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I seem to be back to commenting on the Norton View

I seem to be back to commenting on the Norton View with some frequency. I had stopped. There was never any unpleasntness to speak of on this site and I had not mentioned any on the other. My silence now breaks however, My regular commentary on the LOTB did finish in a rather hostile tone and perhaps thesremaining ties eventually shall as well. I had my first brief returning tenure comment go through on Lords of the Blog and then Have not been able to log on since then after essaying the varied techniques one would check and so assume that I have been in some form or other blacklisted. There really is no real political discussion unless it can result in some form of alienation between the parties. Otherwise there would never need to be any skill in debate or effort at courtesy as anything would do. The period of commenting on LOTB was an unexpected part of my life. For now it continues in a half-life as I am sometimes commenting on LOTB’s descendant the Norton View and because the Hansard Society is still my Facebook friend. There is no assurance as to how long these facts will endure and I am only reporting them as current facts. I salute the HoL for hosting a voice such as mine as long as it did. The bad blood between us is closer to a vast river than a trickle and it is a real tribute to them to have heard and replied to me for as long as they did in their own format.

More Blog Stuff…

I mentioned the patterns in views of this blog in my last post.  I am mentioning in this post that I have added several pages today. Two pages relate to Frank Summers sections and are more or less biographical or autobiographical pages.  I posted some images of documents and so they would ordinarily be in the images section. But the things pictured relate mostly and directly to my  curriculum vitae. To offset this I included a page of text only in my Space Drawings section.  In addition to  these page, I have upgraded the Web Helm page and made some minor changes in other pages that I think will make this better.

It is worth noting that I am not commenting at Lords of the Blog anymore. The reasons are complex. I still am posting a link now and then on the Norton View. However I have not been posting text comments.  My e-novel account is fairly static for now — I have to figure out what to do next. The original novel draft is done.

I think that the quality of Twitter followers is quite excellent but there are not very many of them.  I do have pretty many Facebook friends and if you mention reading the blog I will usually let you join the list. That is another factor and medium of contact with me. I am also still a bit active in e-mail correspondence. However,  the center of what I am doing on the internet these days seems to be this blog.

The Complexities of Real Life are on My Mind Today

I am very much aware of the complexity of life today. Yesterday, on All Souls Day I blogged, went at Susnset to the candle and torchlight mass at the St. John’s Cathedral Cemetary in Lafayette. Then I joined a group of friends and familyat the Cathedral Parish Youth Core Team House. There we ate a great gumbo, watched the Saints  win a hard fought game against the Atlanta Falcons while following the World Series  ticker tell us whether the series ended. My day had the texture of fairly rich and complicated experience which is typical of real life.
I also was involved with  the quiz hosted by Lord Norton this weekend on the Lords of the Blog. The quizzes are always engaged with the complexity of  Parliament. However, in this case the complexity of the array of answers was greater than usual and that probably has delayed the posting of his assessment of answers and winners longer than usual.  For that and for other reasons I am aware that life is complicated. Here is a link to the parliament quiz and the answers, by the time you check it there may be a final post by Lord Norton. http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/10/31/quiz-the-new-supreme-court/
I am attaching a Note  from my Facebook page which I believe is pretty relevant to these concepts. Therefore I am quite willing to present it to you as the greater part of today’s blog post.  
 Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 11:07pm | 
I tend to believe that there is a kind of obsession with simplicity in the modern world that is stupid, unhealthy, dangerous and ridiculous. It is certainly true that many of the best things about our modern world come from our ability to make things more efficient, to pare down processes to those elements with the biggest rewards and yields. However, it is equally true that an obsession with simplicity causes many of our greatest problems and may be costing us as a planet and as a human species more than we can possibly calculate. When you consider the really big questions the cost has to include the loss of opportunity.

The real cost of a bad paradigm or cosmology is not just the bad things that happen to those who adhere to the bad cosmology or paradigm. Even when you add in the cost of bad things which happen to those who do not adhere to that paradigm this is seldom the largest part of the cost. The real cost is mostly in the many good things that are prevented from happening.

Humanity being reduced to something distinctly less than human is enormously costly. There is always a large force toward this reduction in large complicated human societies. What makes a civilization worthwhile is its ability to offset this reductive force. In other words, while we pinch and squeeze each other’s lives in many ways there should be at least as many ways in which we foster personal growth, technical advancement,social development and other good outgrowths of our shared lives.

We must never doubt that when there are a lot of people struggling to hang on to something and it is erased by change there has always been a loss. However, often the new thing can offset the value of the thing lost. On the other hand, where rapid and unplanned change sweeps over the world continuously and armies fight to protect that rapid and constant change it is extremely likely that lots of value is constantly being lost. Where nobody keeps track of expenses it does not take long for almost any enterprise or institution to go broke. Human society and the Earth itself are subject to that principle of conservation.

One of the principle foundations of the modern world is a doctrine called Ockham’s Razor. Ockham’s Razor is not as well-known as the famous parts of the Declaration of Independence or even Descartes’ famous dictum “cogito ergo sum” (I think therefore I am) yet it has done as much as either of these two ideas to make the modern world. William or John or Herby of Ockham said that the simplest explanation for anything tends to be the correct one. That is both true and a powerful truth. However, any coach or athlete in competitive sports can tell you how certainly the simplest explanation can be shown not to always be the best explanation. Trick plays work often but would work more if people did not believe they existed.

In areas of government and policy conspiracy theories are right many times, people lie to census and poll takers, new factors change people’s minds and politicians are inconsistent. In the world of making policy for a species and a planet that keep squeezing into tighter patterns — even if our population shrank from now on –complexity must be understood. Justice and decency often require complex answers and solutions. Survival sometimes demands that we take many course to several ends and not one simple single course.


I wish you all a successful and happy engagement with the complexities of life and the world. Remember, ye brave, ye few, ye proud, ye readers that simplicity is not always best. Simplicity can be wonderful but one must understand how simplicity can and cannot be wonderful to unlock its wonders. It is complicated  that way — simplicity is.    

A Jambalaya, Round-Up or Potpourri Post

Here are some facts of the week for ye  few, ye proud, ye readers:

1. I won Lord Norton’s Lords of the Blog Quiz: http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/10/17/quiz-questions-7/

2. It was an unusual weekend for me as neither the LSU Tigers nor the UL-L Cajuns formed any significant part of my Saturday football watching or analysis.

3. The UL-L  Team BeauSoleil added a second win to its first place in Market Viability at the Solar Decathlon. The team also took the People’s Choice Award. Go Cajuns!

4. The Saints rolled over the previously undefeated New York Giants. Go Saints!

5. NASA (so far as I can see) has still released nothing from the impactor results of the LCROSS mission. Does this mean that the moon is really made of Green Cheese as my babysitter used to tell me and they are unable to admit it?

6. Obama’s visit to New Orleans was very brief.

7. I am on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/FrankW64Summers

8. If the World Series is going to be an LA freeway series I will be surprised. On the other hand what baseball city would not be pleased to get this close.

9. My brothers and brother in law (and some other people without the good taste to be my relatives) have come out with a CD I believe is titled “The Ananias Project”. I have not heard it but I know all of them have made beautiful music and I have enjoyed it. One of the best guitar riffs I ever heard was two of them playing together. I wish them well. You can order here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ananiasproject  I hope that I did not promise WordPress not to publish commercial links, I did not really read the contract I do not think.  

10. Autumn has reached me! Alleluia!

11. A note: round up, round-up and roundup are all used as the term for gathering cattle for a drive in the United States. This term is then applied to police blotter stories in journalism, music countdowns, and some kinds of catalogs. There are magazines, a herbicide and other entities which use one of these three variant forms capitalized as all or part of their proper name. This blog post is a blogging round-up.

Blogging Towards Our Future

Blogs and bloggers keep their web logs as we all know. I blog here and now.

Lords of the Blog lets the House of Lords have its webward say on any day.

On Politico dot com one can watch ahead of the ship of state’s own prow.

Go to White House dot gov and find someone with much to do and say.

Go to the United Nations site and it gets close to blogging too but not quite.

It is at Rotten Tomatoes one can find some critiques and hot reviews as well.

Not far from me at WordPress there are many blogs I know left and right,

Go to the search bar and type in something — what the hell! 



There are folks at space advocate blog, I know Malette is there and writes.

On HBO there are blogs by fictional folks and those who watch the shows.

We can go to the Vatican and Smithsonian and Congress’s  official sites.

And if we are skilled searchers we find where the nearby blogging grows.

Really, there is little left to complain about as many pols blog too.

Doing all  these searches and readings we could now  surely do ,

Short of time we may become for all we have to web review.


Our future may see new changes in the blogosphere it’s true.

Under any view we can bet that future will be wired too.

Real disaster alone will end our blogging before twenty-one twenty-two.


Franksummers3ba’s Blog is a frank summary  written in frequent speed. 

Until it ceases it will have a man’s viewpoint on the wire to read.

Then take a break between Twitter and Facebook notes and your own blog.

Until you grow tired you could even post my link or put it in a printed log.

Really we are just blogging towards our future here and now in community.

Each of us should go and do something to make of words and our deeds a unity.

Healthcare Reform and Decriminalizing Drugs

One of the issues that goes with the reform of healthcare is the question of ilegal narcotics. As it happens I posted a comment today at the Lords of the Blog under Lord Norton’s post “Decriminalising Drugs?” (NOTE: I made a small error and sent clicks to home net. When I changed the post it magicaly continued to send people to that site for no reason. The regular link is  http://lordsoftheblog.net/  ). I often post (or lately have often posted) on LOTB and this is an occasion to place that link here in my blog.

This is also a profoundly important health and wellness issue. I urge you if you read this post by Lord Norton and my comment too. So if you wonder how we can get a grip on the health risks of black market drugs then  also read this: http://lordsoftheblog.net/2009/09/14/decriminalising-drugs/

But as you read it try to think about how it relates to my overall vision of healthcare and ask what the health and wellness implications ofour current policy might be. We will probably be coming back to this in a future blog.