Constitution of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana: Part Seven

Royal Constitution
Of the
Kingdom of the State of Louisiana
Article Nine: State Administration

Section One: The Louisiana Civil Service
Provision One: All Positions in the State Administration which are not the Royal Prerogative and in Statewide agencies which are not filled by persons elected directly by the people or a party specified in this constitution nor appointed by the King or Queen and which are not ex officio Senator or Peer-elector Positions and are not reserved to the Ordinary Nobility or royalty by Law or Constitution and which are not Cabinet Positions shall be classified as Secondary State Positions. All Secondary State Positions will be filled by the Louisiana Civil Service except:
1. The filling of posts in the close and personal offices of those in the first category and the very highest ranking ten to one hundred positions in the State administration.
2. The hiring of persons named in a bill passed by the legislature with the request of someone in the State administration for hiring outside the system.
3. The hiring of no more than five subordinates of the first rank below each cabinet post and five by such subordinate of the rank directly below them.
Provision Two: The Louisiana Civil Service will only admit citizen-subjects and legal permanent residents of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana or citizen-subjects of the Minor Compact Jurisdictions to its personnel system and at least eighty-five percent must be citizen-subjects of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana.
Provision Three: All Civil Service employees must undergo a physical fitness test, a physical medical exam, an intelligence quotient test, an office skills test and a Louisiana Knowledge test prior to taking the Civil Service Exam proper which will become part of their permanent record unless they schedule and bear part of the expense to retake the test. The Civil Service Exam itself shall consist of a General Exam taken by all examinees and a series of subject exams related to the various parts of the State Administration. Those who take the exam the first time must take two subject tests they elect but anyone in the system can take a subject test whenever it is available on their own time. Score on the Civil Service Index for a given position will count for one hundred percent of entry level position hiring and diminish gradually after that.
Provision Four: In the Louisiana Civil Service there will be a Royal Prerogative Servicing Administration which shall be a division. All those hired in the Royal Prerogative or applying for a position unendorsed or awaiting placement will take the full Civil Service Battery and receive an index. The Civil Service will continue to track and evaluate their records and to update their index. Each official in the Royal Prerogative will have a Magnificence Quotient which will be an actual number formed by formula calculated by:
1. Twenty percent of the total derived from their own Civil Service Index,
2. Twenty Percent derived from their rank in the Ordinary Nobility
3. Ten percent from the Degree of Interiority and Association with the Royal House.
4. Ten Percent from the public and known favor of the King and Queen with the King counting as double the Queen for the same favor.
5. Ten percent from seniority in the Royal Prerogative.
6. Fifty Percent from their influence ranking by the Ministry of Protocol.
The Civil Service shall rate Royal Prerogative positions for a particular Civil Service Index. The difference between the Civil Service Index for the post and the Civil Service Index for an applicant or desired hireling shall be a degree of variance. The Magnificence Quotient of each hirer and hireling shall be added together and the total shall indicate by formula how much variance that juncture will justify. If the degree of variance allowed by their Magnificence Quotient is greater than the degree of variance created by the disparity in Civil Service Index then the hire can be made on the public purse. Nepotism, hiring of mistresses, bodyguards, religious and artistic dabblers, bastards and political hacks are all more than allowed so long as the degree of variance is resolved according to the law and procedures.
Provision Five: The Louisiana Civil Service shall receive five percent of the proceeds of the Sovereign and Perpetuity Funds for their benefits package. They shall receive extended vacation and sick leave time, a housing allowance and the Highest indices and test scores will earn the right to the audiences and attendance ratings in the Inner Courts of the Presence of the King and Queen. The most extraordinary scorers will have their names inscribed on the Civil Service Gate at the Principal Royal Palace.
Provision Six: The Upper Echelon Civil Service employees will receive classes in dress, etiquette, dancing, court protocol and ethics each year during a three day training school. They shall be subject to a dress code at work that reflects their civil service as well as organizational rank whether or not they are uniformed.
Provision Nine: The Middle Third Civil Service will be the class of Civil Servants which will most adhere to a regime of bureaucratic professionalism and be trained and supported in the same.
Provision Seven: The Lower Half Civil Service employees will fill labor and low level skill license positions and receive three days of training related to their work each year. These persons shall eligible to test into the higher section but also a plan of life will be prepared for them in these positions
Provision Eight: The Central Civil Service Agencies will be the Louisiana Civil Service proper, the Louisiana State Police, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Ports Commission, the Department of Transportation, the Louisiana National Guard Civil Affairs Division, the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Office of Budget and Disbursement, the Louisiana Department of Revenue and the bureaucracies below each of the Constitutional Boards and Institutes. These agencies and bureaucracies will be required to adhere most closely to the Civil Service System.
Provision Nine: The Civil Service Rolls shall have the structural right of a guild where not specifically deleted by the law and the law may not delete most of their procedural rights. However, the employees waive right to those aspects of assembly , association and collective bargaining not provided by the guild it shall be a crime to unionize or attempt to unionize State employees and all such unions from the republic will be offered the chance to be integrated into the new Guild as a minimal survival or else must cease to exist all together.
Section Two: the Governor’s Agency
Provision One: Five percent of the proceeds of the Perpetuity Fund will go to the Governor’s Agency. The Governor’s Agency will be a uniformed service of Citizen-Subjects of the State of Louisiana who are real property owners of between the ages of twenty and sixty years who serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Half of them must be white men born in the state to at least one parent who is a native Citizen. They shall be paid a per diem equal to the per diem of the State Censor and a yearly retainer equal to the average cost of an ounce of gold on the open market in the prior year. The Governor’s Agents shall have the power of subpoena, the right to appear in hearings of public councils and committees on behalf of the governor and shall receive training and certification to carry a firearm. They shall have no provided personal staff and share one central office in the Capitol complex. They will have authority only in the City, Parish, Agency, Constitutional Board or Institute’s Bureaucracy, Traditional Honor Guard, or National Guard Unit to which they belong and to which they have been lawfully and publicly assigned. No more than two Agents may be assigned to any institution and only to the six institutions listed above in this Section.
Section Three: The Independent Agency
Provision One: The Independent Agency will consist of a one hundred Troopers of the State Police selected by the King along with fifty members of other State agencies selected by the King and twenty five members of various state agencies selected by the Governor who have a high Civil Service Index and at least ten years of State Administration Experience. This Independent Agency will be charged with preserving the Modus Vivendi and Social Order of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana both throughout the State administration and in Parishes and Municpal Governance.
Provision Two: The Independent Agency shall organize classes and interventions for officials and staff not complying with the requirements of the Modus Vivendi and the Social order requirements of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana. It will produce the State Employee and Official’s Handbook and provide orientation lectures on the subject. It will hold and attend job fairs in high schools and other venues to help recruit people committed to the social Order and Modus Vivendi of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana to available positions in the Civil Service Agencies and in other agencies. It will produce for the National Guard, the Traditional Honor Guards and other parts of the Louisiana Military Institute and for the Home Guard a series of programs and material on a Louisiana way of life worth fighting for. It will provide ethics, sensitivity, and political training for leaders of private groups committed to the causes listed at the end of this provision and assist law enforcement in apprehending bad actors and criminal elements in this group. These causes are:
1. Royalism both devoted to this King and otherwise, the IA will promote mixed government values
2. White Supremacy, the IA will encourage effectiveness but preserve the human and citizen rights of nonwhites.
3. Mixed Government, the IA will seek to support these groups but keep them from being unduly polemic towards possible allies and trading partners.
4. Martial Culture, The IA will seek to keep this on ethical and civic footing
5. Male Dominance, the IA will seek to preserve the value of women and girls as complete people and their property, educational, civil and other rights under the constitution
6. Feminism, the IA will promote active female participation and self-esteem in all aspects of society and cultivate the feminine influence within the limits of the male dominant rubric and the protections of reproductive and martial necessities.
7. Civilized Refinement and Due Process, the IA will support efforts for these goals which preserve the awareness that too much fastidiousness will either truly destroy the whole structure or cause so little fear of the regime and society as to invert all social values
Provision Three: The Independent Agency will when asked assist the Royal House in confrontations with those forces so sophisticated and complex and dangerous that they must usually be fought almost in secret and are known mostly in the veiled language of legends and fairy tales.
Article Ten: Higher Education

Section One: Structure and Classification

Subsection Two: The Peer-Elector Bearing Institutions
Provision One: The Universite des Acadiens/ University of Louisiana at Lafayette shall be the only institution of higher education besides Harvard and Yale which supports an Imperial Peer-Electorship and it also supports Peer-Electorships for Kingdom/Royaume and for the Ethnos Arkadios. Five percent of the Collected Fund of Tributes, Fines, Gifts and Settlements at the founding of the Royal and Imperial Houses shall be placed in an endowment for this institution to support its royal changes. In addition one half of one percent of all revenues collected by the state from the Acadiana parishes in any form and of any type whatever will go the Capita Fund of this University. It shall found a St. Anne’s House jointly administered with St. Anne’s University in Nova Scotia, The Acadian Warriors College jointly run with the Louisiana Military Institute, and shall seek and effect and appropriate joint venture with a French and a Greek University subject to the King’s approval. This Institution’s president shall appoint three members of the Board of Regents to ten year terms with the advice and consent of the Faculty Council.
Provision Two: Tulane and Loyola Universities have a Constitutional Status because both support peer-electors of the Kingdom/ Royaume and also City Senators for the Greater New Orleans Consolidated Authority. They are private universities and are not subject to direct Board of Regents regulation but are in its milieu and part of the Constitution. Therefore, the President of each Institution shall elect one member of the Board of Regents to a ten year term with the advice and consent of the Faculty Council of the University.
Provision Three: Louisiana State University is an institution which has Peer-Elector support status and is the largest and most established university at the founding of the Kingdom and therefore is entitled to have its President elect two members of the Board of Regents to ten year terms with the advice and consent of the Faculty Council of that Institution.
Provision Four: All public colleges and universities in the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana except LSU and UA/UL will be affiliates of one or the other institutions and operate largely as autonomous with votes on a board in which half the delegates and the President shall be selected by the leading institution of the group. That board will set and enforce policy at a level between the level of policy set by the Board of Regents and the level of policy set by each institution. These boards will be known as system boards.
Section Two: The Pace and Spirit of Change
Provision One: Conformity with this Constitution and radical transformation of the Higher Education and University System must be achieved within twenty-five years but cannot be obstructed and delayed. The powers that be must act in a decisive and methodical manner to bring out the mandated changes regardless of the views they may have about their rightness and virtue or they must resign.
Provision Two: The changes are made in recognition of the fact that Southern and Grambling will be ceded to other jurisdictions, this Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will be created during the creation of a new Empire which will reconfigure the structure of higher education and yet there are great and real risks in this degree of change and it will be made more difficult because they are not changes sought from within the Academic Community so much as they are imposed by law.
Section Three: Enumeration of Changes in the Royal Regime
Provision One: the Universities of the Kingdom of the State of Louisiana will now be evaluated for almost all purposes of law and budget by the standards derived from the Planning and theories of the Louisiana Board of Regents of Higher Education and all other standards and evaluations shall filter through them. Firstly, the graduation rate tied to four years will be of de minimus importance and secondly all will understand this is a regime and society at odds with many values that form the basis of the standards for evaluation by others and the reasons why they may achieve higher values and so we do not wish to support our own, corruption, destruction and annihilation.
Provision Two: The Board of Regents will sponsor a Gap Year Program which will aid students to be accepted to or tentatively accepted to colleges and universities and enter into certified crammeries, one year Traditional Honor Guard Private’s service, entry into the National Guard, the Royal Chaplain Missions Corp or other commitments which will perfect their attainments and preparation.
Provision Three: Ten percent of the Proceeds from the Perpetuity fund will go to the Board of Regents and shall be disbursed in the following ways:
1. One third shall go to Board of Regents fellowships in graduate study
2. One third shall go to the Budget Cut Alleviation Program which the Board will use to mitigate the harm caused by pertinent reductions in the State Budget allotments to higher education when these occur.
3. On third shall go to endow professorships.
Ten Percent of the Sovereign fund shall go to higher education as disbursed by the King on advice of the Inner Assembly of the Royal House and shall go entirely to prizes, books and equipment purchases, individual specific scholarships for students and research grants for faculty no single one of which is to exceed the value of one thousand ounces of gold on the open market in that year.
Provision Four: To register as a Guild in the K.S. Louisiana the guild must endow a scholarship for children of guild members at one of universities in the polity. They may endow more at more than one university.
Provision Five: Each University shall have a Faculty Council which shall meet annually with member of the Board of Regents to review success in achieving the Ideal and Philosophy of that University or independent college.
Provision Six: Louisiana State University shall operate a Baton Rouge University under the same governance which will evaluate and certify private instructional institutions for fitness to share resources and on receiving fair payment from them shall lend complementary resources to these colleges and allow their student to graduate with degrees the accredit. Firstly such colleges must be in the city limits of Baton Rouge. The Universite des Acadiens shall also do this analogous thing as Lafayette-Acadiana University for colleges in the Attakapas Heartland. No other colleges or universities shall do such a thing.
Provision Seven: At every College and University each academic year will begin with two weeks of Rules, Protocols and Discipline Education. Faculty will wear robes and all incoming freshmen will be required to join a House of Discipline which will either be Choral and Marching Band, Sports and Athletic Training, Military, or Chaplain’s Corps and they shall continue to meet with their unit in this House of Discipline once each month until they are out of Junior Division. The Faculty shall wear their alma mater robes or the Louisiana Climate facsimile sold by the Board of Regents when on campus during this time. The first week only Freshmen will attend and the next week Freshmen and sophomores will attend. The disabled must attend and it shall be communicated to them that while they are welcome and sympathy is extended to them for the struggles of human life with physical challenges the university is largely for the fit and allowances made for them mean they must also defer and show respect to those fully meeting the demands of the institution on occasion.
Provision Eight: Each college and university will have an Honors program and every semester completed in good standing in the honor’s program will result in the rebate of ten percent of the cost of that semester when registering for the next semester or upon graduating the university which ever follows next to this achievement.
Provision Nine: The Board of Regents shall predict the probable income for those currently enrolled in any given major and rank them and divide the ranks into thirds. Those in the top third will pay one hundred and five percent of the standard tuition, those in the middle third the standard tuition and those in the lowest third will pay ninety percent of the standard tuition. Every college and university will offer a three, four and five year catalogue plan for every major which has a substantial and thriving number of students enrolled. Every independent college and university shall offer at least one of the one-year certificates and one of the two-year associates degrees listed later in this section.
Provision Ten: The Board of Regents will host a mandatory three-day university transition camp at the Community College during semester breaks or the summer for all those certified to have graduated from the Community College and this shall be required to enter the University. These students shall enter as Sophomores or Juniors according to their level of achievement and an degree requirements.
Provision Eleven: All students will be required to pass an entrance exam with a general section and a major section to enter upper division at any college or university. The general sections shall include an expository prose writing section half the points earned in this shall be objective techniques for judging this subject and half shall be from the contracted evaluation of a written essay. The second half of the general exam will also be in two parts one will be algebra and the other will be scientific reasoning with well known scientific terms. The student having passed any part of the six parts of the exam shall have completed that part and need only take the other part to enter upper division.
Provision Twelve: Each University will have a quota system with ranges of ethnic, racial, out-of state and foreign admissions and this shall be integrated with all applications pending with the view of making it as much of a first-come-first-served experience as these quotas will allow. These quotas will be approved by the system boards and the Board of Regents.
Provision Thirteen: Every Artificial Island Seigneury will be required to endow a Research professorship in both university systems to receive it charter.
Provision Fourteen: The Public Universities and Colleges of Louisiana will seek to enhance and ennoble the human and civic lives of the Citizen-Subjects of Louisiana. They shall do this by providing opportunities for their students and faculty to engage in community support and benefit activities in the arts, history, science and education as well as other disciplines and they shall do it by hosting adult learning and community knowledge programs and working with schools. However, they are not seeking to increase social equality and are somewhat indifferent about the percentage of people who have a college degree. They shall set an undergraduate standard and those who fall behind that standard will be targeted for elimination from the Bachelor’s degree program through an Exit Counselor who shall have substantial powers to facilitate their transfer to schools and programs where they can receive Certificates and Associates Degrees and to allow credit for difficult achievements that may fall outside the narrowest course map for those certificates. Those agreeing not to enroll in a Louisiana public institution for five years thereafter shall be more facilitated in receiving these credentials than those who are not willing to so certify. The Exit Counselors will be guided by a system of variances which shall be the same but weighted by University and system somewhat differently and these shall be known to all. These variances in favor of the student will delay the initial exit counseling, make it easier to start exit counseling and leave it to pursue the full curriculum and also to be accommodated in all aspects of the exit counseling process. However, it is to be remembered that if the standard is met then any admitted student should not be approached for exit counseling. These are the variance factors listed as preferred and not preferred.
Preferred Factors Not Preferred Factors
Membership in the Ethnos Arkadios /Non-Acadian Status

White /Nonwhite
Male /Female
Noble /Common
Based on these Factors the exit Counselors will select a general strategy consistent with the Modus Vivendi and Social Order but they will not determine so much of the personal application of the strategy. Those will belong to the next set of preferences.
Military Service /No Military Service
Some studies, activities and contributions beyond the norm are found in the college career. /The campus life and experience are normal or subpar across all known measures
Traditional Louisiana Family Obligations /No known TLFO
Closeness to the King or Queen /No known ties
Ancestors or close relatives graduated from the school where they are enrolled. /No known legacy
Louisiana ties preferred /The fewer ties the less preference
Engaged meaningfully outside school /School allows for a wastrel’s existence

Provision Fifteen: The Civil Service, the Royal Prerogative and the Royal House between the three of them will seek the inclusion of all certificates and associates degrees into some job descriptions The Universities and colleges of Louisiana shall among them offer the following one-year Certificates and two year associates degrees:
The Sports Industry College Certificate, The Butler and Personnel Assistant’s General Education Certificate, the Waterman’s College Certificate, The Farmers College Certificate, The Young Wife’s College Certificate, The Staff Writer’s College Certificate, the Technician’s Engineering Certificate, the Sales Business Education Certificate, the Research Technician’s Academic Certificate, the Office Management College Certificate, the Concubine’s College Certificate and the General Certificate of Exceptional but Limited Achievement. Some of these may be awarded simultaneously to the completion of a technical course at a technical college and must truly be additional thereto and an added distinction while others will be awarded by the University itself in normal terms at regular commencement.
Associates Degrees
Mistress Education A.D., Office Manager A.D., Captain-Pilot A.D., Warrior’s A.D., Journalist A.D., Medical Industry A.D., Sports Industry A.D., General Education A.D., Junior Courtier’s A.D., Science Industry A.D., Wife’s A.D., Farm and Environment A.D., Education Industry A.D., Cultural Industries A.D. these likewise may be direct or awarded after completion of technical studies.
Provision Sixteen: Those receiving the highest Academic awards, extracurricular awards or other highest Commencement recorded awards will be invited to write a paper in the next five years to be published in a journal of the college or university and archived in a place of honor in the institution’s library for as long as possible.
Provision Seventeen: The kingdom of the State of Louisiana will be divided four sections of equal population and all those having earned a bachelor’s degree from a Louisiana public college or university shall be eligible to cast three votes and those with such a graduate degree will be eligible to cast two votes and those with a degree from Tulane or Loyola will be able to cast one Vote. By this election there will be four seats for five year terms filled on the Board of Regents. The same districts will elect four more Regents from among candidates with a certified doctorate of any kind by true popular election in an open primary majoritarian system. The Bouletherion shall also elect two members of the Board of Regents.
Provision Eighteen: The Colleges and Universities will support the academic and near academic programs of the Royal Prerogative and Royal House to the best of their ability.

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