Links to Royalists and Royals of Many Types

These are in no particular order. There are likely to be problems and irregularities. However, it is a sampling of links on a single page. 

1. Charles, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall and his family and staff have this site:

2. International royalists and royal watchers and some royals networking in a casual way:

3. Louis de Bourbon and his family hold up the Bourbonist and Bourbon Banner. He lives in Venezuela most of the time and we used to be Facebook friends.

4. Keeping track of French royals and nobles and other royals and nobles in French:

5. The surviving elements of the Prussian Princely and German royal and Imperial House of Hohenzollern:

6 -7. Two sites for the House of Habsburg which has a variety of Princely, royal and Imperial  claims and incarnations:

8.Claimant to exiled Han royalty’s legacy  and the Chow lines and his House:

9-11. Three sites for the Claims, Claimants and surviving elements of the House, lines and half  Houses  of  Orleans and Braganza. There are relationships and ties but separate causes and distinct families in Portugal and Brazil:

12. A social order not royalist or papist in self concept but deeply rooted in royalism and papism in every aspect of its culture. My grandfather was a member. 
13. American citizen claiming to be de jure King of the Island of Mann:
14. Sort of a casual collection of blogs by the members of the House of Lords who choose to participate:
14.Website of the King and Royal House of Spain


15.  The Belgian Royal House and Monarchy:
16. The Queen and Royal House of the United Kingdom:
17.  An order with a complex history seeking its way in the modern world:
18.  The Official site of the Tongan Royal House. After attending a Roman Catholic Mass in Tongan each Sunday I attended services in English in the Royal Chapel. I also went to Tonga Side School patronized by Tongan Royals and aristocrats:
19. The Dutch Royal House and website of the Queen of Holland:
20. The Ashante King and his court seeking to exist the Republic of Ghana:
21. Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth is a Professor of politics at Hull University. He has authored many book, operate a Parliament academic internship, uses the House of Lords library and calls upon her Britannic Majesty and her House and Family when it is appropriate. In dealing with issues of the European market, relating to the American mainstream and finding his way in the world it may not always seem that he fully belongs on this list at all. Yet in so many other ways his work and thought are at the very heart of what this list is about:
22. This link is to a group that is not directly royalist and its history is formed both by a need to oppose the British royalist system and a sense of there being no Acaidian royalism that is relevant. I do not know Zachary Richard. However, in our very small world we have spied on eachother for years. He would not be expected to admit even knowing who I am but I am pretty sure he does and I would not admit having had people check him out until recently when I have just about abandoned all of the traditional quiet proprieties I operated within for years. I admire much of the good work he has done and which this group has done and I and others have royalist connections to and concerns for the work, the group and for the founder.   

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