Physical Geometry: Note 9 Archives and Simulations The science for the future

Years ago I gave a friend who I am told is now dead a proposal to submit to his friends in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which as far as I know he never did. In the proposal I did not use the term Physical Geometry and was deliberately rather vague, and this may have added to the failure of the proposal but not much I think. I called the project S-RAILS for Spherical Research Assessment of Intrasystemic Lines and Sources. The idea was to develop a new information technology system with a special linked battery of three specially desiogned secure super computers at the heart of the system. Each computer of these three would share in contributing to the overall architecture and function of the system as a whole. However each would also have special responsibility for maintaining the primary and continuously active virtual copy of a particular spherical system (or in one case a set of two spherical systems). The largest computer would maintain the spherical system with the particular origin at the center of the Earth, the second largest the spherical system with its particular origin at the center of the Sun and the smallest of the three would operate systems for the Moon and Mars. Most government run computers and all their navigational computers woulod operate simplified version of spherical system with their own CPU as a particualr origin and would communicate with the network in this language.

I will not use this brief note to fully disclose all that would be accomplished by such a system. Military operations in such a context as well as space exploration and research would take a substantial leap forward. It would be possible to greatly improve the efficiency of public utilities and transportation. One can even imagine such outcomes as special forces assisting other units across a city with rocket projected grenades delivered cheaply and effieciently by the visors of the team they were assisting. Mosaic comiplation of battle imagery would enable the US to defend itself against a multiplied threat compared to current conditions. I would have hoped to use this project to make the technology available for nonmilitary uses as well but am aware that such advances are usually military at first. The totality of the project is not for this little FB Profile disclosure but I did want to mention the basic concept.

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