Physical Geometry Note 4: Fractal Presumptions

Everything below this line is a cut and paste copy from my Facebook notes:
For whatever reason I cannot reproduce my note here it changes every time I post it. This is an approach to the note:
1.In physical geometry is is potentialy true that (in its own terms) where A= XYZ
1. A1=X=(YZ) i. A1a=X=Y=Z, ii. A1b=X=Y>Z, iii. A1c=X=Y
2. A2=Y=(XZ) iterations analagous to line one
3.A3=Z=(XY) iterations ananlogous to line two
NOTE in a note there are always errors generated by the computer here but things get completely out hand in the lines below. The basic ide may bee said to be: “Where particular origin point A dominates a Spherical system and it location or other geometric position is able to be expressed as A equalling X times Y Times Z values then A is not only a point but can also be expanded to a region. In that way it differs from a point in mathematics which is infinitely smaall and simple. For the values of X times Y Times Z which equal A there is an architecture. The relations of the factors vary in simple predictable ways and in the regions described by these varied relations (of greater than lesser than and equal to as well as factored in and factored out) one can expect to find a separate and outnomous particular origin within the particualr origin. In addition this internal architecxture is predictive of the external fractal iterations to a significant degree. However, writing this in this prose paragraph does not really express this all that well so I am leaving in this near mathematical expression mangled horribly by the computer which I cannot fix.
4.A4=X>YZ iterations lines 10-12
6.A6=Y>XZ iterations lines 16-18 not shown
8.A8=Z>XY iterations lines 22-24 not shown
10.A4a=X>Y>Z relations iterative
12.A4c=X>Y=Z relations iterative
13.A5a=XZ relations iterative

These are the regions in which derivative particualr origins or other deirvative elements will tend to occur and may be presumed to potentially be able to occur. While there is a corollary for binary, quarternary and other sets of values this discipline finds that triadic sets of values are most likely to deliver satisfactory fractal results.

Note: As has happened before to my writing this note was sabotaged in an earlier edition. I do not know how and only suspect when. It may have to do with an automted response to perceived HTML code that is left in this software. This may post wrongly again and again and is hard for me to write witout help inmaking things miserable which I receive from from this quirk…

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