Physical Geometry: Note Two General Principles, Operations and Relations

General Principles:
The principles and cognitive composition of physical geometry are such as to defy many of the most basic intellectual commitments of modern mathematics and sciences while affirming other equaly foundational components of all mathematics and sciences. First, the discipline claims to bring together effectively philosophy, physics and mathematics in an embryonic form which as it matures can fully embrace all three disciplines. In fact being a master discipline for all three.

Working from the general construct of Physical Geometry to a specific answer may require use of other subordinate disciplines perpetually even when this discipline is perfected. By the very nature of its intrinsic structure it is less binary and less linear. Straight lines are so rare in this discipline as to be almost exclusively theoretical. It is a discipline made up of rays, line segments, circles and realines , these realines are chiefly variations or segments of spirals.

The current mathematical-scientific community regard nothing as the default state to whoich something is added. This is true in practice regardless of cosmological differences. However, in this discipline spacetime is seen as a rich and lawful realm of great intrinsic responsivenes and integrity which tends to be pregnant with matter and energy. To assume othing is very often among the very worst defualt positions.

Terms for Relations and Operations:

Fluxun: That difference in magnitude between the lowest and highest values of magnitude in a natural union.

Flux: Those differences in magnitude marked by unions.

Longitudinalization: The relative or complete resolution of the longitudes of a spherical system into their own system and tendency to become pure positive or negative energy.

Lattitudinalization: The relative or complete resolution of the lattitudes of a spherical system into their own system and tendency to become pure matter.

Rotation: That body of processes which most competently and most often produces longitude and lattitudes and creates a sphere from a protosphere. Generaly refers to the predominant rotation which produces polarity.

Fabrication: That process where by a lage accidental union is created which in turn becomes consistently evocative and derivative of true space and absolute time.

True magic: the process whereby information from a different spherical system becomes fully real and relevant in the matter energy and spacetime of another spherical system.

Spiral ratio: That dimensionality of a spiral real line which wraps around itself to form the natural union startin on one pole and ending on the other.

God: The self evident source who demands the extensive behioral patterns and gives origins to the varied elememnts, dimensions and fabricands…

Scale: The relation of information to reality and comprehension.

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