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America and the Nature of Political Will

Obama ran on “Hope and Change” as his motto in 2008. He is term limited by the Constitution. He cannot run again as things stand. When he won he used the crises of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the financial crisis to power the election bid. Now we have a complex and brewing racial violence crisis which has reached a new peak and focus with the  Charleston shooting and its aftermath. This comes out of a long past and  the struggle with that past is also deeply relevant. It is also in the news.

It is clear that political mileage will be made out of all of this. What is not clear is who will make this situation most effectively part of their plan to change things. The main change is often to increase their own political power.

The Democrats on their official site do not at the time I am typing this reference the Charleston shooting or the Confederate flag on their home page or the prominent pages of their website. It may be that the events and their coverage have affected placement of other website elements on their site. The Republicans on their official website had not yet singled it out either but the homepage prominently displays an image of Abraham Lincoln who founded the party and fought against and destroyed the Confederate States of America. In the most prominent montage on the site featuring prominent current Republicans as I just looked the site had the Republican Governor of South Carolina who has called for the flag to be moved and removed place in the most prominent upper left corner of the group of images.

Gettysburg settled upon our country many parts of a new consensus . . .

Gettysburg settled upon our country many parts of a new consensus . . .

What then is the significance of this killer’s use of the flag in a set of pictures? What is the response to the response to those images? There was a small box prominently placed on the front page or homepage of the NAACP website related to the Confederate flag being removed from the Capitol Grounds in South Carolina. The article presumably will move around the site but still be available here. Well Alabama has lowered and removed the Confederate flag as can be followed here. That is as significant at least as the fact that the flag continued to wave nearby as Clementa Pinckney laid in state as was his right in the nearby capitol.  In Virginia it seems they will discontinue Confederate emblem license plates. These two former Confederate States certainly demonstrate a great deal of serious and prompt action on this subject. These various governor’s calling for symbolic changes are not politically identical. But there is a presumption in some places that partisan politics is at the heart of this entire discussion.  Prominent novelist, my long-time Facebook friend and blogger David Brin takes a partisan view as a democrat that you can reach here. His take is at least bordering on hate-mongering but David Brin is a relatively unique person coming from a relatively unique place and neither a politician nor a journalist.

When I led the Crater Cap Colony COncept Group on Facebook we had a very diverse group from around the world but some American memebers were unique in approaching me with the request that I discontinue the emblem featuring the American flag.

When I led the Crater Cap Colony Concept Group on Facebook we had a very diverse group from around the world but some American memebers were unique in approaching me with the request that I discontinue the emblem featuring the American flag.

Certainly politics will continue to play a role in the direction in which things move. But the issue transcends electoral politics. Walmart, Amazon, E-bay and others have decided not to sell images with the Stars and Bars anymore.  The cost of exhibiting any sense of Confederate identity may well be going up in the next few years at least. What difference these actions will make to American society is not so easy to determine.  What is certain is that the reality of the nexus of race and violence in America which I outlined here is not the focus of attention for very many people in seats of power and influence and neither is it likely to become the center of a great deal of discussion. Although their has been some discussion. I look forward to the  reality of a decline in the level of really open and honest discussion about history as the vestiges of this opposition force are attacked in a new way.  Nonetheless, there is no magic formula that determines in my mind where this set of emblems should and should not be honored. The Confederate heritage is not the only nor even the primary heritage that I honor.

The seal of the Confederacy ties the Lost Cause to the Revolution and the past long before that war.

The seal of the Confederacy ties the Lost Cause to the Revolution and the past long before that war.

The crisis going on in the United States of America today is a complex and difficult  set of social circumstances to understand.  There is a great deal going on in journalism and near journalism and some has been collected by people like me and also by people like the University of North Carolina Press. It’s also true that talk radio is full of discussion, oration and preaching that is in some way connected to the Charleston shooting and before the shooting there the radio waves were to a lesser degree busy with discussion of the events related to race and violence in the rest of the country. The struggles of the people who are most affected by the violence in the country, by problematic government policies and by the racial context of our time do not constitute struggles to get elected, increase ratings or even preserve churches, flags or monuments. As it was when I posted this, I did not really much like the UNC grouping and said this about it in another place on the web.

This may be a historical perspective on a group of journalistic articles dealing with history but neither has the balance of classic American journalism nor the depth and fullness of good history. That is a fairly damning and extreme comment about something bravely and proudly showing the UNC banner. It’s good to be sensitive to the horrors and the grief occasioned by a terrorist attack on a Bible study in an historic church.

Now may be difficult time to write things which associate the victims with people for whom they have no legal and little other responsibility. Yet, I do not think it is excusable to foster a bouquet of nearly total denial of vast parts of the truth from terrorism from the North before the Civil War, to Union atrocities during and after the war, and unceasing violence from the hardly reported (and rare) violence of the fringes of the Civil Rights movement, to dangerous and massive civil disobedience in the mainstream Civil Rights movement, to criminal acts with a racial element by African American assailants, all the way to the current nexus of race and violence centered in places like Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago. Dylann Roof was a terrorist perhaps with psychological problems and perhaps without an organization but he was not a young man living in paradise who was crippled and consumed by delusional fantasies of race related violence. It’s alright for liberal, moderate and left-wing professors to hope that this event will boost book sales and class enrollment. It is less alright to be ridiculous even when you have isolated yourself from most of the people who could disagree with you…”

So far the official site of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has shown little evidence of being affected by this very intense time of reacting to the fact that the Charleston shooter posed with the American flag. The website for the United Daughters of the Confederacy also seems as yet to be unchanged. Both of those characterization are relevant as of the time of typing these lines and may not be the case forever. Dylann Roof has also got a site up but I have not yet examined it myself nor will I link to it from this blog until it is very old news if it survives that long. But his life has shown that people form opinions for which they are willing to kill and die outside the halls of power. His murderous invasion of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopalian Church was part of a series of actions that responded to real concerns and was expressed in real planning and preparation — at least that seems to be the case. The Bible Study was within his vast and undisciplined hatred perhaps but not in a delusional or fantastical way primarily. David Duke, the  old Louisiana Klansman who has become far more of a champion for anti-Semitism than for white supremacy in recent years did have a few links discussing banning the flag. One is here, if Brin can be offensive then be prepared that this David can be very offensive at many levels and repeatedly.  Unlike a lot of people with opinions on Southern politics I live in the South. Although I have traveled a great deal  I am very deeply rooted here. I am doubtful that I will  really be a political prisoner in the United States. It could happen but here we are less open with oppression in most cases. The folks with Duck Dynasty, a popular Louisiana family with a national television following  are seen by some as being free from Confederate controversies. You can link to that website  which has investigated that here. I on the other hand do pay tribute to the Confederate Ordeal and its dead. The struggle is not without resonance for me.  We are not yet in a state of tottering on the edge of any kind of Civil War. We are not yet doomed to collapse into any kind of really massive form of violence. But such a thing is not impossible.  We have what it takes to find a better way forward and I have blogged a good bit about what that way might be.  For now it might  be good to look around at all the reasons for hope — there are many. But we have our problems and this is one of them– this vast problem with race and violence and politics which is finding its voice and center in new ways around the actions and images of one violent young man.

American Rights & The Workings of Black Power as We Know it

This post is my effort to address a crisis of the lack of white racial consciousness in America. It is my effort to communicate the truth clearly on those issues related to that in those terms.

This is the kind of post I avoided writing for much of my life. There are many more things I could write and don’t. I do not wish to inflame passions outside of the right and proper conduits and outlets for their best and highest expression. I know that divisions can become very serious indeed. I do not wish to unwisely divide the country.  I do remember all my life being part of a regional remembering perhaps illustrated well in a video clip found here. Besides my connections to a long interest in the history of the States which formed the Confederacy I am a ware of how complex it can be to maintain that history. I am aware of how honoring it can be a means of empowering people who are the enemies of that heritage and always have been as well as those who have very different visions and wish to corrupt those goals and dreams and traditions for very different ones. Nonethless, Confederate feeling survives and the reader can come into contact with  some of those who make a strong effort to publicly preserve its essence here and here.

The definite connections I feel to the South have strong connections to the sense of loss, defeat and desperation which I associate with the end of the War Between the States and the aftermath of that war. The significance of race in that conflict is a subject for many books and not so much for a brief blog post. But the Confederates were fighting against Black Republicanism among other things and elsewhere in this blog I have discussed how that is relevant to our current situation. My Model Constitutions  both State and of the Union are among the permanent pages of this blog and also are among my most serious attempts to address these issues although of course they address many other issues as well.

It should be clear that I am not living in shame and secrecy. We will face the future are it will devour us from behind regardless of whether I try to write about it. But America should be aware of what Black Power , Black Africanism,  the continuous massive assault by a conscious pan-Black group which is willing to lead an anti-white legion of identities. White racists often make anti-white unity easier. In South Africa the ANC got Indians and Zulus eventually to side with the rebellious Black common folk but once freedom was achieved rule of the streets by black common criminals was much more of a factor than the many defectors from other identities had feared. Black crime emasculates white men in America and creates a unity of destruction and subversion functioning much as the wave of Hitlerism functioned for a different group in Germany during the Weimar Republic — it is an infrastructure of violence and identity. This infrastructure of violence, rape and intimidation is tied to more serious art, scholarship and politics which seek Black Power  and Black Supremacy in this country and Americans need to see this trend  to see what these factors tend to as conditions of power and organization.

Meanwhile every effort at  universal and national concerns not related to race is condemned by some or many open white supremacists. David Duke and his ilk tend to see Jews as making Whites somnolent when in fact much of the language comes from very Euro-Christian historians of what is called our Civil War in explaining away and lying about factors involved in understanding  the nature of race. political organization and slavery. I am aware of how many neighborhoods, schools, jobs and women Whites have surrendered specifically to Blacks. I am aware of how many people have adopted a life of fear and cowering to black racially conscious violence. I am aware of how many other groups find it safer and better to play a small role in a black supremacist political and social agenda than a white supremacist one. These facts of life in America and around the world are real and important. But I do not want the kinds of extreme solutions which may become possible in a rise of white identity. My Constitutions are my proposal. Blacks should be citizens, they should hold property, they should  hold office. A white supremacist America can offer justice here and address similar problems around the world by being a small contributor to the right solutions.  In addition, racism itself is nothing I greatly love or aspire to foster. White Supremacy and racial consciousness for all I admit to espousing. But I have other values too. Neither my politics nor ideologies are capable of being easily compressed and summarized  into a few simple phrases.

One notes the passing of former poet laureate Maya Angelou, the struggles of the Black African Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and the latest achievement of some black artist, author or athlete coinciding with this post. It is easy to think that his is not a good time for such a post or that there is never a good time for such a post as this. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Hussein Obama deserve to be treated as American figures. They contributed more up to now to America than to Blacks. But their contribution is always racially conscious and racially motivated. A nuanced White supremacy is needed which can deal with that reality. First we cannot deal effectively with theoretical or idealistic foundations of racial interaction and race policies in this post. The general theory I proclaim here is that when the structures are such that organized race behaviors in favor of Whites are made illegal in America that is a gross distortion of properly functioning social fabric. It also tends to most energize the Black racists who now have an undue advantage over all other players in the new and distorted environment. Here one can find an account of how race plays out in the streets of America which should be disturbing to White people and others in many ways. One wonders how many young White and Asian girls are never on any radio show who have somewhat similar experiences with far less to bring to the confrontation than this person did. One also knows that there are risks posed to innocent young black American men when persons like the victim are made insecure and edgy for a lifetime by certain kinds of confrontational events.

On May 31, 2014 I failed to attend a funeral of a white friend at a largely African-American church. I am who I am and am not hiding much about my politics including a concern about race and yet in the many reasons why I did not attend that funeral the racial issue was probably the least. My own health was a factor but not the principal one and there were many more reasons related to the dynamics of the day. The truth is that race is just one of a number of areas where it is very easy to make false generalizations. This post is about race and US politics from a particular point of view.  I have recently outlined some of my larger political views as they affect the near future here.  This is not South Africa or Zimbabwe. So how much can Black Power really be much worth discussing in the American context?

I am going to argue in one of these rambling and complex blog posts that Black Power has something very much to do with the American present. I think President Obama devoted to making many improbable things come true. His administration makes it possible for people to see things not often considered possible before. Dinesh D’Souza has followed Obama’s anti-colonialism and is putting out another movie that may have insight into his vision of the future. But this post has to do with many things besides the Obama administration. This post is about my life and times and experiences in a variety of contexts.

I just recently posted a couple of blog posts which have been important to the understanding of this subject. Any reader can access those two here and here. One of those is about Memorial Day and about two very different men with very different lives who both served in the US military and are both tied to the memories of Memorial Day for me. The time has passed when I would have done an ordinary and complete obituary for either one of them and I did not attend either of their funerals. Sev was buried in Arlington and his funeral related to that although there were probably closer places that participated in the ritual. Graham’s funeral was out of Our Lady Queen of Peace a mostly Black and  Creole of Color Church with a white pastor whom I have long known. I have attended that church before with Graham. But we have had a complicated relationship and it continued to be complicated even in his passing and so although my parents were participants in the rituals I did not attend his funeral. I did attend a series of lectures my sister gave to a Charismatic group in that same church.

I am writing from the Black Supremacist United States of the Occupied South as well as from the United States of America and the former Confederate States of America. This blog post is about Black Power and Black Supremacist reality as it actually occurs. There will be many struggles along the future and my own role in those struggles hardly portends to be very significant from where I stand just now.

I am writing as one who has already committed himself to a powerful reform of the country. I believe there are others who I do not know well who believe in the possible variety of American truths, one such speaker can be found here. In addition, in a small world and a smaller part of it one cannot help but feel a need to interact with others who may be struggling to achieve some of the same goals even if one does not approve of the large part of the way one expresses certain things in these days. Such is the case with my own connection with the principal author of this short video clip.

This may be a time when France and other powers in Europe can be amenable to conversation. See one possible place for conversation here. I am committed to the certain principles and I have spelled out my positions fairly carefully. But let us be clear that any path forward will be a risky and costly one. I am a man comfortable with travel, familiar with hardship who can work with his hands, I am also the holder of a graduate degree and one content to read a great deal. My political profile has gone from obscure to more obscure. But I am not here looking to join someone else’s vision I am putting forward my own vision.

The title of this post is ambiguous. I meant the rights of Americans have a racial aspect and also that all those on the right in American politics have a responsibility to discuss and understand the racial implications of our lifestyles and policies.  This post is one small part of a life but it is an effort to be direct. It is an effort to say that narrow minded fanaticism can still be averted. A truly American future can still emerge. But we must face the reality and complexity of the threats undermining America’s future.

American whites have long failed to replace the number of white children leaving childhood with babies. That need not be all bad but in our somnolent state is is disastrous. Read this whole article for one take on some implications.    The problem is far more than an American problem, as some have noted. The realities are everywhere complicated.

I believe an America with mixed marriages, social interaction and a future of ambitious projects is possible. I believe we must have a new level of white racial consiousness for that dream to have a chance.

Union and Secession and Identity

Almost nothing is ever permanently resolved in politics. Scotland may soon leave the United Kingdom (it may also not do so) that has been one of the most settled unions in modern and late medieval history .In the South of the United States of America one of the issues one grows up with is what to call the war fought between 1860ish and 1864ish. There is a spectrum of answers: The War of the Rebellion, The Civil War, The War Between the States, The War for Southern Independence and The War of Northern Aggression are the chief choices. I am proud of an in touch with my own Confederate heritage and I seek to honor it in many ways. However, while I seek constitutional change my ancestors were secessionists and I am not I seek to preserve the Union. Secession is not the part of the past I want to make alive today. Scots currently feel it more and more likely that independence is necessary. I commented on “The Lords of the Blog” about this and other issues:


10/02/2014 at 3:57 am
Lord Soley,

It would be a tedious process difficult to prove to your readers or yourself to show my family connections over millennia to a sizable number of crucial uniting and dividing number of processes of creating and dissolving unions. I think clearly there can be unintended consequences. While it does not seem likely Europe and a separate UK would go to war in a generation it might happen in bit longer time. Clearly the UK benefits from the ties to the great diversity of human and other resources in Europe and the UK.

Perhaps your compatriots who want to leave wish it for many reasons. However, the chief may be a concern about where this is all headed. Clearly the European Common Market has evolved a great deal and is headed in certain direction. My Acadian ancestors migrated to the New World and abandoned their deep network of roots as an existing society around La Rochelle because the modern era was destroying the union of Languedoc–”Paix(s) des Coutumes” and Languedeouil –”Paix(s) des Lois” which was how they saw France. After much bloodshed it seemed the way to preserve who they were into the future. They and my ancestors who may or may not have been qualified to be in the Cincinnati sought independence from a British Empire which was centralizing after a great victory in the previous world struggle against France. The failed attempt to achieve an independent Confederate States of America attracted my ancestors and their friends because it seemed the only way to preserve a recognizable facsimile of the future they intended when they joined the Union. In my case this theme goes much further back in time.

You are I believe of a party and ideology which seeks broad and global change and adaptation most of all. I do not mean you are always reckless or ill-advised. But if you wish to communicate with those who wish to leave seek to answer how the changes they foresee can be true to the reasons their ancestors in ideas, beliefs and blood agreed to the unions in the first place.

Whether I could have been a great success if I had behaved very differently I do not know. But at nearly fifty I seem to have paid a high cost for certain choices of priority but feel I had little choice. I would imagine the relevant groups you are addressing feel much the same way. For them a real risk of ceasing to be Scot or British is not endurable if they can do anything to stop it.”

Greece is a tiny shadow of what it once was for centuries but it emerged from total eclipse as a political unit. Israel with Hebrew as an official language is another such miracle. The world evolves continually and its maps evolve continuously. I cited the Ukrainian revolution in an earlier status update and wish that nation the best as it struggles forward. The truth is that Western Ukraine has a larger portion of its heritage who are of old Greek diaspora stock from the Byzantine Empire mixed with Slavs than the Eastern Ukraine. But Ukraine’s western people are more likely to be Greek Catholic Uniates with Rome or Roman Catholics while the East is more Orthodox in Union with what is left of Christian Byzantium through Russian Orthodoxy or elsewhere. But they are more Ukrainian than anything else and have a nation together. On my Facebook list I am honored to have had (and still seem to have thought there names do not tag here) some of the leadership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans such as Michael Givens, Chandler Givens, Tom Hiter and Frank Powell III. They have a fraternity which allows differing views on how independence relates to current Confederate heritage and I do not know what their personal view are, but members do support the USA while it endures. The Scots would keep the British Monarch as Queen of Scotland which she already holds as a title.

So what would the issues be? Well, here are some raised rather well.


“Likely questions
Areas the Committee are likely to cover with the witnesses include:

What legal principles should govern negotiations for Scottish independence in the event of a “yes” vote?
Is the timetable of independence by March 2016 realistic? What impact will the timing of the UK general election in May 2015 have on this timetable?
What legal measures would be needed to allow negotiations to take place?
Who would negotiate for the remainder of the UK and to whom should they be accountable?
What would happen if the two negotiating teams could not agree on an issue?
What would be the status of the 59 MPs for Scottish constituencies in 2015–16?
What impact would Scottish independence have on the work and membership of the UK Supreme Court?”

I post this rambling discussion to stimulate thought and inform. But not to make too much any single part of it.

The APS Cheating Scandal and American Culture

As those who read me often will know, I have been a teacher in numerous contexts as well as being a person who has taken many standardized tests. I have also advised people I cared about who take standardized tests. Let me assure you that people provide skinnies and acquire early copies of master forms and provide for special conditions for pretty girls who can use their favors to influence the right people, for stellar athletes who cannot make the grade after extensive tutorials and for the relations of rich donors to universities and prep schools. Teacher’s pets can sometimes be rewarded with hints that are unfair to others. That kind of impurity which is not so shocking but offends a sense of the sportsmanship that goes with standardized testing regimes is rampant enough to offend but not pervasive or normal in most testing regimes around the world. Beyond all of this in our own country margins are attached to scores to provide affirmative action for racial minorities, for women, for veterans and for the disabled before making decisions that will apply the scores. In addition to all of this intimidation, cheating lies and abuse occur in all sort of places around the world. If that is the case then does the APS scandal matter? Does it matter that Beverly Hall and others in the Atlanta Public School System presided over wholesale distortions in public school testing? Yes I think it matters. I think also that this kind of wholesale lying and cheating is occurring in many school districts around the country.
I myself have mixed feelings and a mix of things to say about standardized testing itself. I also believe high schools should have more diverse educational outcomes leading to apprenticeships, tech schools and work programs for a good portion of seniors who will still graduate and take some classes in the main school. Likewise they should offer advanced college prep and individual classes. I also think a military track should exist in each school. In other words I think the public school system is broken. I think it must change or we will pay an ever higher price. Given all this dysfunction does wholesale cheating such as erasure parties, broken seals, coaching during tests and false reporting matter? Yes, it assuredly matters. We currently see the worst element combining in the worst ways. This is a result our society demands. Ms. Hall and other are fulfilling an American fantasy about our society. I will not have time to fully explore that fantasy in this note – but I have done so elsewhere to a greater degree.
This little essay of the type I often write will be about Beverly Hall and the thirty or so other school officials indicted in the investigation of cheating in the Atlanta Public School System. This is especially important because Ms. Hall has been honored as National School System Superintendent of the Year and has been a symbol for many of the direction in which our American educational culture ought to be moving. I am going to look at this scandal in order to see a few other things in American life and culture more clearly as well. Like many of my Notes and Posts this one has a central theme and also some other themes woven into the writing about the topic. Also like many of my other notes and posts this topic comes from the current news. The most important news story may be the escalation in tensions in the Korean Peninsula, the new strain of bird flu or for some it may have to do with college basketball. However, for this note’s own purposes we will suppose that this school scandal is as important and may be more important than any other story.
This Facebook Note which is also a Blog Post comes at a very difficult time in my own life. Despite the memories of many times of far more visible trauma and crisis than this is in some ways I am writing this note at a time when it would be easy to think that all of my energy ought to be going to my own senses of loss and sadness. Perhaps this is the darkest time I have ever experienced in some ways. However, It is not about my personal life but about larger social issues. However, the school scandal story is dear and near to my heart… What is striking about this wholesale and institutional fraud which is both alleged and supported by evidence is that it shows the totality of failure in regards to the matching of the machinery of calculating the standing of our citizens with the realities of our society. This failure will play out in very broad implications beyond the serious corruptions of the system of public education in this country. The implications are that we do not currently have a correct view of our society as we face a large number of crises in our nation and in the world. We must consider the significance of this scandal in the context of those challenges.
Later on below these words I will return to the issue of race and the significance of these events being first uncovered beneath the Georgia flag. In this struggle by the State of Georgia and other authorities to deal with these issues the colors which were the confederate battle flag has waved above this instance of endless and widespread nonviolent black supremacy. The flag has often been attacked in Georgia but the falsification of all standards to promote the relative position of the Black race in our society has been fostered by all our learned and moral opinions. I have elsewhere proposed a new model constitution and I feel that the recent events have justified my sense of where the United States of America truly stand as regards its knowledge of its own status in the world.
My proposals in the constitution are moderate in nature and my convictions continue to be the same although there are some great struggles to be had in our future I would not use the horror of our situation as an excuse to fight for the kinds of racial extremism which such corruption as we have seen here can often encourage. The wholesale war on the survival of what was best in Southern culture has been ongoing as a political operation of the Federal Power of the United States for all of the last 150 years. It has simply changed in its distortions over the last few decades. However, there is still some vestige of an American sense of sportsmanship which can somewhere be offended by the total degradation of all standards which is normal in so much of our society. Let us not also doubt that Madoff was a cheater, Nixon was a cheater and people of many races, tongues and ethnicities throughout the world are today and always have been cheaters. We face the reality that if anything is to be determined by something other than cheating then real provisions must be made to assure that cheating will not occur. Where this serious effort is not made to prevent cheating then cheaters are exalted and extolled at the real expense of those who do try to do the right thing.
I have long been weary and discouraged in many ways myself and see the great weaknesses of our society stacking up and growing ever more numerous. I wonder what chance there really is for us to find our way to a better future. Cheating is not a simple matter. I do not think a purely passive or hidebound populace is to be desired. Given the assumptions, laws and rhetoric of our times the actions of Beverly Hall and others seem reasonable enough. Efforts to correct these abuses cannot really succeed without greater changes accompanying them. I have in my model constitution laid out one possible path for such change.
We have not as a society correctly calculated the consequences of rhetoric and policy extolling equality, demonizing racial distinction and white supremacy of any kind, simplifying the mechanisms of stopping fraud at many points. We do not understand the exigencies of any kind of meritocratic institutions on which we must rely. Today as we think back on the Independence Day anniversaries of 150 years since the greatest battle ever fought in the Western Hemisphere was drawn out at Gettysburg and the horror of the Vicksburg siege ended in the failed Confederacy we must recognize the change which Gettysburg assured has been a complicated kind of change bringing both good and evil to Georgia and the South. We must also consider that process launched in and for our nation. The occupation of the South and the repression of its state institutions by the federal government has never ended and has not abated. The morals of it have never been fairly examined. But before focusing on race let me examine some other implications of all this horrific mess.
The creation of a destructive class of vicious and entitled black abusers has been empowered and supported against the society and culture of these states and all of the union. There are many African Americans who would participate in a more positive system drawing on a diverse set of roots of progress. But these people are overwhelmed in the stream of a fantasized racial exact equality in our land. The Black Republicanism which many in the South and the Northern Opposition sought to stop in the War Between the States has reached its fruit and full flower in many places across our society. This racial element is very significant in all of this although one must applaud the black officers of the court who are involved in the prosecution and the black teachers and administrators who lost their jobs in droves opposing the total adulteration of scholastic integrity. There story is not much being told yet and may not be told. It is a story which ought to inspire us to give to the United Negro College Fund and to see in institutions like Grambling and Southern University in my own state. There is in such racially conscious institutions a different ethic than the wholesale cultural terrorism that the US Supreme Court has imposed upon the Union of the States. We are not likely to see such an outpouring of generosity to the UNCF by “Southron” whites of the old school. It is more probable we will see hopeless resentment or racially charged righteous anger. However, many things must be done to make a society or a heritage and the Georgia flag is witness to a complex situation in so very many ways. This is truly a time for a broad and well informed effort.

Thinking a New Thing: A Competing American Narrative

I am proposing that America must change and the changes must be radical. In order to preserve itself America’s ship of state must steer abruptly and hard to an alternative direction. I am committed to this project myself and although I have very little left really have committed much of my own lingering resources to this project as well.  I have of course written quite a bit about which direction all of this ought to take in other blog postings.  These postings do come from a life experience and therefore have some rootedness and connection with some relevant political thought and action but they also represent, in many ways, a kind of exorcism of hope.  That of course is theologically a great sin. However, in the political realm I think that it is fairly innocent more often than not. As  Elton John sang (and still sings) “When all hope is gone, a sad song is saying so much…. When every little bit of hope is gone, a sad song is saying so much.” The truth is that there is often enough in history a point at which one must put forward a program or ideal regardless of whether there is any hope for the program to be realized. For those interested in Greek history the case of Demosthenes was one that loomed large in the thoughts of leaders of Western Civilization for many centuries. But the great orator Δημοσθένης  is hardly alone in proclaiming a cause or an agenda which he believes is unlikely to be adopted. Within more recent times we also have another of these great failures Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Fürst von Metternich-Winneburg z u Beilstein. This Austrian Prince is usually referred to simply as Metternich in the brief writings of political historians writing in English. Like Demosthenes and others he stands before the destruction of the thing he loved — that great Empire which (despite reams of officially titled documents of great importance) never really achieved a single well received name. I mean the Austrian Empire, the Later Holy Roman Empire, The Hapsburg’s Eastern Empire, the Hapsburg Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Great Germano-Slavic Power, The Central Power of the White Peoples and half a dozen other names describing roughly the same rather impressive entity that could afford many niceties besides and without a clear and definite identity. Metternich ‘s great fault was failing to secure a more honest and prominent part for the democratic element in what he clearly thought should be in some sense a mixed government. But like most others in his position he was working within many tough and severe limitations. Positive, warm and optimistic as his writing can be it holds a secret. Rich, privileged and fulfilling as his biography seems to be it holds the same secret. The man is writing to us and all his audience from hell. He is smart enough to see that between the things his Sovereign cannot accept, those which people cannot accept in various duly constitutional communities and what his power’s enemies will not allow there is not a path to success or even survival for the civilization he wishes to save. For a man writing from the infernal interior addresses of genius he does a very good job.

In the United States of America we must do a lot of hard things quickly to save ourselves and transcend our crisis. We must bring together groups of people who have not been friendly in a common cause which recognizes the profound diversity of this society. Even stating that objective in a simple sentence is rather convoluted and difficult. I have written of the Thirteen Major Compacts and the Constitutional Jurisdictions and the Direct Imperial Government  I think we need to add to our maps, hearts and constitution but even if that is not the exact final arrangement something like it would be necessary to lead us to a secure path.

Let us revert to the model that I have set out for the sake of argument and to keep this specific and because it what I am advocating.  I have suggested that half the seats of the lower chamber of Compact Assembly of each legislature be reserved for those seated from the newly created Rolls of Kindreds. I also believe that another five to fifteen percent of each Lower Assembly (as well as possible variable offices in the Council of Nobles where appropriate) should be reserved for various organizations forever if they are willing to take their cultural capital as it exists now and invest it into the revolutionary change of bringing these things to be. So there would be seats in the lower assembly forever elected from within the ranks of certain groups and not open to outside votes or competition. But who would those groups be?

Well in The Louisiana Purchase Compact, The Confederate States of America Compact and the Spanish Borderlands Compact there would be seats for the same three organizations in differing quantities along with other groups. These three would be CODOFIL, Congres Mondial des Acadiens, and Action ‘Cadien    all would have more seats in the first of these three Compacts. Also in the Louisiana Purchase Compact would be the Organization of American Historians seated under its old title as the Mississippi Valley Hisotrical Association and others. In the Spanish Borderlands Compact would be La Raza, several Cowboy culture organizations and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as well as the Order of Friars Minor.  In the Confederate States of America Compact  would be the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, The Sons of Confederate Veterans,  ( a single reformed and amalgamated and duly chartered incarnation of) th Ku Klux Klan,  The Southern Baptist Convention, a single organization of Southern Herittage for the Five Civilized tribes, the SEC and a polical office of  the Ursuline Nuns. In the Compact of the Possessions one would definitely have seats reserved for groups associated with the Black Panthers, Buffalo Soldiers,  and several black athletic associations. These are just a samll number of the Compacts and not all the groups in any compact. Just on skimming through these it does not seem likely that they would all be able to work together even a little bit until after the structure pressured them to do so.  Of course without working together the structure is unlikely to ever emerge. I realize all this quite well. But I believe America must become really American or else become extinct so I keep writing these little essays.  We will overcorrect a bit as all revolutions must from an absurdly simplified system to one too complicated in purist terms. But the change is not excessive. These groups will not have all the power even as a sum total. However, they will help our very complicated and diverse country to stay in touch with the difficult and demanding reality of who we are.

If the new American story emerges then we will have less boundless optimism and less promising to be first and best in everything. We will have more people reminding us of our costly and often tragic greatness who are not willing to throw it all away on the slight chance of some new reality we cannot even articulate. It will be difficult at first even if it happens. Europe will likely ridicule these Compacts with small powers and many seats and Asian powers will be uncomfortable with unexpected change in directions they had not plotted. The Americas will want to downplay the things they like from memory of past disappointments and play up the things they fear for political reasons.  So we would have to do all of these difficult and challenging things not to fit in better but because we were convinced that they were necessary for our survival and development.

Demosthenes and Metternich are high company but if one chooses very obscure references it is almost worth leaving them out.   So this sort of change is really what I think we need. I am not certain we will not get it but it seems unlikely.

Manifestos and starting a blog

First posted on my facebook site as
 Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 10:12pm
This was written late in a series of notes on Facebook and I have not even corrected the spelling and typos or read it over as I posted it here. I was just starting to get something up to start this blog and it seemed like a note about manifestos and other predecessors of the personal blog might be a place to start. I have just added this first papragraph. However, I may edit the note later. We will have to see.
Perhaps the best literary quality of what might be called successful political manifestos and plans for cultural change would Saint Augustine’s City of God and the collaborative Federalist Papers of America’s founders Jay, Hamilton and especially Madison. Not so long ago in the East Chairman Mao Zhe Dong actually produced a book of some literary interest — the once ubiquitous Little Red Book was a sort of mutlipurpose book which was a reworking of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” , Mao’s own art of war which any cultural conservative with his resume would have to produce having had his experiences and on the other hand it was a radical experimentation with making Marxian and Hegelian theory and the Communist Manifesto into something Chinese. It is a sign of Mao’s talents that he could create a brief and readable book which largely accomplished these goals.

I have never read Hitler’s My Struggle or Mein Kampf and the fact that I mention it is probably more than I am normaly inclined to do in writing. I have not read The Turner Diaries although I believe that the author is still alive and is my fellow American. These I think are manifestos which resemble mine in being personal although the Turner Diaires are unique in actually being a novel. I do not despise all anger and violence and the sense of an urgent need to do something. My disdain for these books comes from another place and embodies other criticisms.Hitler was a socialist who is somehow lumped with the right like Mao he killed a lot of people in his own country. Mao admired George Washington far more than most foreigners of his stature ever have and maintained that admiration his whole life. Hitler imitated some of the American experiment but I have always despised Hitler and yes I have always admired Mao. I visited his tomb in Beijing with great respect and bought mementos as gifts. However, I could certainly have schemed against him and shot him if we had been fated to meet as adversaries. I simply would have done it with respect.

The relatively right wing manifesto which I relate to the most easily is not a manifesto. It is a retrosepective document written by a man who I think wished he had written a manifesto but was swept along by history too swiftly to do it. That is Jefferson Davis’s Rise and Fall of the Confederate Nation. I visited his shrine Beauvoir on the Mississippi Gulf Coast several times with my new bride on my honeymoon. But manifestos written after you give up cannpt really be counted.

A manifesto seeks to set out something about the writer’s view of the future and his understanding of how he could manage it. Manage to make it different. I am in this very brief note seeking to create a kind of manifesto. Perhaps in a sense to cast a manifestoesque quality over the rest of these notes. For something as brief as one of these notes to be any kind of manifesto it would have to bring in other infromation and restate it within itself somehow or other.

Usually a manifesto is written in the context of some kind of major crisis. Usually it comes from a sense of not so quiet desperation although it may also come from many more elegant and noble parts of human nature as well. I am reflecting in this 50 of my intended 52 notes before my birthday and some things that make me feel some feelings approaching desperation. After my divorce I came to two conclusions if llife were ever going to become what I considered to be really tolerable on this planet then it would require me to take a bigger role in the transformation than I had ever wanted to take in any serious way. The second was that I was not likely to ever play such a role. I have had the realization for a very long time that no matter what I do I can certainly fail at meeting any given difficult challenge. So this is a manifesto about what things I might do.

The future is harder to study than the past. Letting go of any illusion of certainty however, we can attempt to understand the future a bit after all. Facebook is particularly well populated with people who do take an interest in predicting and understanding the future in various limited and organizedways which many people would recognize as yielding some good results. I have already written the future specificaly in a note relating the future to science fiction. I have decided that in this note I will discuss the future as I might try to make it. I suppose that in a small way this is a manifesto. Perhaps not as challenging and directly confrontational as a manifesto ought to be but a manifesto nonetheless.

I just want to make clear that I am going to disclose a bit of myself in this note. As the countdown to end this series of Notes draws down I an ready to put out some more information about myself which I have usually guarded. I have gotten closer to the point where there are no options competing with disclosure.One thing about me is that I have an enormous capacity for animosity. I have never found the right way to work that into typical sexual banter, a job interview, a curriculum vitae or ai first encounter with someone from a culture which is knew to me.

As I disclose these things about myself I am more able to address certain social and technical questions to which my personal experiences are relevant. In many ways I think that my foray into Facebook came at a very good time for me to find a little closure and focus in my life and experience. It has enabled me to bring together in one electronic place a fairly wide range and broad sampling of my interests, ideas and associates. Of course the vast majority of my friends and associates, acquaintances and enemies are not on my Facebook Friends List. But there is still a great deal that is representative about this list.

Besides self revelation which is alway a bit uncomfortable and dangerous for any one at certain points I am further discomfited by having to say that describea quality of mine which is named by a term which is either a technical term or a tleast a term of art. But it is a term I have grown up hearing and using throughout childhood and adolescence and which As an adult I once took some pains to understand. The term is “ego” a term by which Siegmund Freud did some linguistic remaking of the Latin word which translates as “I” into something related but different. I am also neither a licensed psycologist nor a trained Freudian scholar but I am willing to state that I have a strong personality with a strong “id”, a strong ‘super-ego” and a strong “ego”. But that strength of personality is not what I am singling out here, rather it is strength of ego.

I think that some people who read this might already know it but I want to make clear a point of relevance. Whatever many are few things separate me from measurably politicaly successful leaders like Mao Zhe Dong, Stalin, Napoleon, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Lenin, Ghengis Khan or others you can imagine the difference is not that my ego is smaller. Whatever separates me from moderate successes measured by that standard like Jefferson Davis, Prince Meternich, the Marquis De Lafayette of the the several revolutions, Che Guevarra or Davy Crockett — the difference is not that my ego is smaller. Whatever separates me from apparent total loser lunatics like Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Blackbeard the Pirate, or any of several of the captains of Free-lances and white companies who mostly destroyed themselves and all around them — the difference is not that my ego is smaller. I really do not think that very many people alive or recorded in history have or have had a larger ego. A handful have and I thinksome are well camouflaged. I suspect that Shakespeare had a huge ego but was well hidden from such observation by the nature of his life and work. The facts of my life might not seem to bear out that claim. But it is the kind of claim where correct measurements are hard to come by and bad ones are easily found.

I am a relatively broken man perhaps. Not so strong or bold as I once was. But there is still a union and identity between the dimensions of my commitments and the dimensions of my resources. In other words, there is still a kind of devoted egomania in me. There are many things that come together to create a personality with this trait I find in myself. One factor is that I never really remember feeling that things were OK. As I have often said in thse notes, my life is and has been a nightmare. I give humanity D and F grades on the important stuff most of the time. Of course that in itself is a complex phenomenon and also one that is found in people who are not posessed of enormous egos.

Part of my manifesto would be that I do not espouse or advocate any program to turn all of civilization into a machine for destroying the human ego. Ayn Rand’s books ‘The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” are both recent manifestos which defend and propound the right to have an ego. They are more than that of course they are celebrations of capitalism. Other books related to really understanding ego are Machiaveli’s “The Prince”, Castiglione’s “The Courtier” and retrospectively the excellent book by Barbara Tuchman “A Distant Mirror”. I have read these three books. The largest ego in history I believe was that of the meek Jesus of Nazareth. For me he is an almost inexhustible source of both insight and understanding of paradox.

Along with ego and animosity I value kindness and generosity. I have performed many acts of generosity which are rarely performed and performed them repeatedly. However, unlike the ego thing there are more generous people around and there are much more generous ones in the historical record.
But I am pretty generous, I have seen it modeled and have learned how to do it. I had a knack for it anyway. I think that generosity should be supported and fostered.

I believe in creating a balance in life and person. I think that given what has been available to me I have done that fairly well. I tend to respect people who have some breadth. I value being well read and reading well. I believe that all people should know something about sex, fighting, food and childcare in proportion to their total knowledge and in accord with their state in life. I do not think that we can become full and complete human beings by accident. On the other hand I believe we all inherit some basic rights to life, liberty and property. We do not earn this set of rights mostly by becoming decent and mature people although our behavior can affect these rights.

I think that I should work to produce a society which rewards this ancient kind of balance so highly valued by many of the most accomplished and prosperous cultures of history. I believe that the person is very important. I believe that it ought to be understood that full personal development is a major part of the obligation or program of a full society. However, it is not the only program and obligation of a society. Societies somehow or another have to discharge duties relating to habitat and environmental preservation and the enhancement of the environment and expansion of human habitat. They have to deal with defense, security and war with all the issues which they bring. They have to deal with economic growth and issues of prosperity. part of my political manifesto woulld be that I believe that we must support the people who are actually engaged in dealing with the realities of what society is about and for and supposed to be doing.

Eventually if I ever really emerged into a public life again it would be clear that I am not afraid of leadership, inequality,aristocracies or rank. Also it would come out that in some models I have sketched in various composition books, discussion groups and other venues I have not shied away from taking on both the trappings and the perquesites of leadership. Anything that I write about politics and policies always comes with a kind of admission that in a last resort at leat I would take as much power and responsibility as necessary to make those policies real — in theory at least. There are exceptions:
1. I am never up for total war.
2. I am never up for abolishing the institution of marriage.
3. I am not up for the abolition of all private property.
4. I am not up for the destruction of all protocol and parliamentary procedure.
5. I am not up for hurting the innocent whom I love deliberately.

That covers a lot of ground really. By historic standards it is pretty limiting. But I just want to make it clear that while I spend a lot of time feeding animals, washing dishes and taking out trash and can see numerous paths ito the future in which I end up sleeping under an overpass or living in some other ignominous position I really am willing to go just about to the limits. Everyone has some limits. Some totally commiteed people are never kind or merciful that is also a limit. Many of my limits are moral and procedural but I choose them. As GK Chesterton said of Shakespeare’s Macbeth “He shows us that a good man can be as bad as he chooses to be.” I am not claiming to be a good man nor that I could be purely bad but the Chesterton line has a certain relevance.

I no longer belong to a political party. It has been years since I really pretended to have politicaly oriented carreer or anything approaching it. I never have felt a great attraction for just screaming at whatever ” the establishment” was nearby. However, I have never write any social criticism or propose any ideas just as a way of inspiring others. Everything I write I do with a sense of how it can all connect to fists, wallets and ballots. I have taken quite a few things to the point where I thought it would probably end my life. I am serious about that. Most political systems in recent centuries have become greater and greater subtractions.

On of the parts of my political philosophy which is most important is that I believe we must try to undertake cost effective and large scale space colonization as soon as possible. That would be real expansion and requires a more expansive point of view. I wrote earlier in this Facebook Note that a manifesto that is written after you have given up does not really count as a manifesto. For me I think that means that even if this Note were not so rambling and were otherwise a perfect manifesto you could discount its significance as such. You could discount it by about 85 %. I have gotten about 85% of the way to giving up. But of course this is really a rambling personal and impressionistic Note like the others. Therefore perhaps even with the help of all the other notes it does not really constitute a manifesto discounted or not.

But, for what it’s worth I am actually propsing the things I propose. When I say I think something ought to be done I actually maen that I probably have tried and would try again to do it. Complexity is a ctually a value I cherish. Multiple branches of governement, federalism and many other things. I have also valued experimentation. One day when I have enough to lose someone will possibly dig up a speech or notebook addressed to avery limited audience that says some things most people are not able to relate to very much right now. I know that if I had enough to lose this could be discomfiting. But I want to make clear that I have never said I was just an average guy with average aspirations.