution fight with the Spanish Empire’s Saint Martinville Militia and other forces under General Galvez invading British West Florida and capturing Baton Rouge in support of the American Revolution.

1785 Joseph Broussard Dit Beausoleil and his company receive near -state status from the Spanish Empire on the Atakapas Prairie. Connections well established with Olivier Theriot’s Acadian Colony in East Louisiana.

Very Early 1800s Acadians deal with numerous transitions including the Louisiana Purchase, some fight at Battle of New Orleans, Louisiana becomes a State of the United States.

1850s Tensions build toward the Civil War. Acadian Governor Mouton prominent in crisis. Comite de Vigilance des Atakapas founded.

1860s French Prince Camille de Polignac fights in Acadiana as a Confederate general. Acadian Confederate General Mouton dies of wounds received at Shiloh. The Confederacy loses the war.

1881 5000 or so Acadians gather for the first National Convention intended to represent the whole people publicly since the exile. August 15, Feast of the Assumption is named national Acadian holiday.

1938 the Pope recognizes Feast of Assumption as Acadian holiday.

1940s through 1950s Dudley Leblanc leads a high profile movement of activism, study and international committees.

1960s Acadian music, festivals and crafts better organized in Louisiana. Sometimes call the start of an Acadian Renaissance.

1980s Congres Mondial makes strong steps to restore national union of family associations.

2003 Her Britannic Majesty Elizabeth Queen of Scotland and of England Second of the Name issues a proclamation regarding the Acadians and Le Grand Derangement

The heritage I describe above is one reason I favor the creation of a Louisiana Purchase Compact and a Spanish Borderlands Compact. There are many other reasons and things going on with which I have been somewhat involved over the years. Here are some links that could be illustrative:

1. This first link is to a huge festival going on right now: http://lineup.festivalinternational.com/

2. The second link is to an acadmic program at the Univerisity where I was Outstanding Graduate in 1989:


There are so many other reasons why this all seems imperative to me although it is not even on the list of things for many to consider. This Constitution is very serious and involves rethinking many things. I cannot both introduce these sections of the Constitution and explain why we desperately need to do something along these lines. There is a belief by many that if we recogn ize these fiercest parts of our heriateg instead of the pablum of a new America that is nothing much we will fall apart. I believe it is much more likely we will fall apart if we do not recognize all we really are and build the best of it into a society that can endure as its true self.

It is time I wrote something just about Dixie. One of the Compacts I chooseto write into this Model Constitution is the Confederate one and many see that as opposing building a grand structure for the whole United States. That is understandable, so I will seek to respond to the concern at least in passing. I believe that we must understand the Confederacy and the Compact would lead it to be better understood.

I am not merely a friend of the tradition of the Confederate States of America but I am such a friend. I believe that the US South was the martyr to the last hope of Western Civilization. Western Civilization as a 4400 year old force for progress died in the swamps and drylands of the Trans-Mississippi’s Louisiana and Texas hinterlands and in the little hamlet of Apomatox Courthouse which was not a courthouse in the town of Apomatox where Lee surrendered to Grant. That civilization is now largely dead and gone despite the fact that this Constitution seeks to work with what survives of it here and abroad as best can be done. As I do this work, I look out at a world wrapped in impenetrable darkness from my point of view. I am the kind of guy who believes that whether you believe that gods, fairies, Sacred First Men, or the Ancestors before Dreamtime once walked the Earth or whether you believe that the Human expwerience included a stay in the paradaisical garden of Eden — you are on to something. Humans are not most importantly upgraded chimpanzees. That is not because I think we could not not have chimplike ancestors. In fact I remember a cocktail party where two chimplike relatives actually spoke with me for a while though I cannot recall the exact degree of relatedness.

One significant thing about the brief four year life of the Confederate States of America is that it occurred at about the time that Darwin’s Origins of Species and Descent of Man were gaining wider popularity and more respect. I think that we have viruses which modify hosts genes and are modified by them. We have birds that plant their eggs in the nests of other species and let them raise the young. We have plants that naturally cross breed through bees and freak accidents. We know those things happen. We have great animals that cross breed species and produce dead-end genetic lines like mules. There is not going to be much evidence if a great species of major animal emerges from some combination of speceies not at all typical of Darwin’s theory of evolution. I think that the evidence that this happened with humans is very vast considering how little their should be. If the skeletal records really suggest as many ancient types of primates as they seem to they are probably not the whole ancient reality. Some explosive reality not like the other animals happened or several did. Now we have been moving towards the evil chimpanzee mode for a long time but we were destined to be something else. Confucius in the East struggled for that connection, Jesus made it real around him but the boys in butternut and grey were still fighting for it and dying for it where I live now back in the 1860s. This COnstitution like the current one takes very seriously the inner life of humanity and the society and community of persons. Much of this is deeply rooted in Confederate Experience as well.

A number of books have been written recently about the voyage of the Shenandoah the Confederate raider which circumnavigated the world and fired the last hostile shot in the Civil War, or War Between the States or War for Southern Independence or War of Northern Aggresssion. I recommend John Baldwin’s “Last Flag Down” based largely on the journal kept by the ship’s executive officer Conway Wittle. One of my favorite aspects of the book is the combination of strength, white pride, good manners, justice and generosity with which Wittle and the other Confederates relate to nonwhite persons and groups with whom they come into contact. Besides courteous receptions of nonwhite island chiefs and the burning and sinking of ships in shallow water so the natives of a nearby island could recover the copper from the copper bottom there was a free (as any sailor was in those days) black man on board the raider and at least one white man was physically punished for mistreating him as a crewmate. Further they were happy to let several white men go fo at least one nonwhite replacement. They did lose the black man along with a high percentage of the original crew to either desertion or contract termination or unknown shore leave causes. The Executive Officer was a whitsupremacist who blamed some of the black man’s faults on his race. But justice wasstill an overarching goal in behavior towards this human being.I also am proud to have their record of the allowances they made to presrve the lives of the Yankee whaling men whose ships they were sinking and whom they (at least in some cases) hated intensely. It is only a slight exageration to say that this one ship wiped out the largest whaling fleet in the world at that time singlehandedly. This crew had taken the ship out of Britain as the Sea King and returned it their in formal surrender to Her Majesty’s government. They declared themselves a crew without a country.

The Louisiana machinist who kept the mechanical parts of the steam sailer running during this epic voyage joins the ranks of the builders and crew of the sumbarine the Huntley and the builders and crews o the South’s ironclads as a force which stood for the technical respectability of very largely rural Southerners in the emerging industrial world. Mostly the Confederate soldier made his way across rough lands on foot or on horseback to fight in the dust or mud near somebody’s farm or village. The role of the still fairly new-fangled railroads is unclear in my memory but I will go ahead and give likely errant information I recall:1. In a handfull of conflicts entire armies were moved part of the way by rail.2. In a decent number of conflicts units were moved by rail.3. In the majority of conflicts some individuals and many supplies made a good part of the journey by rail. There were also rockets and balloons and innovative sights for rifles used on both sides. It was certainly not an uiprising of Luddite farmers who despised all technology. Of course very few uprisings coming close to that description have become sustained wars. People at war tend to get eagerly interested in winning.It was a very bloody war. More Yankees or Unionists were killed in this war than all Americans killed in any other war. More Southerners or Seccessionists killed in this war than Yankees in that war or all Americans in any other war. I have read in a non footnoted article that the highest ranking officer who was (acknowledged to be) nonwhite in either side of the Civil War was General Stan Waite whose exact title is unclear to me but who was the Supreme Commander of all or some forces from the Native American tribes in the Confederacy. The Creole Native Guard from Louisiana did change sides from the Confederacy to the union after all the lands from which their officers hailed were in Federal hands. Honor is a very complex subject, people who make it very simple usually do not understand it very well. I think the mixed African and European descent Creoles of the Louisiana Native Guards were fairly honorable men in a fairly unique situation. They could not fight a war that seemed to be a war to the dtriment of people of African descent. The South had lost the propaganda war long before they changed sides.

I am not one of those who feels that the Confederacy was the South’s finest hour in the senses that many people do believe it was her finest hour. In many ways the greatest promise for some people from whom I claim descent was already in decline. The period from 1610 to 1820 or so would have been a period of real advancement. The heart Jacksonian Era would have been a mixed period and the era from 1845 to 1898 would be largely a continuous decline from a certain set of standards. But there were good trends in large numbers before 1860 and the greatness of the Confederacy lies in her willingness to fight and die for the cause of such a tradition as they hoped to preserve. Had they won it would have been less good than if they had found a path without secession but there would still be hope that they could reverse the worst trends and enhance the best ones in their civilization as it was expressed in those states and that new nation. The Confederacy was fighting for many things which no longer seem credible as reasons to fight. The world indeed has so vastly changed. In 1816 the American Colonization Society was founded by a man named Robert Finley about whom I know almost nothing. However, within a few months the ACS had hled a meeting presided over by Henry Clay and attended by other Southern luminaries like Andrew Jackson and James Monroe. These men also faced a distinguished Northern delegation (as it were without formal sectionalism) of whom Daniel Webster may have been the most distinguiished. These men actually got $100,000 in funds from the US Congress and after a short time in 1819 had sent a ship with 88 Free Black emigrants three white ACS agents to begin founding the clony which would become the nation of Liberia. This is the same pre- confederacy where at the same time the Congo Square had free and slave musicians from many regions and tribes and nations in Afica performing amid Louisiana French martial music and creating Jazz’s roots. This is the same pre-confederacy where Treme was a neighbor of prosperous people of Free Coloured descent in New Orleans and where the City of Richmond was starting to show a lesser version of the same development. This was the same pre-confederacy where dueling codes and historic re-enactments of and elaborations upon ancient jousts were often celebrated. This was the same pre-confederacy South where serious conversations about race and class still went on in many homes, taverns, vestries and colleges. Was it a perfect society? No, indeed.Humanity has a certain cycle of things and 300 years is much less than it takes for a new society to mature into something approaching the best that it can be. The South was a rough and raw place in many ways. However the thing that it was in essence was a living example of that cultural organism which was Western Civilization. White Southerners were willing to fight and kill and die in part for the right to be presumed betters in a society that was both largely sane and largely stratified. Far fewer than 10% of white Southerners had slaves and perhaps as many as one third of a percent of people of known African descent also had slaves. But whites, who paisd soething for the privilege in all sorts of costs also had benefits in being part of the slaveholding race. In that way racism had distorted the ancient pattern in that nobody acknowledged to be truly and purely white was held as a slave. the colonial salveholding culture that involved Europe, Africa and the Americas was a pattern of value and importnce that could not be ditorted. There were poor white southerners who ate less well, wore poorer clothes and were given poorer shelter than nearby black slaves. The race thing was complicated.Having said that, the South had in many ways a fundamental understanding of what the late twentieth century book “The Bell Curve” has attempted to demonstrate that in many forms of measurable intelligence a majority of the black population has an IQ lower than the two thirds of the white population. There are fewer whites and more blacks as you move towards the lowest reaches of normal intelligence scores and more whites and fewer blacks as one measures the top range of regular I Q scores. The scores for “mulattoes” forms a curve that falls in between these two curves and other mixed race black African to White European show related distribution curves. The pre-Confederate South also had a structure that shows a realization that an individual white or black person could outly or deviate from racial probabilities. However, the pressures of the North and much of Europe for simplistic racial purity concepts began to create a huge corruption of the Southern cultural milieu.

The antebellum South Obama hates so much was a place where community and socirty were valued in numerous ways. The South was also a place where many people in cluding slaves could live mostly with people of similar background BUT as a culture it was a cutlural machine of exchange more fluid than a mosaic but less corrosive than a melting pot. This was the South of Virgina’s German farmers and those of Louisiana. This was the South of the Jewish community in which Judah Benjamin participated. this was the South of French Creoles with fortunes and titles and of the little understood Acadians like General Mouton. this was the South of Cheokees who built wo great nations and despite great suffering in between the foundings joined the Confederate cause. All in all Southerners also knew that people did not come from Europe or Africa with identical degrees of negritude or whiteness. They understood that complex ancestral patterns had existed in the old world. A statement which can still provoke someone to shoot you is to comment on the case of the First Lady of the Confederacy Varina Davis. Mrs. Davis had a sertaind rounded and slightly bronze look even as a young beauty. However, there is no need to speculate that any Slaves had entered her bloodline in the Americas. When the Davis pair visited Britain long after the war she was treated with respect in homes as a dignitary but was not invited into many public venues because her feature had grown darker and more rounded with age. Her phenotype was still white when her ancestors left Europe but the definition had changed over centuries. To many Brits she would have seemed a black woman at that time.So the Confederacy may be said to be the last stand of hard mental work, the last place in which thought was really possible in Western Civilization. Now we have mostly insanity and idiocy of different flavors and kinds. There has been a lot made in recent popular culture about slaves who were free people in Africa who were captured by white people by force and loaded up and taken to America. Certainly this did happen. However many slaves had the choice between starvation, slavery in Africa with a tribe that actually hated them because of their own tribe’s recent atrocities in war, being eaten by canibalistic raiders who competed with slkaving raider in the same area and other horrible fates. The general tendency of slavery was to take the most distressed pople in African regions out of Africa and provide them with employment and to pur funds into the local region which halped other people. Of course that trade was ilegal by the time the War started. However, the fact is that Slavery had a huge impact in allowing much of Africa to make up lost ground economicaly vis-a-vis the rest of the world. In some areas where a vibrant Afro-American-European culture emerged many times as many slaves were brought ina s were in the South. In many parts of the Carribean and in Brazil survival rates for the incoming generation were horrificaly low although for those born there the often Catholic culture provided a sort of protection and enhancement of life not found in most of the American South.

In Louisiana which was very influential in the Confederacy, the Code Noir which existed largely from the time of Bourbon kings it was possible to see that Africans received very substantial benefoits and protections at all phases. the code largely prohibited interracial sex and the result and probaly the purpose in this case was that masterscould not presume unlimited access to sexual charms of female slave thus a not quite legitimate status of commitments and compensations was created for the mothers of mixed race children. Marriages between slaves had legal status ans children could not be sold before nine. Louisiana had a better code than the Anglo states but 6 million Jewswere classified and moved to extermination in the 1930s and 40s along with Slavoic intellectuals and others by the Nazis. As many as 50 million Chinese were starved, robbed and eventually killed by all sides in the 40s and 50s. In Rwanda black people with light weap[ons and machetes wiped out a huge portion of the other large black ethnic group in their country in a killing spree that was motivated largely by greed and was fantasticaly brutal. On the planet Earth (as opposed to the planety where modern minds live) slavery was a fairly benevolent rescue program for huge numbers of Africans lucky enough tpo come the American South. Ametaphorical cliche is that the average slave was up to his or her ass in alligators when the slaver trade brought them as employed imigrants to the USA which became the CSA. When the parents of older Civil War generals were children Captain James Cook was sailing the oceans of the world. Cook seemed oddly detached during the last months of his last voyage and the last pages of his log are destroyed or at least lost to history. His flesh was cooked and his bone carved by Hawaiians who tried to explain that they were not cannibals and to show him mock battles and other rituals to suggest what he should do. History has somehow not recorded that in many sea islands scandinavian sailors would show up attack the islands kill and debone the pople in large numbers and pack the meat as a commercial product while referring to themselves as Gods. This happened on islands where they were totally opposed and islands where they were negotiated with according to need fo population controls. Some Scandinavian pirate groups remained classic Norse Pagans and were capable of froming colonies and formal agreements around the world. Others, borrowing from religions they encountered around the world became vampires and devils by religion and worshipped force and lies in themselves. In some places like China all three of these kinds of pirates were held in check and forced to pay something real even when they overran a region by Taoists who were fanticaly devote to these dealings with the devil. But these people did not practice chattle slavery. The Norse pirates also sold other whites such as Slavs and Celts to colored peoples for human sacrifice as revenge for all those they killed (on a 1 for 1000 or so ratio). Turks captured and sold tens of thousands of whites all over Africa as slaves for year after year. So there is no real doubt that the South did not develope a uniquely cruel institution. They were involved ina drama of labor and imigration that had gone on for centuries around the world and still goes on. But in this Constituion I celebrate something besides the Confederacy which is different from large scale Norse Piracy. Other Minor Compacts will recognize the Swedish colonial effort which was based in complex ancient royalist Norse ties to the North American Continent which were better even in pre-Christian times and were even better under Christian Kings of Sweden.

The Confederacy is tied and related to so much of the British, Spanish and French his tory although it is not a compact which has special ties to foreign powers in this Model Constitution. There were many clubs and associations in the pre-confederate South that celebrated knights and serfs from Europe’s past. There were those who hoped and were trying to find a way to have real manorialism rather than chattle slavery plantations. Like Aristotle, Confucius and the Bible they were devoted to the idea of building a real society that saw people as valuable and relationships as worthy of being institutionalized. It is true that all of this has little meaning according the modern view of America. However, America has changed. American Southrons fought for civilization and what we have now is market savagery. I could write much more about the socialist and royalist policies that distinguished Louisiana. Far from perfect the South was still too good for a world determined to rid itself of all I call goodness in mankind. It was a real society that could deal with the inevitable evolutions of race, class and religion.Mostly Protestant, the South had some great Catholic institutions. It also had a Jewish Secretary of State named Judah Benjamin. I have said before in these Notes that how Western Civilization views Jesus is a good sign of its health and progress. I see many signs of a beeter religious consensus devloping in the pre-Confederate South. For this and so many other things the South fought and lost. It truly did lose. The poverty, jim Crow, Scientific racism and ideological Anglo-Saxonism of the postwar South were not extensions of the society they sought to preserve. They were madness. Ii woke up this morning with my throat almost swollen shut and the starter in the car I drive broke (but was fixed). I do not feel very well and am anxious about several things but I have chosen to write this note before the end of my year because while the destruction of the South is not the greatest tragedy on these shores it is one of the greatest. Until we seek some sanity about it and find it then there will always be many problems we cannot deal with intelligently.

I believe the Compacts system will make the country stonger and better. It will be a wothwhile challenge I think. Here are the relevant passages concluding Article Five:

**** **** **** ***** ***** ***** **** ***** ***

Section Three: The Minor Compacts

Provision One: The Minor Compacts will be institutions authorized and chartered by the United States Government to co-ordinate a basic set of long lasting concerns however they will still have Compact zones in DIG Jurisdiction these will be half the size of a comparable Major Compact Zone in the same Jurisdiction’s cession to the DIG. Like the Major Compacts they will have independent constitutional funding in that part of the Cost of being in this Union is that every Jurisdiction which is not both an geographically interjurisdictional and Federalized Jurisdiction will set aside one mil of their own Jurisdictional revenue for the only Minor Compact to which they belong. The geographically interjurisdictional Jurisdictions will pay much more setting aside half of one percent of all their revenues to be divided among all the Minor Compacts to which they belong. For a Jurisdiction will always belong to mulitlple Major Compacts and most including all States will belong only one Minor Compact. The governance of the Compacts will just be a set of uniquely chartered institutions not fully part of the federal grand plan for the society. I will not attempt to list them all but will give a few examples: the Compact of Louisiana, The Compact of Hawaii and The Compact of Puerto Rico. Unless a compelling exception should arise there will be fifty- one, being one for each State and no others. Should Guam and Samoa decide to have Negro Possession Districts as they are enitled to and should that Possession choose to create them then they may create such a Minor Compact, however this instance alone of all divisions is negotiable and so its outcome also unknown.

Provision Two: Those thirteen Minor Compacts which are Signatories to the eight enumerated treaties in this Article shall exact one mil additional rebate from Federal taxes collected from member Constitutional Jurisdictions. They shall also receive a mil tax on all transactions related to real prpoperty in member jurisdictions after a fee of one tenth of this for collections by the member jurisdictions. These Minor shall be entitltled a Honors Sqad in their own right and be regulated under special provisions of the DIG Code Title “Procedures”. An advisor appointed by the Emperor shall serve as a ranking and full member of the administration their charter shall create. They shall have appearance and petition rights similar to Major Compact in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction.

Section Four: Special and International Issues

Subsection One: General Issues

The Compacts not only form an occasion for Jurisdictions to relate to but also relate to International Affairs. It is the intention if it can be achieved that treaties be created for the benefit of these Compacts and these treaties will specify the promotion of commerce and cultural exchange with a foreign power. These will be unique in Modern History and in many ways against the basic flow of international law in recent centuries. To be acceptable the treaties will specify a set of behaviors for both parties in time of peace, in time of strained relations and in time of war. Thus they will operate on the idea that a full war could exist between the treaty partners. While it need not be done right away the foreign power would commit to trying to have a small consulate and duty reduced market in each Compact Zone of a Specified Compact. There could be treaties of this kind with every country in the world and every country specified could have more compact partners but there will not be such proliferation. This is not entirely fair or even and is not about such modern notions of those things as inform other parts of this Constitution. This is about the minimum element of certain complexities which would make this Imperial transformation possible. To add or subtract any Compact based treaty would require a Class Two Constitutional Ammendment.

Subsection Two: Enumeration of Treaties

Provision One: the Treaties Desired:

1. The United Kingdom in favor of the Major Compacts of the Thirteen Colonies and the Hartford Convention and the Minor Compact of Hawaii.

2. France in favor of the Major Compacts of the Louisiana Purchase and of the Territories and the Minor Compact of Louisiana.

3.Spain in favor of the Major Compacts of the Spanish Borderlands and the Territories and the Minor Compacts of California, Texas, Louisiana ,Florida and Puerto Rico.

4. Canada in favor of the Major Compact of the Louisiana Purchase and the Minor Compact of Louisiana.

5. Mexico in favor of the Major Compacts of the Spanish Borderlands and the Territories and the Minor Compacts of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

6. The United Netherlands in favor of the Minor Compacts of New York and New Jersey.

7. Sweden in favor of the Minor Compacts of Delaware, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

8. Russia in favor of the Minor Compact of Alaska.

It is to be noted that Minor Compacts where the namesake state has only federalized lower jurisdiction partners are a special category of the smallest ones and set asides.

Subsection Three: Agency and Intermediary Role

By ratifcation and adoption of this Constitution and under its authority the Union and the Constitutional Jurisdictions agree to and are bound to honor the certain specified privileges of the Compacts in international matters. These privileges shall consist solely of the following enumerated privileges.

1. The Compacts which hold the eight treaties enumerated shall in these cases enumerated act as full participants in the Sovereignty of the Empire and thereby as participants in the full sovereignty system of Empire and Union which is the Federal American Empire of the United States.

2.The Constitutional Jurisdictions which prepare or purchase textbooks and learning materials discussing the foreign signatories to these treaties shall make them available for comment by the Compact Signatory at least one week before the commitment to the acquisition of such materials.

3. The United States military upon the declaration of war or the act of going to war with such foreign signatories will have such formal consultation with the Compact as can be afforded within a fairly liberal interpretation of other provisions of this Constitution and within the security demands of the United States and the Federal American Empire.

4. The US Congress shall invite representatives of the matching Signatory Compacts to all Confirmation hearings for ambassadors to the Foreign Signatory or its successors should it cease to exist as a recognizable polity.

5.The US State Department shall have a speaker not more than two ranks below the Secretary of State report to the Compact on relations to proper Foreign Signatory.

6. The members of the Compact Legislature having duly registered with the Empire and having copies of such registry transferred to the Union Executive shall be entitled to serve with greater than usual leeway under the laws and constituion as official agents for the proper Foreign Signatory, its people and its open and lawful interests.

7. As regards these six enumerated privileges alone there shall be equal treatment of Major and Minor Compacts.

**** **** *** *** **** ****

If you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in this Section Three “The Minor Compacts” and Two “Special and International Issues” in Article Five “Compacts of Jurisdictions” is that for our system to work these Compacts which provide effective connections of society’s democratic elements to its royalty through an aristocracy and effective regional organization must remaintied to their real roots and orgins to be fully themselves. That means also remaining tied to real peoples and polities in the world which are at the root of their heritage and tradition. These councils of familial networks, regional organizations and the aristocracy of the regions of the Federal American Empire of the United States will have to relate to truly foreign powers in amanner that is real and is loyal to the Emperor and Empress as well as responding to the demands of a society with federal, combined styles, and a mixed government nature of our society. Specified roles in foreign relations are aloyted especially to the Compacts where a particular relationship is most recognized. They wil conduct these activities largely within the Empire Proper but for that it will have to be recognized in the Union as well and needs this Constitutional support and imust find its role within the Union and Empire. This role of limited foreign involvement completes this Article’s introduction to the Five-Fold Nobility which will form much of the structure of the newer elements of the new Constitutional Union.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

Discussions of the Model Constitution(12th in a Series): First Executive Vice-President, Election & Office

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (12th in a Series): First Executive Vice President — The Office and Election.

by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 8:34pm ·


This Note will be about the First Subsection the Section Three of Article Three in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


This is in some ways one of the least radical portions of this model constitution. It shows that there would be a good bit of continuity in the Executive, but also that there will some significant reforms and transformations. This susbsection gives me a chance to discuss how reforms would work. It also gives me a chance to discuss why they would be necessary. This Constitution is proposed in large part because of the need for changing some deep-seated values and beliefs. Not the least of those problems is the kind of American Exceptionalism that is poisonous to our current international relations and to the future of our society. America is not succeeding splendidly in every possible way and by every possible measure and it seldom has and no society should require people to say such things just to run for office effectively.

I think America is actually rich in political, cultural and social resources. I myself vote regulary in all the complex electoral realites of Louisiana politics and their window and bridge to American political life. However, I think our political system like many other aspects of our society is in decline and is really threatened. It is not that our system in its inner purity is perfect or does not need improvement. But it is a real and vibrant system. It is unique to us and so is the new Constitution I propose. I remember a recent election and have notes about how it impressed me for good and ill.

On October 2, 2010 I voted in a typical Louisiana political election in which there was at least one October race that was an open primary and the two top vote-getters committed to runoffs in November if neither gets over fifty percent of the vote across the state there are usually many of these October races and we all vote in a few. Then some get majorites and the rest face another better informed election in November when the rest of the country votes by and large. That October the US Senate race had a separate primary already and will have narrowed the field to three by party — possibly there would be no majority and a rare Louisiana official would serve with a first-past-the-post plurality which most media calls a majority in other states. However, it was a walk for Republcan David Vitter over redistricted Congressman Melancon. Some officials ran unopposed and so and were almost crowned and anointed in the manner of modern Teutonic. Then there were a number of two person races where the competition had already been eliminated and where our voting machines must thus produce a majority as we do not have spoiled ballots or write-ins. In Louisiana we elected at the ballot our Lieutenant Governor, the appellate courts, the varied local races and the public service commissions. We also had many school board races that were big and important that day. Every school board I know of outside New Orleans is electing its leaders that Saturday.

We also have two constitutional amendments on the ballot. One was to place GOHSEP staff in the unclassified civil service category. Another is related to official scheduling of the legislative year. None of these issues were huge in my mind. I voted early and with less certainty as to how I should vote than usual. However, I was enthusiastic enough to recommend voting to many people I met at the football game my nephews played in on the morning of the election. In another recent election we elected members to a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education where the Governor appoints another portion of the same board after consulting with experts. The point is not that Louisiana politics is perfect or all one thing or another but it is improvable, rich and deeply tied to all sort of cultural and institutional realites it needsto be dealing with well. The national system is too much big television and small-minded sloganism. I think our current presidential elections are in trouble. I believe that both too much and too little are at stake at the same time. I look at the systems in many other countries and believe they are getting worse for reasons too technical to outline here. But briefly British and Commonwealth FPTP combined with modern multiple parties is a bad system for the democratic element but is bailed out by other segments of the system. In other countries apathy and hatred are increasingly the real contenders for power.

So, how do I see our system? I feel a certain amount of sympathy for Barack Obama in a system where no Socialist Party is really available, where federalism has weakened and dodged the raclal aspects of our federal tradition he was a man with limited options. He lost some dignity in rushing through the Senate to the White House but it is an easy choice to understand. He lost some dignity in learning Constitutional technique without absorbing its values even if only to better reject them But in the mix of misinformation that is the modern elite law school it is understandable. I am not only a conservative or only a liberal, I am coming at every question from a very unusual place. I have learned and must learn from Right and Left and Center.

But despite my catholicity an openness in many aspects of my thinking I consider myself to be one of the people most opposed to Barack Obama within the spectrum of legitimate politics. In addition, I committed to conservative opposition to Obam by and large when he was running for President. However, I don’t think that there is any doubt that we have reached the point where Conservatism can be looked at as something which has merited the term “crisis”. America is in a crisis and I believe that it will prove to be a very grave crisis. However, conservatism is in a far greater crisis. For argument’s sake let us say that the terms right and left, Democrat and Republican describe a real political dynamic which matters in this country. I would argue that on the right in this country we have lots of politicians who use the label “conservative” but actually we have a collection of Libertarians, Tax Avoiders, Moderate Neo-Fascists , Ultra-Reformed Protestant Theocrats, and Anglophile Antiquarians who collectively squeeze a weak and demoralized conservative group of Americans who hardly matter at all. I think that in the new regime there will be moresystems in jurisdictions, the back-up of the royal institutions and all of this will allow for formal organized factions in the Republican and Democrat Party and also allow for more functioning parties to emerge at least in reletively small but significant ways. Thus the GOP or its renamed successor could be a truly Conservative Party with organized factions that do what the relatively unfocused groups do badly now. The Democrat party could be a Liberal-left party with a real socialist, perhaps some leftist but extremely royalist faction, a Dixiecrat faction and others. In addition there would be parties to whom those factions could peddle their votes and win a race outright now and then. It is is not guaranteed that this will happen. But I believe that as the tyranny of democracy is renounced the democratic element will be able to emerge in purer and better fashion that satisfies more democratic legitimate needs.

Suppose there is a basis for people in large numbers to group together against Obama’s policies. Some of those in these almost never discussed GOP groups that should be factions would join the center of the party or its renamed successor and would be trueConservatives if there really was a Conservative Movement for them to be part of effectively. There would be a reshuffling and some would join the emerging minor parties as well because their destructive behavior in 2008 comes from the fact that they fundamentally despise Conservatism.

While I am a committed radical I do practice conventional political participation. I voted for George Bush the first time and almost certainly would have voted for him the second time if I could have made it to Beijing’s American Embassy in time to vote. However, I missed that election. I voted for Mcain-Palin in the most recent election. I think I have voted for Mary Landrieu a Democrat every time. Through my life I have voted for a collection of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

My odd and limited sympathy for Barack Obama comes into play once more as I reflect on my own political life and asociations in regard to his history. Like Obama (and a lot of other people) I have had to make the best choices I could at any given time and deserve to be judged by those choices but not by how I would behave in some fantastical world of choices and associations that did not exist. Like Obama and others I have some friends that do not clean up so well for the television cameras and critics as they might. By the time I was old enough to vote I had forged a lot of bonds and relationships which included fundamentalists, communists in other countries, resentful Moslems, white supremacists, black radicals and lots of other people who don’t fall into the neat safe categories that President mills like mid century Yale Law normally produce in quantity. If I were to have made a run at the US Presidency there would be people some folks would like as little as I like Rev. Wright and David Ayres. Despite all that colorful background I have lots of self-respect and more oddly yet, I think of myself as an authentic American Conservative who has taken some Saocialist ideas very much to heart. Arguably, I am one of the minority of American conservatives who could be optimistic abpout the Obama example of emerging from the complexities of the real political jungle of our streets and other streets. Instead of committimg myself to radical change I could commit to a conventional path in politics. I could reason that if such an oddly positioned person of such a background as Barack Obama can be President of the United States then maybe I could at least get elected parish assessor, city dog-catcher, county councilman, water-district representative or something else somewhere in the land of the free and the home of the brave. But we have run out of the sypathy and empathy I feel for Obama. Somehow I don’t think Obama’s election signifies anything nearly that hopeful for someone like me.

I dare to write a Model Constitution without ever having held public office. I am willing to advocate for big restructuring without ever having gotten a government paycheck. That is unless you include the kinds of paychecks given by fellowships and part-time job checks from school boards and universities which I have gotten in the past. I am able to say that I have won a few elections. I won a seat on Dorm Council in College, I was elected as Outstanding Graduate in my department , college and university for that particular commencement exercise at a different school. Then In China a few years ago I organized elections among my student for various class and subgroup offices. Then there are a couple of elections where I was elected to post that I can’t discuss here by groups that like their privacy. None of those races seem very much related to the Presidency or even a governorship however. In most of these races my political philosophy was not a central aspect of what people were electing me for or voting against. Many people hold office for other reasons than political philosophy. People vote for friends, members of their race or class, to keep seniority in a legislature or because they are personally opposed to the candidates opposition. But in the big leagues there are always some questions of political philosophy that become important. I would argue that Conservatism is usually not on the menu often Liberalism is not either. This Model Constitution makes room for Liberal and Conservative politics I feel If this were ratified it would impose a structure but leave a great deal more open to changing with political sway changing hands in hard fought elections. I think that a coherent expression ofmy views on American Conservative political philosophy would require at least one very long book. If someone hasn’t read any of the books which have helped to from my opinions then an article or two would not make the great sweep of ideas stand clear. Here I am drafting a constitutionin which Liberals, Libertarians and others can rightly see some of their own ideas and values reflected. But it is structure that would be changed and procedure. So how will it change as regards electing the ordinary executive.

There will be 949 Electors derived from the popular vote in Jurisdictions and Military Bases. The States will get three bonus electors assigned to their popular vote compared to the Territories and the Possessions. The members of the Bouletherion elect two more mebers by a nuanced and unique but mostly popular vote which is a kind of bonus like that for military bases which the Imperial Tribe will receive as a token for allowing the many representatives in the Imperial Conclave. The four representatives for the Colored Districts in the States will not be assigned by the popular election. The colored districts in the States will vote as citizens of the States and will be represented in the same way and at the same variance they are entitled to vote for the State Legislature members they elect. Gaining these 951 popularly elected delegates will clearly be important. However, there will be eighty-four Electors-for-Life with one each elected by each Jurisdiction and two elected by the Imperial Tribe. The Jurisdictions and the Military are entitled to assign their popularly elected lectors by any system they wish so long as the one that gets the most votes gets the most electors. Therefore it is possible some will assign them proportionaly. However, even if they are all winner-take-all pluralitarian systems the parties and candidates are likely to want to show respect for the electors for life and to keep their goodwill. That will greatly change the nature of the total elction process. Because of the royal monarchs the society will be able to afford to wait for the Conclave of the Electoral College to determine who is the First-Executive Vice President. Ideas and ideals will be better defined I believe.

**** ****** ***** ****** ***** ****

Section Three: The First Executive Vice President

Subsection One: The Office and Election

The executive Aministration and ordinary exercise of Executive Power shall be vested in a First Executive Vice President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Second Deputy Vice-President chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows:

Each Jurisdiction shall appoint a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State, Territory or Possession may be entitled in the Congress and these electors shall have been elected at a general and direct election bearing both the name of the First and Second Executive Vice Presidential Candidates and the names of the electors. The Military ditricts shall elect a slate of Free Military Electors in the same manner. The Imperial Tribe’s Bouletherion shall be recognized in the laws it establishes which shall govern how The Imperial Tribe shall also elect two electors in the time of the General election and have two members of the Boulethrion of Bouletherion Vice Presidential rank who are Electors- for-Life whatever privileges the Jurisdictional Electors-for-Life have under the Laws and Constitution shall belong equally to these two Bouletherion Electors for Life who shall also serve as Protocol directors for the Electors for Life. The Jurisdictions however shall in addition name according to Jurisdictional Law an Elector-for-Life who shall vote in each of these First Executive Vice-Presidential elections and in those of the Emperor at the Conclave, these must be named each year unless impeached by the State Legislature and convicted by the GRIHHA of High Crimes — they are elected when a vacancy occurs by reason of death or removal. No Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the Federal Government Portion of the United States, shall be appointed an Elector. Electors for Life may hold Jurisdcitional or Imperial Posts if permitted by their Jurisdiction. The electors shall all assemble within two weeks of the General Election and their proceeding shall be fully recorded and then kept secret for fifty years. On the First ballot only the Electors for Life shall be free and the others shall be robot-electors. They robots shall cast their vote by Jurisdictional caucus and the Electors for life will together cerify the their votes. Outside the Conclave, the President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. If there is some candidate with a full majority of more than half of all the votes that candidate will be First Executive Vice President. If not then a second ballot shall be announced and all those robot- electors dedicated to candidates ranked lower than fifth place or having fewer than five percent of the votes shall be free to change their vote. On the Second Ballot, the robots and freed electors shall cast their vote by Jurisdictional caucus and the Electors for life will together cerify the their votes. Outside the Conclave, the President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. If there is some candidate with a full majority of more than half of all the votes that candidate will be First Executive Vice President. If there is none then all the robots will be freed to vote as they choose and the entire sitting House of Representatives will be added to the electoral college and all military and other non-State Jurisdiction seats will be divided among the States with whom they are aforehand associated. Each Super State Caucus shall immediately choose by Ballot a candidate for President and all the votes that caucus are to be certified for that single candidate. Then the wholly free assmbly shall vote and their votes shall be added to those of the caucuses and this process will be repeated with the elimination of the lowest vote-getter on each round until the majority emerges and that majority candidate is First Executive Vice-President. The Congress may determine the Time of choosing the Electors in a General Election, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States and Federal American Empire. No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of First Executive Vice-President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

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If you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in Subsection One: ” The Office and Election” of Section Three ” The First Executive Vice President” of Article Three ” The Executive and the Monarchy” is that for our system to work there must be an effective executive and more as well, and that while the Emperor and Empress will take some things to a new level and perform some vital roles the the First Executive Vice-President will exercise the ordinary political executive power entrusted to t him by the Emperor. This portion of the third section of this article introduces to us figure much like the current President of the republican Union who nonetheless has certain reforms in the nature and practice of both the election and the office itself. One of the specific changes is that the people in the Electoral College are called the Electoral College but the meeting at which they assemble to elect the First Executive Vice-President is to be called the Conclave or the Vice-Presidential Conclave. Another change is that like the current president who can only stand twice for election the FEVP will also be restricted that way but the constitution would function one who receivesa a pertial term throough detah of the FEVP to hold two full terms in addition so long as the portion he recieved did not exceed half of th unfulfilled term. The Electors-for Life who are a voice for a more sober approach are part of the other election in the executive as well the one that elects the Emperor and Supreme President which will be called the Imperial Conclave. Those changes are integral to the new system itself.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.