Physical Geometry: Note 10 The Final Note of this Facebook Profile’s Introductory Series, Overview of Implications

This is the last of my introductory notes posted on my Facebook Profile dealing with Physical Geometry. This set of notes has come out of a number of factors and might not have been written at this time or in this way unless a number of simultaneous incidents and conditions had convinced me that it was better to post these notes here than not to post them.
Having posted these note although in perhaps an imperfect way one must conclude it is better to attempt to sum up some of the Twelve General Insights I propose:

1.Sphericality is a Powerful and Universal prinicipal. It is falsely simplistic to ascribe only to the forces previously mapped and described by physics the the sphericality of soap bubbles, foam on the seas, stars all along the main sequence, planets, moons, biological entities in plenty and countless other vastly differing things.

2. Sphericality joins mathematics to physics because it ties two aspects of the same universe together which these disciplines each describe differently.

3. The Mandelbrot set illustrates but does not explain the basic fact that sphericality is intrinsically fractal.

4. Sphericality proves that spacetime is intrinsically lawful, rich and complex once the question is properly addressed.

5. Sphericality is well established as the law of the universe and once that is established then it is overwhelmingly likely that time is what Physical Geometry describes as a Radiant.

6. Rich, complex and lawful spacetime preserves energy, matter and information as subsidaries. They are not absolutely preserved of themselves.

7. Longitude is more tied to energy although not simply.

8. Lattitude is more tied to matter although not simply.

9. The evidence points to an origin which also supplies super energy to spacetime and this origin is best described as God.

10. Persistence, Efficiency and fractalism combine to support the idea consciousnesses such as humans and gods as greater than biological functions.

11. The basic types of matter in our universe are Near Matter structured around other Time radiants that are somehow near enough to create gravity and other interference, embedded matter which is not quantifiable and is in the fabric of spacetime in a way which by definition we cannot fully comprehend from this universe alone, Special Matter which is inert and without longitudes, protospheres which is a ghostly cloud of matter without longitude and common matter which includes all atomic matter and any other spherically systematized matter. These four kinds of matter are implicit in this concept.

12. Humanity must embrace this discipline to survive and thrive…

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