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Kim Munley must be recognized as a heroine.

I think it is imperative that Kim Munley must be given the maximum possible honors for her actions in the Fort Hood shootings as long as the basic structure of facts is preserved and shown to be true.  Ms. Munley shot a well-armed shooter who had killed and wounded many and who was still well supplied with ammunition and probably on his way to shoot up a crowded graduation ceremony in a nearby room on the base.    

Ms. Munley took three bullets herself and was badly injured (obviously) but in the gunfight she shot Hassan four times and rendered him incapable of pursuing his rampage. Assuming these facts are accurate in large part Ms. Munley must be singled out for the highest commendations possible from the policing authorities, the State of Texas, the United States government and the professional associations of police. Not to do make an example of her with both bonuses and commendations is tantamount to randomly shooting a  child somewhere. There are few real heros in the world. When a society finds a very clear case failing to recognize them when they emerge is a violation of one of the most basic duties of human community and society. 

As a diminutive mother her courage is a stark contrast to the behavior taught by many units which I believe is felonious treachery — that of waiting for a huge advantage.  She is an epitome of what is good in a culture that is really not so good most of the time. Hurrah for Ms. Munley!