Obama’s Speech at the United Nations: Historic Milestone

President Barry Soetero-Barak Hussein Obama addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. His speech of 38 minutes called for creating a new country which has never existed in order to contain the Jewish state and placing Israel’s security in the hands of a multinational system made up of a US administration led by Obama and the Moslem Arab neighborhood so eager to exemplify enmity with Israel. He wants to get serious about getting rid of all nuclear weapons and weapons technology and to persecute terrorist and those fighting to survive in a more equal and universaly life affirming manner.

Libya’s President Qaddafi attempted to simultaneously adopt the President, proclaim him President-for-Life of the United States and to collect over seven trillion dollars in reparations. Obama may not support the idea of proclaiming himself African Emperor of the USA or even the moderate step proposed by Libya. The folks at Harvard might not like th way it came across, I do not know.  I am teasing about the Emperor although Qaddafi did seem to suggest the nonroyalist dictatorship known  to have replaced the Republic of Rome before it adopted some royalist traditions as an Empire.

Meanwhile the former governor of Alaska gave a difficult and thoughtful speech in Hong Kong. I think China’s fragrant harbor may have left her smelling like a rose. I am not sure what went on at the UN today. But it was memorable in so many ways.

I have decided to make this a page istead of a blog because it is the first time since Washington’s Presidency that highly visible foreigners have argued that we create a President as ruler for life. I do not find the idea as horrific as some Americans would in theory. However, this President is one I would most wish to see kept from founding the American Empire if that ever did happen. Oh well, we can only wonder what will happen next but I decided to record my impressions now and here.

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