Model Constitution of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana : Part Twelve

Royal Constitution
Of the
Kingdom of the State of Louisiana
Article Sixteen: The Family in the Kingdom and the State

Section One: The Family’s Roots and Nature
Provision One: The Family is an institution shaped and formed by the laws, customs and authorities of human societies in varied ways. However it is not a fictional arrangement, nor one produced by force of law alone. It is rather a vast and vital natural web of meanings associations and possibilities which like a language, game or mathematical system will allow for infinite variations and yet will allow only for one infinite set of variations and will prohibit another infinite set of variations. The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana seeks to keep its legal regimes largely within the infinite set of variations allowed by natural family and does not pretend to authorize or even permit all natural variants which are possible.
Provision Two: The Family is expressed an embodied in the Domestic Regimes of Marriage, Maitressage and Concubinage as well as in the Association of the Family Association and, in a derivative way, the Kindred and further in the legal recognition of relations between persons who are family members in many aspects of law. The most important of these relations which is recognized in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana is that relation between mother and child which are so important to all aspects of what is human and to society. Louisiana is a polity that seeks to recognize and improve the inner life of its constituents. It is not content merely to deal with military survival and economic prosperity of a purely material nature. Family is the institution most responsible for developing the inner life of the Citizen-Subjects.
Provision Three: All Citizen-Subjects by force of law belong to a Family in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. All Citizen-Subjects also belong to a Family Association by Force of law.
Section Two: The Lex Sanguinis, The Domestic Regimes and the Institution of the Family Association

Subsection One: The Nature of the Polity and Its Conditions
Provision One: Louisiana’s Genius and Liabilities
Louisiana in its lands, people and institutions brings to the creation and maintenance of this Kingdom of the State of Louisiana a great and complex heritage which has been alluded to elsewhere in this Constitutional Charter on many occasions. However, except for a very brief period as the Republic of Louisiana between its first membership in the United States and its membership in the Confederate States of America there has been little in its history when the banner of Louisiana itself has risen over an independent polity in the wide world. In many ways the American experience has been a very trying one indeed for the essence of Louisiana. In many ways its conditions in recent decades have been very averse to its natural genius and have rather fostered its liabilities. I has often been toxic to Louisiana’s culture and social fabric to be a small part of the United States of America which has meanwhile been emerging as an increasingly single republic with its disingenuity and very harsh policy towards many peoples and institutions of Louisiana, it endless lies and distortions regarding history and its endless and almost limitless need for nationalist propaganda. Even in this Third Union Louisiana is still very much conditioned by what is possible within a Union that remains largely formed in an image and basis that exists as hostile to this polity and all that it is.
Subsection Two: The Louisiana Families under Law

Provision One: Filiation and Naturalization
There are two ways in general to become eligible and recommended for one’s first membership in a Louisiana Family Association those are birth and naturalization as a Louisiana Citizen-Subject. Exceptional methods would usually involve the Royal House and the highest titles in the polity directly or almost directly. Here are the consequences and effects of birth as far as Family Associations go in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. The Birth Certificate Program will be greatly increased and the Frame One Certificate will go into public record treated as a regular birth certificate was treated under the republic and shall include besides the date of the birth, the blood type of the baby, the names of both parents and additional parental figures of law and the birth date of the mother and father.
1. All infants born in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will be categorized by the State at birth or as soon thereafter and the following the birth and the following data will be entered on their birth certificates. However, the data and the certificates are challengeable and appealable and may be amended to on matter and be left valid in all other matters.
a. The Sex of the Baby
b. Maternal Filiation
i. Born to surrogate mother giving up baby for adoption.
ii. Born to natural mother giving up baby for adoption.
iii. Born to ova implanted or embryo implanted mother keeping baby.
iv. Born to natural mother keeping baby.
c. Paternal Filiation
i. Legitimate Firstborn
ii. Legitimate
iii. Natural
iv. Illegitimate
v. Bastard
vi. Sperm donor
d. Race
i. Both parents same race
1. White
2. Northeast Asian
3. Colored or Territorial (specify)
4. Black
ii. Parents of Varied Race (Specify all relevant details)

2. Babies will be enrolled in Family Associations at birth based on filiation status:
a. Babies born to a wife as her husband’s legitimate babies will be enrolled as primary members in their father’s primary family association only by force of law but by parental request may enroll in another in which case the mother’s primary must be suggested first. Babies adopted whether surrogated with adopter sperm or ova or not are to be entered into both mother’s and father’s Associations as Secondary Members With Most Primary Rights and after Six Years will be upgraded to Primary Members with Restrictions.
b. Natural children will be enrolled as primary members in their mother’s primary family association and secondary members of their father’s primary family association.
c. Illegitimate children kept by the mother are enrolled as primary members of her primary association Secondary members with restrictions in their father’s primary association and given up for adoption or Relational correspondents in both their birth mother and father’s associations.
d. Bastards kept by their mothers are enrolled as primary members with restrictions in their mother’s family and relational correspondents in their father’s association and if given up for adoption must be relational correspondents of both if known and are adopted into the process described above.
e. Babies produced in any woman by a sperm donation and those produced in a woman who is a Legitimate or natural consort by the acknowledged sexual relations she has had with her own or her husband’s King, liege or master to be reared as his children are relational correspondents in their sperm father’s family association and Primary Members with Specifications in the family association of the mother of the Donation Fatherless or the family association of both parents in the Legitimate Union. In the Natural Union such a child is enrolled as a Primary member in the mother’s primary Association and as a secondary member in their marital adoptive father’s primary association.
f. For legitimate children the father’s association is primary. For all other children the mother’s association is primary.
g. The State will mark as unknown any category that cannot be completed and shall have the right to expedite it s completion by reasonable means when they are affordable.
3. Naturalized Citizens will either be joined to a relative, found an association that meets the specifications of the law or join the fictional associations provide for newcomers until they naturally qualify for another.
4. All Louisiana Citizen-Subjects are qualified to be members of three Family Associations and all legitimate spouses are able to choose to be enrolled in their spouse’s family association. The association with which one is a relational correspondent do not count against the total number of Associations one can join. They are not memberships for purposes of most Louisiana laws or laws of the Federal American Empire of the United States.
5. It can be criminal or civil fraud to seriously misrepresent one’s membership in a family association.
6. The Family Associations and a less than public system of records run at public expense in large part will have a Frame Two Birth Certificate which will include a cross-reference to the Frame one certificate and:
a. Score on the APGAR
b. Degree of Ordinary Nobility at Birth and known heritable connections
c. Known Kindred of each parent especially Acadian Tribal membership.
d. Number of grandparents in born in Louisiana
e. Number of known or acknowledged children of each parent
Provision Two: The Structure, Rights and Duties of the Family Association
Every Family Association Certified by the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will be able to be an Imperial Family Association as well so long as the Imperial Standards have not changed greatly since the founding. However, this institution will continue more or less as it is independently of what happens in the Imperial and Union legal and political regimes. The following enumeration enumerated elements of this provision outline the limits within which the laws of the State, the practices of most constituents whether individual or institutional and the Charters of family associations must operate.
1. The Louisiana Department of Revenue, with some oversight by the Royal House (which is itself a Family Association, although a very anomalous one specially exempt even from many of these very provisions) will disburse a rebate of two percent of all revenues collected by the State in taxation and benefits allocated by a third party to the State for disbursement to every Citizen-Subject and Constitutent and Legal Resident to any family associations to which the party may belong. In addition the Courts shall make five percent of all exemplary and punitive damages awarded in any case payable to the family associations of those plaintiffs or other parties who may be the recipients of such awards and judgments. Further the Perpetuity Fund and the Sovereign Fund will each divide one percent of their proceeds each year equally among all the Family Associations in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana.
2. Family Associations may not refuse membership to anyone entitled to it by birth. Their Charters must all be approved by the GAMPR and specify some substantive matters decided by votes of all their members, others decided by vote of their primary members only and some divided by their Governing Council.
3. Every Family Association must have a Secretary for State and Kingdom correspondence.
4. These are the Genealogical parameters of Charters and Memberships:
a. Every Family Association must have a genealogist.
b. Every Family Association must have a single original ancestor from which its genealogy is derived.
c. No Family Association will be allowed to have more than one tenth as many members who are not consorts or descendants linked by other members living or deceased to the original ancestor in an unbroken chain. This is to be excepted during the Founding era as the Family Associations may merge close lines where one of a group of siblings has died by the legal fiction that he would have joined in life had these Associations existed.
d. Every family association must send a copy of its working genealogy to the Royal House every ten years.
5. There will be four ranked classes of Family Associations. In the Petit Courts the higher ranked shall be seated with greater honor and shall enjoy some procedural precedence but voting shall be equal. However when the Family Associations are listed and organized to fill the Family Association seats the top class will receive four spots and so on to one for the lowest class. So that they will appear four times as often in rotations at the top as at the bottom in rotational seats and have four times as many votes per association in the seats elected by the single delegate of each Family Association in the Sway lands. Each Petit Court will have seats assigned in each of these two manners. However, each Petit Court will also have a tenth of its family seats assigned by equal rotation to the hundred, or fewer if there are not one hundred, most populous family associations in its Sway lands. A family Association qualifies for Petit Court representation by having any of its members reside in the Sway lands.
6. Every Family Association must belong to one of the enrolled Kindreds and may belong to as many as three.
7. Each Family Association must file its Charter with the King and with the Secretary of State.
8. The State must inform the Family Associations of the marriage, death, bankruptcy, arrest, imprisonment and execution of their members in a reasonably timely fashion.
9. The Kingdom must inform the Family Association of participation by members in a ritual confrontation or involvement with a placement or liaison union or of their joining the Royal Household at such regular and affordable times of notice as are reasonable and published in the Royal Court Circular.
10. Every Family Association may petition the GAMPR and also the Bouletherion for as long as the Unity endures.
Provision Three: Actions of Law, Imposition of Classes and Oversight by the Polity of the Family Associations
The enumeration in this provision set forth the policy of the State and Kingdom towards the Family Associations and in the process sets forth some of the transformations of policy in the change from the recent republic as regards separate but related matters of law and right which also have constitutional significance. Here are those constitutional declarations in law and right:
1. The Grand Familles of the Ethnos Arkadios shall be exempt from most laws in this regard so long as they conform to Bouletherion law and they may in one institution sometimes be a Kindred and at other times be a Family Association. The Ethnos Arkadios itself is also a Kindred and the Royal House is a Family Association. However, members of the Ethnos Arkadios and the Royal House are encouraged and sometimes required to form and join ordinary Family Associations as well.
2. Adults may renounce a secondary Family Association membership to remain within the limit of three when joining a new association they are lawfully entitled to join.
3. These are the Standards of the Classes from which the Ministry of Protocol with some review by the Senate shall rank the Family Associations.
a. The Top Class: This shall include the Royal House, the Princely, High Chiefly and Middle Chiefly Grand Familles of the Ethnos Arkadios and these shall be the hallmark thereof. This class shall also include the Noble House of every Hereditary Peer Elector which shall enjoy a partial immunity to many of the laws of family association subject to chartered variances by the Royal House.
b. The Second Class: Shall include Family Associations which have five of the following:
i. Have an Ancestor rated as Illustrious as their original point or three Illustrious members of the Genealogy according to the Ministry of Protocol.
ii. Have an Official Religion which is either Christianity, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, Protestantism or Aboriginal American Paganism Responsive to Christian Inspiration.
iii. Have a racial afiliaition and at least half their members are classified as of that race alone.
iv. Have an original ancestor who was a native and citizen of Louisiana.
v. Have seventy five percent of their members as Citizen-Subjects of Federal American Empire of the United States.
vi. Have Seventy five percent of their members as Whites.
vii. Have Seventy five percent of their members as Acadians.
viii. Have Roman Catholicism as their Official Religion.
ix. Are at least five years old.
x. Have at least a tenth of their adult members who are part of the five-fold nobility , the Ethnos Arkadios or the Royal House.
xi. Have a Governing Council which conforms to the model described in the next Provision to a degree certified by the Royal House.
xii. Has over 100 living members.
c. The Third Class: Shall include those Family Associations that include three or four of the enumerations listed under Second Class Family Associations and have fewer than the lesser number of four members or one tenth of their members who have an Honor Code rating below disgraceful
d. The Fourth Class will include the Fictional State Associations for Newcomers and all Associations not qualifying for the higher classes.
Provision Four: The Governing Council of each of the Family Associations:
Except for the Top Class Families and those other families who enjoy the exceptions of Grand Familles of the Ethnos Arkadios there will be an ideal of the governing council model for Family Associations. This ideal will be compared to the actual Governing Councils and these Councils will be categorized as falling into four classes. The most conformist shall earn their Family Association the right to a nonvoting observer seat at the GAMPR and rights of access to the Court of Families at any palace with such a Court. The Second Most Conformist will rate compliance for the purposes of ticking off an enumeration in the classification system. The Third Most Conformist will be sufficient for keeping a charter but no privileges extra to that. The Least Conformist will be grounds for revoking a charter if there are not countervailing reasons to sustain it. This rating will be dome by the Ministry of Protocol and the Royal House and they have shall a broad discretion founded in this provision but also limited to some degree by it. In general the Top rating will be compliance with over ninety percent of the following enumerations. The Second will be over eighty percent of the enumerations. The Third will be over fifty-five percent of the enumerations. The enumerations are:
1. The Governing Council is that of an official Name Standard Family Association with an approved Family Crest in the Court and House of the King and Queen.
2. The Head of the Family is a member of the official race and religion legitimately married or widowed man who is among the top five members in genealogical rank at the time of his election by the Family Association and serves for life.
3. The Head of the Family has taken the royal course related to his position and understands and affirms what he can and cannot do as regard members of the Association he would not like to have in it and other pertinent matters.
4. The age for voting in the General Membership will be seven years of age with children younger than twelve voting for their parents wishes by robotic count unless the Head declares o a vote conscience. Twelve-year-olds and older minors may follow their parents or abstain and at sixteen minority ends in the Family Associations and each votes his or her conscience.
5. The Charter provides that the Governing Council receives all petitions, drafts all bills and submits them to Primary Members where they must receive a simple majority vote and then to the General membership including all previously voting members where it must again receive a majority vote in order to become a resolution.
6. The Charter provides that the Governing Council receives all petitions for Discretionary Charter Amendments, drafts all such bills and submits them to Primary Members where they must receive a two-thirds majority vote and then to the General membership including all previously voting members including a majority of men and of women, of those born to the name and at least a third of all secondary members and members with restrictions as well as a simple majority vote in order to become a resolution.
7. The Charter provides that the Governing Council receives all petitions for Petitionary Charter Amendments, drafts all such bills and takes a published name vote where two-thirds of the Council have voted for the Amendment petition bill. The council then submits them to Primary Members where they must receive a two-thirds majority vote and then to the General membership including all previously voting members including a majority of men and of women, of those born to the name and at least a third of all secondary members and members with restrictions as well as a simple majority vote in order to become a resolution to petition the King and Royal House.
8. The Governing Council shall include all members who are part of the Ordinary Nobility and a representative or two of each of the Five-Fold Nobility, the Acadians and the Royal House members who are in the Association if any and these shall be elected by those constituents with ties broken by the Primary members.
9. Secondary members of birthright, if any, shall elect from among those among themselves not otherwise seated at least one and otherwise enough members to equal a third of the proportion of their numbers in the General membership of the Family Association.
10. Members with restrictions, if any, shall elect from among those among themselves not otherwise seated at least one and otherwise enough members to equal a third of the proportion of their numbers in the General membership of the Family Association.
11. The Mater Familias shall be a member of the Governing Council and shall be the legitimate wife of the Head or if he has none then a sister, daughter or granddaughter who are legitimate and appointed by him for a period of four years renewable.
12. The Mater Familias is also of the official race and religion.
13. The women of the General membership elect two representatives for all of them to serve on the Council.
14. The Mater Familias and the legitimate wives of the third of all the men with the highest genealogical rank will be seated in the Council by their own right as will unmarried women over thirty if there are any in the top fifth of the genealogical ranks and any woman in the top three genealogical ranks of any status whatever. Otherwise no women other than these shall be seated except by action of one of the representative alottments of seats.
15. All men above the age of sixteen who are born to the name legitimately and are of the official race and religion but are not married will elect a representative to the governing Council.
16. All men born to the name legitimately, of the official race and religion who are over eighteen years of age and are legitimately married shall be by right members of the Governing Council.
17. The men born to the name legitimately, of the official race and religion who are over eighteen and are legitimately married within the Governing Council shall schedule and draw up the agenda of each meeting and then all members shall openly discuss the matters on the agenda and vote equally. When two-thirds of the women vote against a matter it shall be vetoed.
18. The Family Association has a Chartered Guard under the Command of the Governing Council.
19. The Governing Council has a designated Council Hall suitable for meetings.
20. The Secretary is informed and Compliant as regards State and Kingdom Policy.
Provision Five: Privileges of Members Themselves and related Association Privileges
The Members of Family Associations have the following rights and privileges under the law:
1. They may donate up to a third of their income to the Family Association to reduce taxable income without penalty.
2. They may claim as tax deductible expense reasonable minimal expenses related to doing Association business.
3. They may support association members in general as a valid policy reason strongly presumed to be moral despite laws or regulations seeming to forbid such support in a given circumstance.
The Rights of the Association are as follows:
1. They shall pay no more than ten percent tax on their income and the lowest eighty percent shall pay only five percent income tax.
2. Their income shall come after all deductions for due and reasonable expense in providing pre-natal and birth related support, tutoring, partial state rate scholarships available to all members,a family shrine, a registry of family particulars, a stipend for theHead and Mater Familias and elder care as well as any health care clinic in the Imperial Wellness Community Clinic Network and maintaining a duly chartered guard, managing the Liveried aspects of a liveried domestic service.

Section Three: Women and Family in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana
Subsection One: Section Preamble
Women are not the same as men but both are human, capable of being servile residents, Citizen-Subjects, Peer-Electors and Sovereign Monarchs although in every case they are somewhat distinguished from one another. The Policy of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana regarding women is definitely a policy which discriminates and makes a set of differences. Many of these appear at the level of law which less august than the Constitution and parts of the Constitutional framework appear in other places than this article on Family. However, the enumerated Provisions of this Section form the main body of the transformative policy regarding women and family in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana.

Subsection Two: Constitutional Precepts on the State of Women and Family

Provision One: All homosexual males living outside of a monastery together in openly acknowledged homosexual cohabitation will pay a fee of an additional two percent of their income to the women’s funds in each of their own family associations. Further communities and residential associations may restrict the cohabitation of openly homosexual male groups.
Provision Two: Catholic Dioceses which do not establish canons regular for any real celibates, homosexuals and bisexuals in their clergy can be subject to this tax if even one of their priests is found to be homosexual in the celibate community. Such communities of canons regular will be secular and the King will exert such influence as he can to see that it does not further limit the special relations provided for celibate priests taking a Natural union under the office of Liaisons and Placements.
Provision Three: Five percent of the proceeds of Perpetuity Fund will be divided among the mothers of living children by a discriminatory and detailed formula each December first which will see that ht most rewarded child shall not receive a bonus more than three times as great as the lowest rewarded child but in which the Modus Vivendi will be mirrored in the distribution laws. Five Percent of the Sovereign Fund will be disbursed by the Queen to projects to benefit mothers where matching funds and the main plan is provided by a Family Association, Municipality or Parish.
Provision Four: The King and his Court hold an active role in religious and philosophical matter not only as overall sovereigns but as royal players in the total polity and that includes many activities to promote a particular women’s and sexual cultural policy both openly and secretly.
Provision Five: All Liveried Domestic Services shall be registered with the Majordomo di Palazzo and will work to use trainees and others who are not mothers from the Minor Compacts and the less privileged or wealthy communities near holidays and part of their yearly registration fee will go to help mothers in Domestic service celebrate holidays with their children.
Provision Six: The Majordomo di Palazzo shall operate a wet nurse placement agency within the service for those who have naturally and not negligently lost a child at birth to death or given one up for adoption. This shall be done a limit of once per woman. The Maitresse des Rites and the Louisiana Institute of Health will also jointly operate a human milk exchange with compensation to producers and detailed verification of their babies health.
Provision Seven: Any white girl who graduates in the top third of her class in high school and is willing to spend two years in a certified child care service outlet of any kind with majority of white children and does so with the registration in order Majordomo di Palazzo will receive regular pay a twenty-five percent discount on four years of whatever tuition or fees and book purchases she has left after other scholarships or off all the regular tuition (whichever is the greater amount of money) at any State University or College or a fifty percent deduction at any technical college. North East Asian girls will receive half this discount and the facility must be majority between both whites and North East Asians but must include some whites.
Provision Eight: The Queen shall operate a Queen’s Agency of one hundred women of all walks of life who focus on issues that may arise relating to feminism, family and related issues in the royal prism and perspective. They shall have standing similar to Governor’s Agents and Royal Agents.
Provision Nine: Women who are teachers in elementary schools, school nurses, or provide full time care to the elderly are entitled to a childcare bonus or special provision for childcare as provided by law.
Provision Ten: The State shall have a quota system of women’s jobs. More than half of all funds, hiring and support by the State in any way and every major way must go to women in the positions nurses, elementary school teachers, obstetricians, gynecologists, scholars and reporters on women’s issues, home economists and domestics. In all other fields it shall be less than half by quota and never less than ten percent in any large field or department. The Civil Service system will be applied within this rubric where that is an issue.

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