Physical Geometry: Note 6 Subordinate Sets

Where a spherical system rotates on its central and dominant axis at all times it will tend toward increasing spherical perfection of shape as well as very secure and perfect rotation. where it has multiple rotations across the stem it will deivate from sphericity and also tend to move in a wobble or more complex patterns. For the purpose of physical geometry some of these differentials canbe perceived as subordinate sets of lattitudes and longitudes which act any of a number of sorts of actors within the spherical systems so behaving.

Lattitudinalization and Longitudinalization in some systems may occur as starting in just such distortions as these described here. The universe is by its nature haunted and inspired. It is filled with the information of countless rich and complex spherical systems which operate competitively, simbiotically or agressively towards one another as functionaries of spacetime and embedded energy and matter. This by the law of persistence is also flowing through transformative processes into the levels of existence which are far above the organiztional level of spacetime itself.

To observe nature truly is also to connect with a system of values which is intrinsic in which the values are not theose interacting in any of the normal subordinate sets but rather are racting as measure for the movements nature and behaviors of other systems, actors and points. The creation of classical forms like cubes, pyramids, squares, and lines allows the humanmind and its associated institutions more often than not to distance themselves from the processes of nature but also to grasp them more specifically. However, there is a cost in comprehension. The subconscious mind can be trained to intuit much of the natural language of physical geometry itself.

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