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Change And Politics

Change was promised and prophesied by the new President of the United States.

He seems to think that compared to the hardworking and  thrifty Chinese

And compared to the starving Africans assaulted by the world’s hates

Now Americans need more free stuff and entitlements  for all disease.

God knows I was not happy with the recent years of the Grand Old Party 

Essentialy things keep getting worse in terms of my desired Society.


As for me it just gets more and more alien, a heterogenous wasteful place,

Not a diverse union skillfully joined with law and custom’s grace.

Doing  too little to build a world of reality in justly administered space.


Perfectly horrible is the way I would describe much of the future.

Our kids grow up pulled down and exposed to  all sorts of torture.

Led by the Blacks of the South side of Chicago and a Kenyan’s Kid

It seems we are supposed to learn to cooperate and produce a land

The community many would agree is most horribly out of hand.

It is a time of Harvard and dead mothers and  angry bums

Challenging us to create a world of entitled  deficit slums.

Seldom a drop of sweat in field and forge receives guided sums.

Pesimistic Political Poem Pretended “America In Trouble Today”

America, we are so sure of ourselves when we are and say so loudly.

Michigan, California and other statehouses immigrants hold proudly.

Even in the White House and old Louisiana two generations gets to the top.

Righteously we praise forbidding care to brazero’s kids with wetback Pop.  

I hear of trillions here and there for reasons a Lichtenstein could doubt.

California is deep in debt and can’t print money, so feds may print it out.

America consuming so very much of the world’s mine, sweat and crop.


Is it time we had change not from Harvard-going takers who don’t build

Not from billionaire beggars and the most undeserving of our poor?


The Mormon mustn’t marry much but Dick can marry Rob I hear.

Rob can’t fight because his sex life is our biggest enemy and greatest fear.

Olympics in Atlanta bombed and we think the world must forget.

Unions in Europe will squeeze us out each day but are buddies we bet.

Big treaties and tough laws could make drugs legal and protect us here,

Leaving Taliban, FARC and Mexican blood streets lesser lords of fear.

Except the debate is free drug use or war hard on peasants yet.


Truly, this is not a super country folks.  Hate me if you wish .

Our country is cause of and victim of many woes today.

Day by day we move farther from the way to fill a dish.

And if we do not wise up we will have to really pay.

Yes and innocents suffer here and abroad so we can play.