The Web Helm


1. I earned my Bachelor’s degree here:

2. I won the Sophomore Class Award here:

3. I earned a graduate degree here:

4. I attended Law School here twice but did not finish:

5. My family founded this and I have had some ties to it  in various ways:

6. I administer more than a dozen Facebook groups & this is one:

7.  I came to WordPress and began this blog because I was commenting on this blog often and it was hosted here.

8. I was active on Facebook before I started this blog and still maintain this account as I am putting the numbers on this page:

9. I am proud of something that my alma mater was doing recently that was very worthwhile:

10. More Facebook activity is posted here: 

11. I have an account at this interactive new service and my use of it varies:

12. Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth who posts regularly on the Lords of the Blog founded this blog:

13. This is my Twitter account:

14. I like to follow the French National Assembly too:

15. The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Environmental Protection:

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