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Discussion on the Model Constitution (21st in Series): Direct Imperial Government, Monarchy, Funding, royalism

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (21st in Series): Direct Imperial Government, Monarchy, Funds & Royalism
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 10:28pm ·
This Note will be about the first two subsections of the First Section of Article Six in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


This note deals with a series of constitutional principles which are not well known or very relevant in America today. In this Constitution these principles will be very important and so they are discussed here. These principles relate to the financing of the Imperial element and the power mediated and shaped by the whole Direct Imperial Government of the Emperor and his House over royalism itself within the Federal American Empire of the United States. There are few things more useless than a model statute or constitution without understanding of its function and application. Where large and significant changes are proposed it is even more important the writer explain how various elements of the system will work together to solve existing problems. Somehow, the readers must one or more of these elements which may be entirely unfamiliar will work together in comprehensible structures to solve real problems. That is more or less what these notes aspire to communicate.

The Emperor will be a figure, post, status and office very distinct from any currently existing in the United States in this Second Union. It is subject to a number of constitutional principles not relevant currently. This revolutionary change which embodies the radical transformation which will occur when this Model Constitution is ratified and put into effect will affect the economy, fiscal policy and finances of the regime. These measures will take time to fully operate but will restore the United States of America to a secure financial footing in all probability over time. Among the measures which will create greater financial security and fiscal stability are the following:

1.This Constitution restores a metal standard at the basis of the money of the polity.
2.The First Executive Vice President shall have a line item veto to slim down the budget.
3. The Imperial Wellness Agency will set a floor against some of the growth of medical costs.
4. The reform of Social Security and related programs will bring those emtitlements under a modicum of control.
5. The Possessions and the Territories with their set-asides and constituional repsonsibilities will create a culture of responsibility and bring resources to bear while the government will denounce programs to bring about racial equality.
6. The Family Associations, Domestic Regimes, Bureau of Women’s Affairs and ministries and offices of the Imperial
Mistress of Ceremonies as well as the government denouncing goals of sexual equlaity will create a healthier environment which is more economically sustainable.
7.There will be greater accountability in certain areas of government which will show over time.
8. The idea of social obligation with wealth will be supported by the Honor Code, laws related to Manors and Ordinary Nobility as well as the institutions already mentioned and in time this will erode the most disfunctional kinds of free market behavior.
9. The goal of wealth within the constraints of society will be recognized as valid in a more official way and its infrastructure will be more supported and in time this will erode the most disfunctional kinds of economic levelling
10. Large programs will be sustained which push society toward growth in a more complete way and assure some benefit for all sectors of society and most individuals.
As these programs set in it eill also be the case that communities, famlies and other institutions will be supported in enriching life and increasing meaning in ways that are only partly measurable in economic terms. This will be part of the reshaping so that while there is upward and downward social mobility people will feel that they own a place in this society and certain qualities about themselves. Government may not shrink in absolute terms but it will be different andf in that different contect it will matter that “the king shall live on his own” is a constitutional principle. The Emperor will be an imortant figure if this stage is reached and when that occure it will matter to both sides that the regular budget does not go to the DIG.

The entire discourse much of our political spectrum will be truly rearranged should this Model Constitution be ratified and become the law of the land. The Empire will operate in the Constitutional Jurisdictions as well as in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction and in many cases it will assist in the social burden and humanitarian enterprises that are well linked to taxation. Yet it will do so out of a budget which is fixed and not legislated and is tiny and by being entitled to make a profit on parts of enterprises which are also philanthropic. Thus the law and constitution will provide that those doing forced labor will receive a modest compensation as well as the intrinsic skills and experience. But still the empire will be able to employ cheap forced labor to bolster its legitimate enterprises in the work of ilicit migrants and convicted criminals. These agencies will be dicussed later. Some of their earning will go to their own families and to their victims and thus reach the neediest with income. The Enperor and his House would also draw some funds from this venture.

Every manorial fiefdom or fief-manor in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction will have an almonry giving charity to the outside poor, a day laborer’s program for low paying work to those unemployed and able to reach them. These will not operate all the time but each manor will be required to publich them. Each manor will be required to offer a rental infrastucture of mills, offices and marketing, common pasture, a grand compost facility and other benefits to Serf-Pettyholders as well as a school, a clinic, a place of worship and a militia stronghold under their Seigneurial guard. The Serf-Pettyholders will pay into a placement fund for their children not able to have a pettyhold so long as one member of the family takes the pettyhold the others may appeal to the DIG to be released. The Seigneur shall pay duties and taxes to the Emperor and the DIG and shall have the duty top uphold ecological laws and preserve both a hunting and gathering preserve and a pure preserve for all that is not human in the region where such a fief-manor is located. These are the rules for the most common agricultural type but a grand seigneur who has two of more successful manor fiefdoms could apply for a license to entail a nonagricultural fief-manor in the same grand estate with the agricultural ones and the rules would be somewhat different for the urban manufaturing or other fief-manors. In return for all of this social burden what are the distinct advantages which a Seigeur would have? They include having a role in policing and the Courts of first instance. While the Seigeur is subject to DIG review and investigation he or she will have the chance to get their point of view into the legal record first in almost every case. The are entitled to the minimal rents on some and significant use fees on other assets and products of the manor. They are entitled to free labor of the serf-pettyholders on their own lands and infrastructure during certain seasons and to their service in the militia or if paid then in the Manor Guard. They have limited immunity which is till substanitial in tortious and criminal matters and mitigated punishment when not immune in domestic matters on the fief-manor. Serf-Pettyholders may vote freely in the Manor Council subject to Imperial inspection but they must abstain or vote as directed by their Seigneur in DIG elections. The released offspring of all such Serf-Pettyholders shal be US citizens under the laws and constitution relating to citizens. However, it shall be in the power of Congress to set their rights as citizens as regards elections, military service ans some procedural matters related to the Union. The Emperor and his House themselves wil be seigneurs and they are expected to support themselves largely on seigneurial income. Most Serf-Pettyholders of the founding are expected to be volunteeers willing to find a life more stable and connected at the cost of some mobilities and fredoms — it reamains to be seen how hard such slots will be to fill.

So with the network of Seigneurial services, care for working prisoners and distribution of their income, waste processing business, a transit and drugs related enterprise dealing with social problems, the network of religious entities overseen by the Imperial Chaplain, the Imperial Wellness Agency and their military the Emperor and Empire will seek to join and in a sense to compete with the Union in providing social services. In this there will be law and reporting but they are allowed to mix in tax funds, guild tributes and all sorts of money into the networks that provide such services. However, all this will be done to the degree it is done without any special taxes. The society as a whole will know from this Constitutiion how much everthing costs to kee this Emperor and House and that shall be the price. Thus “The King shall live on his own”. He may be fabulously wealthy or quite poor and it is not the concern of Congress.

This is an old system common across much of Europe a t one time as illustrated here:

At heart most Englishmen still believed that in peacetime the king should live on his own revenues. In fact, the desperate condition of the crown’s finances required urgent measures, but far from receiving any praise for his efforts, Salisbury after his death was described as:
Oppression’s praiser,
Taxation’s raiser…
The country’s scourger,
The cities’ cheater
Of many a shilling.
Between 1603 and 1612 only three years were free of taxation, and a particularly popular, mock-pastoral libel began:
Here lies Hobbinall,
our shepherd while here
That once in a year,
our fleeces did sheer.

If the Emperor and Empire were to grow richer and more influential over time the Constitution still preseves most advantages to the Union. Yet there could be more advancement of this segment than I foresee easily. What might some good results be?
Think of how among so relatively few holidays in this countries list of major national holidays we still celebrate Columbus Day. Banks and Post Offices are closed here in the United States. We do all that to observe a holiday that commemorates the man who in 1492 sailed the ocean blue.

The memory of this man and his ideals is not a hard thing for me to honor. He did help to bring about the end of many small and largish worlds and partial worlds of men but he also represented powers less destructive, corrupt an evil than some on the stage. In addition the man’s sense of adventure, exploration, faith and courage are admirable.
There is a great deal that happened in the years leading up to and following hard upon 1492. First of all there was the recovery of the Classical and other Greek Culture from the Muslim States in Spain which led to the Renaissance. Today we use Arabic numerals and there certainly is much that Arabic and Islamic culture can claim to have contributed. However the destruction of Hellenic Christian culture in Egypt and all of North Africa, in what is now Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Armenia and farther afield mostly was a transfer of a far superior civilization to the inferior and backwards Arab Muslim culture. The West was triply backward. Rome had never equalled the sophistication of the Alexandria, Jerusalem and Athens in their different ways. It surpassed them in some things but not overall socio-technical development. Then the relatively narrow and militaristic Romans were conquered by the more narrow and militaristic German Barbarians. The Greek influence from the East had helped to lead towards a new civilization untill the Muslims cut off those well springs as they destroyed what was a left of the great Greek civilization of the Eastern Roman Empire based in Byzantium. The conquest of the Muslims in Spain brought this scholarship back to the shriveled remnant of Christendom we would come to call Christendom. Many Jews converted because those who would not convert were required to leave Spain. There was a Spanish Christian King with a Jewish mistress who opposed forced conversions and was known as Pedro the Cruel and he was defeated at about this time by another Spanish Christian King. The good of this forcing of a single Spanish identity in formal religion that these Jews did refresh Christianity in the West from its Hebrew roots. The tragedy is the suffering of the nonconverting Sephardic Jews. The experience of Spanish Moslems mirrored that of Spanish Jews to some degree. The possibly Italo-Spanish Columbus of mixed Jewish and Latin descent came from all this to bring forth a new world off opportunity. The modern world is probably much better than it would have been had he not succeeded. Had he not succeeded then a much more violent, paranoid and desperate Muslim or Christian civilization would have succeeded decades later. Latin America remains a mix of Aboriginal American cultures and Latin Cultures as well as a genetic mix. Without Columbus and his ideals there would have been a more destructive approach in a few years I feel certain. I am not uncritical of his legacy but I still believe in civilization and he was a man committed to civilization. Never was mere selfishness, cowardice nor greed enough to shape his life. He was an imperfect man struggling to do good in an imperfect world. He sometimes struggled to do things less clearly good. However, he never fell away from seeking after true greatness.

We need people of the caliber of Columbus today. When we celebrate Columbus we are celebrating his patroness in official planning and licenses and his financier Queen Isabela. She did a great deal to make the unimaiginable potnetial of a practical dreamer real in ways that royals with extra cash do more often and more effectively than almost anyone migh imagine these days and which few other players in society ever do. The Empreror, EMpress and others will be able to think of the whole interest of socirty when they have avialble wealth to invest and be able to join this common good to their own interests. We need quests pursued to spectacular results. However, we have to have the Isabellas who will relive the legacy of the Spanish Queen who supported him…

This Constitution is definitely an attack on money as the sole standard joining all excellence in our society and yet I believe our money system will be stronger. The Spartans were vastly more radical in theianti-money views than thios constitution but there are connections. It is important to remember that Sparta was never very poor nor a fiscal disaster. Oddly enough their greatest trouble were military ones although they were the most learned warriors and best trained fighting men in the west at that time. Let us remeber their view that money isn’t everything before we leave this topic.

There will be some inconvenience if this is done. But money flows too conveniently now. Let us look at the opposite Spartan extreme for a reference:
The link to this site is: http://www.laconia.org/sparti_h_1.htm
“One reason why wealth was less desirable lay in the fact that Sparta’s authorities refused to adopt the system of making silver into coins in the manner of other Greek cities. Instead she continued to use unwieldy iron bars for money. The historian Xenophon commented that ‘ a thousand drachmas’ worth would fill a wagon’.Spartans were also forbidden to travel abroad , except on state instructions, and foreigners were not admitted to Sparta without supplying a very good reason for doing so . This was to prevent the citizens from being corrupted by foreign ideas and morality. “

I am not advocating any of that behavior but it was a society with a monetary policy that worked while many have failed with a failed policy. I do not advocate the Spartan approach or the very different return to the gold standard. However, some do advocate it today. “There is no reason, technically or economically, why the world today, even with its countless wide-ranging and complex commercial transactions, could not return to the gold standard and operate with gold money. The major obstacle is ideological.” See the link: http://www.thefreemanonline.org/featured/how-to-return-to-the-gold-standard/#

I do believe the nuanced monetary policy I advocate is metalic but modern and will help. There must be a hard enough moeny for us to be just abroad and for the slower money flow of large sections of the Empire proper to interact with that of the faster parts of the economy in a fair way,

So that is what has gotten talked about here. Below, find the text of this notes passage from the Model Constitution.

**** ***** ***** ***** ****** ******* ****** ****** *****
Subsection Three: Funding and Treasury
The funding of the Royalist section shall not be subject in large part to the ordinary legislative process. The Operating Treasury of the approximate dozen major agencies of the Imperial Bureaucracy would receive certain fixed funds by Constitutional prerogative:
1. One half of one percent of all revenues collected by the Federal government during each year would be given to this Operating Treasury.
2. A fourth of any and all taxes collected in the Direct Imperial Government lands would be evenly divided between the Imperial House Trust and the Operating Treasury prior to any other claims upon them.
3. All those passing through the entries to the United States in the Royal Fiat Zone would pay a fee and all freight would pay an entry tariff to the Imperial Operating Treasury and the Imperial House Trust. A formula for these fees would be set permanently in the constitution. The Emperor would have the right and prerogative to make use of the labor of apprehended illegal aliens and to maintain an office of Liaison with Canada and one with Mexico solely to operate this program in a state of transparency. The Emperor would have no obligation to arrest or detain anyone and the US Border Patrol would operate on the interior line of the Fiat Zone as on an international border enforcing US laws of immigration. These aliens detained by the Emperor would be paid, fed and housed but paid less than other American workers for Imperial projects especially in the border’s Royal Fiat Zone. There would be an escalating system of arrests. One week of labor on first arrest, six weeks on second arrest, twelve weeks on third arrest, one year on fourth arrest and five years followed by legal acceptance as permanent resident aliens on fifth arrest. All aliens would be released with some portion of the profit they had earned when released, a portion equal to half the amount the alien received would go to the Transparency and Resettlement program of either Canada or Mexico or be held in trust until such date as they should agree to set up such an office and program. Labor would be forced but consistent with the health, capacities, skills, willingness and interests of the aliens. The regular US border beyond this Royal Fiat zone would operate on separate and parallel rules.
3. The Emperor and Empress would each have an ex-officio Estate and Manor and the Peer-Electors would each have certain covenants to entertain and support some aspect of the Household from their estates. The legal principle regarding these operations should be “The King shall live on his own”.
4. The Imperial Operating Treasury shall receive one tenth of the revenues produced from all foreclosures in the United States but shall at the end of three years of earning conservative interest remit half of these funds to pay off the national debt. This shall be both a tax and a penalty on foreclosing institutions. The Imperial Operating Treasury shall also remit one tenth of these funds to the General Treasury of the Direct Imperial Government.
5. The Imperial Services shall include a Stock Market Assurance Agency. Every share of stock traded in the United States will be charged a one percent SMAA premium. A third of each premium will go into a General Recovery Fund. Most of the rest will go into accounts attached to the names and credit of various players in a transaction according to rules set out. Each stock exchange in the United States will also pay one half of one mil of its gross gross volume of trade to the SMAA as an annual premium. When a company fall into nearly nill value its shareholders, employees and creditors will be entered into an SMAA Company Holding Venture. The SMAA will evaluate which of a schedule of options is best from partial making whole of all, to a minimal settlement and dissolution of all interests and to a rehabilitation of the company. The Imperial operating Treasury will receive one percent of all revenues collected by the SMAA as an operating fee.
6. By a set of laws set out in the Constitution the Emperor shall have a right to profit from anything left to waste and ruin in the United States.
7. Every person voting in a national election would pay a nickel to the Emperor each time the voter exercised this right.
8. The Emperor shall have fees and excises associated with titles from which he may derive incomes.
9. The Imperial Commerce Agency of the Imperial Services would be set up to pay taxes on activities of the Emperor and House in the free and private sectors of the economy. Both parties may engage in such activities and profit from them but when they do they can sue and be sued through this Agency within limits of protection established in law and in this Constitution.
10. Should any new lands be added to the sovereign holdings are other true domains of the Federal American Empire of the United States then no less than one mil of these lands in total acreage and one percent of all public lands shall go to the Emperor and all of these lands will be in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction. One fourth of these lands ceded to the Emperor shall be be Fiat Zones which are his but under his most direct Executive powers and privileges as a the Executive for Direct Imperial Government and subject to administration as government lands. The second Fourth of these lands will be domestic regimes set up in autonomous fief-manors with their own titles but linked ex-officio to the Emperor as Emperor and to the Empress and such other titltes as there may be sufficient lands to afford. The third Fourth shall be bestowed by the Emperor with advice and consent of the Direct Imperial Government on new Vassals of the newly acquired lands. The last Fourth shall first be divided into estates with Baronial class tittles entailed which shall be tied to the true personal line of person who is Emperor not as Emperor in his case or in all other cases as a new baronial entailed estate under the Direct Imperial Government Code. Once set up these manors will go first to the Emperor, second to the Empress, third to the Imperial Mistress of Ceremonies, fourth to a seeded Heir and fifth to a Harem Consort and sixth to a member of the House or close relative of the King who is neither Empress, Mistress of Ceremonies, Seeded Heir nor Harem Consort. In the fourth, fifth and sixth places in this cycle the recipient shall be determined by whim of the EMperor within the limits described. The six element cycle shall be repeated until all the baronial estates are distributed.

Subsection Four: Crown and Center of all Royalism in the Empire
Provision One: Change of Style in Constitutional Jurisdictions
1.The GRIHHA must by a majority simple of a normal quorum reccommend a Constitutional Jurisdictions change to a fully royalist regime rather than a nearly republican regime in a royalist system and then the Emperor must approve it before it can go into effect. Then the Congress may submit a bill of Concerns to the Jurisdiction and they may respond and if they are not agreed to then the Congress may appeal them to the Emperor and veto the change for one year. The Emperor may make two ammendments analagous to the second class of Federal Ammendments from the Bill recommended and they shall become law by fiat of transition.
2. The DIG must recommend and the Emperor must approve a transition of a Constitutional Jurisdiction from an internal royalist regime to a republican regime. The GRIHHA must appove this and either the Emperor or EMpress may veto such approval pending both one year’s delay and a two-third majority override.
3. Royalty not in the Imperial House for these purposes in others shall include first and above all Jurisdictional Royalty not directly derived from the Empire which at first shall consist only of the Royals of the Territorial Kingdom of Hawaii but may in time include others as well. They shall be entitled to special recognitions and variances of family institutions and the exercise of Monarchy in their Jurisdiction and representation fairly high in the Council of Nobles of the DIG legislature. Royalty not properly in the Imperial House will secondly those Peer-Electors who hold full titles of the lower reaches of royalty and they shall exercise their roles as given in the Constitution. Both the rulers and laws of the Union shall take into account other royalty whether visiting, refugee, foreign or Citizen but their royalty itself has limited protocol importance which is greater the shorter their stay and less constitutional importance which may be established by settlement of claims or gift in recognition of rank and limited thereto.
*** ***** ***** ***** ****** **** ***** ***** **** **** **** **** **
If you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in these Subsections Three ” Funding and Treasury ” and Two ” Crown and Center of all Royalism in the Empire” of Section One “Monarchy” in Article Six “The Direct Imperial Government” is tied to the usual tension that for our system to work there are always different levels of government and these relate both to the sharing of sovereignty and the exercise of government. However, in this end of section one there are two very specific points. First, the wealth, estates, tiny percentage set-asides and other benefits due to the Emperor and the Imperial House are especially not subject to any ordinary budget discussions or taxations by Congress or any other Union elements. Secondly, The Emperor and the Imperial House are not able to draw on the General treasury or the Congress for funds except where extraordinary events and challenges join the Union and Empire in an unusually direct way in a common enterprise outside the normal scope of the Constitution. Thirdly, this Article assures that no understanding of royalism and these special institutions can grown up through jurisdictional royalty which tends to abolich the whole regime. To prevent this the Emperor and his House have some special reserve powers as regards royal regimes throughout the society.
For, some of this context and scope read the rest of this bold section and see a slightly different turn of some phrases familiar to those who have been reading along so far. In this Constitution the Emperor reigns over the Empire and has a very diminished role in the Constitutional Jurisdictions. However, the same person who is the Emperor is also the sovereign monarch of the Compact and possibly of Constitutional Jurisdictions in Louisiana. Beyond that the Emperor as Emperor directly exercises significant Executive power in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction. Then there are Constitutional reservations and grants of authority and privilage to agencies of the Direct Imperial Governement through and for its agencies which provide effective connections of society’s democratic elements to its royalty through an aristocracy and minister tot the needs of the full society and of the inner Imperial institutions through effective national and regional organizations these agencies have specified ties to the Union but are administered under the Emperor and Imperial House as the Direct esecutive to which they are respond. They also cultivate throughout society a culture which is loyal to the Emperor and Empress as well as responding to the demands of a society with federal, combined styles, and a mixed government nature of our society. Specified roles in foreign relations are alotted especially to the Compacts where a particular relationship is most recognized and the Emperor appoints important figure in each of these compacts. While the Imperial institutions will conduct these and many other activities largely within the Empire Proper or its subsidiary and annex in the Direct Imperial Government all of what is done in these ways will have to be recognized in the Union as well and needs this Constitutional support and must find its role within the Union and Empire. Later in theses notes the discussion of the role of lthe Direct imperial Government continues with this Article’s discussions of the role of the Five-Fold Nobility in this Direct Imperial Government element of society and then goes into the democratic aspect of all of this. Much of all three aspects has a monarchic overcast in the DIG just as in the Constitutional Jurisdictions which retain republican forms from the second and first union there is a democratic hue to everything. So part of what is said in these two subsections applies to this whole Article and part is limited to this section on Monarchy. The two big he language about the Direct Imperial Government is most important in authorizing and describing those functions of governance which will form much of the structure of the newer elements of the new Constitutional Union.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.
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Frank Kerksieck Batson This is somewhat interesting as a rant against the problems that we face in our country today. Our country has evolved into an albatros similar to the proposed changes. Louisiana has always been front and center as an incubator of rot. Who should be emperer and what religion should be approved?
15 hours ago via mobile · Like
Frank Wynerth Summers III Thanks for your comment Frank. It seems like it could be satire I am sure but it is not. Actually, this is not sarcastic. I always pick a few of those with the strongest prejudices in favor and the strongest against each note to tag. I am not trying to sneak anything through or live a double life.

This is a proposed revolutionary regime in which the vast majority of people would live in States, Territories and Possessions and which would comprise all the lands under the US flags. Except for some mechanical changes and real assurances of autonomy for each State a person such as yourself would likely notice very little direct change in your life. The Emperor would be an official Christian but the neither the part of the Constitutional Union which is really the reformed Union in the norm,al sense nor the Empire aspect will have an official religion. There will be more complex freedom of religion and less freedom from religion but there will be all the seminaries, temples, churches now.
However, a tiny portion of lands would be made up of the manor-fiefs mentioned here. Each would have an official religion approved by charter under the one single Jurisdiction made up of small zones and patches of land of various kinds, they would have a “Convivencia” for tolerance of those not of that religion but ideally these would move out to another Manor in a swap over generations. This small percentage of much less than one percent at first would be a Domestic Regime like many others. All domestic regimes even in the states (families, monasteries) would have enhanced rights under the new constitution.
Even in the Jurisdiction where the manors are there would be mostly districts not manorial where fully free citizens of the jurisdiction are involved in the guildhalls, compact assemblies and border guards as well as the District of Columbia. Finally the forced laborers mentioned as income to the Emperor only serve a period of detention for migrants (more with each of five offenses and then legal residency for a time at least) or in the case of convicts serve the middle of a sentence beginning and ending in their State or other prison. Some of the money they earn would go to their home prison system which would not have to care for them, some to their pockets in a small weekly check, some to pay minimum FICA payments, some to monies they would receive on release. With this and the stream of money to their family and victims they would have less need to repeat their crimes.

The first three articles and the notes about them talk much more about life in the average this is extraordinary part of the whole. If a jurisdiction wished to charter its own manors which is unlikely at least in most cases they would only exist in that jurisdiction and would have to be approved by the high standards of the Imperial portion. This is a very controversial regime if you ever get to read it all and it is not sarcastic. However, it does not propose that most Americans will live on manors. First the Manor lands must be acquired and only few lands are available under any foreseen aspect of this founding process. Most people will live in the misery, hassle, fun, wealth, poverty and insecurity we call the Free Market of today as it evolves….

Population Issues and America’s Future

In many ways the policy sheet you are about to read here is virtually unimaginable. I am sensitive to all the things that seem offensive to some and less than ideal to almost all. However, I really believe in civilization. I think America is till aspiring to true civilization. It is vital that those who are willoing to kill and die and do unpleasant things can lead a civilization forward or else it will surely lose all its civilized qualities soon enough. I believe our situation is already precarious and the paths to survival are not apparent to most of those in leadership and authority. In order to justify the time you would spend reading and trying to understand this post which outlines policy for an institution that does not yet exist and will probably not exist you should have some idea of America’s population situation.  Here is  a set of links which will give you some idea of what is the situation now. They do not tell you all that much but they will put you on the path to some kind of understanding:




I will simply state that this is part of the larger model for remaking the United States as a society, country and union. I had written a paragraph about the model and several other paragraphs that I lost somehow so this will be shortened by my weariness with things.  In the model the DIG is the Direct Imperial Government. State Governments would continue to exist, the US Congress and Supreme Court would be reformed but continue to exist. However, some new things would be created and one of them would be a set of lands ceded to and governed by the Direct Imperial Government as the DIG lands. This is the population policy proposed for that as yet nonexistent institution. States would have a renewed sovereign autonomy over many issues related to this policy because of their  authority over domestic regimes and institutions. But there would still be a limited leadership inherent in the DIG. 

Population Policy of the DIG

I. New General Initiatives The regime would take a very serious view about human life, filiation and population which is distinct from what is the norm in the rest of the world. That will be one of many reasons why America will have to transform its foreign policy. There will not be the consensus based on lies and half-truths with which America currently functions in the world. 

A. Record Keeping

There will be a great deal of investment in records and record keeping in the DIG. The power generated by such records will be offset by empowering other institutions but the goal will certainly and unmistakably be a newer and more powerful system of more coherent government in the Direct Imperial Government leading the way in many specific ways. 

1. Two Levels of Application

Those subjecting themseelves to DIG jurisdiction will be more directly and quickly integrated into the records policy. However, the DIG will work with other authorities to achieve similar goals over time.

2. Life Accountancy

The most important part of this whole policy in many ways is a comprehensive system of cancelling birth certificates with death certificates and requiring people to register at 18, 50 and one hundred years of age. Real data on births and deaths of a really high quality will gradually emerge that will drive other policies.  

3.Marriage Certificates and Related Documents

All marriage certificates and Contracts of Liaison and Placement for Certified Mistresses will be attached to birth records, will record known sterility and will be used to get an idea also of trends merging in the popultion.

B. Marriage, Family and Domestic Regimes Government Support

1. Taxation and Withholding for Family Kinship and General Population Fund 

There will be a variety of revenue streams for non-residents of the DIG lands to pay into the General Population Fund. One percent of all the net income of DIG residents will be collected for and go directly into the General Population Fund. In addition part of the revolutionary remaking of the union would be some requirements imposed on all jurisdictions. One of the principal most important and most radical of these would be that all citizen-subjects of the Federal American Empire of the United States would belong to at least one family association and no more than three. The governments would collect a minimum of one percent of net income to be paid directly to these associations. The Family Associations would pay a small annual collection fee to their tax collectors.  The programs outlined here would be funded through these funds and not general treasury funds.  

2. Birth Bonus paid to mother

About a third of all funds accumulated in the General Population Fund would be paid out in Birth Bonuses to mothers every year. The bonuses would vary year to year by the amount of money on hand and the number of births. Mothers having babies on rich years with fewer babies would get mor money. The value of a birth bonus is represented here by the variable x.

a. Cumulative scale:   Every child starts off with x determined by monies available in fund

i. The following add monies to the bonus:

.5X First child, .25x child one to three, .35x above average health child at birth, .5x parents married in recognized high or monogamous marriage,  .25x parents joined in plural marriage or certified natural filiation relationship, .2X mother between the ages of 22 and 40 years of age , .2x White child, .15X child whiter than mother, .15X Aboriginal American Child and .1X Aboriginal American child largely White, .07x Old American mix child, .1X one or both parents are certified geniuses and 1.5X father dead in service of Empire or polity federated therein.

ii. The following deduct monies from the bonus:

-.11x child four to seven, -.14x child eight or higher, -.19x ilegitimate child under law, -.22x bastard under the law, -.08x mother is a felon, .-12x both parents are felons, .-15x child less White than mother,  -. 04X mother has been divorced, -.4 both parents are not citizen-subjects  and -.3X child is born of known case of adultery to one or more parents who are young married complainants.

3. Mother’s Christmas Bonuses

About ten percent of funds in the General population fund will be paid out mothers of minor children equally each year on December 10 regardless of religion. An additional ten percent will be divided among mothers who have a child turning one, two, five, ten, fifteen or eighteen years of age. These bonuses will have a formula but a simple and more equal one. Children committing juvenile felonies will receive a modest reduction. Otherwise, the mothers will receive on tenth of the child’s original birth bonus, one tenth of the average birth bonus given out in the years since the child’s birth and  an equal share of any remaining monies among all recipients once the first two amounts have been awarded. 

C. Empress’s Bureau of Women’s Affairs

There will be a major institution that is under the authority of the Empress and will have standing in most cases involving first impression issues relating to women and shall have funding and other things. This bureau will have the authority also to undertake and co-ordinate many projects and initiatives to benefit women.   

1. Motherhood Initiative

This will be  a nest of programs to promote quality mothering and family experiences and a progressive maternal culture in the Empire.  The approach will be more positive than one of policing infractions or failures. 

Items 2,3 & 4 are included because they are part of the whole policy but not explained because they can be discussed elsewhere and are not as central to these issues.

 2. Wives Initiative

3. Cottage Industries and Gardening Administration

4. Girls Sport Administration

5. Sex and Fertility Education Agency

All girls will be educated in detailed natural family planning classes certified by the Bureau in secondary school. We will be committed to a brief explanatory course for boys but not of the same depth or quality.



6. Liaison to Women’s Religious Communities

Working with women who can find religious meaning in infertile lifestyles or mostly unfertile lifestyles to achieve the highest social good thereby.

7. The Ladies Alliance

Working with women of the nobility and titled gentry to deal with population issues an other issues affecting the Noble ranks of society. I do  not mean that this is mostly a population  agency but it is likely to deal with population a great deal.

II. Population Directed Programs and Agencies 

The Emperor will have a number of programs designed to deal directly with all the issues of population which would confront the Federal Empire of the United States.  This will be a theme woven through a great deal of policy rather than a cluster of poorly focused initiatives and ill-defined objectives.

A. Emperor’s Minister for Integrated Population Study and Management

This minister will be in charge of forging a coherent population policy throughout the government. He will work with relevant institutions to improve the population impacts of their work.

1.Liaison for Fertility 

This liaison will work with many diverse elements of the government to monitor and address issues of human fertility.

2.Liaison for Human Habitat Expansion

This liaison will work primarily with the agencies and ministries which will  focus on human habitat expansion. Therefore he or she will be primarily a sort of single customer official.  

3. Liaison for Foreign Affairs

This liaison will work to promote marriage and sound filiation policy, girls sport, sound fertility education and every other imperial value in the limits of Foreign Policy restrictions as well as to focus these values on the very slow population growth we see as the ideal demographic pattern for humanity as a whole.

4. Liaison for Immigration

This  Liaison will work not only with direct Border Zone related programs but also all aspects of the government that relate to both immigration and population. We live in a world and country where this will always be very challenging.

5. Liaison for Monasticism and Near Monasticism

Dealing with tradition in which not having children is incorporated into a larger lifestyle and a religious ideal.  This liaison will work with the Chaplain and other religious ties of the Emperor. However, the liaison will also work with all qualified groups in the Empire including the non-Christian  entities. 

The large remaining portion of this outline in numbers 6,7 & 8 has to do with the making of a society which can realistically chart slow and real population growth indefinitely. It is not a simple matter as each Liaison will work keep this goal in view for the government. 

6. Liaison for Waste Policy

7 . Liaison for Population Density

8 . Liaison for Reward Efficiency

 B. Imperial Cryptkeeper General 

The Cryptkeeper will be in charge of making the Death of those who die for the Emperor or Empire and his federal partners as glorious as possible. In the Empire a certain budget of young and glorious deaths is part of overall social  policy and it is admitted that this includes population policy.

  1. Liaison to the Imperial Chaplain

2. Liaison for Tombs and Monuments

C. Court Physician’s Office for Meaningful Medicine Minister of Population

1. Sub-ministry for Hospice

This ministry will acknowledge the precious and sacred character of human life. However, he will also be charged with assisting the Court Physician with spending relatively more resources on people who can largely recover and not spending enormous resources on people who remain sick, dying and expensive to care for indefinitely. This includes having death benefits, counseling, burial support and other resources in the sub-ministry at his command.

2. Sub-ministry for Natural Family Planning and Registered Condom Programs

This sub-ministry would seek to create culturally authentic programs that recognize the many real challenges of fertility management and seek to address these challenges at a level of wisdom and class not really available to disparate small entities. The programs will mostly be outreaches of the ministry.

3. Sub-ministry for Risk Integration

This will seek to recognize how activities that people choose to engage in and which shorten life will be integrated into an evolving society so that not everyone has to aim to live to be a hundred years old to affirm the value of human life. 

 III. Special Category

A. Death Penalty

Using a wide variety of offices and programs the Emperor and DIG will promote relatively cheap, easy and swift administration of the death penalty where allowed  by law elsewhere and within DIG jurisdiction for Murder, Agravated Repeat Incident Manslaughter, Agravated Rape of a Child and Felony Assisted High Treason. In the transition to the new regime it might be necessary to execute people currently set free to re-establish an understanding of what justice systems will be like.

B. Dueling and Vendetta

The new regime will have a fivefold nobility. Three of the Noble types Ordinary, Sword and Games will be expected to use the Office of Ritual Confrontation relatively frequently to resolve disputes. The programs are designed to make peace and preserve honor. However, there will be an acceptance of a number of deaths of valued people in these programs over time.

C. The Absolute Person

The Emperor can be resisted in persona so long as the force and means are less or nearly equal to those he brings and their is a real threat and the proceedings are personal and the intent is to survive, in such cases there is no treason. Flight from an angry Emperor is also not treason under similar limitations. However, the personal wrath of the Emperor effected by himself with weapons he can carry has no legal recourse — neither civil suit, criminal prosecution nor equitable injunction is allowed as relief to the victim.  In his own person the Emperor can do no wrong. The exceptions are constitutional and do not embrace physicalities no matter how great the harm to a person. Resistance and flight provoke an investigation as to whether the alleged victim committed a Misdemeanor against the Court, Low Treacherous Acts or High Treason or whether the Act was Justified. 

Why I Dare to Advocate Radical Change…

As I start to get back into the swing of this blog and some of its long-term themes I am forced to consider and address those who might ask why I should dare to advocate radical social change.

Well, because young people in the United States seem confused about some of the meaning and consequences of their sexual-social choices.

1. http://nsrc.sfsu.edu/article/health_statistics_teen_sexuality_std_pregnancy

Because married filiation is under stress as is the American family structure and there is a real race to the bottom because only marriage is a recognized domestic regime. Society is destroying basic human community.

2. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/unmarry.htm

Because, entirely unregulated sexual and domestic slavery is widespread in the united States and the world. 



Because, after huge amounts of social change at gunpoint the black community in America is really in a downward spiral in many ways. The great project of this country in my generation is suicide.


Because, we have destroyed communities in favor of society and society is doing an increasingly poor job of holding things together. Corporations and governments are not able to care for all this dislocated people well.


Because our absurd idea of national morality focuses largely on the total prohibition of recreational drugs and prostitution and it is quite possible to argue that this is not only hypocritical but also misguided.


8. http://www.liberator.net/articles/prostitution.html

So this is why my royalist American program for radical change is something I continue for as long as I can stay here. I do think that things are disastrous in many areas of society besides coastal policy. I favor radical change because I think we are radically off-track.

Monarchy and Royalist Culture in America: Past, Present and Future/ Part 3.3

This is a very long post.  Part of it was published early by mistake and it will still be tweaked but it does complete my trilogy of posts on a subject I think is relevant and important enough for all this effort. This Post will carry forth the outline from Part 2.1 of this same title using numbers so that they fall into place with the other after this introductory section which is not numbered. For anyone this would have to be an odd exercise writing out a long description of a new regime in this way.  Yet having begun it is fairly rational to continue until it seems that one is nearly or entirely finished with the project. So this post will attempt to discuss in a somewhat helpful way the lifestyle, peopling and style of several key groups, communities and institutions in the proposed new regime.

In the strugggle to maintain this very large republic and its many programs and commitments it seems almost inconceivable to take any time and energy away from that sustained struggle in order to invest any of it into changing the form of government from a republican to a royalist form. It seems even more unlikely that a person seeking to advocate such changes would be doing so from the point of view mostly of seeking good, useful and measured change in the country and society as a whole. Therefore, I feel some obligation to lay out my plans and reasons for them in such a way that it is at least possible that many could understand them and appreciate them.

What then would Court and the Imperial House be like? What ought we to hope that they would be like? How would they function in a reconstitutionalized America?

The model I propose of the Imperial House is more ambitious than modest. It is more extensive than circumscribed. It would require more effort and resources to chabge in and of itself than several other royal possibilities, but it is part of the overall reality of a court that is well positioned to respond to the realties of this society at this time.

C. Culture, Structure and Being of the Imperial House and Household.

The Emperor and the Empress were defined in their own sections in the last post.  There is a very real sense in which, ” These two and no others are the point of all this!” But it is just as true that to the very degree and in the very way in which they are important the Emperor and Empress are important for presiding over and leading not just the formal society of the whole reconstitutionalized United States of America and/or Federal American Empire of the United States but also by presiding over smaller and better defined parts of the whole society. So the Emperor and Empress could not function properly without the House and Household and would in many ways be crippled without their healthy existence and so this posting is attempting to give some special recognition to and description of this entity without by any means exhausting the subject. I return to my point that I am aware that this is a great deal of work for me and some for you which is not likely to have much practical purpose or significance. 

1. In Functional and Spatial Terms

I am going to describe the hypothetical  Imperial House and Household in two sections which have rather long and I think accurate names but if you wish you could think of this section as describing the House and Household as a thing. You could think of the second section as describing the House and Household as human beings.  

a. Role in Politics, Governance and Diplomacy

The Imperial House and Household will be doing things very differently than they have been done and will do things that have not been done in America. it would be one of the challenges facing such a regime to be seen as largely a legitimate part of the governing and directing part of the society. For that would surely be its principal purpose.


Aside from the Imperial Services outlined in the previous post the Grand Royal and Imperial House and Household Assembly has a complicated social  and political structure based on Internal Estates, Orders and Ministries. Each of these is represented in the GRIHHA. The exact manner of their representation being described in the Supreme Charter of the Direct Imperial Government and the Rules of the GRIHHA. Here I will merely list those seated in the GRIHHA all of whom are also part of the life and work of the Unity of Houses.

* Unity Seats include a three year rotation of one third by yearly terms of Acadian Peer Electors and Louisiana Peer Electors. They also include the Vassal Mistresses of Ceremonies in each other court and  the Majordomo di Palazzo for each of the Royal Households. The Unity Seats also include the highest ranking consort from the harem who is under the covenant of each of the Acadian and the Louisiana Titles. Further, the Chaplains, Court Historians and Court Physicians of  each of the royal Titles will be seated in this section.  The Commanders of both the Garde de Roi  and the  Φάλαγγα των Κενταύρων του βασιλιά will be in these seats. The Unity Seats will be one of the three Inner Sections with most of the executive and administrative role.

**The Family Seats these are certain members of the legitimate Imperial Family, the Heirs and the Family Fiefdom. This is the second Inner Section.

*** The Ministerial Seats  consist of the heads of all Imperial Services, the Mistress of Ceremonies, the Most Favored Consorts, The Harem Delegate, the Imperial Majordomo di Palazzo, Imperial Court Physician, Imperial Court Historian Liaison-in Chief to the Direct Imperial Government, Imperial Jester, Imperial Court Musician, Imperial Court Architect, Representative of the Emperor’s Sons and Representative of the Emperor’s Daughters.

**** The Outer Seats include seats for all  those classed as High Ranking members of the Rolls of the Houses and Households, a Rotation of three one year terms for the Middle Ranks of the Rolls, and twenty representatives elected by the Lower Ranks. Anyone seated in an inner section loses their seat in this section.

ii. The Emperor’s Reign as Central Focus 

The main drive of sheduling, planning and budgeting in the Imperial House and Household would be supporting the work and role of governance of the Emperor himself. All things would be structured to support that central function. That includes space and the ordering of family life which will be briefly discussed in this post.

b.The White House, Imperial Fiefdoms and Palaces

One of the differences between the Republic and the Imperial system propsed here is that the facilities in the District of Coloumbia would be greatly in need of change. there would have to be large improvements to the Naval Observatory for it to become the home of the First Executive Vice President.  There would also need to be third major residence for the Deputy Executive Vice President. This official would also become the Grand Ward Chief for one of four Grand Wards in the District of Columbia. That Distrcit will be the smallest and will consist almost entirely of office buildings and residences used by the Federal Ecexcutive Vice Presidency. This will give the Deputy Vice President a more tangible role as well as a seat in the Direct Imperial Governments’  Government  Assembly which he can occupy or delegate to others. 

The White House itself would be rather cramped as an Imperial Palace even with just a small space alotted for ministries and services because of the size of an Imperial House compared to a presidential family. So therefore it would have to be seen as the hub and focus of a larger network of homes, properties and facilities. While  on the one hand Washington DC already has many assets to make it a compelling capital and on ther hand as a federal system our society will never create a perfect super capital in ideals and all the bad things that go with such   an attempt in practice. The Imperial Court would greatly indrease the cultural assets available to the District of Columbia.  This is true even though Louisiana will regain much of the prominence it had prior to the War Between the States. We will still be a hyper multipolar society but if we do this then the pole of Washington and the pole of Louisiana will both gain a great deal. However, that can be in the context of overall growth and development.

To quote myself in a Facebook note I wrote on Western Civilization, “If Greece is utlimately our culture andJesus is ultimately our conscience then what is missing. Neither Jesus nor Greece gave us a capital. Rome is the Capital of Western Civilization. That is actually Rome’s greatest achievement in my view. It is not insignificant. In Rome our center hold in some way none of us really understand but for reasons that fill libraries as well. Only in the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing China have I found anything which approaches the feel of Rome. They are very different. Rome is more our cutlural capital even now when we are hardly existing as a unity than Beijing is China’s cultural capital.” Both our revolutionary Founding Fathers and this revolution would seek to emulate much of what was best in Rome. A large part of it would be an effort to have a great and effective capital city.
c. Larger Spheres of Activity

The Ministry of Protocol and the House military forces would be the groups most prominently involved in preparing for the House and its members to interact effectively and proerly with the larger sphere of places, groups and individuals with which they must be involved. That includes the preparation of rooms and the organization of space as well as working with the Peer-Electors in creating suitable spaces for entertaining the Emperor and Empress at regular intervals on the premises of their fiefdoms.  

2. The Imperial House as a Set of Relationships Between People 

One thing which would be open about the transition to the Royalist Empire is that there would be a focus of  activity in the Court. The Court is not so clearly defined as any particular palace, assembly or group. The court would have many aspects and manifestations. However, it would have dangers and advantages distinctly its own which would be recognized by its members and sovereigns. Its influence would be greatly limited compared to some historic courts because of Sovereignty shared with the Constitutional Jurisdictions in federalism and the government shared with the  First Esecutive Vice President. Nonetheless it would not try to limit such influence as did acrue to it. Rather, Influence would be seen as amost preferred way to exercise its role in government. 

 a.  The Imperial House and its structure related to the issues of sexuality and also of women within that sexual context. 

i. The Empress

The Empress has a great deal of autonomy and dignity built into her role and this role involes both copulating with the Emperor and bearing him children. This is potentially a powerful influence which will help to shape relations between the sexes, attitudes toward women and sexuality within the realm.

ii. Other Imperial Consorts

The size and diverisity and constitution of an Arcadian Royal Harem of the Imperial scale would depend on many factors. However,  ideal is that it be large. These women are wives and would be spoken of as such in Court but would be recognized in every way as in a seprate legal and social status from the Empress. Only the in-between Mistress of Ceremonies can bear an Heir for example in the ordinary course of things. Joseph Broussard when he was being prosecuted and attempts were made by the British to discredit him was found to have fathered a son out of wedlock with an Acadian woman, it is known that prominent Acadians in the ?Acadie /Nova Scotia region often had Miq Mac mistresses. Louisiana had a large social and cultural regime powered in no small part by the tradition of Acadian leaders keeping Creole of Color and Houma Indian Mistresses as well as (more discreetly) white mistresses in regularized relationships that could be called junior marriages. The institution is essential to the life of the House thus conceieved and ought not to be hidden or apologized for. Religious problems are the most difficult but the truth is that in all long term successful Christian royal regimes the king is usually a polygamous man.  However, in this world and ytime such athing would have to be mandatory and constitutional for many reasons.

I do not have a relationship with Britney Spears. I am fairly sure no Acadian or other role is deepy involved with her but I chose these three pictures of Ms. Spears.She ispossibly a very stuanch republican. Many female celebrities face tragic fates in the course of things when a late plural marriage to a Kng or Prince could be mutually beneficial. A king with a harem (as Versailles included I assure you and earlier kings more honestly) can sometimes attract a variety of women who have a hard time making a regular marriage work but who have a lot of sexual and persoanlity assets which work better in a royal plural marriage. Whatever the details the pictures here tell a story of their won in the context of other publicly known facts. If one chose to one could see American celebrity culture as another sign of the need that exists for a royalist shift.   

iii. Sexual Philosophy specific to this particular House and this particular Regime

 Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 6:28pm 
In one of Leon Tolstoy’s fantasticaly long and eloquent novels a smart young woman uncomfortable with her own sexual appeal says to another character, who is I believe a very self-assured Russian Prince, who has a discussion simialr to the one in my favoritr novelist of sexual love Jane Austen. Or so I think for I have not checked my sources but sort of remeber the scene in both sets of romances.   “Why do people have balls? Wouldn’t it be much more sensible if people simply spent the evening in conversation?” To which the Prince (or prominent English aristocrat) , who is an acomplished social dancer, replies “Infinitely more sensible and infinitely less like a ball.” A society that lives only in words and conversations does not live at all. Women and the way they appear to men is not primarily a subject to be debated. It is primarily the greatest engine and most pertinent mystery of human personality and society.

Tolstoy was a Christian, a dabbling Freemason, a bit of a socialist and an apologetic royalist. There have been many other humans of great intellect with deities like Pan, Aphrodite, Venus and a hundred others who were much more explicit in declaring the enormous importance of sex and the sexual recognition of women. When the founding fathers discussed the work of building the United States several key leaders including Jefferson wrote that the work of Population was one deserving time attention and resources. The American revolution was largely fought to allow the people of the United State a few centuries to breed and and build families and hope that over that time a better set of technologies would emerge to deal with high population density. Sex, family, courtship, childbirth, marraige and the like are of enormous importance to any sane public policy. All of these things especialy involve women as women.”

I am leaving out chunks and paragraphs here that add to the argument but my whole note is available on this blog.  You can read it any time if you wish. Here is some of my main points about the nature of women.

“First, human females are truly shockingly extraordinary. They are not only very different from men they are different from other female earthlings. Women distinguish our species so enormously that it is simply inevitable magic. The combination of human extreme bipedalism (walking on two feet) and the shape of chidlbearing hips combine with prominent breasts to create a figure which is very extreme sexual dsiplay compared to men’s beards and very little else is so specifically developed as sexual flesh. This is somewhat different from our nearest biological relatives the apes. It is very distinct from the myriad examples of ducks, deer, chickens, lions, turkeys and other well known species where the male expresses the physical “come hither” material in the sexual dialog. In most species there is either no sexual dimorphism meaning there is asexual morphism — meaning males and females look mostly alike OR the male wears the plumage.

Having shown a major difference we are only geeting started. A heathy adult female can have coitus on any day at any period of that day. Most females are penetrable (in species like large animals which penterate) only infrquently and are fertile only on these realtively rare occasions. Healthy adult human females are fertile and infertile every month when they are not pregnant or lactating to supply a dependent nursing heavily. The variations between fertile and infertile periods within the month are not common to the whole species nor linked closely to the weather but vary from woman to woman. Further, there is very little physical difference between fertile and infertile women so that estrus is largely hidden. This is also a very limiting set of sexual characteristics which human famles share with few if any other females on Earth if taken as a whole.

To add another level of complexity to the totality of the factors in the paragraph above the human female fertility cycle matches the length of one of the most obvious cycles on earth that of the moon but is not tied to its periodicity. It generaly runs according to the woman’s own biology but does tie in and sychronize to some degree with women she lives with and is somewhat (but very subtly and eraticaly) related to sexual stimulus from men especialy in very young women.

Additional to all the other differences there is the difference between the baby delivered by a woman and an adult human. That difference is called the “degree of neotony”. Almost no creature has a greater degree of neotony and when one combines this degree of neotony with the degree of involvement and care a young human will generaly accept and seek from its mother this creates a greaer demand and matched capacity for mothering per individual human than almost any other earthly species.

These are actually only a few of the reasons why women are objectively one of the most fascinating and compelling subjects to which one could apply the human mind. I actually believe that one of the greatest windows for insight into the state of well-being, progress and potential of any society is to look at women as women within that society.

Here is a woman functioning in Acadian or Germano-Acadian home ‘s kitchen and living room where she plays a vital role in social and economic development in the family and community. The painting is in turn painted by another woman, my great-great-grandmother Regina Oubre Hollier. Dhe is drawing from childhood memories for the composition.”
Leaving out some comments about sex in our time I come to what I see as especially relevant here. Part of what taking sex seriously means.
“In a royalist or aristocratic high republican or a number of other regimes the family has a stature which can tie together the privacy of sex, affection and home with the qualities of a public institution.The modern era has largely abandoned this whole vast set of institutions and patterns which tie these huge parts of the world together.

The point of all this is not that women should have no meaning or existence outside of their role as sexual coun terparts to men and mothers to children. However, the point is to show thattheir is almost limitless capacity for development and discussion in that aspect both of women and of the idea of women. To know woman one must first renounce that kind of asexual androgyny which has had a great deal of credence and influence in the world of my lifetime. Men and women are profooundly different and that difference is vital, useful and profoundly energizing in a decent and healthy society.

There are many layers of sexual exchange and perception between men and women. The Bible is one of the sources for wisom and the perception of ages regarding the relations of men and women. In the iconic story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis in the Bible Adam is the first man and his words upon seeing the first woman are memorable. As Genesis 2: 22b-25 states:
” When he brought her to the man the man said.
“This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;
This one shall be called “woman” for out of “her man” this one has bee taken.”
That is why a man leaves his mother an father and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.
The man and his wife were naked but they felt no shame.”

The extreme intimacy of the passage is in comparison to the anmials with whom Adam cannot marry or form an intimate partnership. But it remains a very intimate passage. There is almost nothing that has been mor under sustained attack for millenia than this excited, intimate and personal recognition by man of his mate in women. Real moral science ia very demading and elegant pursuit and thus is more often abandoned than pursued. However, real moral science must always take a careful measure of relations between the sexes.

I think it deserves to be said in this context that I believe in a moral struggle as a desirable thing. I find that those who are not struggling have usually settled for something bad. One of the powerful shaping forces of humanity as it is remains the strong belief that anything related to the relational structure of humanity must either be very ancient, fixed and setled or else a really blank slate upon which any given generation can write or draw whatever it wants. For me I think that the entire mystery and meaning of humanity is something quite different. Humans have numerous intrinsic qualities that cannot really be changed much in any generation. Yet one may face the future with confidence when aware of these strictures of the past and present. A generation and an individual can compose any vast number of varied tunes using these notes given by nature. By preserving and fully working the great musical tradition one can even enhance the range and delicacy of notes available to future generations of musicians. Sexuality and the role of women is one of the great musical worlds in which the human race can operate. It is an area where we all practice some form of art whether or not we even acknowledge it.

What evolution, the idea of original sin, reincarnation, eugenics and quite a few other theories about the proper living out of humanity have in common is the idea that we pass on something different to the future based on our actions. Humans may not agree on what the mechanism for passing things on is, nor what ought to be passed on, nor how that which is passed on relates to present behavior. But in many different ways and at many different levels of intensity we remind ourselves and are reminded by those we put in charge of our most serious thinking that we are changing the present of future generations by how we live out our own present here and now.

This is a rather serious business and humans are able to make rather substantial changes in the population in relatively short periods of time. One of the most notable struggles of human race is our struggle to define and make ourselves as a species. That our greatest project is ourselves is a perspective which gives great importance to waman’s involvement in the human adventure. One of the characterisitics of the modern era is that we expect the totality of sexual relations to be easily defined. Consider that terms like: harem, concubine, paramour, mistress, courtesan, sister-wife, rival, Abbess, novice, midwife, maid, lady-in-waiting, placement, princess, Queen, Official Mistress and countless others once denoted roles which were available to women in many cases simultaneously and which in huge numbers of places have all disappeared down to the last one. I write here not so much to change the world but more as any defeated soldier may write when he decides that before his life ends he wants to make really clear how badly he views this new order and the triumph of what he fought against. So for me I see layer upon layer of both personal defeat and the coming to an end of much of what makes the human species human. It goes back to my recurring theme thayt life has mostly been a nightmare.

One thing about sex and womanhood being very near the core of the human moral struggle is that the issues related to womanhood and sexuality are subject to the same regional and epochal variations as are other part of the human moral drama. From my point of view I may say that all humans are severely confused and diseased in their understanding of these things. However, I would not say that they or we all suffer from the same delusion or disease. We may all be in error but we are in distinct errors across the species. A loose translation of the Bible called the Catholic Living Bible translates a passage as follows:
Luke 11: 45-47a
“Sir,” said an expert in religious law who was standing there, ” you insult my profession, too, in what you just said.”
“Yes,” said Jesus, “the same horrors await you! For you crush men beneath impossible religious demands that you yourselves would never think of trying to keep. Woe to you!””

Sex is an area where evil intentions , evil plans and hate often come dressed up as morality. One of the greatest problems humanity faces is the problem of overcoming the advantages acrued by evil in human affairs once evil is recognized as a real thing. I think that for me sex is an aspect of the human condition which accentuates hoew badly flawed our species is and yet, at the same time, is the point of glory at which we can most resemble the species we were once meant to be.”

Leaving out more discussion of current events that helped the argument I resume with my argument itself. I think it is relevant in many ways..

“I do not believe that the story at the begining of the book of Genesis was written by Moses after visiting the origins of the human species in a time machine. I do not believe the writer had a Ph. D. in biology. I do not believe it is a book coded from another book which was largely a straight first hand bio-history of its time — that is what I believe about the Gospels. I am even willing to say that he early stories are myths which is a word that atheistic relativistic scholars love to use for them. However, I do think that they are true stories written to pass on ancient coded trruths and insights which come from miraculousy ancient parts of the human story. Why is so much in the Bible coded?

That is a question for a long an important note on another occasion. In this note we will examine a bit more of Adam and Eve. There are three phases of the sexual relationship betwwen the two. in very general terms I mean for one could argue for a dozen phases.

The first is the phase in Genesis 2: 22-25b which I have already quoted this is the relationship between Man and Woman which God intended as unique to the human species. This really reflected the Image of an ultimate divine nature. The qualities of that relationship are intimacy, passion, empathy, excitement sex, good bodily self-image and fertitlity. It sounds tiring to those of us with enough mileage but otherwise one who can think can see the logic and goodness of it.

To preserve this humanity needed God’s friendship and to avoid eating the fruit of the knowleddge of Good and Evil. The writer here is using code for cannibalism. Yes, that again. The passage says that iti is a tree in the middle of the garden of course humans are in the middle of their own world always. That on the day one eats it humans will die and again if humans are eaten then the human eaten will die. It brings knowledge of Good and Evil and we actually have a lot of data across many centuries and cultures to show that eating human flesh is a passage which brings cunning, insioght and moral guilt into human minds in a unique way whether the society endorses or forbids cannibalism.

The last set of relations is the abusive marrasige and the loss of God’s friendship which define behavior which is in the survivable margin for humans as we currently are. These last two phases of the story are descibed in Genesis Chapter three. We all are still living in the last phase at best from the story’s own point of view.

It goes far beyond my capacity in time and space in tis note to show instances of cultures where men have driven their lands into desert and ruin to make sure that women were sastarving and dispossessed and fit into one of three (to them) acceptable catgories hyper-breeding terrified slaves, spies or religiously deluded cattle reared as food. rthis of course has always included the need to kill and maim some large number of men who cannot overcome (or heroicaly resist overcoming) their lover for mothers, sisters, and female lovers. Some of the time homosexuals have led this misogynistic elte.

Life is often hell and human society often a sewer which exceeds my capcity to espress and usually it involves building things on one of two principles men hating women or women hating children. Often this is dressed up as religion or ideology but it is really about that. This engine allows the most foul and wothless kinds of people to amss almost all available power and resources. It has happened occasionaly since time imemorial.

The sexualy intense path of paradise requires lots of restriction and guidance in the real world. It always has unless you believe we may have had an unfallen Eden somewhere in the pre-historic past. But it is the path which produces real joy and love, wealth, pressure for progress and other necessities. I presume that almost everyone alive today is someone iI would consider fundamantally insane. But I do not take such a dim view of insanity as some do. Homosexuality is a condition of some sons of women which is in my view tolerable when those who are homosexual know it is alimiting thing and have the humility to see it as a speciai status with some rewards and some disease like qualities requiring a routine of self -care, or when they publicly acnkowledge it as a kind of loss in bio-sweepstakes in which they make the best out of a less than first place postion. But when they think as Mr. Hilton does they are evil men encouraging other evil men in a way which opens on to an ininite pool of evil.

Women are tied to certain kinds of inferiority too. the way a man is supposed to feel superior is in the act of achieving coital satisfaction. Unthinkably in allowing the killer and crusher in him to feel fed by her sufferings in pregnancy and child birth and then letting the good and protective part of him make it up to her in other ways. Women are supposed to have a capacity for maistakes as a class which is no the same in men. If women stopped getting pregnant and being a little optimistic about it when everything was bleak and horrible there would never be a brighter tomorrow. What is wrong is that there have for hundreds of centuries been people racing to the bottom giving women less and less of their share for breeding expenses as it were. There is a lot more I could say on this subject. Men have also been maimed and crippled by women in many ways and that is also part of the drama.”

I leave out an ending statement challenging  gynecologists and the Catholic Church to learn to make eachother better not worse. But basiacally this is the argument and the essay. That is my note on what the sexual values are  that might come into play. There is a lot that is in it and a lot that is not.

 iii. Other Sexual Relations and Practices

The Court is not just any place. There is an element of sexual freedom afforded by a Court Physician with a staff, strict rules of propriety and ones own police force which are distinct from the realities elsewhere. If this regime were launched it would be expected that the Court would allow some sexual realities in Court that it seeks to vigorously restrict in the realm. That does not mean there is no enforcement of a sexual code in fact the failure to enforce one is one of the greatest causes for the destruction of  any Court worth having. 

b.The Imperial House and issues of military and martial culture:

Another cultural area is the realtions between the House and Household and the military. This will not always be smooth but the military belonging to the House and the other forces in the reconstitutionalized America will shape the experience of life and community at court. The Court and this new regime will also help the military establishment which curretnly exists to revitalize and improve ties and relations with the society as a whole. Part of this American Revolution would be various ritual and formal tied between the Court and the service academies.  In the midst of all  this one can see how certain ancient traditions within the Acadian culture regarding the Christian faith dominant in our land could be relevant to this renewal of military culture especially as it is studied. In line with that I produce an essay I wrote on Face book over a year ago. 

  • Our Military Will be Brought into a Central Cultural Nexus


” Monday, April 6, 2009 at 11:28am 
Many of my fellow Americans are bearing arms in the service of their country in Afghanistan and Iraq.These are the countries in which the US is more or less officially engaged in a war. We have a large number of people, mostly young men who wear uniforms, follow schedules, bear weapons, drill, fight and kill as well as dying and being wounded in those two distant lands.

Perhaps they know Jesus as the Prince of Peace. I certainly know and honor Christ as the holder of that Title. Many of them are certainly Christians and it is to the Christians who serve in the US military that I primarily address this note. I think war should be avoided whenever it is right and possible to do so. Jesus said “I came that you might have life and have it abundantly”, can it be acceptable to Christian families to have their sons, daughters, wives and husbands far away causing pain and injury to other people?

Smaller numbers of Americans are bearing arms in service of the country which has renewed my passport in Korea, Germany, Japan, Cuba, and on ships and planes around the world. In addition there are farflung bases on quasi-American soil or a least not state soil. Tiny detachments hold a position for our interests in American Samoa and larger ones in Guam. There are bases in very powerful and not so powerful countries with whom we have had historic ties — these range from the United Kingdom to the Federated States of Micronesia. Then we have a fleet of nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarines prowling the oceanic depths. This is an impressive amount of coverage for a nation’s military. I actually find the role of the miitary as an institution very interesting. However it is also true that I am interested in the way our toops are mentally affected by their service. I wish all American military service personnel well as military service personnel. That is a simple postion for me to take. As long as I carry an American passport, have credits with the Social Security Agency and vote in our elections in Louisiana as it now and foreseeably exists — then the USA is the country I support as mine and the very important role of the military in that national team is one I have to root for in their role. Some people in uniform are also brave, honest, decent and patriotic. I like those qualities. However, I do not cheer on our folks in uniform because I think they all have these qualities. Rather, I think otherwise.”

I will leave out some of my favorite stuff from this note that I am quoting and reproducing here. However, although I ahave accepted that this may be the longest post in my life I am trying to keep it a little shorter than it might be. I resume:

“I think that Christianity is entirely relevant to the discussion of war and arms in the United States. I think that Easter week especially is a relevant time to join the two discussions. It may prove to be a very thankless task indeed. I think of my countrymen and women who are coming from the aging congregations of urban Catholic Cathedral parishes, small rural Catholic chapels, incense filled Orthodox churches in ethnic neighborhoods, hardshell Baptist churches on red dirt roads near old sawmills and bait shops, Mega Churches with Protestant preacching and modern audio-visual equipment and the average sized Catholic churches filled with families. I think of young men of 17, 18, 20, 24, 25 and 27 heading off to boot camps, training, transports and war. I think of the secular ideas which guide so much of the military structure and the whispers and influences of men as diverse as George Washington, Hitler, Clausewitz, Mohammed, Mao Zhe Dong, Napoleon, Ghengis Khan, Horatio Nelson, Andrew Jackson and Patton who may influence their thoughts about war. I have nothing against their learning from, and studying either the good men or the bad. However, I am driven against all sane reasoning to put down a few of my own thoughts about Jesus Christ and the Christians view of war and military service.

Jesus’s Apostles had nicknames, given names or nommes de guerr that included: the Rock, Sons of Thunder, the Zealot ( a member of a known military and anti-Roman organization) and were accustomed to life threatening situations. Crucifixion and stoning were among their regular subjects of conversation. Jesus also spoke propheticaly of the coming siege of Jerusalem. Is this post of engaged observation all their Savior has to offer those who serve in the military and honor his name?'”

I related the note to my own life. We will skip that here:

 “Jesus said ” Do you think I have come to bring peace to the Earth? I assure you that I have not come to bring peace but fire and a sword”. Is a sense of social revolution or social consciousness all these young people can bring into the upheaval of armed conflict from the one who is their model of perfection?

My grandfathers both served in the US military. I have a rather complex and rather large warrior heritage. It extends in varied directions. My mother’s father Cecil Bruce Germillion served as a bombadeer instructor in the Army Air Corp. My paternal grandfather served as an officer in the US Navy. He said he commanded a golrified private yacht in the Gulf of Mexico early in the war. Later he was part of the large fleet of vessels headed towrd the invasion of Japan’s home islands when the atomic bomb ended the war. He used to say that although he saw some action in the Pacific his real anxiety was just as great in the Gulf. He said only once but with great passion that while in the Pacific he was well armed and supported in the Gulf he and his next subordinate (perhaps an Ex. O. or a Chief I do not recall) sometimes referred to the yacht secretly as the “USS Sitting Duck” which had to do with his evaluation of the vessel’s capacity to take on a wolfpack of German submarines in full out combat.

When Jesus was criticized for failing to keep some laws of the Sabbath by gleaning grain on that day he defended his behavior by sighting the example of King David who ate the Show bread because David was a king and he and his men were under the duress of warfare. Is Jesus’s example merely that of seeing his ministry in the pattern of military operations in his familial and national history?

I am a child of the sixties. I lived in New york and London in the 1960s and had relatives who were on elite college campuses during the heyday of the Peace Movement and the movement known as the Hippies. I never really felt that wearing black hats made some people bad and wearing white ones made other people good. I do not have the space and presume of the reader’s time enough to really cover the personal aspect fully. I am not a trusting blind supporter of the military or its policies. I would not describe myself that way at all. I am not ashamed of my own lack of courage or experience with conflict or danger. I would not describe myself that way at all.

So I wonder what I might say to those spending Holy Week and Easter in the forward zone or any other zone of the US military. First, I would say that Jesus did have you in his heart as he prayed for you that night in the Garden of Gethsemane becuase you are one of those who has believed. That is a great comfort in many ways. But it is also true that is evidence that God holds you to a personal standard. A Christian cannot believe that our personal lives and consciences disappear entirely into the duties and rights of a military force or a country. God will still hold you accountable for all that you do and become while you are in the services. God will not expect you to behave as if you were not a soldier, sailor, marine or airman but he still sees your heart and weighs your deeds. Of course when Jesus taught us to pray “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” he no doubt included martial trespasses in the economy of God’s mercy. God’s mercy is certainly a very big part of what we celebrate on Holy Week and Easter.

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus, the Son of David entering the City of David. We remember that the crowds were shouting “Hosana, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Jesus had many who supported him his claims and his ministry.He did not shy away from leadership, rank or office and he was very open and brave.

So far everything I have written in this note is something I can live with and not regret. But now I am going to start the part that I already regret before having written it. In a sense all war is wrong and even military service. I say that as one who believes that in the Holy center of the Universes around the throne of God the angels wear and use weapons and are organized in armies. But ideally and perfectly there would be no war or planning for war. So I am writing this to an audience I want to encourage who at the same time I do not hesitate to say should ideally be doing something else. I look out at the world and the church today and feel that I too must do something immoral and which will stink in my conscience for a long time. I feel that I must reveal the some of secrets of a society which has done great good and kept its secrets since the time of Jesus. I do not see Knightly orders, Popes,their Catholic Majesties of Spain or anyone else standing between me and this day. So I write what is precious to me hoping I am not violating Jesus’s injunction not to throw pearls before swine.

The secrets of our ancient order which I am going to reveal are hidden in the gospels themselves. Are there things hidden in the Gospels? It is a reasonable question.

“The disciples approached him (Jesus) and said, ” Why do you speak to them in parables?”
He said to them in reply, “Because knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been granted to you but to them it has not been granted, To anyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; from anyone who has not even what he has will be taken away. That is why I speak to them in parables, because they “look but do not see and hear but do not isten or understand”.” Matthew 13:10-13 New American Bible.

Jesus was, among all the other things he was, a warrior. He did not do many of the things that leaders who inspire others have done. He did not besiege or sack cities like Mohammed or his own namesake Joshua. He did not burn down the temples of idols like these same men. He did not rejoice in blood and mayhem like Ghengis Khan or the Viking Pagans. Your savior was a warrior who took his joy in weddings, Passover feasts, the Eucharist he was founding, flowers, birds and children. He did not take his joy in the sufferings of others. Our age is very different from the spirit of that secret warrior Jesus but nonetheless in following the warrior’s path you are not straying from the path of Jesus’s own experience.

Josephus either implies or states that during the siege of Jerusalem the Jews turned to cannibalism and ate one another. People eating other people is a huge and undiscussed part of human history and experience. It is one of the most important struggles of human history. Many societies have been proudly and openly cannibalistic. Many people in the world in 2009 are cannibals. Rome was a place where public law and morals condemned cannibalism. It was a place where officials would have been ashamed to admit to having dealings with merchants trafficking in human flesh. I know to my own satisfaction that here were non Jews eating and butchering Jews at that siege. By mentioning cannibalism at all, even blaming it on the Jews, Josephus put his own life at risk. In Rome there were a group of unofficial but sophisticated pirates who participated in the war machine by buying slaves on the cheap after battles and sieges as well as capturing all they could in the invaded country. They killed these people, often with torture and sport and then made sausage or pies out of them mixing the human flesh with pork.They made a very good profit on this in part because they worked the people as slaves before reducing them to food and extorted knowledge about the new lands fallen before the Roman banner. For this purpose they located large herds of swine near the lands to be destroyed in advance. They were wealthy, powerful, cunning, well armed, possessed of assasins corps and called themselves demons. They had a handful of key agents throughout every Roman Imperial governnment. They were an order older than Rome itself and not entirely Roman. There were at least tens of thousands of men at arms at their command both in the Empire and in non Roman lands. These were the enemies Jesus fought with 12 Apostles, 72 zealous highly trained disciples divided into groups of six for each Apostle. Then he had 38 reserve guards. All were also trained in charitable ministry and his preaching this was not a made up addition later on and yet with 133 part-timers(the ten not enumerated are my last nod towards a disappearing tradition) and the women officials and crowds who supported them Jesus opposed one of the most fierce and powerful forces ever to have existed.

The events of Jesus’s war are chronicled in specific events:
Event One:
Matthew 8:22-27 / Mark 4: 35-41
Jesus calms the storm at Sea

Event Two:
Matthew 8:28-34 / Mark 5:1-20
Jesus crosses the sea of Galilee
Demons are confronted
a herd of swine are destroyed
captive freed
Jesus leaves the region with the ones remaining very upset

Event Three:
Matthew 14: 13-21 / Mark 6;34-44
Jesus feeds 5000 people mysteriously
the disciples are instructed to collect all the fragments

Event Four:
Matthew 14:22-33 / Mark 6:45-52
Jesus is seen walking on the water with Peter.

Event Five:
Mark 8:1-10
Jesus feeds 4000 people. Mark makes it clear that these were multiple events.

Event Six:
Matthew 16: 21-23 / Mark 8: 31-33
Jesus begins to predict the Passion and Crucifixion in Jerusalem as inevitably the end of his life.

Jesus and his elite units used to wait for the worst storms on the Sea of Galilee. They crossed the sea in those storms under his fearless leadership. They opened the early pens located by the demons there in anticipation of the Roman destruction of the Jews and they liberated the prisoners. They then drove the pigs from the demons herds into the sea. Jesus was a carpenter and he located wooden buthcering sites at hudden spots in the out in the lake. The crews would remove nets filled with rocks and the rafts would float to the surface. Then his crew would attach inflated pig skins and pig bladders to increase bouyancy. On these non freeboard platforms they would slaughter the pigs and butcher them into boneless slabs of fish shaped meats. They would dump the entrails, guts, bones and heads in the lake. Knowledge of these dumps enbaled him to instruct fisherman as to where to put down their nets to get a great catch. Then they would cover the platforms with nets filled with rocks and arrive at shore near guarded ovens. Reusing fish bones frm each feeding and buying distressed fish from other fishermen with knowledge of where great catches could be found they would take a breading and adhere two pork steaks to the fish skeletons. They mixed these porkfish with regular bread and fish and fed thousands repeatedly. This also attracted donations from those who wanted to contribute something and these resources funded a large ministry of healing and teaching. Jesus constantly taught that eating unclean food (such as pork) did not make someone imoral. Once Peter and Jesus were seen using these platforms it was inevitable that Jesus would be killed. He chose to make this happen in a very specific public way in Jerusalem and create pressures on the demons.

After cleansing the Temple, Jesus managed to give on last speech to a huge crowd before being arrested and killed. He said two things at once. To his disciples he said that he was the living water and if they recognized him and believed in him then he would flow out of their hearts and meet their needs for courage and peace of soul. To the handful of demon spies the same words literaly were: if you recognize me from the stormy waters, I am the water that made your guards thirst no more and living water (blood) flow from their chest.

Jesus was not a great general, he had no palaces, published glories,nor vast armies and suffered more than he made his enemies suffer. He spent time healing, forgiving and seeking peace, he was humble and meek at many times (not always meek and almost never mild) but he was a warrior. In terms only of skill and bravery he was as he was at everyhting– arguably the best there has ever been. Yes, I mean that seriously. Your churches and mine may in the end condemn me for what I write and I think his contribution to war is lost in the mists of time. But your Savior has not left you as orphans in this world of war. There are no simple answers, no excuses, no bloodlust but the Prince of Peace was a man of war and you need not doubt him as you celebrate his legacy in an armed camp.”

c.The connection of the Imperial House and the royal traditions within our history.

There are images and portrayals of royalty and royalism thoughout  much of our society and such episodes in our history. There are also numerous royalist regimes. Not all of our relations and anlses of things would get easier and better. But it seems that America can afford a royalist regime, needs one and so to me it seems the results will be mostly beneficial.  

The King of Hawaii greeting Captain Cook


 Joining history and popular culture with a publi9cly established royalty would meet real needs that people have. Needs that keep expressing themselves whether or not anyone pays attention.

Kimberly Williams with two girls in th movie the Princess Diaries


d. Believing in and Understanding  a Legitimate American Royal Monarchy starting with the Keys of the Line.

While I have not named the five Princes des Grand Familles or the potential Emperor who is operating as a Basileus Arkadios in secret or in some places as what is called a “Wide Open Secret”  there is a great deal that could be learned and understood simply by a solid reading of the best and better books and articles on Acadian history and the Cajun Renaissance going on from about 1960 to the present.  It is a good bet that these six men and others will have a great deal in common with the people described in the most accurate books and articles.  It is also likely that they will have been formed by experiences and cultural influences which the books and articles  decribe. I want to give some idea of who the Basileus Arkadios could be by saying who some of the previous ones have been. This revelation as it were is  called the “keys of the line” or “Les Cles des Nommes des Rois”. If this regime is established it will be the first open reign of a Basileus Arkadios in a long time. However it is acceptable to publish the keys of line of kings stopping short of th living king.

   i. Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil was the third Broussard to hold the title he held it from Acadie in what is now Nova Scotia to the Part of Louisiana that is now Acadiana. Every Basileus was a Broussard until Governor Mouton. Joseph Broussard was both my ancestor and the ancestor of my ex-wife.

ii.Governor Mouton was the only Basileus in the New World to abdicate except to start an interregnum a bit early when cleary dying. He abdicated in favor of General Mouton who died of wounds received in the War Between the States while still a fairly young man. Neither of these two Mouton Kings is my ancestor.

iii.Severin   Leblanc was elected King and the Leblancs were elevated from the highest ranking High Chiefly Clan to the Lowest Princely Clan. In other words they were neighbors in protocol rank and his family’s relative ranking did not change. The line above him was moved below him.  Every king from him to Dudley Leblanc was a Leblanc. I am descended  from Severin but not from Dudley. However, one of Dudley’s daughters was reared by my grandfather Chief Justice Frank W. Summers’s brother Clay and his wife. Dudley was the last king named Leblanc in the line.

This would be a good place to search through this blogs pages and posts if one is really interested. I am not entirely sure what is on this site myself but on my Facebook  profile I have a great deal more information available. Among the thousand books listed on one of the applications there as books I have read there are many books on the subjects related to the line of Acadians and their experience although not written specificaly about the topic of the secret royal line. In addition, I have relevant notes there which do not appear here.   But I do want to try to make clearer the significance of Greek heritage to those who may not have thought much about it.

I want to quote from another part of the same essay where I got my own words about the importance of Rome’s having created a  Capital City for Western Civilization. 

  • “” I suppose that prior to really discussing Western Civilization one ought to define the terms “Western” and “Civilization”. That is certainly how Socrates would have gone about it and he is certainly one of the major fountains of whatever Western Civilization turns out to be. However, there is no group of people here to stand in for the young Athenian aristocrats I would speak with if I were him. Socrates is a major literary figure but was not a writer. His talent was for leading discussions. From his example of course we get the term Socratic method. The socratic method whether written of in upper or lower case letters is still the principal technique in American law schools. I of course attended one such twice.

I have a fondness for Western Civilization. It strikes me as a thing worth learning about and keeping in perspective as one of the biggest and best things humans have done. However, it also strikes me as a flawed thing with many acts of wrongdoing which can be laid at its door. I also think that more than any other people the Chinese have reason to be a little paranoid as to why we have developed such an obsession with the study of Western Civilization under just that exact title. This note will not only deal with Western Civilization.

I think that all of human greatness is a subject and a reality far broader than Western Civilization. In fact I find that Humanity is far more rich and complex a topic than Civilization iself. Civilization is a mode of being ewhich is not an unmitigated good in fact. Civilization is many things but it is always a gamble there is a great deal of gambling in the structure of a real and honest civilization.Civilization causes us to all give up many things we want and could want more. Civilization causes us to feel a need for and consume things we might not otherwise consume.These dissaciations are very costly and there must be off-setting good results to justify them. Many patterns of life are determined by the civilization itself or its large corporate and collective organs. A vital and basicaly good civilization has an element of institutional preservationism, an element of planning some structured sharing. Civilizations without those things soon cease to deserve the designation. These are elements combined with a structure of optimism and gambling that is essential to the civilized stance and point of view.

Those civilizations which do not have an element of gambling in their structure have much greater evil making things go and are in fact not really civilations they are to real civilations what the modern writers following Stoker’s fictional vampire Dracula is to an average human. They keep up the appearances of life but without many of its most vital processes. Dracula is all about death and in the sun he is ashes byt he claims to be immortal and does go in a sort of life for a very long time.

Unless a society is renewed continuously and in a way which is authentic then there is no way it can remain a real civilization indefinitely. I am fully certain that many civilzations are almost entirely dead before the force which actually destroys them appears on site.I have had a feeling much of my life that the civilization into which I was born had huge problems in its inner resources and workings. I have often felt that my life was really a profound hell in many ways. I still often feel that way.

I have written a lot about Jesus in these notes. I have also dealt a great deal with other forms and leaders who were Jews, as he was. Jews have played a large role in Western civiliaztion but (though oddly Jew has come to mean someone who does not follow Jesus and is sure about it ) Jesus is their greatest flowering out into the world and is one of the very tiny number of people bron before 1500 who truly envisaged his legacy as bringing something to all peoples and cultures of which he knew or did not know during his lifetime. He was an outgrowth of Jewishness and its highest expression in that regard. We may turn to this subject again in this note. But to sum up the Jewish thing is too much about just Jews on the one hand and about all humans on the other hand to be the direct foundation and centerpiece of Western Civilization. If one wants to make a silly and ethnocentric error which is the least incorrect then this would be it,”Western Civilization is spelled -G-R-E-E-K”. If one wants to speak of Eastern Civilzation one should know lots about Japan, India and the Eastern part of Arab tradition. But if one wants to make the ethnocentric silly error which is least incorrect then it would be, “Eastern Civilization is spelled -C-H-I-N-A”. Greece and China aren’t even close to the whole story but nonetheless one could never exhaust either of their contributions to Western and Eastern Civilization respectively. They are of course very different countries.

I am proud to say that I speak truly deplorably horrid Greek and surpass it with almost superhuman butchering and botching of Madarin Chinese. I think when one speaks these languages as badly as I do there is a sort of automatic respect which is born within one. I do not write at length in either of these languages. I do write badly at length in quite a few languages. However not in AEllada or Putong Hua.

I think that reading Homer, Plato and Aristotle are essential to being well educated in the lore of Western Civilization I certainly openly advocate such readings. I have occasion to teach a few young boys whatever I wished for a few months full time on several different occasions and I have always set up a schedule of a number of subjects rotating through each week. Typicaly there have been five or so of these subjects but usually on has been the Bible and another has been what I call the Classics which always starts with Homer, Plato and Aristotle and not necessarily in chronological order.

Much like the Bible, Greek thought has been co-opted and sometimes hi-jacked by a variety of people with agendae which were intensely important to them and which were formed largely by reactions to the points of view held and expressed by other people trying to control the discussion of these same writers and ideas. However, the Greek world is truly very vast and very diverse.The Greece of Lykos the Wolf-man king of Arcadia and of Alexander the great are very clearly connected but are vastly different from one another. The Greek civilization of Septuagint and the Ptolemy dynasty are profoundly different again.

I could read and teach only Greek ideas and culture all my life and only that and scarcely mak a good start. However, Homer, Plato and Aristotle are the things I have repeatedly chosen to teach when offered choices. They bring a person into the experience of the great Greek phenomenon of experience.

The New Testament is also written in Greek of course. it is drawn from sources written in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic but all of those ancient books are lost and the texts closest to the best of them are the Gospels in Koine Greek. Christianity is certainly vital to the history of Western Civilization. But Christianity has universal obligations. A good Pope must be especilly loyal to the city of Rome and also have a love for Jerusalem. However, a good Pope must also have some real space in his heart for the good of Beijing, Delhi and Lesotho not only the people who live there but even the pre-Christian cultures that flourished there. To be Vicar of Christ and not a great scandal is to be the vicar of the one who sent the Good News to the ends of the Earth.

The pre- latin people and other Italians, the Celts, The non Hellenic Egyptians, The Ethiopians, the Germans and the Norse each have a substantial history with Greater Greece that predates their own written history outside of Greek history. All of these groups who made a substantial contribution to Western Civilization from the inside were at least a bit Hellenized before they emerged as there own sort of thing. On could describe modern Western Civilization as that cultural system which emerged from:
1.The Hellenization of Ancient Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
2.The Romanization of the Hellenic World.
3.The Christianization of the Roman Empire.
4. The Barbarization of the Christian Roman Empire.
5. The Fashioning of Christendom from the Teuton lands and the crumbling Empire’s pieces.
6.The survival and change of Christendom under the assault of Islam and the Norse raids and settlements.
7. The Renaissance process of remaking Christendom mostly with ancient Hellenic ideas.

The many important things that have happened in Western Civilization since about 1600 AD depend on all of these foundational transformations are react intensely to them. These 4000 years from 2400 BC to 1600 made Western Civilization a definite and real thing which still remains identifiable. Things have gotten better and worse since 1600 in all kinds of ways but much has stayed the same. I do think however that we are in a place where we could lose all that is left of this civilization.

I think that Western Civilization is in serious trouble. Things have gotten bad in ways sufficiently broad and mysterious tro be difficult to detect analyze or appreciate. However, our civilization will have to play some very fine poker or lose it all in my view. I am doing what I am currently able to get done to address that crisis but it certainly is not nearly enough. I know that for me society has always been flunking and yet I see the trend as downward towards worse and worse performacn on the scales I am using to measure with in these matters.”

  • Many people have mattered but none have mattered more than the hellenic peoples in the development of modern Western Civilization.  The Acadians and there royalty provide a vital link top that great source of culture and achievement for America and that link would be secured in the new Empire. 
  • e. Understanding the Acadian Royal Tradition and the people and structure of the Imperial House as Community and Family 

    One truth that will be obvious if it is considered is that any House moving into this role from America would be moving from relative darkness to relative light in many ways. 

    i. What we look like around here 

    Remeber I am descended from many of the local kings and so regardless of anything else looking at my family can give you an idea of what the House might look like. More or less, you can see some of our feature if you try.  

    My father frank Wynerth Summers II catching a fish offshore in his younger years.


    My young father fishing captures his basic looks and some of our relatives attitudes about many things too. He was and is an outdoorsman and many Acadians are that way. In taking my nieces and nephew to ride an elephant they also are building a spirit of adventure and a bond with nature. 

    This is me in the reddish shirt taking my two nieces and a nephew to ride an elephant


     My ex-wife was a Broussard by birth. She could have become a Basilissa under our rules by marrying man who was or could become a Basileus. This is us relaxing at Sea Island Georgia’s Cloisters hotel.  

    My ex-wife Michelle Denise Broussard Summers


    I am a white Anglo-Acadian. Some people are whie and almost pure Acadian others are white Germano-Acadians. It is not to hard if you grow up learning the many fine and also the large distinctions.

    Loraina and Sally (W.G-r. & L.T-t) my student assistants at a tecnical university in China

    I call them Loraina and Sally sometimes. Student Assistants in China.These young ladies were dear friends, assistants and quite attractive. Chinese can hold na outer title and a contract with an Acadian noble in our tradition but not be Basilissa. Nobody half Negro can be a full member of the Tribe when it is duly constituted but can vote and keep some hereditary rights in a differnt waywith other races children of mixed race fall into complicated rules but are more or less members of the tribe.  Perhaps someone who was a fourth Chinese and three Fourths Acadian could be a Basileus but it has not happened.

    Because of the lack of official status for so long we have lost the capacity to make our system fully work.  However,we have our racial protocols and if the new regime were established they would restore themselves in all their complexity. I return to quote again from the same note or essay which I myself wrote and used to illustrate my ideas on the Capital City and on the importance of the Greek heritage of the Arcadians-Acadians. The Ethnos Arkadios is multi racial in the broadest sense of what the Ethnos Arkadios is but its fabric and essence and continuity is a community of white people. People of other races can play important roles and relations can get complex but the white racial identity is near the center of things.

    I discussed the issue of race in the same note on Western Civilization in which I discussed Greece and trhe importance of a capital city. I retrun to quoting that note now: 

    “One quality of Western Civilization is what some friends of mine and I used to call “the unbearable whiteness of being” that was a pun because of a movie called The Unbearable Lightness of Being. White Racism, White Supremacy, White Identity Preference and Snow on All Mountains are actually all distinct politico-social views of whiteness in the history of Western Civilization. There at least two and a half people left alive who can rationaly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each position and the differences each has with each other position.” later I went on to discuss how this works with the dumbing down of other discussions besides race.

    I discussed in very harsh terms my opinion that Geramny and Austria cannot ever be fully rehabilitated as part of Western Civilization and the World Community until they devote great and known resources to building ups a great Israel. I regar those countries as very second class.

    I discuss this:

    “Having said this do I think the Hapsburg’s empire for so long was one of humanity’s great achievements?
    YES, I do.

    Do I think Charlemagne was deserving to be called at least a Father of Europe?
    Yes, I do.

    Do I think that Goethe, Saint Boniface, Meister Eckhart, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven made stellar contributions to Western Civilization?
    Yes, I do.

    Do I think the Germanic English despite murderous scandals, silliness and stealing credit from other Celtic Brits or socio-morally solvent?
    Yes, not rich but solvent.

    Do I think that the right wing Teuton chauvinistic Austrian Patriot Prince Meternich was a collosus in modern times and a fine Christian?
    Yes I do.

    So how can I justify my point view? Well, if for ten generations one has mixed feeling about hardworking neighbors of moderate talent who have gotten rich partly through hard-work and thrift then one says they are rich. But if one sees two generations sell all the furniture for drugs, burn down the house, beat and chain their daughters as naked prostitutes and paper the town in hot checks then one is entitled to give them a distinct credit rating than before. Money in this metaphor stands for morality. The neighbors stand for Germany and Austria. I refuse, knowing I offend some fine Germans on this list of friends to say I regard those countries as legitimate or their people as having face in Western Civilzation. They are the very, very poor relations of the family for at least as long as I am likely to live. The whites of the South are known for prejudice and holding a dim view of their neighbors both justly and unjustly. I know there are music groups and artists and others who call themselves ” niggers” without offense and I think policing language is doable but very tricky work. But I assure you that on occasion I have used all the contempt any white southerner ever put in any word into my greetings of Germans and Austrians.

    How they can show their faces in the world and do nothing to deserve it as a country makes me sick. These countries are not alone among the guilty but they disgust me.”

    I said that in my view Western Civilization was mostly dead before World War II. Enslaving the many low ranking Nazis and bring them abroad and also settling in German Americans and other German colonials not infected as the elite would have been a better approach.  I also suggested the sales of the property of elite companies and people would have gone half to other restoration of Germany and Austria as client states and half to build a new Israel. Tet I admit the Jews had been corrupted by their history and the Germans had some grievances ( without going into detail): 

    “I do think Germans had some grievances and there are real problems they needed to address and some of them involved a great people dispossessed of their homeland long ago and not by Germans. However, the behavior of the Third Reich is the essence of obscenity The stench of it still clogs up the breathing passages of the world. I can’t take seriously our international system founded on so little punishment of such great offenses. Jews, Poles, Russians and intellectuals have rivers of blood calling for vengeance. We are not a church and I don’t much want to hear about of absurd plattitudes.”

    I contrast the Third Reich’s view with the ancient Greek struggle to understand race. Then I jumped to the Nordic link to the Third Reich which tempers German and Austrian guilt although it remains vast : 

    “So we can tell from a document discussing the fact that Socrates was indeed a white man what race meant in ancient Greece. It continues to men about the same thing to me now. Christianity tempers my views perhaps. The issue of Greece brings us to the Nordic peoples. Western Civilization has tow very distinct historic poles. The diffusion throughout the world has been important but now we are living in what is ultimately a world civilization. When for millenia Western Civilization really was autonomous it had a North Pole which was Scandinavia and a South Pole which was Ethiopia — culturally speaking. Stockholm is founded on a set of rhythyms and patterns that really do not flow from Greece. Ethiopia is also. However, whether they know it or not both have long been inextricably in the orbit of the Hellenic and post-Hellenic world. This is the very real orbit and rim of of culture that delineated the edges of Western Civilization when Eastern Civilization and this civilization had not really merged to create a world civilization.

    I would like to spend more time writing about Ethipoia than I am going to spend. I would like to explore African, Arab and Greek confluence. I would like to talk of ancient mixed race peoples and of the Shebaitic House of Solomon’s role in Judaism and Christianity. However, I will not get to that in any detail in this note. A great deal has been thought and written about how black these people were or were not. But I will turn instead to some of the the whitest people anywhere. I will instead speak of the Norse.

    Hitler divided the Germanic people into Alpine, Nordic, Jewish-influenced and miscellaneous racial types. The ideal he was trying to move towards was the Nordic type. No group takes its hereditary appearance as seriously as the Norse and I have no doubt some of the really evil minds that will never appear in history’s account but which shaped the Third Reich were Norsemen. I truly do believe thatthey are the most geneticaly distinct people in the world all in all. In many ways they resemble the true Mongols of the East but they are also very different. The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Scotland for people and groups who call it Sutherland. The Scandinavians have almost always been a great race and occasionaly a mighty civilization. They have seldom been a good people all in all and never been a great civilization.

    Scandinavians have visited every part of the world and burnt the records of their travels they reshaped the culture of Ireland, Sicily and Russia. There has never been an historic China or Japan that did not have Scandinavian pirates somewhere in the background. Scandinavians traded in maps and technology in very significant ways and helped many people break out of technological impasses with the help of technology taken from neighbors. The ninth and tenth centuries AD are known as the eras of their journeys. However I am aware of another tradition. Outside of history and archaeology there are tales with the ring of truth of widespread war between Acadians that went on for almost a thousand years. In Acadian lore Scandinavians come from a people in Westernmost China who were isolated and very advanced who traveled for completely unimaginable reasons to rejoin their ancient and primitive related tribes who were almost a forgotten myth and lived in the frozen North. In the travel they passed through ancient Arcadia as slaves, refugees, pirates, princes and wizards for a few generations. It was this reunion which really marks the start of Scandinavian culture. I do not think that Scandinavians share any belief in this tale but it is what I believe.”

    Despite some rather critical remarks the New regime would have on Peer in the Ten of the High Imperial Nobility who would be Chief of at least part of the Scandinavian Settlers of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  In addition One of the  Twenty Peer- Electors of the Kingdom of Louisiana and also another member of the Ten will be  Herzog der Flussesbanken, Chef des Communites de Cote des Alleman. However if you wish to know our views on Acadian appearance you must first know Classical and Arcadian Greek statuary, Byzantine Royal Mosaic portraits. Then for the more Hebrew side of the ideal look at Byzantine images of Jesus Christ. For the darker Central Asian idea of our ideal see the Pompeiian image of Alexander the Great in the vast battle mosaic. This is to skew towards the Norse, Celtic and Germanic marriages in France. But we have no interest in leaving our heritage of physical appearance entirely behind at its Greek roots.  

    Beyond all this I turned to the Celts in my note on Western Civilization. The Celts and the Hebrews are two groups tied to both Acadian and American roots and who are well represented and well challenged under the proposed new regime. Here’s a bit about the Celts:

    “Without discussing the Celts of Vercingetorix’s brave fall, the letter to the Galatians, Brian Boru’s victory over Scandinavian kings and the beauty of their art how can one discuss this civilization. Ancient Greece was largely defined by trade with Celts and war with Persia. However neither St. Columba nor the Irish Republican army will make it into this note. The Celts were a high and splendid Barbarism which Rome broke because unlike the Greeks they made provinces in preference to colonies. Greeks learned to make provinces when Alexander conquered the Persian Empire. But they never really loved to do this. Colonies, Polises and Kingdoms stirred the Greek Soul. Only in the Eastern Roman Empire did Greeks learn to love the system of Empires and provinces. So the Greeks warred with Celts but they always lived together and enriched eachother. The Greek’s resented and opposed Roman influence but could adjust to it more easily than the Celts. That is why one thinks of Ireland and Wales when one says Celts although the culture extended from the British Isles to Turkey”. 

    I am not going blind into the idea of acknowledging the complexity and difficulty of making America authentic. It would be easier to govern if America had only developed into a less complex nation of a hundred million less diverse people. That is the truth. But if we accept the struggle implicit in what we truly are it can assuredly make us great. I have to stop somewhere and I think I will stop here because it is time to stop. I had meant to cover some of the darker problems of the House as it would emerge from the  shadows to full public life. However,  I will do that in a distinct context and at a later date I think.



    America after the Fort Hood Shooting: Real Change?

    I think that in the context of the economic crisis of recent months, the huge undocumented population, the high level of the  corruption in the current regimes and the lack of leadership as many people see these things. My question is, “If we were to somehow move towards radical change what changes should we consider?’ I think that the Confederate and the Revolutionary periods are both important founts of inspiration for many discontented people. However, I suppose I want to broaden the dialog to include some influences which are the least likely to be seriously considered. I want to address the royalist tradition.  
    I am drawn to including this Facebook  Note for a variety of reasons. I am drawn to it because of my feeble attempts to promote the recognition of heroism on the part of Kimberly Munson.  I am drawn to the subject because one of the networks had a  presentation of the Prince and Me trilogy of movies.   Further, I have been commenting on the relationship of the UK and other members to the European Union and the way that shapes other complex and diverse relationships across the planet ands the future of all things human.  The note I am including in this blog post is about royalism and royalty.
    In the Facebook context it was posted after many other posts that did a better job of leading up to the message and measure of this note because those posts had more to say about the royalty of Jesus and about both ancient Arcadian and modern Acadian royalty than I have posted so far on this WordPress blog. But this is a time in my life when I am not as concerned with a perfectly coherent presentation as I have been at times in the past.  So I am including this post without all due preparation of ye few, ye brave, ye readers of my little blog. Another reason I may be writing this post now is that the New Orleans Saints have just won their eighth game in a row and they hold up the banner of the Fleur de Lis which has been a symbol of all French Royalty, of Bourbon Royalty and of the Acadian Royal Line as well. So read ahead if you wish, My Facebook Note. 
     Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 9:02pm |
    My brother graduated on May 17, 2009. He was my last sibling who could earn a degree ( I have a different brother who is mentally handicapped and cannot earn any college degree ). John Paul graduated. Next month he will marry the young woman he loves. We took a picture of John Paul, myself, my mother, my brother Joseph, my sister Mary and her husband Chris who all graduated from (USL) UL-L. I was the first, then Mom, then Mary & Chris close in time, then Joseph and then John Paul. My sister Sarah and took the picture. She and I each have a degree from LSU, she got her bachelors there and I got my masters degree there. I think of all the young people pouring out into the economy. According to a huge variety of people who claim to know something we are in an economic crisis. I think that more and more people are acknowledging that we also have long-term economic problems related to wasting the earth. This year’s university and college graduates in America nad many other countries have done what they could to get where they are and did not choose the time of their birth. They hope for the best and yet perhaps are entering one of the worst job markets to exist in a very, very long time.

    What a challenge that is for all of them. I also listened to Barack Obama’s speech at the Notre Dame Commencement. I listened to it on delayed broadcast on one of the C-SPAN networks, C-SPAN 2 I think. It was a good speech if I had not already hardened into an adversarial position and point of view towards President Obama then I think it would have gotten him substantial good will from me. However, it at least did not do anything to increase ill-will or hostility on my part. He seemed to offer the kind of olive branch to pro-lifers which actually has some value when it comes from a president. The abolition of the conscience clause by the FOCA bill had it been passed would have morally justified civil war and revolution ( that would not have happened but it would have been morally justified). Obama said words which if he were not lawyer and politician speaking in public would fairly be taken as an assurance not to abolish the clause which allows health care workers not to perform abortions for reasons of conscience and pro-life institutions not to provide them as one of their scheduled services. Whatever happens in the future in itself it seemed a speech aimed at not providing occasion and justification for new hates and new rage.

    Since I do not feel compelled to use this Facebook Note in venting new and justified hateful criticism against President Obama I will use it to discuss briefly an economic point of view which is a fundamental attack on the idea that the Market and the State itself are the only arbiters of economic life and exchange. I am going to explain true and pure royalism as it defines its ideals of that ideology’s most vital institutions — the Court and the House. Explaining them I will not get to the advocacy of a specific plan to make them real. In this case I am reminded of what many capitalist leaders quoted from a financial sage when Russia began to move into post Soviet reality. The rather articulate money man expressed his view of the problem this way “It is easier to turn an aquarium into fish soup than to turn fish soup into an aquarium”. But of course fish populations can produce several soups and soup once consumed is simply shit and used up energy. The capitalist world is also dead from a royalist point of view. But it is also possible to resurrect it just as the post-Soviet money man was trying to resurrect capitalism. A king or royal sovereign need not and usually does not in any meaningful way own everything in the realm. Discussing the property of a royal sovereign is too much for this note but I will merely insist that it is a complex subject admitting of much variety from realm to realm. However in a very non capitalist way the King or royal sovereign does dominate the economic life of the court and less so but still the royal house. It is remarkable how maintaining a court tends to increase a variety of forms of economic flow and exchange. It is amazing how it tends to strengthen family fortunes and family small businesses. It is amazing how cheap even the finer courts are when one considers competing ways of maintaining a national symbol and making a global impression. It is amazing how they can appeal to the Few and the Many.

    I personally should state clearly that I perceive my own economic failures as and lacks as being more massive than I can easily describe or believe sometimes. Yet despite that I am willing to write about economics for a variety of reasons. I think I have spent a lot of effort because evolution requires more energy than entropy.

    The time we live in is a time of economics. It is an age of economics. The last twenty years perhaps have seen a resurgence of other issues and ways of being. However, capitalism, communism, socialism, National Socialism, most of fascism and other American political oddities like “Silverism” and “Free Soilism” are defined and define themselves mostly in economic terms. In the Philippines the Federation of Free Farmers, The Grange in the USA, the Priest-Worker Movement in France, the (original not the current) Green Revolution and a variety of population related movements have had broad social agendas like the macroeconomic systems listed above. But they viewed the road to social transformation was and is seen in economic terms by most in such groups. Writing of roads is especially evocative for me today because I live out in the country and the significant highway between my home and my hometown is currently closed while they work on the small bridge nearby. So I am taking a much longer route real country back roads. It costs me quite a bit in time and money. However, it is not philosophically troubling for me to endorse the idea that people and governments should repair and maintain bridges. I just have to put up with any inconveniences that are necessary for that to occur in a reasonable way and with reasonable dispatch.

    So in a similar way we all can develop enough civic virtue to accept some of those activities which we see as necessary in an economy even when there is a present inconvenience to us. When the relationship between selfishness and civic virtue is such that people no longer accept the necessary real and metaphorical bridge repairs in their economy then a society is doomed to some very bad and relatively immediate trouble. That is perhaps a difficult to evaluate but very certain social litmus test.

    I think that for me there is always a range of demands for which long-term investment, plain old gambling and paying off old debts is appropriate. However, there is always a balance with one’s own immediate needs and the immediate needs of one’s dependents. Society must recognize that individuals and families are well positioned to perceive their needs and to meet them. Society must also see that family and individual interests are very important because a starving, poorly housed, uneducated and ill transported mass of individuals and families form a weak and pathetic society. Such people may have great moral capital after losing a just war or after some unforeseeable catastrophe but one cannot applaud the continuance such a state of affairs from many morally viable point of view. The great strength of some economic systems we have abandoned is that they maintained certain foci of continuous economic stimulus through good times and bad. Enduring spark plugs and repair shops existed not affected much by quarterly earnings.

    One of my great interests in life is ancient Greek political science. This science is based on the idea of the role and characters of the One, the Few and the Many. In a very much less significant way they also studied the role of the All and the None. These would be basic components of society. I want to discuss these components and their functions a bit in economic terms in this Facebook Note. The One or monarch had the role in the ideal state of preserving those parts of the economy which were most needed and useful to the Few for the Few and likewise what was useful for the Many for the Many. There were tides and changing balances but not as frequent catastrophe as in an unmixed democracy.

    Monarchy and royalism are two different things but they are somewhat related things. In popular culture in America a king is most understood as a man with a pointy metal hat who lives with his queen in a big house with guards and has something to do with a country. No understanding much deeper than that can be taken for granted. I want to lay out in this Note a realistic view of what royalism at its very center is meant to be like and what its economic costs and benefits might be. I want to discuss and analyze the court and royal house from an institutional point of view.

    One thing about the” Few” is that while the word translates to about the same thing as “a minority” the implications are distinct and the associate ideas are different. Yet on the other hand there are certain facts about being an identifiable group that is a minority which cannot be changed regardless of how society develops or interprets power. In a perfectly Royalist USA there would be some black and more nonblack African-American Titled Aristocrats but more who were from the white majority and higher ranks abounding in a few ethnicities with none excluded. These titled persons, high-ranking courtiers and military officers as well as US Senators would be the Few. They would have some preserved rights and would be in a different position than either ethnic or political minorities in our current political and economic system.

    The Royal Court and House is a powerful economic institution which I wish to discuss in some detail from a historic point of view. In my most recent note I mentioned or repeated the idea or claim that the King of the Arcadians is the First and Father of all Earthly Kings. While that may be difficult to believe, since I do believe it is logical for me to speak and write on the basis of that belief. So here are some thoughts about the nature, origins and function of Royal Houses and Courts. There is also the issue of the monarchy as we have discussed it above in the passages on the political science of the ancient Greeks. The royal courts and houses are and are meant to be a special place in which a portion of the few and the many are joined to and made to clearly orbit around the one when that one has assumed a royal character. That character in turn is tied to family and house of a royal character.

    It should surprise nobody who is actually thinking that there is what the Motion Picture Association of America would classify as an R rated or NC-17 rated quality to the royal establishment in its own rights and own ideals because there is a real sense in which the royal court and house function best as the juncture of human capacity for the forbidden with the ideals honored by the realm which produce the prohibitions. A perfect King of Sweden even today would at least find the idea of drinking a toast from his enemy’s skull lined with gold to make a cup interesting. This would be a part of his heritage which would add richness to his celebration of the Eucharist, his toasting on state occasions and his conflict with his foes wether he does the cup thing or not. If he is great souled enough to be a great king then he can be such a man and in context make life less obscene and not more so than it would have been. With sexual morality this is even more the case.

    In its ancient essence the royal family and house joins into one thing a number of traits, qualities and institutions which are not likely to exist otherwise. This is really one of the great purposes of a royal house. The way I see this and would encourage my readers to see it is that in terms of royal houses and courts there is a rather narrow range of ideals which are the ideals of the Royalist tradition. These are not the exact ideals of Christianity or any other official or popular religion. They are not the ideals of any particular nation or economic system. They are the ideals that are intrinsic to royal monarchies on Earth. As the royal house and royal court is adapted to any particular set of ideals specific to a religion country, time and people then the institution undergoes a transformation which is similar to a market process. Investments, sales and purchases are made in which values and rights are transformed into a state in which the institution can exist and thrive. But for the start of this part of our discussion let us consider what the values or disparate elements are in their pure form:
    1. Executive and Judical policy and Politics especially.
    2. Family name, brand and tradition.
    3. Religion and Especially sense of Duty to the Most High
    4. Monument Preservation
    5. War and a special role for old, wounded and crippled warriors
    6. Hunting and wildlife management
    7. High Marriage
    8. Polygamy
    9. Prostitution
    10. Licensed and Localized Deviance.
    11. Gardening
    12. Ethnic Traditionalism
    13. Internationalism and Diplomacy
    14. Production of Royal children, support of families and Dynastic Ambition.

    1. The legislative functions in the royalist ideal will come from a variety of processes which involve principally three sources. First, tradition and Constitutional law as one thing possible to modify but in a category deserving respect. Second the will of the Many in the legislative process. Thi.rd the will of the Few in the legislative process. The One who is royal should have some limited legislative prerogatives but should be the clearly defined last resort in the Judiciary and supreme authority in the Executive. Royal protocol is meant to make all these portions of the system work well together. around all the tables and hearths where likely future kings are growing up these political processes should be in the air, in at least occasional conversation, notes and schedules. These influences form the future monarch. Succession politics are especially important. However, if we get to that discussion at all then we will touch on it under part 14.

    2.Genealogies, family histories, coats of arms, parties, rolls of guests and invitees are all part of the experience of royal family. They train all the royals to see property in title as a major portion of any property they can have or aspire to and form a context for the rest of their lives together.

    3. “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter by the grace of the Lord”, the Lord’s Anointed, King or Queen by the Grace of God and other phrases and titles can abound. It is possible on the fallen and confused earth for a pantheist or polytheist in the fullest sense to be a legitimate monarch and royal sovereign. However, it is an imperfection in the claim. Even if the realm is pantheist or polytheist the royal monarch is meant to represent the Most High sovereign whom the Hebrew Psalms call the “Great King over all the Gods” — in both worship and study the royal house should be a place where the honor and claims of the ultimate King are recognized and honored. An atheist king is really a Tyrant although he may benefit himself and his realm by drawing on what element s he can of the royalist tradition into his tyranny.

    4. In a royalist society when a great building or place is in danger of becoming a ruin it is presumed that it becomes the property of or falls to the use of the royal house and court. The royal house and court also are preservers of monuments which are not architectural or spatial. The King and Queen especially should have a variety of roles in awarding honors, keeping an archive and overseeing but not merely creating lesser lines of succession. Military honors and monuments, religious ones, industrial and agricultural honors and the records associated with all of this have a special relationship to the court.

    5. In many cases the king should be a very skilled and accomplished warrior who has some notable physical limitation. He should gather around himself those injured and limited in past wars who are still able to do some fighting and can still understand much about the nature of war.

    6. “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter by the grace of the Lord” is a phrase that describes the ideal king and many of his retainers. Hunting provides an excuse to preserve wild lands in quantity which is a vital role of royals. It should allow royals to help bring in food without competing with as many workers as with most occupations in their kingdoms. Hunting provides occasion for the practice of warlike skills and the rearing of princelings and others who will have some basic warrior skills outside of military formalities.

    7. The ideal royal monarch is a male a king. However, in the ideal royalist civilization there will always be a small minority of female monarchs who are Queens, Princesses or other such in their own right and hold their own sway over their realms with their husbands as consorts. One of the reasons for these few exceptions is to strengthen the status of those relatively many High Wives of Kings who are Queens by Marriage. These Queens must know that when times are bad their roles will contract relative to the King’s powers and court. But the ideal and norm should always be:
    I. The Queen has her own chambers and court within a court which is composed of two parts. The inner one of women only and the outer one of men and women.
    II. At least some titles and holdings which are hers separate from her husband.
    III. A guard which is of high quality and composed of warriors loyal to her directly.
    IV. An allowance which is just hers and is fixed from the royal treasury.
    V. She is the King’s senior most adviser and courtier and sits beside him on the highest occasions of state.
    VI. Her highest honors and greatest protocol obligations go in a particular order. The King,the Queen Mother – mother of the King, her oldest Son who is heir to the king, the highest ranking members of her maiden family. Within her inner court this is the one aspect where her protocol is not that of the family or realm at large.
    VII. Ideally the King should have no mistress or other lovers for the first two or three years of his marriage to the Queen. He should provide for earlier mistresses a suitable position but not be intimate with them during that time.

    8. Polygamy is basically essential to maintaining a royalist system. It can be restricted and minimized but that is not a good thing for the royalist monarchy it is simply possible. All marriages other than the High marriage ought to be overseen by a wife who is not the queen but is of high rank. The harem will always have ritual tributes and protocol acknowledgements of both the Queen Mother and the Queen. Ideally, these women will have specified legislative and diplomatic responsibilities and portfolios which are not negligible. They should have their own places but also a space for them and their women guests only and there they should entertain the Queen and Queen Mother separately on scheduled occasions. A small harem of less than ten women can struggle along with little institutional organization. The large harem is fully an institution of vast importance performing many roles that cannot be well described in this note.

    9. Prostitution interfaces with the royal house and family in a range of ways and at a range of levels. It is vital that many of the other elements in this composite be quite strong in order for this not to overcome and destroy all the rest and the sum and whole of all. However, prostitution is strongly connected to the idea and practice of royalty as an institution. Among the elements that function to keep royal prostitution working as it must are the following.
    I. Relatively easy forgiveness for almost any sexual past offenses or injuries sustained by royal women. However, it is forgiveness because the penalties which go all the way to death are still possible.
    A special note is that the ideal queen and king will have been exclusive and affectionate lovers for a few years after marriage and they will retain some sexual congress thereafter. thus the firstborn will be the king’s biological son. But in ancient times and the ideal there is no heir apparent and as the king turns to his mistresses the queen will spend time with the most accomplished and stylish men in the realm and elsewhere. There should be a lot more dreaming than doing but it is absurd to think that queen is really and truly expected never to have sex with any of them.
    II. Royal immunities and a king who really will kill men who turn palaces into brothels. Only that will work well.
    III. Polygamy in which the mistresses or plural wives of the king generally have no sexual relations with any other men during the years when they are really active with the king.
    IV. Women of varied degrees including courtesans who are open and well-regulated prostitutes.
    V. Non-prostitution of almost all newlyweds and both class and ethnic endogamy which allow a maintenance of blood filiation by multiple lines within the royal community despite new bloodlines unacknowledged.
    VI.By most traditions and all non-murderous ones both merit and election as well as birth must enter into the succession of the highest royal titles.

    10. The court and the royal house are places where others who are not average or normal per se can earn a place of freedom and some peace by offsetting usefulness and excellence. This is also a very important function of the royal court or house. Sex is also an issue here. In the ideal royal court there are all the sexual types I have already mentioned but there are also places and roles for the truly temporarily, permanently and sporadically celibate people. Officers and soldiers from genteel families have the opportunity to move to court and have their wives function as extraordinary mistresses or harem members of the king or princes with children being reared as their own. Women who are unacceptable as acknowledged mistresses or plural wives can marry homosexual men who are willing to assist in discretion and family duties. These and some monastic and semi monastic types who are discreet homosexuals rather than true celibates can form part of a community within a community that engages in homosexual relations at their own risk and with understanding of their unique roles and limits at court. There should be acknowledgement that homosexuality goes on but not open relationships between particular men. On the other hand the court is the ideal place for the mistress of high-ranking clerics in any religious tradition to keep their mistresses. For reasons that are hard to explain here a Catholic monarch would have supreme policy reasons to reward a heterosexual bishop who had been a devoted celibate pastor with a fine mistress and a house to keep her in near court. All children are taught that a husband and wife belong to each other sexually and are the parents of the wife’s children. That is in fact the truth and the language evolves over time.  Religious and ethnic minorities and diplomats are also expected to be able to live at court within a different set of rules and tolerances.

    11.Gardening is very important at court and in royal families.  ideally a good amount of food is grown by royals retainers and domestics not working ver hard at it but working with the help of a few professional gardeners. This food helps with feasts in the good times, charity and survival in the bad times.  Exotic herbs, narcotic and alcoholic plants of very high quality should ideally be produced, refined and both sold and provided to guests at court. Princes and princesses should do a little labor in the garden because it is run by the family and their work can be consistent with their personalities not geared to drudgery. An ideal king would prune plats are something a few hours each month and actually enjoy it.
    Preservation of rare plants and birds, herbal medicine, flowers for interior decoration and green spaces for sport and recreation ought all to exist as part of the master plan of gardening.

    12. Because of some leisure and the availability of people to assist them in various ways the royal courts and houses should be able do agreat deal to honor and preserve various ethnic traditions of the realm. They will especially honor their own but they will also find the proper ways to acknowledge those of ethnicities larger and smaller than their own.

    13. Internationalism and diplomacy ought to be part of the air of court. Map rooms, gifts from foreign royals and teachers and some marriages should reinforce the presence of diplomats and the foreign service. People having lived at court should have absorbed a certain amount of education in diplomacy and international affairs.

    14. It is in this total context that succession and the production of heirs for the preservation of dynasties is to be best understood. There is no way to estimate the total value to a political system of maintaining a royal house and court when it is all that it should be.

    My sister Sarah celebrated her birthday on May 18. She has that sort of royalist sensibility that pervades all she does though as for as I know she has never been political about it in the way that I am and have long been. But in Mexico and America I have often seen her do things that help sustain the royalist heritage in North America. Her baptismal name Sarah Anthea can be translated from Hebrew and Greek as “Princess of Flowers” and I often called her that when she was small. I like the fact that she is descended from Joseph Broussard, Severin Leblanc and that the line of the Basileus Arkadios is evident in her. She is 33 and I hope she lives long and prospers as we move from this Star Trek year towards the future. I wonder what her economic potential might be in an aquarium instead of fish soup.

    Most of the royal sovereigns left in the world are in Europe. While all of them have some qualities of the ideal court I describe above none of them are exact duplicates of it. None of them are really very close to it. That is not all that surprising. But Spain, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands Monaco and few other places seem to be struggling along in Modern Europe with some version of the royalist ideal. Because I basically have a royalist point of view I tend to see possible royalist solutions to American problems. I see things royalism and royalist institutions could possibly contribute to ongoing problems of race, class, labor, religion and growth. I do not think we will see those solutions applied in my lifetime but it is not technically and formally impossible. So while I am not planning any violent demonstrations nor suggesting that American Royalism will become politically viable I am suggesting that it is not the same kind of impossibility as burning water in your lawnmower tomorrow.