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A Really Personal Blog Post. 50 Random Things About Me

1. I went to school in some very real sense at each of the following institutions: Happy Howards Nursery School, a kindergarten in London, Mount Carmel Elementary School in Abbeville, Louisiana and St. Hilda and St. Hugh Episcopal Day School in Manhattan. I also attended Tonga Side School and the Lord’s School in Our Lady’s Youth Center before returning to MCES. I attended the Instituto de Estudios America Latina in Cuernavaca, Viard College in Porirua, Scripture Ventures and the East Asian Pastoral Intitute.  I completed the Lay Evangelists course for the Diocese of Lafayette.  I count my brief participation in a short Introduction to Visayan Seminar at Bukidnon State College. I have a B.A. from USL, now the University of Louisiana where I was the Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate for my commencement. I attended the Franciscan university of Steubenville where I won the Sophomore Class Award ( they used to award one to a male and one to a female but both called “the award” of Sophomore Class Award) I completed the Catechist Certification Course for the Diocese of Lafayette.  I have an M.A. from Louisiana State University. I twice enrolled at Tulane Law School.  I completed a course at the Insurance Training School of Louisiana.  I have also attended many lectures and seminars not part of the schooling listed above.

2. I have three sisters Sarah, Mary and Susanna.

3. I have three full brothers Joseph, John Paul and Simon.

4. I have a deceased special situation half-brother named Paul.

5. I have in my life fired  12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge,  and 4-10 shotguns. I have fired 45 caliber, nine milimeter, 22 caliber and several other pistols. I have also fired M-16, AR-14, Kalashnikov and other automatic and semi-automatic weapon. In addition I have fired a reasonable number of rounds in sporting and hunting rifles.

6.  I have been interviewed for television in the USA, China, Mexico and the Philippines.

7. I have suffered the loss to death or displacement of animals I cared about including: horses, dogs, cats, goldfish, turtles, a rabbit, a hornbill bird and poultry.

8. I have hunted and killed ducks, geese, deer, rabbits, racoons, aligators, wild pig, snakes and other game.

9. I have been on the water in foot-powered paddle wheelers, canoes, pirogues, rafts, catamarans, outrigger canoes, steam-powered paddle wheelers, the QE2, the France and other ships as well as many small skiffs, sailboats and  rafts.

10. I have set foot on Europe, Asia,  North America, South America and Australia  and many islands.

11. I have never set foot on Africa or Antartica.

12. I have ridden motorcycles quite a bit but never had a license.

13. I have driven  cars only in North America and on some islands.

14. I was confirmed a Roman Catholic at the hands of a Cardinal of our Church.

15.  I was baptized, received my First Communion and was wed at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. 

16. I have caught over a dozen species of fish.

17.   I spent a lot of time observing and studying bats (the animal) long ago.

18.  I have bought meals for more women or girls than I have held hands with, held hands with more than I have kissed, kissed more than I have cuddled with and the lines continue in that direection.

19.  I have enjoyed gambling in the form of poker, blackjack, lottery, slots, pool, darts and many other games. Most weeks I do not gamble at all.

20. I have been in love with more than one woman at a time more than once.

21. I have traveled to and from the USA to China and the the USA to the Philippines alone.

22. I have been bitten by a poisonous snake, horses, dogs, cats, angry men and curious babies.

23. I have been stung by wasps, centipedes. bees, hornets, jellifish, spiders and exotic fish.

24. I have at least spent the night and a day in New Orleans, Mexico City, New York, Tijuana, Los Angeles, Beijing, Hong Kong,Yantai,  Manila, Bogota, London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco,  Monterrey, San Diego, Montreal and many other big cities  but think of myself as mostly a small town and countryside guy.

25. I have owned over one hundred knives besides kitchen knives.

26. I am an FCC licensed radiotelephone operator.

27. In my life time I have at least participated to some degree in basketball, football, soccer, rugby, swimmin, water polo, sailing, boating  of many kinds, horseback riding, snow skiing, karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu, canoeing, fishing, hiking, cycling, weight lifting, calisthenics, putt-putt golf, bowling, horseshoes and ping pong.

28. I have never played a single game of golf.

29. I smoked tobacco in cigars, cigarettes and pipes.

30. I have fasted on water only for more than nine days several times.

31. I have stayed awake for more than 48 hours continuously.

32. I have driven a car over 115 miles an hour several times.

33. I have fought more than thee opponents at the same time more than a few times.

34. I have read over 1,000 books.

35. I have read the Bible in its entirety several times.

36. I have spoken to groups more than a thousand times.

37. I have been to more funerals than weddings.

38. I do not think most people are very good. I do think that the humanity all people share has great goodness in it.

39. I have had my appendix removed.

40. I have not had my tonsils removed.

41. I really like trains and have ridden many.

42. I consider Philip Norton, Baron of Louth a friend although we have never met or spoken and our correspondence has been topical rather than personal  — and even though I do not feel it fair to him to call him a friend under such limits.

43. I have quite few regrets in my life.

44. I have never dyed my hair with a permanent dye.

45. I have visited quite a few prisons.

46.  I drove a “hot-shot” truck service at one time.

47. I have published writing on football, baseball, soccer, drag racing, basketball and other sports.

48.  I watched the second tower get hit on TV live on 9-11.

49. I have toured the Forbidden City and the Temple of  Heaven in Beijing. I also toured Penglai and  other ancient sites.

50.  I love US National Parks.

The Lower House of the Direct Imperial Government Legislature

Under the model of Government outlined in this blog the United States will continue to have a (reformed)Senate representing the States of the union. It will also have a (reformed) House of Representatives representing the people of the Union which would be the Federal American Empire of the United States. All of the States we all know Louisiana, Hawaii, Georgia, Alabama, California and New York as well as their more than forty sisters will remain States with their own legislatures. However, there would be a number of changes including ceding some lands and rights to a Direct Imperial Government.

I.The Seats in the Lower House (or Chamber) of the Direct Imperial Government

A. Compact Seats

1.There would be two delegates elected from the Lower Chamber of each Compact Legislature of the Thirteen Compacts of Jurisdictions making up the empire.

2.The Empress would also appoint four outstanding female delegates from throughout all of the Lower Chambers of all the Compacts. 

B.  Zone and Fiefdom Seats

 1. The lower chamber of every Compact Zone in a State would send two delegates to the DIG Legislature on years ending in 0,1,2, 6,7, & 8.

2. The lower chamber of every Compact Zone in a Territory or Possession would send two delegates in years ending in 0,1,3,4, & 9. They would send one delegate in years ending in 2 & 5. 

3.  The Advisory Council to the Seigneur in each Fiefdom would elect two delegates each three-year term to this chamber. The highest ranking Mistress certified by the Mistress of Ceremonies to a Peer Elector or(if there is none such) to an Heir to the Peer-Elector who is Seigneur of each Fiefdom who is not an aristocrat will be seated in this chamber perpetually. 

4. All other zones would elect one delegate for a three-year term and the delegate would always be seated.

C. The District of Columbia Seats

The District of Columbia would seat forty delegates according to its own constitution.

D. Crown Colonies and other Colonies

Based on a set of criteria in the DIG Supreme Charter shall seat either one, two, five or seven delegates. There would be no colonies above one seat in the beginning of the DIG. 

E. Imperial Services Seats.

Every Imperial Service shall elect two members from it Employees Association. Every Imperial Service will also have one member appointed as a delegate by the Imperial Civil Service  and one member appointed by the GRIHHA. Military and Civilian services shall be equal in this regard and members of the Nobility of any kind may not serve in these seats.

F. Guilds

Every Guild that conforms to the Supreme Charter and has a Guildhouse on DIG land will be represented in this chamber. 

1. Senior Invited Guilds will have four delegates each. These shall include and mostly consist of the following groups if they form guilds: California Vineyard Guild, Old American Sugar Guild, Louisiana Oyster Guild, Louisiana Crawfish Guild, Texas-Oklahoma Cattle Guild, Seaboard Tobacco Guild,  American Brewers Guild, New England Shipwrights Guild, Chesapeake Shipwrights Guild, Gulf of Mexico Shipwrights Guild, Louisiana and South Carolina Rice Farmers Guild, California Fruit Guild, Great Lakes States Apple Guild, Florida Citrus Guild, Idaho Potato Guild, Wisconsin Dairy Guild, Old Southern Cotton Guild, Silicon Valley Electronics and Information Products Guild, Wall Street Financial Services Guild, The Guild Named for the Johnsons that Joins American Family Manufacturers of Consumer Products , the Kentucky Distillery Guild and the Old Steel Guild.

2. Every other Guild will elect two delegates.

G.  The GRIHHA Appointed Family Seats;

The GRIHHA will appoint a whole set of seats to four-year terms by general vote of their assembly.

1. The GRIHHA will appoint ten grandmothers.

2. The GRIHHA will appoint twenty mothers.

3. The GRIHHA will appoint fifteen Family  Associations who will chose their own delegates.

4. The GRIHHA  will appoint five first wives or high wives of men with harems or licensed mistresses.

H. The Imperial Chaplain’s Seats.

The Imperial Chaplain will appoint ten Catholic, three Orthodox and three other member of religious and clerical classes of low rank to the chamber.  

Obviously, the lower Chamber will be large and therefore somewhat unwieldy.  However, it is meant to be large and there is nothing unnecessary about its size.  The Supreme Charter and the Constitution would only assign limited powers to this Legislature. However, the work it would do would be essential and vital to the whole regime.