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Christmas Story: The first chapters of a working draft of my New Novel of Jesus’s life

An image showing the basis of all this Christmas celebration.

An image showing the basis of all this Christmas celebration.

This has to be read in linked portions or it might crash this site. Here is the first chapter.  Then the second  chapter, the third chapter  and the fourth chapter as well as the fifth chapter are here in links. This is as you can see a bit of Christmas longer than this little passage. If you are still reading then continue with the sixth chapter, the seventh chapter, the eighth chapter, the ninth chapter, the tenth chapter and the eleventh chapter. You will becoming in for a long home stretch now with chapter twelve, chapter thirteen, chapter fourteen, chapter fifteen, chapter sixteen and chapter seventeen. Merry Christmas and Happy Feast of the Epiphany.

My niece's early Christmas can be remembered but not recaptured.

My niece’s early Christmas can be remembered but not recaptured.

St. Joseph’s Day Thoughts

It is the Lenten Season. it is the first full day of the War with Libya. It is the time of the Crisis in Japan seeming to stabilize. It is the time of the Third Round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. It is the day before the Jewish Holiday of Purim. All these things have some real meaning to me. It is also the time of the Hindu holiday of Holi which does not mean much to me at all. I have nothing more to say against it than that but my life’s Hindu resonances are quite limited and largely literary. It is a few days after the companion holiday of St, Patrick’s Day. It is also the Feast of St. Joseph which is a very special time in Lent when Lenten disciplines are relaxed. That is true for Irish influenced communities and the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day but for all Catholics on St. Joseph. Nonetheless the Italians and Sicilians are the cultures who have some of the most beautiful customs associated with this feast.

My brother Joseph is celebrating his first anniversary today with his expectant bride Brooke. Their baby will soon be coming only a little after a year after their marriage. Joseph, my brother-in-law Kevin Joseph and one of my nephews are celebrating their saint’s feasts, fetes, or santos today.

Saint Joseph has been honored with three feasts in the Church but more or less they have been merged into two. The three feasts are those of Joseph the Worker, Joseph the Husband of Mary and Joseph the Patron of the Universal Church. Today he is remembered and the world’s affairs are seen in the light of this just and quiet man’s life.