Constitutional Reforms and My Politics

While these model Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Louisiana are not binding legal documents nor or resting on a ballot for selection they have become the real focus of at least my own political activity. While I still vote, write and correspond about a variety of current elections electoral and political  issues those things are less important to me than this set of model constitutions has become. My real answer to most issues of our time is found in their texts. This is the essence of my political life.

Supposing that there are about a dozen Articles in the Model Constitution of the United States and each of them is long enough to be a sizable portion of the number of words in the current United States Constitution, that does not seem excessively long to me. In this blog I have sections with the text alone which is intended for ratification with some editing. In some posts and in other venues outside this blog I provide more commentary. On Facebook I have a good amount of introductory material. But I am typing these words on the 20th of  February  2014 and may be closing my timeline on April 15, 2014.  It might be understandable for me to break the goals of this massive project and by necessity the rather complicated and diverse materials proposed as law  into smaller  portions of text in various treatises to be discussed. But while it would be interesting to have a lecture in perhaps two or three segments on each section that is not what is intended here. This is a real model for adoption to create change.  However,  supposing it were adopted there is material for very shallow but apt instruction on both constitutions as one entire series in perhaps fifty  full length lectures as a survey. While these would be minimum commentaries serving as installations of a foundation for what would be needed in law schools that is still a fairly goodly number of commentaries.   In addition, the real focus and crux of the projects I have undertaken beyond the text itself  is to provide a particular kind of introduction and that kind of introduction is not an exhaustive popular or scholarly exegesis.

My Facebook US Constitution approaches some system of explanation in a minimal way,  Each note has its own introductory essay or article and a restatement of what went before. Here the materials of that type are harder to find.  The lawyer and the jurist will need a fuller understanding than these notes provide of the selected constitutional language.  I simply attempt here to get minds rolling along the right track to be able to continue the reader’s train of thought when the more difficult language of the Model Constitution is reached.

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