Physical Geometry: Note Three Change Principles Governing Mutation, Persisitence, Autonomy and Derivation

1. The Paradigmatic Revolutionary Principle:
The human mind and those realities of which it is both exemplar and functionary are active and living parts of spacetime housed principaly and specialy in the hemispheres of the brain. However, for many functions the brain uses other portions of the body both in practice and as the basis of psycological projections. Current X,Y,Z geometry is a projection in one axis of the spine. In a second axis it projects the line of the hips and shoulders and in a third axis the feet outstretched arms and erect penis. The digital arithmetics and technologies are psycological projections of the fingers and toes. The current “is” and “is not” concept which is the basis for almost all proofs and experimentations is a projection from opening and closing the human eyes. The discipline of physical geometry invites mankind to suse such projections but also to transcend them into the true nature of space time. the cosmology and paradigm created by flailing around in a room with a pair of yardsticks and recording only the results of impact is ananlogous to the current results of modern mathematics and science which have almost destroyed all formal human thought in large institutions.

2. Spacetime
Spacetime exists as a positive rich and lawful force held in mysterious but self-evident union with God at all times and in a vast number of ways. it does not exist as something which is inexplicably present and void on which countless accidents occur forming a universe.

3. Our Universe
Our universe is that spacetime structured along our dominant time radiant. It is presumable by all vast amounts of evidence everywhere that there are infinte potential time radiants and a large number of other universes which actually exist which are also rich, lawful, akin to ours and both sustained in and originating by God. Our universe has fabricated and developed many of the autonomous qualities of absolute Space and Time in which it subsists.


The chief evidence of the principle of persistence in our universe is the dominant Time Radiant here. This same radiant provides the same true moment for all spherical systems while allowing for infinite relative moments in each and all spherical sysytems. This smae principal applies so that even as being cease to be spherical systems in many ways such as biological organisms and ideas they retain many of the basic propensities and qualities of the rich and lawful spacetime from which they were drawn over however many derivations.

5. Autonomy

Every point in Spacetime is a potential particular origin and upon being identified becomes at least a proto-particular origin but it is judged largely on its autonomy and behavior which does not diminish its character as part of a fractal system. Is circadian rythyms are very real measures of moement whose origins are tied in with the particular origin at the center of the Earth but also with the particular origin at the center of the sun and also with our universe’s Time Radiant.

6. Cosmology of Change

All actors and forces are free to behave in the ways which are autonomous to them and react to the behaviors of other autonomous actors. However rich and lawful spacetime which tend to order change into those rich and lawful patterns which are suited to its own nature and is very competent in doing so…

7. Exclusion is Rare

The exclusion of factors which is essential to experimental protocols is not evil or useless but it is profoundly distorting and violent to the nasture of spacetime. It is not a universe in which the norm is nothing and factors are added but a universe in which rich complexity is normal and complicated interactions are typical.

8. Contextualization

In thought, evidence and hypothesis one presumes a line segment rather than a ray. One presumes a context for all findings and ideas. gradually removed from that context the findings, ideas or information either cease are recyled toward origins or are transformed.

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