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My Election Day and the Next Step In American Public Life

I have written two blog posts on this election cycle already and you can link to them here and here. I also listened to election coverage on the radio, watched it on  cable television viewable in waiting rooms and came home to watch ABC’s coverage last night. While I was doing those things, I also had a busy mix of errands and recreation with my mother in New Orleans. We saw lots of tourists where we went but also many people in the busier streets holding posters supporting local candidates. the weather was beautiful and it was good day to do almost anything worth doing in New Orleans.

Window in the Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans showing the sainted King of France for whom the church is named caring for the sick directly.

Window in the Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans showing the sainted King of France for whom the church is named caring for the sick directly.

The struggles America is engaged in are clearly showing in the elections of the last twenty years. America is struggling with ISIS and as the new One World Trade Center opens in New York we are all aware of how serious a threat this can be, or at least that it can be a very serious threat. Many Americans have been expressing doubts about whether we are taking this threat seriously enough.  National security and defense are not the only factors in yesterday’s trouncing of the Democratic establishment in our government but it was certainly a factor.

Window in St .Louis Cathedral showing the Crusader saint's body being borne back when he died after launching a great war against Islamists who were terrorizing local Christians and others.

Window in St .Louis Cathedral showing the Crusader saint’s body being borne back when he died after launching a great war against Islamists who were terrorizing local Christians and others.

Republicans have gained control of the US Senate and extended their majority in the House of Representatives. The governors races also went largely to the GOP. There is a sense of staggering loss among many Democrats.  That sense of a huge outcome took top billing on the daily e-mail from the decidedly liberal Huffington Post. There is little to debate about the clarity of the results.  But some report that the White House is not seeing a very clear or focused response to the President and his policy. Some are emphasizing his excuses more than the article I chose to link to in the last sentence. We will have to see how his press conference actually goes this afternoon at two thirty Washington time. We will also have to see how the years play out. Last midterm election he was willing to be candid and say that his party got a shellacking. Policy shifts and candor are two different things.

My mother poses in front of the statue of the Hero of New Orleans who fought the British Empire and become President and the Church of the Sainted Crusader King.

My mother poses in front of the statue of the Hero of New Orleans who fought the British Empire and become President and the Church of the Sainted Crusader King.

I am writing from Louisiana where the nation will be watching the December 6, 2014 runoff between Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Congressman and physician Bill Cassidy. Local media has been ready for this race and are reporting it pretty well I think at this early hour. There will be a month more before that vote plays out. Landrieu has invited Cassidy to engage her in six debates. My mother and I went to New Orleans to pick up her expedited passport. The City Care Forgot (not really) was at its best yesterday. We had a tiring schedule but enjoyed the trip thoroughly.

My mother took a picture of me in front of a restaurant that shares my name. We enjoyed eating but did not eat at Frank's yesterday.

My mother took a picture of me in front of a restaurant that shares my name. We enjoyed eating but did not eat at Frank’s yesterday.

The truth is that one election will not determine the course of the country entirely and mostly shows us where we are and where we plan or hope to go.  So much of America is made up of the little and medium sized efforts of its people. the artisans, entrepreneurs and artists of the French Quarter and the French Market are contributors who are not elected and whose lives will be affected by the election but not in simplistic and highly predictable ways.  We bought a few things and did some appreciating. Mom bought a couple of  famous Central Grocery Mufuletta  sandwiches for some young near beggars in the street. The people doing business there are resilient and like many Americans find politics as one part of their lives.  Most Americans were too young, too sick, too criminally convicted, too unsure of their legal status, too busy or too apathetic to vote in this elections cycle.  That is the real majority.

Artisan entrepreneur makes pot plant holders. We bought his fine cypress productions.

Artisan entrepreneur makes pot plant holders. We bought his fine cypress productions.

So does politics matter? I definitely think it does.  I voted for ten of the fourteen constitutional amendments on Louisiana’s ballot and against four. The State ‘s electorate as a whole voted for six and against eight.  Five of the six newly enacted were amendments I favored. Three of the eight opposed were ones I also opposed. These amendments make a difference or at least they often do so. You can read some reporting of how this worked out just here.   But life goes on today much as it would have gone on if the Democrats had won. Change takes a while to play out and is uncertain.

Mom shops and talks on the phone at  the New Orleans French Market.

Mom shops and talks on the phone at the New Orleans French Market.

I hope to hear the President speak today. I will follow the new Congress with interest. I will vote in the Senate Runoff. But I have other things to worry about and hope for and so do you. The big event is over and we must now live, work, trade, fight and pray. life goes on.

Louisiana in the Proposed Reconstitutionalized American Union

“In order to form a more perfect Union…” Union is one of the Words in the State Motto and on the current flag of the State. In the long super-series (with several numbered subserieses) I have outlined a proposed revolutionary change for America. this “completion” of the American Revolution would involve a shift to a complex mixed government royalist empire. This would make (in this particular model) the Basileus Arkadios Emperor of the United States and the Federal American Empire of the United States. However, in this post I am proposing what I believe would be the best system for the Louisana aspect of the reconstitutionalized United States of America.  I have described the system of this as one that would result in dividing the overall map of trhe United States into three kinds of Constitutional jurisdictions. These would be States (fifty-one with the addition of Puerto Rico), Territories and Possessions.  If you are interested you can check through these posts for the the list of what these Jurisdictions would be. The US Senate would represent only the States but the Territoties and Possessions would have tribunes there with limited but real power and privileges. The military would play a new role with bases represented in the House and  in the Electoral College untill a stalemate. Then there would be a Direct Imperial Government.  In all of this there would also be thirteen Major Compacts between Constitutional Jurisdictions and these would exist on Compact Zones that would be part of the Direct Imperial Government Lands.  There would also be a whole system of Royalty and Nobility described elsewhere in these posts. The whole plan is extremely unlikely opf course. However, it would depend quite a bit on Louisiana which would be key to it all. So I am writing this post to set up the basic parameters for this new regime as it affects Louisiana. I am not discussing the many laws and several constitutions or the physical plants. I am doing the equivalent of a minimalist drawing. This the basic royal and royalist sine qua non of the proposed regime.

 It would involve quite a large number of titles with the word Louisiana in them belonging to one man with flowing titles extended  to all family and relevant nobles. However, it is the only system that would really be appropriate. Oddly enough, one title would do to govern three hundred millions are more and set up all the regimes necessary but I think that seven titles would be necessary to fill the intermediate role of the King of Louisiana. I will start by listing the titles themselves which would be added to the Basileus Arkadios:

1. Rois de l’Etat – Royaume de la Louisiane/King of the State Kingdom of Louisiana

2. Rois de La Concorde de La Louisiane/ King of the Louisiana Compact

3.Haute Rois de La Concorde de La Grand Louisiane/ High King of the Louisiana Purchase Compact 

  4. Sieur Haute Rois sur Territoire des Creole de Couleur de La Louisiane/ Lord High King over the Creaoles of Color Territory of Louisiana

5.Sieur Haute Prince  sur la Posession de la Gens Negre de La Louisiane/ Lord High Prince over the Negro and African American Possession of Louisiana

6. Seigneur Prince Chef des Chefs de La Fraternite des Nations Ouest-Louisiane/ Lord Prince Chief of Chiefs of the Fraternity of West Louisiana Nations

7.  Seigneur Prince Chef des Chefs de La Fraternite des Nations Est-Louisiane/ Lord Prince Chief of Chiefs of the Fraternity of East Louisiana Nations

The main Bouletherion and the facilities of the βασιλικό οίκο of the Acadian regime would be well set up and that would require lots of working out on paper and in legal complexity this note does not deal with redundant descriptions of the basic working of the new regime nor does it deal with these Acadian issues per se. This deals with a few key people and players in the transformation of Louisiana as such.

The Twenty Joint and Combined Peer-Electors of the Royal Sovereign of all Louisianas

1.First Heir to the Boulet Princeipality

2.First Heir to the Theriot Principality

3.First Heir to the Broussard Principality

4. First Heir to the Mouton Principality

5. First Heir to the Leblanc Principality

6. Le Compte Boudreux Haute President de les Haute Chefs de les Acadiens

7. Le Compte Hebert President de les Haute Chefs de Les Acadiens

8. Le Compte Melancon President de les Haute Chefs de Les  Acadiens

9. Herzog der Fleussebanken, Chef des Comunites de La Cote des Allemans

10. Viscount Mintz and of Benjamin, Chief of  Unfrench New Orleans Jewry

11. Le Petit Haute Comte de Belles Terre, Chef des Hebrees Chretien et Vieux Amis de Croiance Chretien de la Louisiane

12. Viscount for Life High Chief Vassal of the Western Fraternity

13. Viscount for Life High Chief Vassal of the Eastern Fraternity

14. La Compte Chef des Creoles Blanc

15. Premier Herediteur de le Compte Chef des Creole de Couleur

16. Senior Auxillary Bishop to the  Archbishop of  New Orleans

17. Bishop of Lafayette

  18. President of Tulane University

19. President of Louisiana State University.

20.  Visount of Carrolton, Chief of the Kentucks and High Chief of Anglo-American Louisiana’s Old Families

The Twenty other permanently seated High Nobles of All the Louisianas will elect  five of their own number to sit in the Conclave. These Twenty and the other Twenty will be all but Thirty of the the Seventy  Nobles of a constitutionaly unique All Louisianas Steering Compact which will have very limited powers  to deal with intergovernmental affairs and a few other trappings of a Court. These same forty will abe permanently seated in the Louisiana Purchase Council of Nobles.

The Twenty are:

1. President of the Universite des Acadiens

2. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts of the Universite des Acadiens

3. President  of Loyola University

4. Viscount Godcheaux of Live Oak Lands

5. Viscount Taylor-Miller of Schools and Drills

6. Viscount  of Venice Chief of the Italians

7. Menor Conde Toledano de las Casas Antiguas

8.  Supreme Knight of the Order of the White Camelia

9. King of the Krewe of Rex

10. Mother Superior of the Ursuline Sisters. 

11. Viscount Long of Winne and Baton Rouge, Chief of Piney Uplands Farms

12. Viscount Asphodel, Chief of the British-American Planters

13. Superior of the Jesuit Province of New Orleans

14. President of Southern University

15. High Baron of the Irish Channel

16. Demi-Comte Nguyen, Tete de la Famille des Rois de Hue dans la Louisiane, et Chef des Peuple Indochinois

17.Chief Justice of the Louisiana State Supreme Court

18. Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana

19. Viscount Pennington of Baton Rouge

20. The Duke of Shreveport

The next 90 of the 210 Louisiana electors come from one Elector for Life elected be each Parish  and Petit Paroisse after reconstitution with the remainder of the hundred filled by officer on the Combined and Joint Military Rolls  in descending order of Rank starting with the highest.

Then 72 will be chosen at random but in this way:

24 from the state, 12 from the Territory, 8 from the Possession, 8  from both Fraternities of Nations and 2o from the Compact of the Louisiana Purchase excluding all previously represented groups.

That leaves eight to be chosen from the rolls of the Louisiana Royal House by the Executive and Judicial Board of the Compact of the Louisiana Purchase. This will be a very unique system and a bit ungainly. But it will be true to our realites.

The Final Fifteen will be made up of Special Second Electors for Life from each of the States in the Louisiana Purchase Compact except for the State of Louisiana and any left over in the fifteen to be elected by the Territory and Possession delegates of the Compact as a whole.

20+  5+90+72+8+15=210

A Jambalaya, Round-Up or Potpourri Post

Here are some facts of the week for ye  few, ye proud, ye readers:

1. I won Lord Norton’s Lords of the Blog Quiz: http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/10/17/quiz-questions-7/

2. It was an unusual weekend for me as neither the LSU Tigers nor the UL-L Cajuns formed any significant part of my Saturday football watching or analysis.

3. The UL-L  Team BeauSoleil added a second win to its first place in Market Viability at the Solar Decathlon. The team also took the People’s Choice Award. Go Cajuns!

4. The Saints rolled over the previously undefeated New York Giants. Go Saints!

5. NASA (so far as I can see) has still released nothing from the impactor results of the LCROSS mission. Does this mean that the moon is really made of Green Cheese as my babysitter used to tell me and they are unable to admit it?

6. Obama’s visit to New Orleans was very brief.

7. I am on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/FrankW64Summers

8. If the World Series is going to be an LA freeway series I will be surprised. On the other hand what baseball city would not be pleased to get this close.

9. My brothers and brother in law (and some other people without the good taste to be my relatives) have come out with a CD I believe is titled “The Ananias Project”. I have not heard it but I know all of them have made beautiful music and I have enjoyed it. One of the best guitar riffs I ever heard was two of them playing together. I wish them well. You can order here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ananiasproject  I hope that I did not promise WordPress not to publish commercial links, I did not really read the contract I do not think.  

10. Autumn has reached me! Alleluia!

11. A note: round up, round-up and roundup are all used as the term for gathering cattle for a drive in the United States. This term is then applied to police blotter stories in journalism, music countdowns, and some kinds of catalogs. There are magazines, a herbicide and other entities which use one of these three variant forms capitalized as all or part of their proper name. This blog post is a blogging round-up.

President Obama visiting Louisiana today

President Obama will be visiting Louisiana including a school in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans which was utterly devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I am not sure what he will do there but he will be there and I do not object to that.
After all he has been elected President of the United States, has won the Nobel Peace Prize, has been Editor of Harvard Law Review and so he can be an example to the kids there who are mostly African American I guess.

He can talk about the struggle of his own African ancestors in this country. He can talk about his father waiting to get through customs and maybe misplacing his luggage at the airport. He can talk about how his father stubbed his toe once on the way to the university’s bank. He can talk about how it took several years before his father gave up on the whole American thing and went back to Africa. He can talk about how if not for this man nobody would think he was an African American. He can share how his african ancestors came to this continent and and struggled through long lines at lunch to see their ( well his) child become President. He can talk about how the color of his skin has been his source of power and how he embodies the triumph of reace over all else in American politics.

It should be inspiring!