Emerging Views: Links to pdf documents

This is what would have been the basis and main body of work behind my dissertation if I had gone back to graduate school.

EmergingVIewsBibliographyThis is the link to my post when I began to put this into this blog. These are the worst available versions and I do not know how bad they may get. At first publication chapters thirteen and fourteen do not yet link but if I have the chance I can put those documents in order shortly. The same is true for appendices  two and three:

  1. EmergingViewsLouisianaStorytheSONJPhotosandAcadianaIntroduction
  2. EmergingViewsChapterOnePostwarCajunCountry
  3. EmergingViewsChapterTwoInsidethelenses
  4. EmergingViewsLouisianaStorytheSONJPhotosandAcadianaFulcrumandCenter
  5. EmergingViewsChapter4InnocentEyesandPristineCulture
  6. EmergingViewsChapterFive
  7. ChapterSixCajunFolkloreandPostwarHistory
  8. EmergingViewsChapterSeven
  9. ChapterEightTheLouisianaintheStory
  10. EmergingViewsChapterNineCajunWorksandWorkinAcadiana
  11. EmergingVIewsChapterTen
  12. EmergingViewsChapterElevenTheMovieattheDixieasitWas (1)
  13. Emerging Views Chapter Twelve (not a pdf, a drive link)
  14. Emerging Views Chapter Thirteen: Mc Ilhenny in the Mix
  15. Emerging Views Chapter Fourteen a relatively Humble Standard
  16. Emerging Views Conclusion ( not a pdf, a drive link)


1.Pare Lorentz Review

2.Appendix on the functionality of the Cajun house

3. Appendix on the Hellenic Roots of the Acadians