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President Obama visiting Louisiana today

President Obama will be visiting Louisiana including a school in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans which was utterly devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I am not sure what he will do there but he will be there and I do not object to that.
After all he has been elected President of the United States, has won the Nobel Peace Prize, has been Editor of Harvard Law Review and so he can be an example to the kids there who are mostly African American I guess.

He can talk about the struggle of his own African ancestors in this country. He can talk about his father waiting to get through customs and maybe misplacing his luggage at the airport. He can talk about how his father stubbed his toe once on the way to the university’s bank. He can talk about how it took several years before his father gave up on the whole American thing and went back to Africa. He can talk about how if not for this man nobody would think he was an African American. He can share how his african ancestors came to this continent and and struggled through long lines at lunch to see their ( well his) child become President. He can talk about how the color of his skin has been his source of power and how he embodies the triumph of reace over all else in American politics.

It should be inspiring!