Physical Geometry: Note 7 Common Matter

Common matter in terms of physical geometry may be defined as any infinite set of points with the character (Lt>Lg)1 & (G>or=R) as regards its potentiation and GLt>RLg as regards its state. All common matter exists in infinite potential dimensions as dimensions exist for it the spherical systems of all partcular origins and all points are potential particular origins. However the natue of the common matter is determined by the particular spherical systems dominating in that set of points. Primarily these are the spherical systems of the atoms in the common matter in common space and those lager spherical systems exercising influence and dominance upon the common matter.

Where common matter is transformed into special matter it will often first extend radiants and gravitons to other common matter and transform its atomic and hyper-atomic (or molecular) structure first as it seeks to react to forces causing it tose its essentially spherical qualities. The Special matter has lost it longitudinal qualities and is intrinsicaly inert but can through special agitation absorb pure energy and take on longitudinal qualities in a protospheirc agitation and then when sufficiently excited can begin intrinsic rotations and regain its longitudes and full spherical qualities….

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