Context and Transformation

 It seems that there is always context for anything that gets played, written, painted or carved by anyone who makes an effort to have others pay serious attention to what is going on in his or her work and expression.  There is a sort of industry in the biggest way which devotes a great deal of energy to figuring out the context for all the works of art or nonfiction we buy or download or borrow in this society.  This blog will provide context for much of my life and writing and seek to make it possible to consider current events I discuss in a broader context. Nonetheless, it will also offer impressions and glimpses. Images, ideas and remarks out of any real context will sometimes appear.

They may not fit into any theme in the blog as I outlined those themes.  This is my equivalent of a cell group in the past. However, it is very different from a cell group because any police, enemy, competitor or possible supporter can just look us up and need not worry about infiltrating or spying. This is centered on and authored by mostly one man and is a public access source.

Because this is a blog that supports unlikely and radical change it can be assumed that many things have a context that is not readily available to the public right now.  Should a new order emerge along the lines suggested here these pieces information and glimpses of vistas would come into context and begin to make more sense. Prior to this unlikely event they will remain mere pixels excerpted from some large image that the viewer is not allowed to see. This is inevitable.  I hope you are able to enjoy and profit from the blog despite these weaknesses.

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