True Velocity of Any Real Object

The Google Drive Document where this formula is written with the right symbols should be available here. This is the best I can do on this page as I type this.

V=v+o the true velocity equals the intrinsic velocity plus the relevant observer velocity

v+l=C  the intrinsic velocity of any real object is short of light speed by the variable lack

o=pl *f (alpha)  observer velocity equals the percentage of lack at which constitutes the observer’s intrinsic velocity varied by the physical geometric function of alpha

(alpha)=(Symbol for angle by Change)z, (alpha) equals the degree of variance of the angle of the observer’s trajectory from z which are the physical geometry obverse coordinates on a line graph showing movement in a polar opposite trajectory from the origin to the real object.

Thus true velocity is V=v+o

Suppose in the year 3333 A.D. Earth was evacuated by ships moving at just a bit more than 50% of light speed from all major points on Earth to points in the universe that were “straight up”, or a simple line from the center of the Earth. All ships would report that the ships nearby showed little or no relativistic effects and the ones farthest away at launch were annihilated at launch but those near them reached relativistic speeds. They would also all report that all other ships lied about which ships experienced the same set of circumstances. Ships could exchange fictional data from annihilated ships. But if the ships can’t turn it does not change reality for any of them.

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