Links for Spiritual and Religious Purposes

It is important to note that I have maintained dialog with Muslims, Buddhists, Neo-Pagans, Taoists and others not reprsented in this list. I used to enjoy attending several Protestant events.  Many of myconversations and correspondences were with atheists. I have visited holy sites and read sacred texts of many faiths.

In addition to the above, I really have read and absorbed a great deal that has to do with Judaism. However, Judaism is different. I almost always view it  “as a Christian” in a way not relevant to other faiths. The relationship is both uniquely troubled and uniquely rich.

1. This is the site for the Holy See and the Vatican city-state. I am unabashedly devoted to Petrine primacy and see the Pope as successor to St. Peter. It would be  a mistake to assume that this implies whatever you may think it implies unless you know me as only a few people do.

2. This is the website of the Catholic Bishops of the United States:

3. This is the website of the Knights of Columbus which I have joined but which I have neglected along with many other organizations.

4. This is an organization founded and staffed mostly by my family and on the foundations of ministries in which I was involved. I have  been loosely involved in it over the years but not centrally.

5. I earned both my degrees from secular universities but did attend and become involved with this Catholic university.

6. I spent many years involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and this is the website of their formal US leadership:

7. I was a very second-rate member of this group for about two years but have followed them ever since. They address issues of hunger from a spiritual, American interfaith perspective:

8. Much of my life I have participated in a very minimal but hopeful way in the dialog between Roman Catholics and Anglicans:

9. They would not know it but the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jeruslaem matters a lot to me:

10. They would not know it but the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem means a lot to me:

11. I like to be aware of the Patriarch of Constantinople:

12. For all its imperfections I appreciate all that the government of Israel does to preserve Christian historic and pilgrimage sites and routes. The situation like that with Constantinople needs to improve in so many ways but I try to support the good being done in some way:

13. I lend my name to the electronic rolls of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and I appreciate the good they do:

14. My family and I toured the California Missions in their entirety in a mix of historical tourism, regular tourism and devout pilgrimage. That is to say in a real pilgrimage:

15. In my life I have attended services, led Bible studies and done other things with US military personnel. I have referred Catholics to the military archdiocese although I myself have not had dealings with them:

16. I have made about eleven silent retreats at this Jesuit retreat house. Two were married retreats with my ex-wife and the others were almost all with the Abbeville Men’s retreat group:

17. I have read their books and bought a few and read their newspapers. I have visited some of their houses and been stimulated by their ideas:

18. This is an organization which is not specifically religious and spiritual and has in fact in the eyes of some has brought a more secular and humanist appraoch to issues that have been handled more spiritually in the Roman Catholic movements of the recent past. However this group founded by musician Zachary Richard is one of my sources of spiritual inspiration and although it is added later than many others it has long been such a spiritual link:

19. It was hard to decide whether to put this on the royalist links page or on this page but I chose this page:

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