Model Constitution of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana Part five

Royal Constitution
Of the
Kingdom of the State of Louisiana

Article Seven: The Louisiana Modus Vivendi and Social Order

Section One: A Complete State
Provision One: There are many powers not so fairly exercised by the Federal American Empire of the United States which can properly be exercised by the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana and its many sister polities in the Federal Empire have the advantage of allowing persons to move from one polity, to transact business, work, study vacation and to change citizenship. This somewhat costly federal reality is both in history and in present practice a very significant part of the liberty of many free citizens throughout history and of free citizens of this Federal Union and Empire. That kind of liberty which is derived from the capacity to choose a polity is enhanced when the choice is from among truly distinct polities rather than blending them into one another to form a single uniform whole. As it is the Constitution of the Empire imposes some limits on diversity between the polities in the Union and the Government and Imperial House will each seek to have an influence over the life of the whole of society throughout the Empire. However, this Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will not consider it particularly horrible as a matter of policy if some significant numbers of it citizens move to sister polities throughout its future to pursue happiness. It is no willing to be a mere shadow of a kingdom and state that will suit everyone equally.
Provision Two: In this Kingdom of the State of Louisiana there will be a set of twelve mandates of the Constitution here listed which go to the quality of life in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana and its flavor as a polity which shall ever be incorporated into the Louisiana Royal Civil Code and which shall not be promoted for their own sake as a set of mandates as a larger agenda for the Empire and Union. These mandates shall be enforced by the police courts and others as constitutional law only when failure to enforce them as other forms of law has failed. These are the Twelve Mandates of the Modus Vivendi:
Mandate One: The Kingdom of Louisiana Driver’s License or Standard Identification Card shall have the name, social security number, a racial description, the sex and age of the holder and a code for the family associations to which the holder belongs. This shall be linked to the holder’s Honor Code and Racial Code status. Citizens of the Minor Compact of Louisiana are to be made welcome in all public buildings and spaces although they may be restricted to special sections and uses and required to observe other details of the Racial Code as required.
Mandate Two: The force of criminal law will be exercised if necessary in the following regard: All Women who wear a single monochromatic drab cover in public buildings and spaces must be adults who have made a free and public commitment to a harem, monastery, convents or other autonomous chartered domestic regimes but may not be adolescents, girls or single women. Veiling the entire body and face shall be illicit in public and discouraged everywhere. Women shall not be prohibited from sharing publicly funded or general access swimming pools of an athletic or social type with men but may be kept in separate facilities as regards smaller soaking, therapeutic, or similar tubs, pools or tanks. All schools which educate girls must have effective physical education programs for girls in which participation, effectiveness and outlay of funds must be at least one third of that quantifiable for boys but not equal to them. No municipal or quasi-public entity may prohibit in their boundaries public dancing between the sexes.
Mandate Three: Full-time work in employment law will be defined for women as thirty eight hours per week and for men as forty-four. Women shall be entitled to ten sickness and individual crisis days in a standard labor contract year and men to only eight days and a woman shall add two days for every child she has and two for being currently and legitimately married. With every degree of nobility from High Squire to King with a simpler scale for the other forms of nobility a person of either sex shall add a sickness individual crisis day. Employers and employees have a waivable right to be addressed by any titles or honorifics recognized in law. In all cases of compensation for work where not otherwise provided by lawful contract a woman shall earn 90 percent of what a man earns for the same position, a Noble shall earn a bonus of five percent, a White shall earn the standard rate, a North East Asian 95% of that rate, a Territorial or Colored Citizen 90% and a Possessions or Black Citizen 85%. A minor shall earn 80% of an adult’s wages for the same post. All of these differentials shall be cumulative. Overtime work shall be compensated at higher rate than the work under the full-time limit, the differential shall not be less than ten percent.
Mandate Four: Killing in a duel fully licensed and compliant with all the processes of the Offices of Ritual Confrontation shall carry no criminal liability and can be done on any chartered Lists or dueling ground throughout the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. This process shall always include a published challenge, Selection of Seconds. This phase shall precede an Honor’s official review, an Official Statement of the Stakes in a Rules Round, a Second Statement of the Stakes and a nonlethal fight and publication of a Mortal Dispute followed by blood tests, eligible donations of blood and a duel with physicians and marshals present. Killing in Vendetta shall also be excused where fully compliant and shall be limited to five duels between the groups, a single skirmish and a set of trials and ordeals with full proprieties observed for each phase, party and event.
Mandate Five: The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will use such influence and skills and authority as it may possess to prevent the taxation on Income, Capital Gains, or Inheritance above thirty percent from any of its citizen-subjects on any occasion to any party. However, the Kingdom shall have the power not known in the republic to require the wealthy and fortunate at the higher levels to incur prescribed and listed expenses, establish charities they will command and to endow family associations. The difference from taxing the money is that their autonomy and personality are preserved more than their money and wealth and their money may be preserved without complete freedom of enjoyment. The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will never tax income in a manner with more than three grades with the top being twenty percent. Corporations shall have a five percent differential in the assurances of this Mandate and not in their favor.

Mandate Six: Entail shall be permitted in the State of the Kingdom of Louisiana but must be positively established with an inheritance tax special fee paid in advance, a chartered house, fealty to the King by any due liege line, set-aside plans for those not inheriting which lessen the income or chattels of the Entailed Estate and all entailed estates and titles are presumed severable unless a union is positively established in the legislature. The presumption is not towards primogeniture but four-fold Arcadian-Acadian Conformity. No more than ten percent of the lands of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana may ever be entailed. Marriage and Licensed Maitressage or Concubinage create communities of property in which the spouses hold some property on their own and some in the community. In Marriage there is a presumption that all the properties are subject to the marital regime as a whole and in a Maitressage or Concubinage the regime only covers properties and wealth assigned to it by instrument. The man is head of the marital regime as a whole and the community portion but not the woman’s personal portion. Marriage, Maitressage and Concubinage are covenants only available to an adult man and an adult woman publicly contracted. The children of a woman are legally those of her donated ova, those given up for adoption, those she adopts and those born to her whom she retains as her legal children and this is the scale of her obligation to the children which is never nothing but is minimal at the low end. The legal distinctions of a man’s children are the children of donated semen to whom he owes medical records. Then bastards born of fleeting and irregular sexual congress to whom he owes at minimum a claim of one third of his estate divided among all other bastards or the claim of eighteen years of the formula minimum of child support in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana as well as medical records. Then illegitimate children born of consensual sex with dependents, protégés, employees or girlfriends in the American sense to whom he owes all that he owes a bastard as well as the lowest membership rights in his family association. Then there are natural children born of Mistresses, Concubines and Junior Plural Wives who have all right to public acknowledgement, must be left far better off than would be the case if they are illegitimate but are limited to the provisions of the Covenant. Legitimate children are the children of a Married Couple. Two thirds of a wife’s non-entailed private property is forced heirship to her children in her estate. Of that two-thirds forced, two-thirds goes to her daughters and a third to her sons but the surviving husband shall have a usufruct thereof for ten years and she will have free reign over the third not forced in her will. Two-thirds of a husband’s non-entailed private property is forced heirship to his children in her estate and of that two-thirds goes to his sons and a third to his daughters but the surviving wife shall have a usufruct thereof for life if she does not remarry and ten years even if she does and the husband will have free reign over the third not forced in his will. The Community Property is subject to the will of the parties after any has been set aside to be inherited by a surviving spouse equal to rebuttably presumed portion of one half and not to be less than a third nor more than two-thirds of the deceased spouse’s estate and the surviving house shall in turn for this inheritance return up to one fourth of what is found to be his or her share of the community property after a usufruct their of as a quittance as the executor may define as necessary to the integrity of the estate. The estate of a deceased spouse shall inherit from another deceased spouse half the spouse’s portion had they been alive and like all other heirs than a surviving spouse shall inherit only after the aside in proportion to the share of any disabled persons among the heirs. The law shall be to distribute intestate properties so that half goes to the surviving spouse and half to the children after a life usufruct by the surviving unmarried spouse or ten year usufruct by a remarried spouse. The lots for families with less than five children shall include a half lot added to the number of the children with that half lot going to the oldest child and in families of more than five children there shall be an addition of one lot going to the oldest child so that among eight children the oldest shall receive two-ninths and all others one ninth of the estate.

Mandate Seven: The Law of Ancient Lights shall henceforth be in effect in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana which may be waived by contract and is to be narrowly interpreted. The preservation of all species larger than a microbe naturally occurring in the State shall be a matter of policy. Pollution and excessive wastage shall be criminal acts and disorderly acts depending on their gravity and intentionality.
Mandate Eight: The right of associations to conduct their own affairs as regards activities which are recreational and social shall be presumed to be very great. There shall be no presumption of rights of access to those with whom members would rather not associate. However, this shall be mitigated by a duty to admit for annual formal announced visits members of the Royal House, Peer-Electors and members of the Petit Court to which they belong of any description in a formal reception which officers and most members must attend and the club or association must pay for when such rights or requested by the due representatives of such persons.
Mandate Nine: No woman may be prosecuted for acts of harm to the developing infant which result from reckless of irresponsible behavior directed toward an end which is not related to harming the developing infant. Nor can she be sued for such harms except on behalf of the child and with the consent of the child’s father once it is born. The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will operate safe drop zones at all royal chaplain principal sites, hospitals and Manors of Peer-Electors where a mother can abandon her healthy child legally and safely for two weeks after birth complying with procedure and escaping criminal and civil liabilities for the act and at least most civil responsibilities for the child. The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana may not prohibit the sale of condoms freely to adults nor the sale of condoms to girls under age who are sexually active by their doctors. The Kingdom of the State of Louisiana shall not prohibit the sale of contraceptive or contra-implantive devices or medicines duly prescribed to women except as these are abortifacients of implanted foetuses or as limited in this mandate. No unemancipated minor shall receive such contraceptives without the consent of the parent. No wife mistress of concubine who has been a spouse for more than one year and has no children by the man to whom she is joined shall receive such contraceptives without the consent of her husband. No procedure may be performed which produces sterility without informing any spouse concerned, but in the case of an emergency this can be done after the fact. Where carrying a pregnancy to term threatens the life of the mother they physican may treat the mother in a way which will be fatal to the foetus however this must be documented and where there is a possibility of delivering a viable baby it must be pursued. Only Physicians may perform a procedure which kills a foetus except in an extreme and unpredictable emergency. A husband or the keeper of a Mistress or Concubine may sue any physician for foeticide and it will be the duty of the physician to prove that such procedure did not generate liability if the fact of its occurrence is established. No abortive implements or devices may be anywhere but an inventoried safe when not in use or cleaning. The physicians who perform such abortions as previously described alone may file with the Louisiana Institute of Health a Memorandum of Recommended Abortion and describe why the health and safety of the mother is at risk in carrying the pregnancy to term. This record shall include the name and identity numbers of the expectant mother and the physician may arrange to have the patient sent to a Constitutional Jurisdiction where such procedures may be performed. Any woman having three such procedures is ineligible for more and after a fourth may be forcibly sterilized or compelled to agree to a different regime of life which is enforceable. No physician may recommend more than ten of these per year and no hospital or clinic may have more than five such authorized physicians attached all of whom shall be certified by the Louisiana Health Institute. No transsexual or gender reassignment surgeries shall be performed in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana and Hermaphrodite correction surgeries shall be recorded with the Louisiana Institute of Health. No organ transplantation or harvesting shall be undertaken except in full compliance with the rules of the Louisiana Institute of Health. Children may not be permanently sterilized deliberately and where this occurs wrongly or accidentally it must be recorded with the Louisiana Health Institute. The Kingdom of Louisiana may compel people to receive immunizing vaccines and injections which carry small but real risks at any age where warranted by reason of public health. Sterilization may be a punishment for crime where the condemned already has children, has committed three or more crimes showing sexual or other lack of order and responsibility, has no great or extraordinary known wealth, valued rare traits and has resisted a previous warning and is either unable to provide well for existing children or else has engaged in rape or illicit seduction. Such cases must be reviewed by the Court of Appeals before sentence is executed.

Mandate Ten: There are rights which are exempt from the usual laws of violence. A husband or the Keeper of a Mistress or Concubine is allowed to use sufficient force to achieve coitus against his woman’s resistance. The Keeper of a Mistress or Concubine may paddle her in accord with the terms of the Covenant and rules of the Offices of Placement and Liaison. A woman may spank her child formally or swat them lightly from the age of two to the age of seven and a father from seven to fourteen with a very serious presumption that such force is right and justified. Any man making unlawful sexual advances to a woman more than four degrees above him in rank may be flogged with a light cane by a protector who does no serious injury and can show this was the cause, or be flogged publicly by the court’s officers if found guilty of such an offense. Territorials and colored men making such advances to white women may be so treated by the court but not spontaneously. Black men making such advances to White or North East Asian Women may be struck so spontaneously or after mere indictment on probable cause by officers of the courts. Any man may in the eyes of the law formally court or pay sexual attention to any woman even for illicit acts or states without allowing this Mandate to take effect, only when the advances themselves are fraudulent, violent, coercive, or take advantage of conditions so obtained shall this Mandate have effect. Acts classified as desecration of sacred sites, objects or persons of a civil or purely religious sacred quality may be met with light force not otherwise permitted.
Mandate Eleven: The meetings of the Petit Courts, Bicameral State Legislature and the GAMPR in each new session shall begin with a ceremony of optional in which there are readings of the Old Testament in Hebrew by a licensed Rabbi and in Greek by an Orthodox Priest after which prayers are said for the Royal House in Latin by a Roman Catholic Deacon. The Maitresse des Rites shall then assign an interpretive reader with musicians to perform a brief scene from Louisiana Royal History. There will then be a reading of the same texts from the Old Testament in the French Douay-Rheims and Bible de Jerusalem, from a Spanish Bible and from the King James Version. The Royal Chaplain or one of his Assistants will speak briefly about these texts. There will be a distribution of copies of the Constitution to new members of the body or their agents and a salute to all due colors and standards. Then there will be a reading from the New Testament in French and English. Next prayers in Greek will be made for the King or Queen who is full Sovereign. Then a toast will made to the Roi de la Louisiane even in an interregnum and it shall be drunk and glasses shattered on a wall hearth set aside for this. One tenth of the pay of legislators shall derive from the portion of their Attendance at Tuesdays on the Floor where Debates, speeches and conversations shall occur in each chamber as the rules and Code decree from eight a.m. to five p.m. in very week of regular session with the hour from twelve to one counting as a Luncheon break. During these sessions only French and Spanish may be spoken before nine. English. French, Spanish and German will be spoken from nine to ten and then English only till noon. English will again be the only language from one to three and then French and English from three to four. The last hour may be reserved by any language caucus. The record will translate these conversations as all bills, laws and official memoranda will appear in a diglot format of both French and English and each Chamber shall employ interpreters and a system of headphones for the Tuesdays on the Floor. On other days the floor and committees shall proceed in English or the Royal dialect thereof with no prejudice to greetings, long quote or colorful illustrations from other languages.
Mandate Twelve: The Social and Economic priorities of each administration and Governor and Legislature are to conform where possible to the overall plan of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. That plan is specified here in these provisions of this Mandate.
First, this polity is to benefit from and support the necessary arrangements related to the fact that the Roi and King is also Basileus and Emperor.
Second, this polity wishes to prioritize the opportunities and meet the responsibilities related to the vast drainage of rivers into the Gulf in its borders. Projects for an ecological wonder in the islands, marshes, estuaries and swamps, for fishing, managed extractions, water projects and large scale shipping receive permanent priority of attention and resources. So is the overall integration of all of this into a permanent, growing and vibrant Coast and wetlands region. Further to fortify this coast against modern warfare and the rivers from hostile invasion while securing shelters for civilians and biodiversity is also a part of this commitment.
Third, this regime while it lasts rejects much of modern capitalism and socialism. Planned and directed economics with fiscal discipline and free markets is sought. We seek to add value and opportunity through government sponsored projects to work and communities centered on agriculture, aquaculture, hunting, navigation and shipping. The role of part-time warrior programs and festival sponsorship is in part to secure these things.
Fourth, we seek to allow a diversity of tourism, artistic and cultural industries to exist together and rely on government to support them. The sale of otherwise banned narcotic and related substances and legal prostitution in the Kingdom of Louisiana if permitted at all will be on Imperial or royal sites so chartered or else in Casinos duly licensed which have offsetting family programs on another site and meet stringent health and safety requirements. Prostitution shall be narrowly interpreted and there shall be a Guild of Courtesans conforming to regulations of the Maitresse des Rites.
Fifth, while oil, gas and sulfur remain the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will seek to use some funds garnered to promote the best practices in their extraction refinement and consumption. One percent of all funds the State receives from minerals taxes, fees and severance will go to building an infrastructure of waste gas, solar, tidal, wind and geothermal energy installations in a real and working network across the polity.
Section Two: Citizen-Subject Education
Subsection One: The Administration of Education and the Polity’s Permanent Policy Objectives
Provision One: The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall receive in a set aside and apart from all budgeting ten percent of all proceeds from the Perpetuity fund and the same percentage from the General Education Support Agency. One percent of these funds will be spent outside the polity in the other Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Louisiana Minor Compact to support programs that the board deems worthy, productive and of interest to the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. Those funds spent in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will be spent first on teacher professional development, recertification and enrichment programs. There shall also be outlays on curricula development and the distribution and contracting for learning materials and textbooks. A large online infrastructure will be devised with tutorial materials and other assets available to schools, classes and directly to students and teachers. These funds shall also support a menu of ongoing and coordinated field trips, academic competitions for small scholarship prizes and athletic clinics for the general student bodies of all or most schools. Further they shall support military, music and art education camps with scholarships and various levels of pay in the summer. There will also be a Homeschoolers Support network of online services and directions to field trip sites.
Provision Two: The School Boards of each Parish or special District shall cooperate with BESE and the Governor’s Secretary of Education to produce a school system that is in some degree autonomous.
Provision Three: There will be a transitioning model of the school experience which will occur over time and in different ways in each School District and as various State Administrations support or resist it but the model put forth by the Kingdom shall predominate as the goal for at least one hundred years supposing this regime to endure that long. That model is indicated very broadly in these next sentences of this Section:
1. School shall start on August 15 and end on June 1 or the first Monday after each of these dates each year that they shall fall on Saturday and Sunday. When students enroll their enrollment will be announced to their family associations and when they are promoted to the next grade that notice shall be sent as well.
2. Tuesday through Friday in lower elementary school students shall attend academic subjects in their regular building but on Monday will go to the Parish Learning Center for three long classes in Athletics, Community Learning and Religious Education. Monday through Wednesday in upper elementary school students shall attend academic subjects in their regular building but on Thursday will go to the Parish Learning Center for their three long classes in Athletics, Community Learning and Religious Education and will return to school on Friday. The Middle School Students will go to the Parish Learning Center for these classes Wednesday and remain at school on the other days. The High School students will have their Learning Center Day on Friday. Teachers at regular schools will use their students’ day at the Learning Center to prepare lessons, meet with parents and hold professional conferences. The Learning Center Teachers will do the same on Tuesday will be such a day of Preparation for Learning Center Teachers.
3. Athletics class will try to interface and synergize with sports and physical education programs which will continue at the school and to support athletic competitions. In High school ten percent of all athletic classes will be military or paramilitary training. BESE and the Royal House will approve in a generic quality sort of way all religious education programs which will be provided by registered religious institutions to their adherents. Those with no religious affiliation or no approved teachers will be required to take the Royal Chaplains Default Course which will cover ritual literacy, basic comparative religion, the civil religion of the polity and the Religious history of the Royal House. Community Learning will have two parts first will be BESE Regional Knowledge Courses in the Geography, Demography, Economics, Ecological Studies and Military History of the region. The other half will be paid and unpaid speakers and demonstrators from the local community.
4. Until sixth grade boys and girls will take all classes together. Seating will be such that all have access to learning but races and sexes are often divided and sometimes not. In Sixth grade they shall have some physical education classes together and some separately. They shall then also begin a Sex and Sexuality class meeting one hour each week at their regular school which will increase to two hours each week in High school. All students will be required to take a class in social dancing in eighth grade learning formal folk and ballroom dances between partners of the opposite sex.
5. In Eighth Grade students will be requested and urged to come to school on August first. There they shall be evaluated based on tests, group drills and all available data from old school records and parent interviews. This will include projections based on regional, family, class, sex and racial propensities. Each student will be given a tentative assessment on ten binary set of data:
a. High Social Functioning in School or Not
b. High Intelligence as related to Academic Aptitude or Not
c. High Degree of attachment of all types to the local site and economy or Not
d. Mostly Happy and Well Adjusted or Not
e. Tends to overachieve potential or Not
f. Aspires to higher social status and wealth than is most projected or Not.
6. In High School every student will have a major and a minor which will guide their studies and schedule to the degree they can and no two or incompatible not any order among the two. The categories can all serve as Majors and Minors. These categories are:
a. University Preparation on State funded Fast Track for the really exceptional.
b. University Preparation
c. Technical School Preparation
d. Apprenticeship increasing support
e. Family and domestic studies
f. Entrepreneurship
g. Agriculture and Environmental Management
h. Military preparation
i. Marginal Function Survival and Opportunity Program
j. Arts Education for Early Career Artists
k. Sports Learning and Profession Preparation
Subsection Two: Universal and Public Education

Provision One: There will be a one half of one mil property tax on all real properties in each parish, a one percent inheritance tax on all estate successions whatever in every Parish, a one percent tax on all fuels and energy sales whatever in every parish which shall by right go directly to the School Board or else first to the principal School Board and secondarily to special School District as may exist. These funds must be combined with ten percent of all proceeds from the Sovereign Fund and the Perpetuity Fund which will be divided among the School Boards of the State according to a formula in the Louisiana Royal Civil Code.
Provision Two: The Language of Instruction shall be English with numerous required exceptions. Every School Board must provide at least one French Immersion Elementary and Middle School and A Spanish Laboratory for native and non-native speakers and those in the sway area of the Petit Court der Herzog des Fleuzenbanken must provide a Laboratory and may provide an immersion school in German. All students in the first grade should be able to draw on a stable of teachers who are available to give them some instruction in any native language they may have if the local stable of talent has such a teacher.
Provision Three: Students in the public schools will wear uniforms. These shall be determined but the local school board. There shall also be a school board publication of the code of conduct for teachers and students.
Provision Four: BESE shall evaluate all home school associations, religious schools, private schools and other schools in each parish to see to what degree they achieve what BESE seeks to achieve in education and on that basis will certify these schools in one of four categories as to their capacity to share public school board resources. These are the minimal infrastructure and advice category, the transport and special materials category, the professional development and laboratories and the as much as available category. However, the public schools will always receive top priority in the distribution of resources.
Provision Five: Public schools may summon a parent to paddle a child or may act in loco parentis with specific consent of the parent. A child is allowed three significant breaches of discipline in each year before they go on the child’s record. Should this number be reached the others occurring that year will be recorded and when this total number of all years reaches twenty then a student forfeits the right to a public education. Such students are to be on probation and it is to be seen if their families own enterprises in which a traditional living is earned with little formal education and if so the Community Studies program shall take the child in for half his or her classes in preparation for this life for as long as the child remains at school with only academic courses in the rest of the time. Otherwise the school will begin to interact with the Royal Apprenticeships and Labor Schools Agency and to share the child’s education with their programs. Seigneurial schools on Manors must participate in the Parish Learning Center Days and receive BESE support programs directed to them but are not to be interfered with by the School Boards in more than a minimum way.
Provision Six: A student convicted of a felony loses the right to a public education and may be sentenced by a competent to a compulsory labor school until eighteen after being released from the sentence for the crime itself. Each Public School shall have a Discipline Master and the students shall be classified based on the external discipline needed. Before any student is put on drugs for lack of attention he or she must be offered a military style education with light paddling for infractions, marching between classes and drilling twice daily whether at the same school or transported elsewhere. Each school shall also have a Girl’s Programs Director who shall see that all girls in public schools have some sense of the local feminine culture, sexual and childrearing issues and home economics. This includes philosophical attempts to understand a society that is both officially male-dominant and feminist.

Section Three: Home Rule and Domestic Regimes
Provision One: In the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana individual libertarian principles of liberty are less than those of the republic and there are many public standards of behavior. However, one can choose various regimes which were not available before and because of that and other causes this shall be a polity which respects domestic regimes and where possible the choices made by communities within the limits imposed by the Sovereign Kingdom of the State of Louisiana.
Provision Two: All students will be taught in social studies class that it is an ideal for children to have parents who are a happily married mother and father with a good income and an autonomous home closely connected to a community that cares about them. However, they will also be taught that no nearly everyone has nearly everything and in the Senior Year of High School there will be a long class on marriage and its benefits which will also discuss some of the bad things about homosexuality, promiscuity and adultery. However, it will also discuss provisions in the law of the Kingdom whereby a homosexual man or a bisexual man might find social value in a monastery or canonical life or as the husband of a courtesan. Further, it will discuss the life of a socially responsible promiscuous woman who becomes a courtesan. It will discuss the legal protection that women have for lesbian activity between plural wives, mistresses or concubines of the same man. It will be explained that there are regimes which afford privacy and tacit support for behaviors which would be considered antisocial to some degree outside such protections. Female impersonation outside a known entertainment with no ambiguous lines between the performance and the rest of life shall be a minor crime under state law which can be aggravated to a felony. Homosexual acts and any sex act other than coitus is devoid of great intrinsic protections and may more easily be found lewd and prosecuted as such. Sexual abstinence among the young and unmarried is encouraged by society so long as the costs are not too high.
Provision Three: Everyone is to be everywhere informed that there are layers and levels of morality under the law. The Kingdom and State are neither morally neutral nor always right in the highest sense. They are instead moral perspectives which guide the society in which the Citizen-Subject lives and which may not be the inner values of any person in the regime exactly. Therefore they must be treated with respect by persons with a moral framework of associations and an interior moral life.
Section Four: Official Religion
Provision One: The King must be Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox and must affirm an understanding of the Royal House’s declared understanding of the Doctrine of the Two Swords. The rituals of the State and kingdom may often be led by the Royal Chaplain, however, provision will be made for observance of a minimal nature for those not wishing to support traditional Christian religion.
Provision Two: Each Petit Court must support royal rituals held there but may also include one, two or three other faiths as in some sense official religions of the Petit Court. However, in no sense shall these Petit Courts become religious institutions.
Provision Three: In the language on the Rights of Citizens in this Constitution the many assurances of one’s right to worship, to educate one’s clergy, to own a house of assembly and to compete for the honors of the Nobility of the Robe are reserved to all Citizen-Subjects. However, there shall be a short list of Pagan Aboriginal American, Jewish, Anglican and Protestant sites, congregations and offices that along will receive official support as State Exemplars of Faith. However, the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church may receive such informal support as the Royal House can lend them which is not coercive of others in any direct sense. On the other hand, it is not the duty nor in the power of any clergy to set the moral policy of the polity as clergy. No clergy or professional minister of religion may hold a chairmanship in the House of Representatives nor wear clerical garb on it premises if he or she is a member. Among the Senators elected by the people and governments of parishes no more than one per parish may be a member of any religious clergy. The religious education of students will be administered with some biased self interest but no religion shall be deprived of the right to offer religious instruction in the public school system. Catholic Schools will be first served, then other Christian schools, then any Jewish School and then all others when it comes to receiving available support from the public system.
Section Six: Rank and Privilege
The Nobility Associations will have the lawful right and the duty to work on their own and with Royal House to create the conditions of excellence, to ensure the survival, educate the young and promote the soundness of that group of nobility they represent. These Nobles may strive and others may strive against them to create a society more suitable to their own views of what society should be like in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. Neither the effortless and static preservation of status nor the promotion of social equality are goals of this regime.

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