Approach, a Special Case of the Laws of True Velocity of Real Objects

This is rather sad but for now I am simply linking to the Google Drive Document for this subject just here.  Perhaps, I will come and tend to this in more detail later.

The idea is that approach presents more complex results and challenges here than in traditional physics. These are some thoughts about dealing with such problems.  While in regular physics we may talk of approach as an increase in shared velocity here that belongs most properly to the object and the observer in a z or polar opposite trajectory. There all additions to the intrinsic velocity of either observer or object increase true velocity. However, in approach we do not here make the observer the point of origin so intrinsic velocity relative to the point of origin is most decoupled from True Velocity in approach. They are at first if taken in an honest impression unrelated. But in fact they are related and this is an attempt to explain how.

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