Physical Geometry: Note 8 Critcality

n physical geometry the dimensions of Magnitude, Moment, Longitude and Lattitude are real defining and intrinsic to Spacetime in a way which the XYZ dimensions could never be. However, They do not operate in essentially the same way as regards a wide variety of basic problems and questions. Space and universes are not mere theoretical extrapolations, but rather are either in existence because of having been created and susustained in certain lawful and complex processes or not. Modern science has given us such absolute proofs of its large level of veracity as the atomic bomb and yet it is essentialy a huge amount of nonsense wrapped around some carefully extracted truth of choice. Physical geometry recognizes the need to preserve that exclusionary technique but it ground the whole enterprise in the full and real truth of the universe, spacetime, matter and energy.

In order then to determine how to frame a problem or set up a formula in physical geometry one uses the standard of criticality. Instead of founding everything in ahuge set of lies about what is not the question becomes “what is critical?”
When the wise practitioner of physical geometry is operating in the disciplie then he or she correctly discerns what is critical to framing a problem or formula or experiment most of the time. Such a wise practitioner also can often extrapolate the data and interpret it correctly in situations where other factors become critical than were critical in the experiment or problem itself…

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