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Congratulations to LSU on Cotton Bowl Victory & Renewed Rivalry

LSU and Texas A&M played in the great 75th Cotton Bowl last night. It was a great game which LSU won handily and which renewed one of the great rivalries in college football as LSU and Texas A&M started playing again after many years on hiatus. When I was a child the games between these two schools were still among the biggest things around this region in terms of fan interest. This was the first primetime game in Cotton Bowl history and was carried on a variety of Fox Betworks I believe but certainly on the broadcast flagship. It was a game in which A&M had a huge opening kickoff return would put up a respectable 24 points. But it was dominated by LSU, and their only playing quarterback on the night Jordan Jefferson and wide receiver Terrance Tolliver, who connected for three touchdown passes. This amounts to most of the equal of A&M’s output and would lead the Tigers to a 41-24 win over the Aggies while 83,514 fans watched in the 75th AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

With Cotton Bowl win LSU (11-2) captured its fourth 11-win season in the past six years. It also won its third AT&T Cotton Bowl in the last four tries. For me this is an extraordinary few days. Thursday night I made it live to the fist University of Louisiana basketball game I have been to since I was a student and they beat Sunbelt conference rivals Troy. I then watched LSU win the Cotton Bowl yesterday. Today I hope and am determined to watch the New Orleans Saints play Seattle in the NFL Playoffs. Quite a three day line up.

Louisiana State University loses to Arkansas

LSU  lost the contest for the golden boot trophy yesterday which is held by the most recent winner of the University of Arkansas and Louisiana State University football game. They lost the game in fifth and to a twelfth ranked opponent and will surely fall out of the top ten finish in the BCS rankings this season. They almost surely fell out of the BCS bowls and most of all the Nokia Sugar Bowl.


Nonetheless, I hope to see them in a pretty good bowl. Congratulations LSU on many more wins than losses and the memorable victory over Nick Saban’s Alabama in a difficult year.

GO Saints! How about some professional glory? We could have seconds, mmm it tasted good last year.

Thursday Rounded Up to What?

1. Yesterday was Veterans Day. It was Armistice day in the UK and much of the British Commonwealth.  I did watch most of President Obama’s ceremony at Arlington although I had a hard time finding it at first.

2.Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  I am not going to plan much to observe that incidence but it is the fact and one many people will note — including me I suppose.

3. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday.  Give her a call if you know her.

4. My father, brother Simon, niece Alyse and brother’s fiancée Brooke have gone down to Mexico.  They will be there through Thanksgiving. Most years we have a large Thanksgiving feast in the House there with different members of the family, missionaries and staff hosting the feast. I have only been to a few of these. My mother and brother Joseph will be joining them down there as well. I am not sure exactly what my own plans will be yet — although I have some ideas in mind. They  will have a group of short-term missioners down with them as well and probably all of the family will be back here by December first or second.

5.The UK Parliament has ended or is ending its term and is gearing up for the State Opening. The Queen’s Speech and all the rituals are in advanced preparation I am sure.  I wrote a little verse for the occasion:

High Ways of Robery: Acrostic Verse

How dear it does appear to appear a peer.
I presume it would seem queer to disappear,
“George, is Baroness Murphy not yet here?”
“Her ladyship found no kit or gear we hear.”
Worthies waiting for worthy wear wearies.
And every chevron must match the ranks
Yet a baroness may fear college dearies.
Students tripping lords as evil pranks.
Only few match the lined cap of maintenance
Fur is humble rabbit in stoat’s appearance.
Rarely our health scholarly Baroness wears
Our race’s white and spotted skins about.
Because too few serfs, traps and affairs
England has given her to remove doubt.
Ravenscroft and Ede must live as well.
Yes, the Opening by robes all can tell.

For the context:  http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/11/10/in-the-red/

6. I did a good number of things with my niece Anika and  nephew Soren yesterday. We had a n enjoyable visit and then I went to see the film Amelia. I enjoyed and recommend it.  When I got back however there were chores to attend to and my foot which gives me trouble from time to time was in full blazing pain and I overlooked the Country Music Awards which I otherwise would have watched until it was simply too late. I hope to catch some “re-runs” on CMT but it is not the same of course.

7.The weather is beautiful here lately but I am not doing all that well in terms of enjoying it because of nagging health problems that have chosen this time to flare up. Ah well …. Life is seldom a perfect paradise here on planet Earth.

8.The New Orleans Saints are still undefeated. The Ragin’  Cajuns are not completely out of the bowl picture and the LSU Tigers are still ranked.

9. Healthcare legislation still dominates the picture in congressional discussion, media coverage and debate.

That concludes this Thursday’s round-up. I will hope to be around before next Thursday in my other kinds of posts and to round things up next Thursday.

November’s First Thursday Round-up

1. The New Orleans Saints are 7-0 which ties their best start ever behind Bobby Hebert, the Cajun Cannon in 1991. The Monday Night Football victory over Atlanta  was very exciting. I think Atlanta is a better team in many ways than their finished product shows right now — the parts have not yet clicked into the right whole.

2. The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series title last night. The Yanks are back on top. It was an entertaining and well played series overall.

3. LSU crushed Tulane and now plays Alabama. What does any of it mean in the BCS picture? Will Oregon be in th Rose Bowl and continue a journey towards being a permanent contender? Is UL still a contender for the Sunbelt Championship?  College football is still a very indefinite situation, lots of question marks belong here.  

4.The relics of St. Mary Magdalene visited our area and I visited them at the Chapel at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Abbeville where I was baptised, made my First Communion and was wed. There was a long line visiting the relics.

5. To follow up on a post on Anglican and Catholic Relations that appeared as part of an earlier round-up go to this site:  http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/11/04/letter-published-in-the-catholic-herald-during-last-week-of-october/

6. The Republicans won the governors races in New Jersey and Virginia and Maine repealed the same-sex-marriage laws by popular referendum. It seems that Obamania has died down since President Obama campaigned for both defeated gubernatorial candidates.

7.  Police negligence stories are really being reported for the first time in my life.  The house of horrors with eleven bodies is on the news, Jaycee Dugar enslaved in a backyard in a neighborhood, he testimony by Elizabeth Smart recently, the eight prostitutes or “high risk lifestyle” women killed in a parish here in Acadiana, the millions of illegal aliens, the ACORN corruption and other stories are showing what our political system as it operates does to mundane duties like policing.

8.The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall his consort have been visiting Canada recently and I believe they are still there. He impresses me as an engaged and relevant man.

9. I lost the most recent Parliament Quiz and have only won once out of  four attempts.

10. Sarah, Kevin, Alyse, Anika and Soren are still on their trip around the eastern USA.

11. My mother’s birthday is November 13. If you know her it is time to get a card in the mail if you live far away.  


College Football Meditation

Chilly changes in south Louisiana, now Death Valley’s mighty Bayou Bengals fight.

On days when cool weather will usually mark if not the day then at least the night.

Lots of folks are hunting and more watch American, National and World too,

Loving to see bats and leather do what they so beautifully in a series can do.

Even so in this land Cowboys, Demons, Indians, Cajuns and the Green Wave rise

Getting gridiron views more on weeks when Tigers play football out of view.  

Everyone in the stadia as the Greeks would say wants a coach who is wise.


Florida beat LSU last week. How is the PAC Ten shaking out for USC?”

Oregon looks strong, but Washington may be the one to watch out there.”

Ohio and the Big Ten feel defensive about this year and some recent games.

There is always talk of reforming the BCS . It is still good to be the SEC.

But whether your team plays for the whole thing or mostly goes down in flames,

America knows that pigskin and gridiron and tailgates in autumn’s  air

Link us to a sport we love and which we tie to our education’s temple.

Lord of college athletics is football, this old Harvard Game is never simple.


Michigan’s Big House or the fabulously feted and festooned freeways far

Entering near the proud Rose Bowl where USC oft avenges fallen Troy,

Do not have an equal even in the round ball’s Final Four wood floored war.

I mean no disrespect to the Diamond in October and the Yankee’s joy.

This is a land of sport and contest which cannot choose just one game.

All of us know that there will be interest in the Bowl Games of fame.

There are millions now who watch the young men in plastic helmets fight.

In the midst of pretty cheering girls, bad seats and glaring white light.

Our marriages, careers, friends from college days long past and not lost

Nudge us towards a ticket, tv party or the tailgate parties of real cost.