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There are days like this…

There are days when one should not post a blog entry but does anyway. This has been a really bad day personally in the way that days can be very bad when one does not have death in the family, a terrible injury, a divorce or a foreclosure. I find myself feeling a bit ragged and weary.

Of course there are reasons. But the reasons matter less than the fact of the badness of the day. So I choose to use a day mostly off to thank Alpha Inventions for putting me on his rotation for a while. I also welcome those who stopped into read searching for Dr. Pollock whom I once knew as Brad. I hope that there will be better days and entries ahead. But since this blog is a bit personal I devote this post to the badness of my day. Although there were some good times in it all too — I will just leave those out of my post.

Blogging Towards Our Future

Blogs and bloggers keep their web logs as we all know. I blog here and now.

Lords of the Blog lets the House of Lords have its webward say on any day.

On Politico dot com one can watch ahead of the ship of state’s own prow.

Go to White House dot gov and find someone with much to do and say.

Go to the United Nations site and it gets close to blogging too but not quite.

It is at Rotten Tomatoes one can find some critiques and hot reviews as well.

Not far from me at WordPress there are many blogs I know left and right,

Go to the search bar and type in something — what the hell! 



There are folks at space advocate blog, I know Malette is there and writes.

On HBO there are blogs by fictional folks and those who watch the shows.

We can go to the Vatican and Smithsonian and Congress’s  official sites.

And if we are skilled searchers we find where the nearby blogging grows.

Really, there is little left to complain about as many pols blog too.

Doing all  these searches and readings we could now  surely do ,

Short of time we may become for all we have to web review.


Our future may see new changes in the blogosphere it’s true.

Under any view we can bet that future will be wired too.

Real disaster alone will end our blogging before twenty-one twenty-two.


Franksummers3ba’s Blog is a frank summary  written in frequent speed. 

Until it ceases it will have a man’s viewpoint on the wire to read.

Then take a break between Twitter and Facebook notes and your own blog.

Until you grow tired you could even post my link or put it in a printed log.

Really we are just blogging towards our future here and now in community.

Each of us should go and do something to make of words and our deeds a unity.