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Remembering Usama bin Laden

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“Remembering Osama bin Laden
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 7:12am
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Osama bin Laden has been killed by a group of American Navy Seals and others who perhaps will not have their names revealed because of the widespread and fairly random nature of the violence in this global war. He was killed in a modest palace in Pakistan in a military area. Clearly he was living as an honored Sheikh and secret warrior and he was killed as he should have been killed by our own black ops elite. He was killed as he should have been killed by forces that came into the country without the full protection of convention and law and did their duty. He was killed as he should have been killed with some civilian deaths of those near and dear to him. He was man who whatever he wished to be was an outlaw and and an unconventional warrior.

I watched a wide range of news sources yesterday and noticed that MSNBC especially kept saying that he had been killed after an almost ten year manhunt. That is part of the great American tradition of lying about Osama bin Laden. Osama was being hunted aggrssively by this country before 9/11. He was retailiating after we had flagged him for destruction. H e deserved to be flagged for destruction we simply failed as a nation to anticipate what he could do on his side of the war.

I remember, less clearly than I might once have remebered watching our country plan operations against the Saudi millionaire. At the time Bin Laden was supporting and financing militants in the Middle East and Africa.There is no doubt that as early as 1998 there was a team of American intelligence experts working full time on bin Laden and no doubt that as early as 1996 there were people giving him considerable attention here in these United States. But our relationship with bin Laden is much older than that he was our ally in the Afghan war against the Soviet Union portrayed in the movie Charlie Wilsons’s war. Osama or Usama fought with distinction in that conflict and all of us who cheered for the Mujahideen were cheering for him among other people. Life is complicated. I cannot really see that the US could have gotten happy about the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan. I cannot really see that we ever could have lived in peace with Usama bin Laden. I am grateful the Seal Team Six or whoever it was killed the man and I am glad to have him out of contention to the degree that he is out.

President Willam Jefferson Clinton had been victorious in his heroic invasions of the women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge was able to marshal enough forces to pressure bin Laden and he was forcred to recreate himself in the Afghan context which joined the Taliban and al Qaeda. In 1997’s later months- he had moved his base completely from Sudan to Afghanistan, and began a worldwide anti-American campaign. His cries for Muslims to organize against us were more effective than our CIA and DOD efforts at the same time to form an expert unit which had formulated plans for Afghan tribesmen to capture him before handing him over to the US. After evaluatingf the mood in Afhanistan, the director of the CIA decided canceled the program, according to a later report issued by the 9/11 Commission’s report.

Bin Laden showed his capacity for mayhem soon thereafter in August 1998 when well over 200 people were killed when bomb-filled trucks and vans drove into the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The hot war with the new Central Asian Usama bin Laden began when US President Bill Clinton ordered the launch of missile strikes against militant camps in Afghanistan, including Bin Laden’s compound. The missile strikes did not kill any al-Qaeda leaders but modified al Qaeda doctrine thereafter and Osama’s habits thereafter. The Saudi rich man who would later offer Kazakhstan millions for a a nuke could afford a series of homes and got them. Bin Laden also devloped mobile camps and a guard and logistics unit that could move quicklyand began changing locations frequently and unpredictably. The absence of this large guard is one of the features of his death they had apparenly been replaced by the protection of the Pakistani governement. He also got the courier system going which changed his method of communication and put the kinds of things the NSA looks for further from home. Nevertheless, despite his history as a hero against the USSR we found many who disliked him in Central Asia and tribal sources were still able to provide regular updates on where he was.

In 1998 and 1999 numerous opportunities to attack and kill him were passed up during his meetings with Afghan officials in areas full of civilians. However, I think it is absurd to say that we surely would have killed him when we attacked. He was more slippery in those days than he has been in recent years. Yet he was quite secret as Special Hero of the Pakistan Military as well.

On the 11th of September in the year 2001 his attacks on the US government at the Pentagon, his slaughter of airliner passengers, the destruction of the World Trade Center and other things made him the man we all know well. This long story has ended with the bravery of the special forces who stormed his compound and killed him. I like George H. W. Bush because he has two beautiful daughters he loves, he likes baseball, he honors his dad, he cares about people and he is pugnacious for America. He is a better man than Usama or Osama or whatever ever was but he also lied about ‘sama bin Laden. He called him a coward. The man was no coward he was one of the bravest and toughest warriors that has lived in my lifetime. As a kill trophy the Seals can claim on of the greatest prizes of our time. Maybe the greatest.

This leader was also trapped by destiny. He was the 17th of 52 children of his polygamous father and could certainly not love a West which singles out polygamists uniquely for hatred and abuse. He believed in Jihad and followed his convictions. But I am not like the Rodney King of the Los Angeles riots. I do not believe that we can all just get along.
People like Jesus and Jesus himself worked very hard at very hard models of peacemaking and they deserved to be taken seriously but not all crackpot ideas of peace deserve such support.

I hated bin Laden’s support of the Taliban that kept girls out of schools, created more dependence on heroin alone and pushed Afghanistan on a path I call evil.

I hated Usama bin Laden’s destruction of embassies where peace is the primary work and the innocent the primary victims.

I hated Osama bin Laden’s involvement in killing Christians and bombing churches in lands I think should be theirs more or instead of Islam’s and were theirs first. I hated his causes more often than I did not hate them.

I hated bin Laden’s antisemitism and cheap hatreds.

Of course I was deeply affected by 9/11. I do not think it was a uniqule morally repugnant act but it was unconventional and murderous and deserves our maximum reasonable vengeance. I had put Osama bin Laden on the list of one hundred people to watch in the second post 9/11 decade which does not begin until September 12, 2011. I did write in that seires on my blog that some might die before the kickoff. He still deserves to be on the list his influence through history will be large and in near years more so then later. But killing him was an important first step. He was seven years older than I am and I will have to wait seven years to see if I have any temptation to gloat over outliving him. In many ways he was a man of great passions and powerful iconography who lived out his goals at a very grand level and after a long hunt we have killed him. I rejoice in the chance to move forward but I find no reason to minimize him. I believe a team of skilled troops can do very important work and in this case they did. As long as he was alive he would have continued to redesign terrorism.

Thirteen More People to Watch in the Second Post 9/11 Decade

In this post I have continued my series on People to Watch in the Second Post 9/11 Decade.  These are people that I think have a likelihood of shaping events are a strong capacity to influence the development of culture and society over the next ten years after September 11, 2011.  The people outlined in past posts before now are linked and listed below:

My first post on this list had twenty-five names:


President Barack  Hussein Obama , Josef Ratzinger, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Her Britannic Majesty, Elizabeth, HRH Charles Prince of Wales, David Cameron, Sarah Palin, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Glen Beck,  Hillary Clinton, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Carl Svanberg, UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, Hu Jin Tao, Timothy Geithner, Al Franken, Barney Frank, Vladimir Putin,  Bobby Jindal, Bill Richardson, Bill Clinton and Osama Bin Laden

The second portion had fifteen people to watch:


Barons Rothschild, Britney Spears, Carl A. Brasseaux, Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth, Carlos Slim Helu, Charles Bolden, Taylor Swift, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands,  Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Kate Middleton,  Catherine Princess of Wales, Princess William of Wales, Princess Catherine, Prince Luís of Orléans-Braganza (born Luís Gastão Maria José Pio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orléans e Bragança e Wittelsbach, Ms. Gail J. McGovern, Me,  His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Prince William of Wales

The third portion of my list had ten people watch:


Gaudencio Borbon Cardinal Rosales, Queen Sofia of Spain, Su Graciosa Majestad Sofia la Reina Catolica, Oprah Winfrey, Bill O’Reilly, Julie Ann Yannatta, Vitaly Alexandrovich Lopota, Amy Grant, Ratan N. Tata, Mark Zuckerberg and Jean -Cristophe Niel 

The fourth portion of my list had five people to watch:


Liu Zhijun: 刘志军, King George Tupou V, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Heinz-Otto Peitgen,  Julie Taymor

That means that prior to this  current new  list of thirteen people I have reached fifty-five people. After this post I will have reached sixty-eight people. I am not decided yet as to whether the list will be for a total of 100 or a total of 91 people but clearly I am getting near to the end.  There is no order of priority in the group. It is possible I may do a last post which ranks the top ten who made the list but so far there is no order.  Among those who almost made this installment of the list are:  Justices Stephen Bryer and Antonin Scalia, George Lucas, Charlie Rose, Stephen Spiehlberg, Ted Turner, Lang Lang, Carrie Underwood, Steve Martin, Roger Federer, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, His Royal Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ( محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم)Emir of Dubai, and James Earl Carter.

1. Charles Alan Murray (born 1943)  has staked out a place for himself which will be important if the United States of America makes the adjustments it needs and is able to enter a necessary period of constitutional and social readjustment.  He would be the scholar able to delineate a new popular framework for an educational and political white supremacist consensus. This is not his intention given his libertarian ideas. Charles Alan Murray is a  political scientist, author, columnist, and pundit and is  a fellow at the  American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC.  He is best known for his controversial book The Bell Curve , co-authored with the late Richard Herrnstein in 1994, which discusses the role of IQ in American society. He first became well-known for his Losing Ground: American Social Policy 1950–1980 in 1984, which discussed the American welfare system.  Murray has also written among other things Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950 in 2003. He has written for Commentary Magazine, The New Criterion, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and  The New York Times. Murray has received and honorary doctorate from Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

2.Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr., (born September 16, 1950)  will play an important role in creating a base of Black scholarly discourse if American renegotiates its constitutional positions as it must.  He serves as the Alphonse FletcherUniversity Professor at Harvard University, where he is director of the W.E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research. HenryLouis “Skip” Gates, Jr. is a scholar, writer, editor, literary critic, educator and public intellectual. He was the first African American to receive the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship. He has received numerous honorary degrees and awards for his teaching, research, and development of academic institutions to study black culture. In 2002, Gates was selected to give theJefferson Lecture, in recognition of his “distinguished intellectual achievement in the humanities.” The lecture resulted in his 2003 book, The Trials of Phillis Wheatley. As the host of the 2006 and 2008 PBS television miniseries African American Lives, Gates explored the genealogy of prominent African Americans. Gates sits on the boards of many notable arts, cultural, and research institutions. .”

3. Professor Ei-ichi Negishi,  is the Japanese Scientist who is the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, he won the prize for a work related to that of two other scientists  for what is described as “for palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis”.   Since winning the Prize he has taken a position with Sony Corporation.  The power of organic chemistry is at the heart of all the complexity of life and this technique allows humans to create many complex chemicals useful in pharmaceuticals, medicine and electronics and Professor Ei-ichi Negishi has ties with Europe, the United States and Japan which will make him more than perfectly placed to realize the potential of these developments. He is a native of the Japanese adventures of largely bad reputation being born in 1935,  in Changchun, China. He is, or at least has been a professor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in the United States of America. There he seems to have been associated with research in Process and Reaction Engineering, a project for Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and BioSciences, computational chemistry, Chemical Structure Dynamics and Mechanisms, International Collaboration in Chemistry Between US Investigators and Their Counterparts Abroad, Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities Instrument Development, Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative as well as other objectives supported by specifc grants.

4. Drew Brees is the quarterback for the defending Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints National Football League team. He has been named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year and the Associated Press Male Athlete of the year both recently announced 2010 awards. Howver this is not an annual nod, this is perhaps a less well-known nomination but it is meant to cover more time. he came to a city tremendously battered by Hurricane Katrina and he dame to a state battered by Katrina, Rita, Gustave, Ike and other hurricanes in recent years. He has stayed through the BP Oil Spill and evolving world economic crisis. He wears a nine and has made it popular in a large region of this country while it is a most honored number in what the rest of the world calls football. That is only or mostly an accident but it is not the only bridge he has built. He has achieved iconic status in a city America regards as 70% black and has played in several regions of these United States of America.  New Orleans is a place far more troubled and also far more rich in heritage and potential than recent news reports have indicated and Brees has a gift for speaking to all parts of the cultural complex. He can speak to groups with strained relationships and be a symbol for both and he can include his family in this journey. He really does have some kind of a gift for unity. Over time he may have a chance to use that role and gift on a larger stage if in a less dramatic way.

5. Angela Dorothea Merkel(- Kasner) was born 17 July 1954) is the current  Chancellor of Germany. Merkel is the first female to hold that post. In 2007  while German Chancellor she became the second woman to chair the G8, afterMargaret Thatcher.  Merkel was elected to the Bundestag (German Parliament) fromMecklenburg-Vorpommern  and became   the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000, and Chairman of the CDU-CSU Christian Social Union (which is the CDU’s Bavarian sister party) parliamentary coalition from 2002 to 2005. Later coallition partners have included the Social Dmocratic Party of Germany and Free Democratic  Party.  This has involved changes in arrangements and varied postsin the world and Europe.  The election of Benedict XVI as Pope and the rise of the German Banks in the Eurozone has made her increasingly important. Her being a woman is significant going a long way to distance her from the last great German grasp at world power. She has carefully felt her way forward in a path full of dangers and traps and doubtless means far more harm than good.

6.General Stanley Allen McChrystal (born August 14, 1954) retired as a four star General following remarks he made about Vice President Joe Biden and others in the Obama administration  which appeared in a Rolling Stone article. General McChrystal was recalled to Washington D.C. where US President Obama accepted his resignation of his commands in Afghanistan and allowed him to retire.  I believe he will become a talking point and symbol for a number of issues related to security, martial culture, respect, media and other matters. Because of his relative youth and good reputation he will be drawn into potential positions of influence if the real transitions we need occur. He may be what I would call a good figure or a bad figure if this happens.  That will largely be moral and political choice which he must make.   His last assignment was as Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A).  He previously served as Director, Join Staff from August 2008 to June 2009 and as Commander, Joint Special Forces Operations Command from 2003 to 2008, where he was credited with the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of Al- Quaeda in Iraq, but also criticized for his alleged role in the cover-up of the Pat Tllman friendly fire incident.  McChrystal was reportedly known for saying and thinking what other military leaders were afraid to, one of the reasons cited for his appointment to lead all forces in Afghanistan, a post he held from June 15, 2009, to June 23, 2010.

7.Danica Sue Patrick (born March 25, 1982) is a racecar driver. She is an athlete, a sex symbol and a businesswoman who manages to make a relaxed and integrated connection to the American public and the racing world.  She is married and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  She speaks and moves well on camera, can handle interviews well, loves music and played the flute and sang in the choir in High School. With a lot of focus on being sexy, real and representing the girls next door she is no joke at all as a racer. She is the only woman ever to have led in the Indianapolis 500 race.She placed 3rd in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, which was both a personal best for her at the track and the highest finish by a woman in the event’s history  She has  also been successful in Indy racing while making the transition from Indy Car to NASCAR racing. She has made a broad and varied committment thus far to the often much more specialized life of an American auto racing drive. She can be said at this time to be competing in the IndyCar Series, the ARCA, and the Nationwide Series in NASCAR (NASCAR alone is measured by some to be the largest spectator sport in America).  She is a Sports Illustrated multiple issue swimsuit model, has been in numerous other magazines as a model advertising is a major advertising spokeswoman forseveral of her racing sponsors and some other corporations . Patrick was named the Rookie of Year for both the 2005 Indianapolis 500 and the 2005 Indy Car Series. With her win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300, she distinguished herself as the first woman to win an Indy car race. Patrick currently drives the #7 GoDaddy.com Honda /Dalara for Andretti Autosport. In 2010, Patrick began racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, driving the #7 GoDaddy.com  Chevrolet Impala for JR Motosports part-time. She also has an equity stake in her #7 team. She has won several races for the pole postion. Danica Sue Patrick competes in a sport where people die. She plays an important role which a few women must play for America to maintain the opportunites for women which are part of our future. It would help if she is able to do all of this and have a healthy baby or two or three. Her struggle with the issues of when to race pregnant is part of her life’s race. She is two years younger than Sarah Fisher who opened some doors for her and has also benefitted from Patrick’s success. There is something basic and primal tha male fans say to Danica which is  part of the kind of female freedom American civilization needs   “Yes, you are small (DSP weighs about 100 pounds) and pretty and I would like to marry or sleep with someone like you and maybe protect them and my babies they were raising. But I can live with the chance you are taking that you will be smashed to death or burnt alive in a sport where all out competitive effort is the norm.”  In the societies at the peak of pre-Roman Celtic cutlure most men were warriors and most women were not but a few queens and princesses fought bare-breasted in the thick of it all. That “effective symbol” allowed them to be more feminist than they could have been otherwise. The role is necessary and nobody plays that role in the USA better than Danica Patrick.  

8.Melinda French Gates (born Melinda Ann French; August 15, 1964) is an American philanthropist and wife of Bill Gates. She is the co-founder and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to which the Gates have donated more than $24 billion. Tehy have also attracted a vast amount of other money which most famously incldes a large part of Warren Buffet’s fortune.  She was a former unit manager for several Mocrosoft products such as  Publisher, Microsoft Bob, Encarta, and Expedia. Melinda French Gates was born in Dallas, Texas to Raymond Joseph French, Jr., an engineer, and Elaine Agnes Amerland, a homemaker. She attended St. Monica Catholic School, where she was the top student in her class year. She graduated from Ursuline Academy of Dallas as Valedictorian in 1982. Gates  who was then still French completed her undergraduate work at Duke University earning  a degree in computer science and economics in 1986.  She continued her graduate work at Duke and earned an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in 1987. She went to work for Microsoft and held many responsible positions  in product development rising to her last position was Microsoft’s General Manager of Information Products. During the latter part of that time she dated and then in 1994, she married Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Shortly thereafter, she left Microsoft to focus on starting  a family and raising her children: daughters Jennifer Katharine Gates (born 1996) and Phoebe Adele Gates (born 2002), and son Rory John Gates (born 1999). Gates served as a member of Duke University’s board of trustees from 1996 to 2003. Melinda Gates  holds a seat on the board of directors of the Washington Post company.

9. Marilyn Vos Savantt was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for five years under “Highest IQ” for both childhood and adult scores. She has since been inducted into the Guinness Hall of Fame.  Marilyn Vos Savantt is married to one of the most extraordinary achievers of our time although his achievement are not of broad use and are somewhat controversial in the expert communities that discuss them.  Her husband is Robert Jarvik, inventor of the Jarvik 7 and Jarvik 2000 artificial hearts. These two extraordinary people  have two children together, Mary and Dennis, and the whole family works together at Jarvik Heart where Marilyn Vos Savantt is an executive. The family live in a sort close association with the next generation included  in Manhattan within a few blocks of each other.  Marilyn was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the daughter of Mary vos Savant and Joseph Mach. This family closeness has not kept her from reaching the outer world, she is a national columnist and author. Since 1986, Marilyn has been writing the “Ask Marilyn” question-and-answer column for Parade, the Sunday magazine distributed by 379 newspapers, with a circulation of 34 million and a readership of 79 million, the largest periodical in the world. Honors  she has received include being  named one of fifty “Women of the New Millennium” by the White House  Vital Voices: Women in Democracy campaign, winning the “Women Making History” award from the National Women’s History Museum and receiving  of honorary Doctorates of Letters.

 10. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías ;( born July 28, 1954, in Sabaneta, Venezuela) is the President of Venezuela. Time magazine to named him in their list of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2005 and 2006. Chavez really stands out because of the way that  he is able to network to create a global network which can be a player in geopolitics. He does not have to lead the coallition but merely to reamin a key player in that coallition to find a path that suits his own goals and ambitions. U.S. State Department, and others, criticize Chávez for allegedhuman rights violations, while supporters point to improvements in constitutional and legal rights,  health care, women’s rights, reucing poverty and the improved treatment of indigenous peoples under his presidency. His political influence in South America – partly due to his government’s use of Venezuela’s oil wealth – and his sometimes strained relationship with the United States endow him with a high geopolitical profile  Whatever political ideology he has developed comes from his carreer as a  military officer during which Hugo Chávez founded a partly military and partly civilian revolutionary movement in the early 1980s to oppose and then overthrow Venezuela’s Punto Fijo system, which he considered corrupt and undemocratic. The movement failed in a 1992 attempted coup d’état against President Carlos Andrez Perez, after the Pérez government ordered the violent repression of protests against spending cuts in a crackdown known as El Caracazo (1989), which saw hundreds killed. Chávez served two years in prison  and then helped transform his movement into something new in 1997  called the Fifth Republic Movement which is a political party and arguably a neo-communist one. He readied this  to participate in the 1988 presidential election, with Chávez its candidate. Chávez promised to bring prosperity to Venezuela’s poor majority, to tackle inequality, and to hold an assembly to create a new constitution to codify a range of new legal rights.  He is now president under this new constitution. There can be bo doubt in my mind that peopl who want to do what I regard as ecil at the expense of ood which the United Sates wants to do will take advantage of Chavez as best they can. Also Venezula already had a nationalized petroleum industry, a history of free elections and a distribtution bureaucracy. Worst of all his power in geopolitical terms largely depends on confrontational stances towards the USA. However, there are many reasons why Chavez could be part of a positive consensus in this hemisphere by my standards. I believe that a policy which brooks no opposition is not really worthy of being called policy and he could be the leader of the opposition in a dynamic Organization of American States in which the USA is naturally dominant. Or he could become part of the complex sydrome that will fairly soon tear this hemisphere significantly to pieces before plunging it into real stagnation. All that remains to be determined.   

11. Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi, Madame Nicolas Sarkozy was born in Turin , Italy.  She is married to Nicolas Sarkozy the President of the French Republic and Ex-Officio Co-Prince of Andorra. In her own right she was a rather famous beauty who left school at 19 to become a model. Besides that she is an heir to her legal father’s fortune along with her sister which is part of the CEAT tire fortune coming from her grandfather Virginio Bruni Tedeschi. The family’s company was sold in the 1970s to Pirelli  although the compny’s mark may still be seen on products of its former subsidiary in India, founded in 1958).  She acknowledges herself to be th biological child of another very wealthy man than her father. The family moved to France in 1975,  and both the parents she grew up with distinguihed themselves with succes in serious highbrow music and they may have left Italy to escape the Red Brigades. She is able to show a long connection  both to her husband’s conservative politics and to his native country.  She willlikely play an important role in defining protocol and social relations if France and America undergo the period of transition that they will need to prosper.  

12.  Air Defense Commander Shigeru Iwasaki  is more or less an invisible man. He has been called in to replace a leader charged with corruption. His name Shigeru calls forth the memories of a more agressive Empire of Japan. He has a powerful base and stronghold at  Fuchu Tokyo and a close administrative relationship with the defense structure abd the Prime Minister of Japan who is a few rungs above him. He is holding this office at a time when North Korea is testing weapons in the Sea of Japan, the USA is troubled and relations between the US and the Philippines are week. His is a post from which great leaders can be pushed forth. He has supervisory responsibility, with Major units of the JASDF are the Air Defense Command, Air Support Command, Air Training Command, Air Development and Test Command, and Air Material Command. The Air Support Command is responsible for direct support of operational forces in rescue, transportation, control, weather monitoring and inspection. The Air Training Command is responsible for basic flying and technical training. The Air Development and Test Command, in addition to overseeing equipment research and development, is also responsible for research and development in such areas as flight medicine. The Air Defense Command has northern, central, and western regional headquarters. All four regional headquarters control surface-to-air missile units of both the ASDF and the GSDF located in their respective areas.

13. Amy Hungerford    Amy Hungerford writes about and teaches contemporary fiction at Yale University. She is a married mother who has written extensively about genocide and literature. This is in a context where  only 18.7 percent of tenured Arts and Sciences faculty at Yale are women. Depite Yale’s conferring comparable numbers of PhDs on men and women. Her new book, Postmodern Belief: American Literature and Religion Since 1960, is coming out from Princeton University Press in the spring of 2010.  Religious insight both Jewish and Christian and without screaming ignorance of other religions pervadxes her teaching.  That teaching is known worldwide through her popular, and free, online course, The American Novel Since 1945  She has all the necessary credentials of a serious academic much as Danica Patrick is a real auto racer. There is also something very sexually feminine in her work which is very significant. She is described in a Yale alumni  magazine online story with her breasts ppainfully wollen with milk as she is delayed in getting home. Her novels course may well have reached a few hundred male writers who have checked out of many other venues and made them consider seeking love at a university rahter than peace through suicide.  She is deeply aware of the caried crises and horrors of the modern age although in many ways for more tolerant and open-minded than some others with such insight.  She blogs on the Huffington Post, has given lectures for the Holocaust Museum and has done radio work. Her role in working out the salvation of an America which decides to engage in working out its own salvation could be very significant. Her academic background is that she has Ph.D., English and American Literature, Johns Hopkins University, 1999 and the M.A. Poetry, The Writing Seminars, Johns Hopkins University, 1993 as well as the B.A./M.A., Political Science and Humanities, with Honors in the Humanities, 1992. She has thought clearly and hard about serious and tragic things and she is able to do the mental work of condensing this into professional academic thought. She knows what the limits are of yale and the Ivy League and is prone to the weaknesses of those limits but not entirely. Somehow she transmits all this as a cute and relatively young mother who makes one want to believe that humanity, civilization, America, love, sex and family can somehow survive.

Five More People to Watch in the Second Post 9/11 Decade.

In each of the posts in the series of posts which make up this list I have discussed those who are not in it. Here the rub is more painful than most. I am very aware that I have not yet included and may not include Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins only because of their age and the fact that this is a list for a decade that begins still a few months in the future.  It also hurts me to have missed David Hackworth and Benoit Mandelbrot because I am limiting the list to living people and even though their contribution will live on in the future I am excluding them on the basis of bad timing on my part in starting  this list this year. 

My first post on this list had twenty-five names:


President Barack  Hussein Obama , Josef Ratzinger, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Her Britannic Majesty, Elizabeth, HRH Charles Prince of Wales, David Cameron, Sarah Palin, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Glen Beck,  Hillary Clinton, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Carl Svanberg, UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, Hu Jin Tao, Timothy Geithner, Al Franken, Barney Frank, Vladimir Putin,  Bobby Jindal, Bill Richardson, Bill Clinton and Osama Bin Laden

The second portion had fifteen people to watch:


Barons Rothschild, Britney Spears, Carl A. Brasseaux, Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth, Carlos Slim Helu, Charles Bolden, Taylor Swift, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands,  Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Kate Middleton,  Catherine Princess of Wales, Princess William of Wales, Princess Catherine, Prince Luís of Orléans-Braganza (born Luís Gastão Maria José Pio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orléans e Bragança e Wittelsbach, Ms. Gail J. McGovern, Me,  His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Prince William of Wales

The third portion of my list had ten people watch:


Gaudencio Borbon Cardinal Rosales, Queen Sofia of Spain, Su Graciosa Majestad Sofia la Reina Catolica, Oprah Winfrey, Bill O’Reilly, Julie Ann Yannatta, Vitaly Alexandrovich Lopota, Amy Grant, Ratan N. Tata, Mark Zuckerberg and Jean -Cristophe Niel 

That gives me a total of fifty people on a list which is supposed to be either 91 or a hundred people but which is not due to be finished on December 31. It is not due until September 10, 2011. This list will bring me to fifty-five  if I am counting correctly so far.

Here is another portion of my list of people to watch. 

1. Liu Zhijun: 刘志军 was born on January,1953, in Ezhou, in Hubei province and is a committed Chinese Communist and a Chinese politician. Liu Zhijun has been Minister of Railways in the People’s Republic of China since 2003 and was previously the Vice Minister, Chief Despatcher of Chinese Railways and the Director General of Shenyang Railway Administration. He is a member of the Han Nationality Ethnic group which is the dominant and majority ethnicity in China. His general education is not entirely clear to me but he attended and performed well in a Chinese school system where he was apprently on a pre-engineering track. He began his career in Feb. 1972 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Aug., 1973.  As an established engineering careerist  graduated from Party School of the CPC and majored in Marxist Philosophy in July, 1998.  Liu Zhijun graduated from Party School of the CPC and majored in Marxist Philosophy in July, 1998.  He earned a Master’s degree from the  Party School of the Communist Party of China. This was partly a review in Engineering but had a Marxist and  a social planning focus as well as getting him certified as having some graduate level study as an engineer.  He rose in his career to serve as a member of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.  He now holds avery important post and is the princpal official in charge of the railway affairs and policy in general and is the chief executive of the  General Office of the Ministry of Railways.  Among the departments and interests which answer to him are: the  personnel department, finance department, the task forces and committes overseeing international communication and cooperation,  and the varied parties and institutions  focused  on collaboratin on the construction of high speed railway. In all areas he answers for the allocation of rail resources to all aspect of Chinese need and development as well as the improvement and maintenance of railway safety. Chinese railway authorities claim to have broken commercial rail records.   The high speed rail devlopment in China has been the subject of a great deal of internal discussion for some time. While the system in which he works is less individualistic than some and penalties for missteps can frequently be severe  Liu Zhijun is certainly personally at the center of this impressive effort. It is not entirely clear to me what his involvement with the  experimental mag-lev or magnetic levitation trains that do run in China is but the other high speed mag- lev railroads are certainly under his authority and also fast conventional trains that are not mag-lev but include pressurized trains running to Tibet from the plains. But it has been reported that a Chinese-made maglev train has reached a top speed above 268 miles an hour on it operating track.  While  French trains have recorded test runs at 356 miles per hour this is very impressive.  However,  any readers here becoming riders there  will reach speeds of 220 miles an hour  on a commercial mag-lev ticket as opposed to the record breaking pace announced by the Chinese government or its announced goal of developing a 312 mile an hour train.  While the United States moves away from its own  greatness to chaos and mediocrity and hellish failure the Chinese are building on trains which have long been a national strength and obsession.  Liu Zhijun is leading that effort.

2.  His Tuitonga Highness, King George Tupou V, Tuitonga Faka Tonga is the King of Tonga.  The Kingdom of Tonga is a country about 1,200 miles north of New Zealand and about 500 miles East of Fiji.  It consists of about 150 islands in three island groups about forty are regularly inhabited but a good percentage of the others are used for farming, recreation, emegergency depots and docks and for the celbration of ancient rituals by inhabitants of neighboring islands.  The total population of the country is a bit over 100,000 although probably as many people who see themselves as Tongans and sometimes visit as well as sending back money in many cases live in other countries.  Tonga depends largely on the remittances of funds from the Tongans  abroad, on the bureaucracies the government is able to create and then also has a large subsistence econmy which is based on exchanges which never make a fiscal or monetary appearance. This shadow economy is based on the use and resprocal exchange between Tongans  of handcrafts, harvests from the bush farms allocated to as many Tongan males upon achieving adulthood as possible and from fishing. Their is also a tourism industry but it is limited in actuality and potential in terms of creating small business activities. The King as head of the government has a role to play in creating funds for the bureaucracy and other government activities including the Palace and Royal House from the negotiation of cruise ship docking rights, fishing rights and marina use. However, the big development  in this area is the  role Tonga plays in certain Sattelite sot rights. Recently for example  Tonga  and Indonesia have reached an agreement to coordinate their use of the 134[degrees]E orbital slot over the Pacific Ocean and have ended a very bitter dispute  by launching  a joint venture satellite to replace the Indonesian sattelite which is near the end of its useful life. Tonga and Indonesia are also involved in the joint operation of both the Rimsat and Palava B1 satellites from the same orbital position.This means Tonga has a close working relationship with Russia as well as New Zealand and the US where many Tongans reside, the UK in which it is a member of the British Commonwealth and the the Mormon Church which is a major player throughout Polynesia. Constitutional reform is ongoing and the Crown Prince and Princess were killed  in a car crash in California just before the recent succession which was alos marked by bloody and  destructive fires  abd riots. I lived in Tonga and attended Tonga Side School. I worshipped both in the Capital’s Roman Catholic Cathedral and in the Palace’s Royal Chapel back in the seventies. I maintain ties there but do not know the King. I met his father briefly a few times.  

3. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the tenth Managing Director of  the International Monetary Fund. Strauss-Kahn is  a French citizen  who became the IMF’s tenth Managing Director in November 2007.  From 1997-1999 he served as Finance Minister of France.  He was selected by the IMF’s Executive Board is responsible for  appointing the Managing Director and prefers to come to a consensus. A French national and native Dominique Strauss-Kahn was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, on April 25, 1949.  He did spend much of his childhood in Morocco. This was at a time when French power in North Africa was considerable.  His service as the French Finance Minister came at the peak of a long carreer embracing Academia, private corporate law, service as a politician in the national eye  when was elected Deputy (Member of Parliament) to the National Assembly (1986), and there he chaired the Finance Commission from 1988 to 1991. He was prepared for the National Assembly by  having been  appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Economic Planning Agency (1981-1986). This left him two years to prepare to run for office while coniuing as a professor.  After leaving the chairmanship behind  Strauss-Kahn served as Minister of Industry and International Trade, during which time he participated in the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations from 1991 to 1993.  He then left politics behind for a while and from 1993 and 1997 was in the private sector as a corporate lawyer.   He is however a lawyer with a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris  where he began to be a tenured professor  in 1978 he is well in touch with the focus of thought in Europe and can help the IMF to adjust to America’s long saga of geopolitical abdication, frenzy and suicide as he struggles with French and European concerns which are serious enough. 

4.Heinz-Otto Peitgen  is both a German native and citizen who has long lived and worked in the United States of America as an academic and mathematician. Heinz-Otto Peitgen did have some kind of personal connection to the towering Benoit Mandelbrot  but  is also in his own right  among the most prominent researchers in the fractal mathematics and gemoetry and in their application in related fields of study. Peitgen has been a professor of mathematics primarily  in a nonetheless varied carreer. This teaching and research was based at the University of California, Santa Cruz from 1985 until 1991. Florida  Atlantic University has been his home since 1991 where he is still  a professor of mathematics atFlorida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida.  Despite his roots in the American Acdemy he was eductated in Germany at the University of Bonn and the University of Bremen and remains tied to each and has remained a major force in Germany all along in the world of applied mathematics.  He started  a company in 1995  which changed its name in 2009  and is now the Fraunhofer MEVIS – Institute for Medical Image Computing which Peitgen still manages. In 1997, Peitgen joined others in founding a second company MeVis Medical Solutions AG, MMS, which has been listed on the German stock market since 2007.

  5. Julie Taymor is an acclaimed American Director and lively artist who  was born on Decmeber 15, 1952 in Newton, Massachussettes in the United States of America  She is married to Elliot Goldenthal. She is the complete package as a director of theater, opera and film within the same continuous carreer. Taymor’s has received  two Tony Awards and been nominated a total of four times.  She made much of her reputation with the public for directing the stage musical, The Lion King, and it was for this for which  she became the first woman to win the Tony Award for directing a musical and another Tony Award for Original Costume Design.  She has also won a the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Costume Design. Having done other things including working with the  Metropolitan Opera and  winning  an Emmy Award, and  receiving a nomination for the Academy Award for Original Song she is still a major player in New York Theater. Her most recent project is the not yet opened Broadway-musical, Spider-Man : Turn Off the Dark.   Her father was gynecologist and her mother was a political science teacher when she was growing up. They were a Jewish family. She directed plays with her siters acting in early childhood for family enjoyment and by nine was active in the Boston Children’s Theater. In high schools she traveled in Asia and her training and background in Theater are extensive including Julie Portman’s Theater workshop of Boston and Paris’s   L’École Internationale de Théâtre. The breadth of her knowledge and exposure within the world of the lively arts is  really impressive.