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Giant Omelette Celebration and My Thoughts

The Giant Omelette Celebration in Abbeville has passed. The website can be linked here. It is a memorable event every year.  I enjoyed it — despite the fact that I was not in a position to  be enjoying much of anything just now — I decided to let myself go and rejoice in the event.

I saw a lot of people that I knew and spoke to some of them. Tomorrow The Hillary-Kane ticket and the Trump-Pence ticket will go at one another and other will be on the final ballots as well. The country will face many other electoral decisions. But yesterday and the day before was a celebration of other structures in America which are not directly tied to this election. The town,culture and celebration are not perfect.  But they are worth experiencing and are worthy.


I participated as much as I could, more time than I could afford and although I spent very little I may not have been able to afford that either. But this was a glimpse of life that transcends and underlies all the political tensions in America.


So I hope to be in a position to comment on the outcome of the election. I hope to be able to have some success to be able in turn to solve my myriad problems. But I am also a person who enjoyed the Omelette Celebration, watched the Saints win in San Francisco and spent some time at church and with family. That’s life too…

Louisiana’s Festivals

Louisiana has many festivals and fairs in cities, towns and villages too.

Our association LAFF is not really a minor or laughing matter.

Under the breezy skies Delcambre and Bayou Pierre Part Bless Fleets.

In Crowley’s great Rice Festival and Basile’s Swine they celebrate good eats.

So in today’s Cattle Festival in Abbeville I brought my nephew and nieces two,

Into the streets of my hometown to watch  parades see beads and candies scatter.

And to eat the icy snow cone treats in rainbow hues and walk a bit together.

Not neglecting to be thankful for the  pleasant break in rainy weather,

As we rode rides and watched the beef move from grill to paper platter.

Saturday hours in a small Louisiana town led us to the familial matter.


Full of the experience and back to an early supper and I to football then,

Each of us was enjoying the weekend diversions not of the festival at all. 

Such is the way many and likely most festival-goers go to these most often.

To a bit of this and that and not taking every bit of time from football.

In addition the gridiron of fall and hunts and baseball people rest.

Very many go to church and eat out away from the fairgrounds too.

And people combine the Jazz, Shrimp or Ducks with life’s normal best.

Louisiana’s Crawfish or Cattle Festivals provide pleasant things to do.

Saturdays and Sundays in any fair like this may a bit of our life renew.