Physical Geometry: Note 5 Efficiency

There is a presumption of efficeincy in physical geometry. The brain of any fairly normal living human being functions as part of the sun’s spherical system, part of the earth’s spherical system as a transformed spherical system of the two hemispheres with huge reponsibilities in and outside the human organism. It does these things while also operating as part of the spherical system of the Milky Way Galaxy, our galactic cluster, our sting of galactic clusters and our universe. It is presumed in physical geometry that all actors, elements and accidental unions tend to behave in the most efficient interaction with one another within the parameters of the nature of spacetime.

The prevalence of planes and near planes in many aspects of the universe has to do with spiraling, lattitudinalization processes and longitudinalization processes which achieve effiecient results for a set of actors within the contect of space time. Shapes are presumptive efficient for certain purposes, behaviors and information sets. spheres for stable and sustained motion and interaction with other actors tend to be very efficient. Planes for responding to one dominant force in a way which allows it overshadow all other forces in its interaction with the plane object tends to be efficient. Longitudinal and elongated shaped tend to be efficient for movement on a ray or line segment in the likelihood of environments.

Prayer and pious speculation which direct the mind toward God or even gods which are seen as fractal subordinates to the God Origin may be presumed to focus the mind in a manner conducive to certain operations in the real universe even if one does not believe the human mind in question makes real and reliable contact with the God whom the mind addresses. In addition in matters as diverse as prayer, sexuality and design the principle of persistence indicates that one is quite likely to efficiently connect with an iteration or analog of a particular origin or actor when failing to reach the desired origin or actor to some degree by complying to a proportionate degree with the laws of the universe. The directionality and shape of thing creates this likelihood. However, this relative likelihood is high relative to a supposed random universe but compared to an effective and correctly planned approach to the desired object.

Physical geometry does not hold that all information must absolutely be preserved, nor all matter nor all energy. However it is in the nature of spacetime to efficiently preserve all matter, energy and information and to normalize new information matter and energy. However, spacetime also uses a super energy to accomplish its vast work. This super energy is ultimately sustained by God the origin of all…

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