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William Charles Summers Dies: An Acrostic Verse

Will, I am stringing rhyming lines together to spell your name on the left side.

I feel a loss I just cannot pretend is gone and yet I have not shed a tear yet.

Let’s just say I will miss the crawfish boils and the days I matched your stride.

Loping across that farm and disagreeing about things most folks would not “get”.

I am thinking of that old guitar, the harmonica and the banjo too.

All the way back to a military school and Sousaphone you played with pride.

Music stitched through lands and colors was part of much you used to do.


Could it be I miss the Bible sharing that we had? I an 8-year-old lapsed Catholic,

Hearing your Jehovah’s Witness testimony to God as real for you,

And next I set Catholic tones to your hippie search in topics  exegetic.

Rather later, you and I and John read texts in a farmhouse too.

Latest of all, talking about your Roman Catholic ending road.

Every phase was marked by that Bible’s mental load.

Some same Bible problems we both too well knew.


So, I am making you a pious memory now Will.

Until, I remember all you knew about Marijuana,

Meaningful quarrels over laws that outlive you still.

Much agreed on: prostitution and pot in Louisiana

Each favoring regulation but angry words air did fill.

Remember wild child you surfed when we went to Malibu?

Summer before you ran to a Shenandoah hill. 


Do I mention Taurus and Cajun Blue in a line for you?

It seems seeing sailing sets  tests my simple poem can’t do.

Each day from now on I will know what we did not get.

Suddenly, the passing is clearer in a kind of regret.

State Opening of the British Parliament

This is one of the days that my body reminds me of my varied interests. Yesterday, I awoke earlier than my usual early rising to watch the Leonid meteor shower from my back porch. Not wanting to rise too early I missed the peak  but still had a spectacular view of the sky and saw five “shooting stars” as I watched from my back porch. This morning I watched the opening of the British Parliament live on C-SPAN2. Doing that pushed the things I had to do a bit earlier into the day.  So that makes for two early mornings in a row.  I was not bursting with energy before.

I am predicting (not promising) that I will be commenting less on Lords of the Blog in the coming term of Parliament. Therefore I wish to preserve and post a comment from my most recent post there. That will be my principal post for today.  I have many other things to do today. Here it is:

franksummers3baPosted November 17, 2009 at 1:27 am |

Because others have personaly singled out Lord Norton and made self described deviations from the topic I have decided to join this post. I have been around since January and predict that I will be around less in the future. Therefore, I am leaving a tribute to the Lord who has been my principal host whether to post or read privately. It is an Acrostic Name Verse a genre which I have written mostly to my girlfriends, ex-wife and those I thought might become romantic interests. Occasionaly I use them in a public way as here to someone in an entirely distinct category.
“Lord Philip Norton, Baron of Louth”
Lords of the Blog lit my on-line list./
One could observe the outreach of others./
Respect reaches Lord Soley’s early gist/
Drawing us to Noble sisters and brothers./
Politics and Parliament in pointed prose/
Hull’s highly honored two Houses partner/
I saw in interesting way ideas pose./
Louth’s Lord led lectures in ether./
I in interest ideas investigated./
Philip Norton led as we debated./
Now, I have known some people in my life./
Out among the lands in peace and strife./
Review, his Lordship in Pennsylvania read./
That gives him ties to these United States./
Ohio, where I studied, nears Penn’s bed./
Nonetheless, we bridged some old debates./
Baron of Louth at Hull devotedly teaches./
America’s revolution and more divides us./
Rightly he preserves Wilberforce’s focus/
“On Buxton” might he make speeches./
Now I live near former CSA beaches./

Of the Queen’s Apology to Acadians also/
Frank has yet said little in this flow./
Lord Norton I give this piece of text./
Our word communion a blessing’s been./
Under this great sky what comes next?/
That’s harder than to tell the seen./
Here you’ve earned my interest keen./

The Clock is Running Down

Tell the ticking and tocking of the timepieces tolling out tempo and time.

Hear the bells and buzzers hurrying hasty hours heralded in each clime.

Each instant evinces experience and excludes repetition but may rhyme.


Carefully I note the passing of  the hours and the days as live them out.

Livy the  Roman  historian, Herodotus, and William J. Cooper today,

Orangemen and Gaelic  boosters on varied parades reflect a kind of delay.

Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews view the past in future route.

Knossos and the Kalevala keep knowledge keen as we work our way.


I believe there is a magic melody in time itself we should hear.

So we should study it even if the cost can be quite clearly dear.


Rivers of events and phenomena rush through the Universes.

Untill the mind the past in future form views and rehearses,

Neanderthal’s folk blur too much into Hollywood right now.

New Zealand and Mexico offer varied views of life’s events.

I am sure that the human mental geography can allow

Neptune and Mercury to bound our economic incidents

Ganymede a bit and Mars and the Moon may be settlements.


Doing the  work of making and monitoring progress matters.

Our time is a gift no matter how dearly earned and merited.

We know that a life is made of a sense that streams and scatters.

Neurons and neutron stars are neighbors in newness neglected.

World Series

What can we say! The Yankees are in it again. They have not won for a while.

Only they have played in so many not counting the local Giants and Mets.

Remember reading of Brooklyn Bridegrooms or the Dodgers in that mile?

List the Tampa, Denver, Boston or Chicago victory to make you smile.  

Don’t list all the history of New York each year’s start always forgets. 



So the Phillies are defending their title bravely now and I salute duly.

Even though the Yanks had Ron Guidry once I am not a real fan.

Really the Phillies are the ones who fight to stand high truly.

In repeating a title they would really carve a niche in time.

Evermore the Yankees will be top of diamond duel clan.

Should the never win again they deserve to rule in rhyme.

Delayed Launch

Deep waters stretch out beyond the launch pad and gantry, blue sky-met.

Extending from the pad to the cameras used by NASA TV shallows lap.

Launching Ares has been delayed now and lots of view on my TV set.

Ares awaits an all-clear announcement as to atmospheric activity.

Yet we face only a little haze as we worry about some thunderclap.

Engineers have cleared the mechanical things to near certainty.

Dangers are less for lack of living leapers launching at finger snap.

Launches carrying cargo calculating and cared for all for caution.

A higher hedge halts haste where humans blast tot the heights.

Under the current case the great care and cool calculation

NASA makes is without some of its then needed  feeling frights.

Check and recheck yes but do not fail to make a  go decision.

Here we test the rocket that can  later bear folks to starry nights.

Early Mornings

Every so often I sleep late. More often in recent years I  do nap.

As far as sleep goes over the years I have fallen into many patterns.

Regardless of variety mostly I have leapt up early to what might hap.

Leaving my bed before the sunlight falls from above on grass or ferns.

Yet more often before it had the angle on trees drawing  up sap.


My life has been that of a morning person all in all and is so now.

On this day I fed the cat in the cloak of black shadow found his bowl.

Relying on interior light and his bright white coat to fill the vow

Not formal but relied upon for the easing  his hunger and my soul.

I now make coffee, give dogs snacks, type this verse as well —

Now  sweetheart awake!” said I long ago to my ex-wife Michelle.

God still haunts the mornings too though I sense less well.


Currently, I see many things making one wrong I might call it a catastrophe.

At times I have written of better angels of our nature and light and right .

To be entirely honest, I have oft balanced the contest and the trophy,

AND the victory with the fight  more showing coming dawn than a night.

So those who read me long and often  will see and also  recognize —

These days there are more time when  bitter gloom fills these writerly eyes.

Reading recent blog pots here and elsewhere one can find my darker view.

Of course there were many and very many unpublished pieces darker still.

Plays, poems and novels as well as essays that focused on what is false and ill.

However, among ye few, ye proud, ye readers still I serve a more bitter stew.

In endless observation of dire trends and dooming circumstances now,

Existentialism can be quite cheerful compared to my view of the era new.

So in this blog expect to balanced cheeriness often disavow.

Ebb and Flow

Every population on Earth has its cyclical flows. “There is a time to live and a time to die”.

Beautiful flowers cover the same glades that may sometimes be stark and bare to the eye.

Blogging too has its peaks and valleys. Although this blog is low to my own past high.


As to circulation, tens of thousands read me at one time and slowly the numbers drop.

Now and then an upward spurt brings in some new reading eyeballs in a ripe crop.

Downward now my energy and my readership seem to move from growth, maybe to flop.


For me there is only the continuous thread back to the very  start of thought.

Lifting now and then on the rewards of some victory well and hard-fought.

On the whole a story of resisting against long odds and managing decline.

What I know most in life is my sense that to resist can oft be fine.

Autumn in Acadiana

Around Abbeville Anglo-Acadian Americans as appellation for autumn say fall.

Unless there are reasons not to say things for cued content or audience.

There is gumbo, TV baseball and football.  We hunt and play or watch ball.

Untill November it is too early for the apt application of “fall” present tense.

Mostly  life looks like summer although  so much nicer to most us for the cool.

Not like summer where comfort comes from the AC or, better yet, the pool.


I love this time of year in average terms though storms can make it nearly hell.

Now Yankee Autumn in Acadiana‘s tale was a worse time yet for what they tell. 


Abbeville, Breaux Bridge, New Iberia and Ville Platte will no Vermont rival.

Colored leaves beyond the imagination of most folks exist in that state.

Around here we get the generous chicken tree to call out fall’s arrival.

Dour grow our perennial oaks and hold shabby green out even late.

In conifers too we have more poverty of leaf than color’s carnivals.

As among these greens, greys and browns we look we see bursts of blaze.

Now we see more game and fowl amid the wildlands less lush maze.

Autumn in Acadiana is our autumn and acceptably summer lulls.

College Football Meditation

Chilly changes in south Louisiana, now Death Valley’s mighty Bayou Bengals fight.

On days when cool weather will usually mark if not the day then at least the night.

Lots of folks are hunting and more watch American, National and World too,

Loving to see bats and leather do what they so beautifully in a series can do.

Even so in this land Cowboys, Demons, Indians, Cajuns and the Green Wave rise

Getting gridiron views more on weeks when Tigers play football out of view.  

Everyone in the stadia as the Greeks would say wants a coach who is wise.


Florida beat LSU last week. How is the PAC Ten shaking out for USC?”

Oregon looks strong, but Washington may be the one to watch out there.”

Ohio and the Big Ten feel defensive about this year and some recent games.

There is always talk of reforming the BCS . It is still good to be the SEC.

But whether your team plays for the whole thing or mostly goes down in flames,

America knows that pigskin and gridiron and tailgates in autumn’s  air

Link us to a sport we love and which we tie to our education’s temple.

Lord of college athletics is football, this old Harvard Game is never simple.


Michigan’s Big House or the fabulously feted and festooned freeways far

Entering near the proud Rose Bowl where USC oft avenges fallen Troy,

Do not have an equal even in the round ball’s Final Four wood floored war.

I mean no disrespect to the Diamond in October and the Yankee’s joy.

This is a land of sport and contest which cannot choose just one game.

All of us know that there will be interest in the Bowl Games of fame.

There are millions now who watch the young men in plastic helmets fight.

In the midst of pretty cheering girls, bad seats and glaring white light.

Our marriages, careers, friends from college days long past and not lost

Nudge us towards a ticket, tv party or the tailgate parties of real cost.