Major Themes of This Blog

In this blog I retain the prerogative of writing about, discussing and displaying images related to any and every topic that strikes my fancy. It is a bit like coming over to my house and spending the weekend with me if that were possible. Because it is where I live there would not be the focus which is expected if you were to pay to come into some venue where I was speaking from a podium or performing on a stage for an hour or a few hours.  My home, if I were in a position to make such an offer, would of course offer a more diverse and varied set of experiences than this blog in a much more personal and intimate context than this blog. However, the blog is also very different from a lecture or a newspaper article appearing alone among many other parts of the newspaper. Here Id what I please when I please.

However, that freedom which defines this blog is not its only defining quality. The blog has some structure, some motifs, some themes and some patterns not easily defined. All of these things it has pleased me to create so far. This page serves to set out some of the themes which shape this blog. 

To find  pages the easiest thing to do is to click in from the list of pages on the right hand column of the blog.  This list of pages may make better sense once you have read what this page has to say about major themes of the blog.    

Frank Wynerth Summers III also known as Beau Summers

This is my blog. My opinions, autobiographical notes, family , friends and interests inform and form it. This is not separate from my personal life in any way. This is an extension and expression of my personal life. 


I am a Roman Catholic Christian. In a real sense my religion is about it both being up to me and not being up to me what exactly I believe. This sense of their being both a communal and a free individual aspect of belief has always been essential to Catholic Christianity.  I believe as St. Jerome wrote that “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”  I also have a whole set of interpretations of scripture that are important to me in different ways. I have beliefs about God, nature, humanity and church fellowship that matter to me.  This Christian preoccupation manifests itself in this blog in a variety of ways.   


I have a whole set of beliefs and concerns about nature. I value the conservation of natural resources and especially wild ones. I value the skills, ideals and cultural patterns old and new which make agriculture a great and vital science art and way of life.  I respect and have studied aquaculture and mariculture but I have even greater respect for fishing in the wild when environmental protection, seasons, limits, and bycatch excluders keep the management level high. I am happier still when this whole complex is supported by a system of hatcheries and limited aquaculture which are also held in balance. I have respect for complex interactive systems of varied land use for many applications. 


In this blog I have a page devoted to links that connect the visitor with royals and royalists throughout the world. I have a wide range of interests in and connections to things and people royal. However, my real and abiding interest is in Acadian royalty and American royalism. This falls to me to deal with more than to previous generations.  The Queen’s Apology issued by Elizabeth of Scotland and of England Second of the name does not perfectly answer every issue and deal with all that is necessary or useful but it opens the door to the disclosure both of Acadian royal traditions which have folded up or faded away and to the discussion of surviving and thriving elements. In addition it means that American royalist thought and activity must by nature have anew component and also entirely new contributions to public historical and formal discussion relations between Americans and three important crowns with which Acadians have dealt. Those are the British, French and Spanish crowns. There is a great deal more to disclose and discuss on this topic and I do get to a good bit of it in my blog postings and elsewhere. 


I have a Master of Arts Degree from Louisiana State University.  The subject that I majored in there was American History.  I have voted in numerous American elections and have traveled the world under an American passport. I am fascinated and moved by the sports and arts which form much of our national culture. I have published articles in newspapers about these aspects of who we are. I take a strong interest in our ideals of federalism, mixed government and several other big commitments often overlooked these days. Americanism informs all that I have to say about other major themes to some l degree or other.  

Acadian Culture

I trace my ancestry to Joseph Broussard dit  Beausoleil and other survivors of Le Grand Derangement  which among other effects brought the Acadians from one of the oldest homelands of Euro-caucasian peoples still existing in the New World of the Americas and had them found the New Acadia here in Louisiana. I was born in Crowley in Acadia Parish and grew up in the very Acadian Vermilion Parish town of Abbeville. My Ancestors in Abbeville include Severin Leblanc and others of note and I am a close socio-kinship net relative of Dudley Leblanc who was devoted to the Acadian-American cause. I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette which was then called the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Then and now it had a second official name which was the Universite des Acadiens  or University of Acadians.    In addition to all of this there is much more I could say and many more popular and scholarly sources to which I could refer. Therefore I sometimes do take up the subject in this blog.


I have a group on Facebook at the time I am typing this which has many distinguished and others less distinguished but quite welcome people discussing and thinking about space issues. I have earned an “A” in a college astrophysics class. I am a nonpracticing FCC  licensed radiotelephone operator which in recent decades has a lot to do with space. I have written a novel online set mostly in space with many unpaying subscribers from the elite space community following along. Space is something I have fewer credentials in than most thing on this page but it is a priority which recurs and is discussed. Expect outer space to be a significant theme in here.


I have a very strong interest in all things related to Louisiana. In addition I have years of experience voting in Louisiana elections, teaching in Louisiana classrooms, writing for Louisiana newspapers and working on ( and once owning on of the) Louisiana farms. I married and am divorced from a Louisiana woman and have matriculated at the three largest universities of the State. I am an Honorary Lieutenant Governor of the State of Louisiana named by a former Lieutenant Governor. I am the grandson and namesake of deceased former Louisiana Chief Justice Frank Wynerth Summers. It is partly in this light and sensibility that I devoted many posts and a few pages to the BP-Macondo Oil Leak. Louisiana will come up repeatedly in the blog.

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