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Monarchy and Royalist Culture in America: Past, Present and Future/ Part 2.1

This is  the real release of something you may have seen at an early unfinished state. That makes it only the second post overall and is the second post in recent posts to publish prematurely. If you got an earlier copy I apologize for its limitations. This post is directly related to the last post with the same title except that it is called Part One. However, it is also important to place it in the context of a much larger series of postings in this blog as well as the context of this blog as a whole. Nonetheless, each post that I add to this blog is meant to stand on its own and to be as clear as possible given the rather hurried, not supported and un-footnoted manner in which these blog postings are prepared. In this blog post I want to try to make the face of a new royalist regime imaginable.

I.The circle and milieu of people and institutions just beyond and surrounding the Imperial House and the Emperor in the new regime.

 A. The Peer Electors

Under the proposed system of an American Empire there would be forty Peer-Electors. These would embody and exemplify much of the essence of the new royalist regime and the struggle to make it work in our society. These Peer-Electors would all have Fiefdoms, Forty of Forty-Nine, the Imperial House would have Nine Fiefdoms associated with it. Because I am revealing this at this point it would be far more likely to have people disavow these roles than to try to claim them. But I have reached a point where naming some names and parameters of first choices seems right. Thirty-two will be Familial Peer Electors and eight will be Institutional Peer Electors. 

1. The Familial Peer-Electors

a. The Acadians

i. Prince Boulet

ii. Prince Theriot

iii.Prince Broussard

iv.Prince Mouton

v. Prince Leblanc

b. The King or Queen of the Territory of Hawaii

c.The Established American Families

i.Le Marquis et Chef des Creoles Blanc de La Louisiane

ii.El Duque Primero de Los Californios

iii. The Earl Randolf-Lee Chief of the First families of Virginia and their Clients

iv. The Duke King,  Chief of the Texan Ranchers 

v. The Earl Cooper-Ashton of the Carolinas

vi.The Count Ochs-Sulzberger, Chief of New York Jewry

vii. The Demi-Prince Kennedy of Hyanis, Chief of the New England Irish

viii. The Duke Astor of the Northwestern Development

ix. The Count Bush of  Kennebunkport

x. Il Duca Fava-Gianini-Hoffman of New York and San Francisco’s Little Italys

xi. Man van Adel Roosevelt, Chief of The New Holland Legacy Community

xii. Earl Lowell of Cape Ann, Chief of the Yankees

xiii. Le Chef des Creoles de Couleur de La Louisiane.

xiv. El Conde de San Juan, Primero de los Españoles Atlanticos y Caribes  

d. The Founding’s Timely Peer-Electors

i. The Count Gates of the Pacific Coast

ii. The Count Buffet of Nebraska’s Plains

iii. The Count Clinton of the Arkansas Hills

iv. The Count Armstrong of Tranquility Bay

v. The Count Aldrin of the  Lunar Path

vi. The Count Collins of the Lunar Orbit

vii. Viscount Gore of the Tennessee Riverbanks

viii. Viscount Reagan of Hollywood

Timely Peers ix through xii would be chosen among many competitive candidates.

2. The Institutional Peer-Electors

a. Spiritual Culture Leaders

i. The Superior of the largest California Province of the Order of Friars Minor

ii. The Archbishop of New Orleans

iii. The President of the LDS Church

iv. The Episcopal Bishop of New York

b. Ethn0-social

i. The High Chief of the Iroquois Confederacy

c. Academic

i. President of Harvard University

ii. President of Yale University

iii. President of le Universite des Acadiens  

B. The High Council of Nobles

One of the ways that I approached the proposed new regime in an earlier series of posts was to discuss the composition of the Compact Legislatures in the Major Compacts of which there would be thirteen in the new regime. I have also addressed the fact that a small portion of the lands of the United States in the new regime would  be administered as Direct Imperial Government Lands. The Supreme Executive of the Direct Imperial Government would be the Emperor. The Direct Imperial Government would also elect fifteen of its own number as members of The Grand Senatorial Constitutional Assembly and no Constitutional Amendment to the United States Constitution could be ratified unless  it received endorsement of one member of the Direct Imperial Legislature at the start, was passed by a simple majority of one of the three chambers and received a third of the vote in the other two chambers. That would be the rule if the Emperor signed the Amendment but  if he did not sign it then in addition to higher standards elsewhere on would need a simple majority in two chambers and a two-thirds majority in one chamber of the Direct Imperial Government. The Grand Royal and Imperial House and Household Assembly would only function as part of the Direct Imperial Government when Constitutional Amendments or Changes to the Supreme Charter of the Direct Imperial Government were being considered. On all other matters the two chambers of legislation would be the Government Assembly and the High Council of Nobles. All of this paragraph really exists to set up the role and membership of the High Council of Nobles.   

The High Council of Nobles would consist of 257  Nobles of the following groups of Seated Nobles:

1. The Forty Peer-Electors

2. Three Ordinary Nobles selected by the Ordinary Nobility Block of each  Compact’s  Council of Nobles  (39 seats)

3.One Noble of the Sword selected by the Nobility of the Sword Block of each Compact’s Council of Nobles (13 seats)

4.One Noble of the Robe  selected by the Nobility of the Robe Block of each Compact’s Council of Nobles (13 seats)

5. On even years One Noble of the Chamber and on Odd years one Noble of the Games from Each Compact chosen by the Executive and Judicial Board of that Compact (13 seats)

6. Fifty Members of the High Imperial Nobility variously seated. Among these there shall be the Ten who are entitled to write a large X after their name and title. These are high nobility always seated by right. It is from these that Peer Electors of the Familial type will be replaced should a line die out. Three will be Les Condes Haute Chefs des Acadiens and the others will be of other ethnicities.

7. Fifty Members of the Middle Imperial Nobility variously seated.

8. Twenty-five members of the Lower Imperial Nobility variously seated. 

9. Twelve High Knights of Created and Reformed Orders seven inner and five outer orders  which have something to do with Chivalry but whose members will not be Knights but whose leader shall Knight and Baron-for-Life at the Imperial Court. These shall require reform of the charters of these orders to some degree but as little as can create the needed effect. The Knights will be:

A. Inner Orders

i. Supreme Knight of the Heirs of the Cincinnati

ii. Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus

iii. Supreme Knight of  Knights Templar of American Free-Masonry

 iv. Supreme Knight of Living Medal of Honor Recipients

v. Supreme Knight of American Astronauts

vi. Supreme Knight of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

vii. Haute Chevalier des Ridelles des Acadiens

B. Outer Orders

i. Supreme Knight of the Honorary US Citizens and their Heirs.

ii. Supreme Knight of  Fellowship of Americans with Foreign Honors of Knightly or Higher rank.

iii. Supreme Knight of the USMA Alumni Association

iv. Supreme Knight of the USNA Alumni Association

v. Supreme Knight of the USAFA Alumni Association  


C. The Imperial Services

This paragraph  or subsection disappeared in some versions of this post and has been repaired from a corrupted version. So if you actually discuss it with someone that could lead to some confusion. I appear to be in an auto-destruct sequence on the quality control of these posts. The Lower Chamber of the Direct Imperial Government Assembly  would be made up of three thirds as to seating. One third would be rotated in from a Roll of Direct Imperial Lands Communities and Organizations  without direct election to the chamber. Another third would be elected from constituent smaller governments within the Direct Imperial Government. The third portion would be made up of both elected and ex officio  representative members of the Imperial Services who are not qualifed to be part of the Grand Royal and Imperial House and Household Review.  The Imperial Services would be as follows:

1.Emperor’s Direct Services

a. Military

i. The Blood Company

ii. The Noble and Aristocratic Honors Guard

iii. Le Orde Sacre et Imperial des Loups garous

iv. The Maintenance Corps

b. Civilian

i. The Imperial Solicitor General

ii. The Imperial Goodwill Corps

2. The Empress’s Services

a. Military

i. The Empress’s Guard

ii. The Amazon Guard

b. Civilian

i. Ministry of Protocol

ii. Bureau of Women’s Affairs

iii. Ministry of Three Title Unity

3. Mistress of Cermonies Services

i. Haute Ecole des Traiteurs

ii. Office of Ritual Confrontation

iii. Office of Placements, Liaisons and Alliances

iv. The Palace Police

v. Harem Council

4. Imperial House Assembly Services

i. Imperial Chaplaincy

* Office of the Sacristy

**Office of the Almoner General

***Full and Extended Tribunals

****Missions and Outreaches

ii. Imperial Domestic Service

iii. House and Household Debt Office

iv. Bank of the Imperial House

v. Ministry of Human Habitat Expansion

All of these services would provide some engagement with the larger society. However, they also form a culture and society within the House and we will revisit that aspect without as much outlining in the next post.

II.  The Emperor, Empress, Imperial House and Imperial Household

A. The Status and Nature of the Emperor

At no time during my memory has there been anything that amounts to a  widespread popular demand for an Emperor in the United States. Although in Part One of this post I listed royalist elements of the culture which may be said to have expressed a sort of pent-up demand for a royalizing revolution that is different from suggesting that there has been a popular demand in any focused political sense. But it is possible to discuss what such a figure would be like .

The Federal American Empire of the United States will send Fifty-One Electors from the States, Fourteen Electors from the Territories, Seventeen Electors from the Possessions and Thirteen from the Compacts as well as Forty Peer-Electors and a random selection of 72 Citizen Subjects to the Conclave  and Electing Delegate from Each of the Three Chambers of the Direct Imperial Government Legislature to Elect the Emperor. These 210 voters will be joined by 210 voters from whatever may constitute the Kingdom of Louisiana. But 840 Electors in the Conclave will come from the Ethnos Arkadios alone. however all three interests and titles must be united in one man. So whom will they choose? Their will also be a few Heir’s Electors. 

The Heirs consist of the Top Twenty in the Ordinary Line of Succession plus as many as six and no fewer than five more. Thus there are at any time Twenty-Five or Twenty-Six Heirs. The five outside the Ordinary Line are Peer-Electors themselves. They are Prince Boulet, Prince Theriot, Prince Broussard, Prince Mouton and Prince Leblanc. The one that may not exist is an eldest son sired by the Emperor and born to his Mistress of Ceremonies who is over thirteen years of age. However, the Conclave is not likely to be confronted with 26 Arrived Heirs Candidate and indeed cannot be although the exact number is not determined. There will be a series of Thirteen Trials and Ordeals – ten Trials and three Ordeals — before the election. Anyone failing a Trial or Ordeal must use an Heir’s Pass or be eliminated. All Heirs can gain up to three passes based on their total fitness and preparation prior to the  Trials, Ordeals and Conclave Process in the Heir’s Evaluation. Fifteen more passes will be in the gift of key members of the former Emperor’s Court and House. Unlike other royalty  under other systems, all Heirs shall be equal as regards the Trials and Ordeals and these Passes.  However, the Cinque Princes des Grand Familles shall have two more passes of their own right and the Son of the Mistress of Ceremonies shall have two as well. The Lower Ten of the Ordinary Twenty will have no passes of their own right. The Upper Ten will each have three for being in the upper ten and then the inverse of their number. In other words the First Heir shall have ten and three passes of his own right and the Tenth Heir will have one and three passes of his own right. For every pass that survives the completion of the Trials and Ordeals the Heir shall bring two  Heir’s Electors to the Conclave. The Heir shall receive five bonus  Heir’s Electors if he survives with more than five passes and ten bonus Heir’s Electors additional to the above if he survives with more than ten passes.

It is from these Arrived Heirs that the Conclave shall elect the Emperor. The Line of Succession will be discussed elsewhere. In five Trials half the Heirs will be required to use a Pass or be eliminated. In two all but one will have to use a pass or be eliminated. In three all but  the top two will be required to use a pass or be eliminated.  The Ordeals must simply be completed and those failing to do so will use a pass or be eliminated. So the exact number of arrivals will vary.    The Procedure of the Conclave would have to be discussed elsewhere in a Code of its own. However, an Emperor must be elected by at least a majority of votes and for the first ballot more is required. One or more Heirs are eliminated  by finishing at the bottom of each ballot and then become Electors themselves. The final result is create a structure in which a majority must emerge.

To be an Heir Candidate and participate in the Merits portion of the  process one be thirteen years and a day old and a male. If over fifty-one must have been legitimately married in a marriage suitable for an Emperor and Empress regardless of its current state. If one is not the Son of the Mistress of ceremonies one must be a Baptized Roman Catholic or lose four passes and be a Baptized Greek Orthodox.  If one is the Son of the Mistress of Ceremonies and not Baptized into one of these Churches one must agree to be baptized if Elected Emperor before taking office. Should the entire system be formally disavowed by both the above mentioned Christian communions the House must seek out one of the Ancient Christian Communions as a House in Exile and members should adhere to it as described above.

The Emperor has one valid sacramental marriage at a time and recognizes the uniqueness of this marriage however he is also in structured legal relationships of polygamous nature which are not secret. A unique consort is th Mistress of Ceremonies and then there is a Harem. All his consorts are members of the Grand Royal and Imperial House and Household Assembly and of the Imperial House.  All of his children by these consorts will be born to a rank of no less than Knight for life. The legal status of these children under the Direct Imperial Civil Code will be  “Natural”. However, the children born to the Mistress of Ceremonies would be “Ceremonial” a status between “Legitimate” and “Natural” which would be available only to the Emperor and unique to these children. 

B. The  Statue and Nature of the Empress 

The Empress will first be the legitimately married First or High Wife of the Basileus Arkadios  and secondly the duly recognized Basilissa Arkadias and then shall be Anointed to any role and Title as Queen of Louisiana as well as to the Title of Empress of the Federal American Empire of the United States. Her Coronation as Empress shall coincide with her husband’s unless she marries him after he is Emperor.  The post and Title of Empress filled and unfilled as according to law, situation and reality.  When there is no Empress it will be because there is no Basilissa Arkadias or Queen of the Arcadians. She is always a Consort and there cannot be an Empress or Queen Regnant in this system.  However, while this position and status is fulfilled then she is Head of State and Imperial Sway Plenipotentiary during Terms of Incapacity and in any Interregnum Occasioned by the Death of an Emperor. However, while there is never an Acting Emperor or reduced  role for some kind of substitute there can be an Acting Empress so long as there is no Full Legitimate Consort to the Emperor who is sharing an active Domestic Regime with the Emperor. Those eligible to be Acting Empress or  the Emperor’s Mother and his sisters in any full legitimate marriage and by putative blood as well as his daughter’s by an Empress or one who would have been putative Empress had she not died or become divorced from him.  When there is no Empress two-thirds of the funds and revenues collected in her name will go into a Empress’s Trust   and the Empress’s Reserve of Precious Metal coinage which shall add to the funds available to a full Constitutional Empress. The rest will be spent by the Empress’s Bureaucracy under the guidance of a special council designated to operate when there is no Empress. When there is an Acting Empress she shall preside over the special council  and half the funds collected in the name of the Empress will go into her bureaucracy and half will go into the Trust and Reserve as funds which shall be available to the next Constitutional Empress.

Any woman married to the Emperor as his fully Legitimate and First, High or Sole Wife at any time during his life shall be assured the rank of Countess for herself Honorable “Baron at Court” for any Consort with whom she is married and the hereditary Knighthood for any children she may have whatever, She shall also retain such ranks as she had prior to marrying the man who is Emperor. She shall be subject to many restrictions of the Honor Code and required to pay homage to the Emperor annually for as long as she lives in any part of the Empire. She is eligible for a Fiefdom from the Intimates Alottment if she remains unmarried and discreet after an amicable divorce. She is eligible for an Estate of Bounty otherwise.

There will be a third part to this posting unless i am prevented from finishing it. The outline of that post leaked into the first post of Part Two I put up. It is not lost. I simply cannot develope it here. 

Delving Into the Deep Unknown: Specific Institutions of a Renewed America

The United States has abolished legislative election of Senators and made them almost the same as House members in Congress. It has said (which actually makes some sense) that States cannot have one house with population based districts and one with land based districts. It has not elected a General as President since Eisenhower. That is after Washington, Jackson “Hero of New Orleans”,”Rough and Ready” Taylor, Harrison “Old Tippecanoe”, Johnson, U.S. Grant, Pierce,   Hayes, Garfield, Benjamin Harrison and Arthur before Eisenhower. All the evidence is that we are slipping completely away from the direction of an Empire despite books about Nixon and the Imperial Presidency. However, I am going to keep spelling out the steps and elements which might make this society the American Empire many of our founders thought we might eventually become. This is not the end of dealing with this subject but it is another step in the discussion. Controlling cost will be different than it is under our regimes now. I did not write  this earlier in the last post but those organizations chartered permanently into each compact would have to commit one mil of their gross gross revenues to the Compact Treasury. Although they will possibly receive more than that in operating fees in many cases it is just another part of the independent funding culture which will certainly be different whether  one admits it is better or not. 

If one had to bet one way or another then the way to bet as pure oddsmaking would be against the model that keeps growing more elaborate in this blog. Yet it is the kind of thing that must be made more elaborate unless the process is interrupted.  The path I am marking out for us is very different from the paths that lie within the parameters others may have set up as the outer limits and range of acceptable and reasonable paths to take. I am seeking to describe the correct path and the path supported by right but also am trying to avoid the many paths to which extreme desperation and  or rage can lead.  This is a path of constitutionalism and law in many ways more so than our current order or other orders. But it is motivated by a desperate set of circumstances. It is time to discuss the problems we will face in creating this specific regime.

Let us follow out the device of filling out the Major Compacts. Let us start with the Compact Assemblies which will be the lower chambers of the Compact Legislatures. Fifty percent of the Seats in these Assemblies will be filled from the Compact Roll of Kindreds.  From five to fifteen percent will be filled from the internal election of Compact Charter Organizations. That will leave between forty-five and thirty-five percent of the seats unfilled. Half the remainder of the seats in each Compact will be filled by the legislatures of each Constitutional Jurisdiction. In discussing this there will be a rule that every major Compact must either consist of all three types of Constitutional Jurisdictions (State, Territories and Possessions) or else only one kind.  No Compact may unite two kinds and exclude a third. The seats shall  be allotted so that where all are members the States have 3c seats, Territories 2c and Possessions 1c ( or c) seats.  This will occupy between twenty-two and a half and seventeen and a half percent of all seats in the Assemblies. Each Jurisdiction will set any term it wishes between on and eight years for its delegates.

So far the Compacts have shown how they will act to make the American system more authentic, real and representative. They have not added much to unity as a whole except that every jurisdiction will belong to more than one Compact which creates a kind of social and cultural cross-bracing.  The appointment of the Special Vice Presidents by the Emperor would be  the other uniting factor and that the Compact Zones are all united in the Direct Imperial Government Lands. The Remaining Seats, as they shall be called, in the Assemblies shall be another uniting factor and part of the stuff which will make the Empire itself. These shall belong to the Imperial and Royal House in the following way. First, every one who is a ranking member of the Imperial House who is clearly a member of the Compact and clearly a Noble  will be granted a seat in the Council of Nobles by preference where the rules and vacancies allow. Those who are high Nobles and not seated in the Council of Nobles shall not be properly seated in the Assembly but shall have the privilege of seating a personal representative for a two-year term when a seat becomes available and this person shall serve through even if they lose their position.  Next all those of high rank in the Imperial House who do not rank above the lowest rank of Baron in the protocol ranks properly or the equivalent in extraordinary nobility may be seated in the Assembly. The highest eligible rank may choose to appoint a delegate as above or serve themselves.  Then whatever seats are left shall be filled by that portion of the Direct Imperial Government known as the Grand Royal and Imperial House and Household Assembly.  This shall occur as follows:

1. Every time a First Executive Vice President is elected one or two kinds of electors from each jurisdiction shall become eligible to serve in these seats from each jurisdiction. Any elector actually sent to the Electoral College or in a “winner take all” Jurisdiction the electors from the final winner’s slate if they received the second most votes and these were more than ten percent of all votes cast.

2. These seats shall be filled by  the GRIHHA one month after the inauguration of a new First Executive Vice President. The GRIHHA shall be free to fill available seats in any portion it wants without regard to any guidance or opinion of outside groups even if all came from one or a few jurisdictions (within the Compact) and a single party or were randomly chosen from a list. But a regular vote and Act of Election must be made by the GRIHHA to fill these seats.

The Grand Royal and Imperial House and Household Assembly will have four main  functions it will fill these seats and  secondly it will be a necessary party to consent to both Changes to the Supreme Charter of the Direct Imperial Government (which will be the nearest equivalent to a specific constitution of the Direct Imperial Government) and it will form a part of the Direct Imperial Government Legislature on votes relating to the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments. It will not  be part of the regular legislation of the Direct Imperial Legislature. Thirdly, it will be the body which reviews publicly and administers the Imperial Services Operating Treasury. Fourthly, it will hold the Privy Functions which shall be seven:

1. Impeachment and Indictment of Peer-Electors and High Ranking House Members.

2.Certifcation of Abdications and Related Protocols.

3.Certifcation of Betrothals of High Ranking Imperial House Members.

4. Certification of Ritual  Confrontations of  Ranking (above median) House Members.

5. Certification of Genealogies, Lines, Filiations, Placements and Alliances of Peer-Electors and High Ranking House Members. This Shall not include any role in the Full, Sacred And Legitimate High Marriage of any person under the power of this article although the effects here reviewed are under its review. 

6. Custody of Royal and Princely Prisoners of War.

7.Report on the Unity to the Bouletherion.

One cannot really have an Empire that is not really an Empire in any way .  Therefore there must be institutions which make up the Empire itself. We will return to this subject later on but it is enough to make that clear now.

Summary of the American Situation on the Brink

America is positioned for permanent and total collapse as a recognizable social order and national administration in very short order.  Right now we are faced with the early symptoms of something that can be fast and cataclysmic. While I admit that I have higher goals and aspirations than mere survival. In anything I do I find that I am working on goals at several levels of success and several spans of time. Most people do act that way. The truth is that if one only works to solve an immediate crisis one is very often back in a state of crisis very soon.   Yet none of these long-term plans or efforts to improve one’s overall position will  replace the need to address an immediate and serious crisis. When one has symptoms of a heart-attack it is not the time to work-out a detailed retirement plan. The heart-attack must be tended to first and then other issues can be tended to after the heart-attack has been survived. America shows many signs that it has reached a point where every refusal to confront the great challenges that demand our attention exacts an ever higher cost.  I want to briefly examine five aspects of our current crisis.

These concerns are our borders, all aspects of waste management,  the soundness and effectiveness of our country’s fiscal concepts, the health and progress of our military overall  and the totality of sex in our culture and society.  I would argue  that although clearly we are less distressed than the weakest countries in almost all of these areas the rules that apply to great powers and large societies are distinct from those which apply to Haiti, Somalia, Kosovo,  or Nicaragua. Nor or we (or anyone else) absolutely superior to every small and troubled country in the world. Countries like ours (MEANING RELATIVELY LARGE, RICH AND POWERFUL) draw in upon themselves a great deal of negative energy, resentment and opposition that is both skilled and determined.  We also have friends and allies but nobody as committed to holding us up as there are people committed to tearing us down.

America can face these challenges effectively but not without real effort and sound decision-making in the start of all the processes that will be necessary. So what are the dimension of this crisis I am discussing?  The answer to that question is too long for this blog post but  I will cover some of the five main points I have selected here.  it is not necessary to rank the order of these priorities of issues to resolve and it is not even necessary for all who would attempt to work with this essay and its goals to even agree that these are the five most important points in the national crisis. So I will spend some of the time and space that I might have spent justifying this set of priorities to address instead in defining some of the ways I think about societies as a whole. I would like to discuss how I see this subject of national crisis. It will be different than how most (and perhaps any) others have constructed the subject and framed it for analysis and discussion.

So bear in mind these principles when trying to understand my point of view and analysis.  I do not think one can have it every possible way in an argument and have it make sense or be in any way useful. Simply to say things that make one feel better is not really an argument. I am not some kind of objectivity purist either  but as John Adams said “facts are stubborn things” America has to face a variety of important and disturbing facts.  I also don’t believe one can use the same excuses as having the same effect which applied to other societies and eras. Yet again, this can be taken too far — one surely must learn comparatively about other nations and times to understand the challenges of one’s own time and nation. There may be a few books needed to really explore what I mean by these ideas but we will have to deal with these as important assertions that I simply cannot bother to address or describe very well in this place and time.

Thousands of people cross our  physical southern border every day without legal permission, identification, or other clearance.  We have lots of shooting and large justified (and approved by us) troop movements just south of our border  by a government with whom we have a very mixed history. The Governor of California is an immigrant whose father was an Austrian Nazi and who has shown an affinity for many Nazi values (but not the most objectionable ones) in his body of work and who governs a state (at least for a few more months) with a frontier with this border of open crime. The governor of Michigan is a  dual citizen with Canada and our history with that country is not the fantasy love fest most Americans believe it is. Her state is able to provide access to the North in all sorts of ways.  One of our largest ports (that of New Orleans) is governed by in the State governed by a man who is a second generation descendant of Indians  who are one of the most up and coming trading powers in the world and whose ties with the United States in key areas are expanding rapidly beyond almost any precedent and beyond all proportion  in the balance of our geopolitics. Our President is the most destabilizing and disruptive person imaginable to be head of state and commander-in-chief. To a remarkable degree our country has already ceased to exist as a real country and always was on the low-end of national integrity and coherence. It would hard for things to be much more threatening before total collapse. It is not so much what is happening but what we can see nobody will stop that speaks volumes about our national demise.

Much of what is reported as wealth and success in this country is actually simply waste. Almost all our systems of accounting reward and honor some kind of waste and hide its nature as waste. Yet in spite of greatly diminishing the amount of waste that we report from the real ocean of waste produced we still know that we produce more waste per capita than anyone in history. That is seen as horribly offensive to every responsible person in the world. It is storing up horrors for the future, straining our environment  and literally killing innocent productive people in all kinds of ways that are not reported. It is a massive national crisis in and of itself.

The next part of the crisis ties into this issue of waste. Our fiscal ideology as a nation must be changed. We need to create a work safety net and a study safety net that acknowledges that many people simply know they cannot find any meaningful work and not just give such people money or force them into death or crime.  Counties, cities and others should be encouraged to operate week and day labor farm and shops that produce real good in high standards and are free to mix tax money with market generated funds. Family farms which use high labor, high-grade production, nature conservation, hunting, experimentation and things like weather watching need to be given special rights to take them out of the horrific tyranny of our psychotic concept of free-market capitalism.  Wastes and ruins need to become a major separate area of property law. Foreclosures need to be taxed a little bit punitively, stock market transactions minimally assessed for insurance premiums and bankruptcies made more not less painful. Floating Quatrimetalism is what I would espouse as the ideal for US Monetary Policy. The Treasury and Federal Reserve would certify four metals for circulation. Platinum, gold, silver and copper would be related  in adjustable formulae and on percent of the total value of all legal tender would be issued in “single metal coins” with a steel outer and inner ring and with the alloys adjusted within a limited range to approach market value during the issuance of the coin denomination.  Three percent of the total value of all legal tender would be issued in two metal coins made the same way. All of these would be able to be carried on strings like Chinese coins of the past. The FDC would require every bank to carry one percent of its assets in these coins on hand.  Banks would all be required to own half ( in value) of all the real estate assets in which they operate under their own publicly displayed names. The government would have a bureaucracy to support true micro- loans to true micro-businesses.  However,  there would be a blatant understanding that no anti-trust laws would be interpreted in a way that allowed the accumulation of great fortunes by companies and individuals who created barriers to competition by securing assets they produced. Restraint on trade would require some form of hostility toward the assets of others in a fuller sense.

To say that President Obama is giving up on our only really clear advantage is harsh but true. To say that George Bush had chosen to pursue a policy I call “Pissing Off Russia as A Mean Weakling”  is harsh but true.  To say that our space policy is an elaborate and expensive form of suicide is harsh but true. Our military is one of the things that works best in our country but it is to really remarkable degree an unbelievable mess.  I just cannot justify saying all that needs saying here.  

Sexual policy in the United States is almost hopeless. Almost beyond hope or repair we see conditions that make me certain our best days or behind us unless we act decisively.  Things that need doing include:

1.  Formal recognition of extended family associations.

2. Harsh and full investigation and prosecution of typical violent stranger rape and clear division from less clear forms of sexual coercion without destroying them as prosecuted crimes all together.

3.  Change of the Full Faith and Credit Provision to a full provision on interstate and a nd federal recognition of domestic regimes.

4. Their must be a bureaucracy supporting women gynecologists, midwives, farmwives, women’s cottage industries and house to house marketing. This must be independently and securely funded.

5.  Under federal law in the district of Columbia and elsewhere there would be reformed laws. States (and any other Constitutional Jurisdiction) must be able to recognize betrothals,  concubinage and polygamy under laws which are able to accord them a secondary status to regular monogamous unions. That would include a gradation of inheritance laws and titles of filiation. All children would be presumed to have some claims on their parents but they would be allowed to vary. For men their would be the traditional (but lost) distinctions of legitimate, natural, illegitimate  and bastard children and the children of donated sperm, each would have a distinct claim on their parent’s estate but none would have no claim at all. Each class would be determined by the relationship with the mother. For  women all children would have rights to her (name concealed) basic medical records and some federal benefits. The first of  the classes of filiation would be children born in marriage to the natural father and reared. The second class would be other children conceived, born and reared. The third children given up for adoption. The fourth surrogate children wombed and given to others. The fifth children of donated eggs.  It is my honest opinion that we are in our current state of law best described as hypocritical savages or barbarians at best..  

So this is how I see these things. There is much more to say. There is much more to discuss. However, we must face the facts are be destroyed in my opinion. That is the whole crux of the matter.

American Survival — American Transformation

America must decide to survive.  If it does so it must in some sense transform itself. What kind of transformation is that likely to be?

Identifying a crisis eventually becomes effortless if the crisis is severe enough. In terms of identifying the crisis the worthy trick is to identify it in time to take some kind of actions to avoid, mitigate or redeem its worst results and consequences. America is in a deep national and societal crisis. Not all of us are free to react in the same way to addressing this crisis.  However, we can perhaps do what we can do.  Suppose one is eager to do more than whatever one’s present actions are, what can be done?

To identify the real dimensions and parameters of our crisis goes beyond what can be achieved in a single blog posting.  I do a lot of listing in these posts but there would be nothing but list if I even attempted to mention every major area of concern and cause for serious  anxiety and action.  In recent posts, especially the last five,  I have outlined where I think we need to end up in very general terms. In this post I will try to outline what perhaps can be done prior to the revolutionary transformation taking hold in these United States of America.

First, if you follow my advice you will have to adopt a mental attitude quite distinct from the mental attitude on which most politics is presented, proclaimed and outlined these days. If one accepts the revolutionary changes outlined here as a goal and takes them seriously then one can still admit that it is unlikely that the goal will be achieved. Although it is not more likely im the distant future it is possible that it will happen but not occur until after a reasonable life expectancy has passed. So this means a distinct political approach recommends itself.  Agitation and campaigning for candidates must both be relatively minor aspects of this effort to achieve political transformation.

One thing that can be done is to read this blog and other related material and then to discuss it with people selected as being the best people to help push these ideas and changes forward. Another thing that can help is to find ways to build value and grow one’s own dreams in such a way that they have value on their own but also can work to bring about a larger program and pattern of change. So let us talk about some principles of creating this movement if it is to become a movement.

First, after the reading described above try to set down a few notes and remarks somewhere to show you are committed to the project. Maybe take a friend out for coffee and explain that you are committing yourself to this project.

Second, do not diminish your participation in politics. Whether that means changing where and how you participate or merely finding ways to let those people know that you basically support there goals but have some more refinements and other profound changes that you would also like to see in our society. Be less pushy and assertive than those who can get more satisfaction out of quick short-term goals.

Third, work out the principle of autonomy linked to loyalty. That is trying to create your own resources that are really yours but which can also be restructured readily to support a movement for change and identify the causes discussed here particularly (along with country, family and religion) causes you would and are willing to support with resources that are wholly yours even if it costs you more than it is really worth to you personally.

Fourth, be invested in community and tie that to your social ideals. Don’t put the idea of revolutionary change above all the needs of your family, church congregation, soccer league, neighborhood watch and alumni association  but try to tie all the commitments you make to these community-building things to a sense of the social transformation you would like to see.

Five, learn to supply critical support.  Consider giving care boxes to local National Guard units and building a real relationship and still speak openly about changes you would like to see over time in the military culture of our country and society. Give money and write letters to candidates for office when you can and mention some of these ideals not as a condition to your modest donation but identifying where you would like to see things going over time.

Six, consider starting a discussion group. Consider getting together with some other people who are able to take small steps to help bring about these changes.

Seven, IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING LEFT CONTACT ME.  You can contact me here are on media linked to this site like Twitter. If you wish to support these ideals through me directly I am not incorporated but you could mail a check payable  to Frank W. Summers III to:

Frank W. Summers III

PO Box 22

Perry, LA 70575

If you do that, write ” Reconstitutionalize America” in the memo line. If you give me a return address I will try to let you know how I have spent it.  This is not even really a recommendation but rather an option just in case it seems right for you. I make no representations in advance about how it will be used and it will not be tax-deductible.

The Mental Ferment for Men (and Women) who Might Foment an American Revolution: Part Three

We really are facing a dangerous period of opportunity.  Could there be an American Revolution? If so how could it play out and what might its outcome be? I think that we have reached a point where more than few crises will slip out of control unless they are addressed in the relatively near future.  For me as an individual person the idea of seeking and pushing a particular form of constitutional transformation is well justified.  There is enough desperation in my circumstances and history to make me unquiet for a long period of time.

But Revolution is a strong prescription. There are varied levels of the dreaded opportunity our founding fathers called the “State of Nature”.  Remember they did not seek to overthrow the British government or dissolve their own colonies. They simply sought to exclude the British from the governance of the United States and to transform the quasi-state colonies into states. The Constitution they drafted allowed not only for amendments but also for a constitutional convention which would allow for the most low risk possible way to pass through a grave crisis. This would be sort of skirting along the borders of the dreaded state of nature. I think a serious and honest scholar of the period would have to conclude they would have hoped we would achieve many forms of political development we have avoided before undertaking many things we have undertaken. Now we reach the part of this essay which is the most risky and dangerous for the writer. In describing a proposed revolution one should be able to describe some set of relatively large and even shocking changes desired and possible under the new regime which are not possible under this regime. So, either in this section I will discuss what my ideal new America  would be like in terms of almost all its map and in terms of the Congress of the United States and the Electoral College.

I.  The Map and Congress: First Level of Revolutionary Change

However, I will get to those larger and more distinct looking changes much later than this sentence or paragraph.  I will start with those that most closely flow from my last comment. I will focus on the map and Congress. The new House of Representatives  should be made up of 800 seats and representatives exactly. The number of people in a district in a State would be constitutionally set at the variable A (apportionment number). The non states would have 53 seats not apportioned by population: The District of Columbia would have three such seats, a federation of all lands not in Constitutional Jurisdictions (which is what States, Territories and Possessions would be called together) would have two seats. The allotted State legislature representatives of all the Colored Districts in the States would hold an electoral conference every two years and select three of their own members to serve in the House of Representatives and have authority to expedite an election to fill their State legislative Seats. In addition each of the 14 Territories would have two seats serving the Territory as a whole regardless of population and its apportioned seats. Each  of the 17 Possessions would have one seat representing the Possession as a whole and its apportioned seats. Then all military bases of the United States militaries would be made into districts electing representatives. Military people would have two votes in this way– they would keep their home constitutional jurisdiction vote and gain additional representation in the Congress and Electoral College through their base-district votes. Each Territory district which is apportioned by population would serve 1.5 A people, each Possession district apportioned by population would serve   2 A people and each military jurisdiction.There would be 747 seats apportioned by the new council of Censors — as with the States now none ould include parts of more than one Constitutional Jurisdiction.

B. The United States Senate

After the Addition of the State of Puerto Rico there would be no new States added without a Constitutional amendment. There would also be the one additional Senator for each State elected by the State Legislature and serving a longer term.  That would bring the total number of US Senators to 153. These Senators would serve for all purposes of Law, Procedure, Equity and Normal Business. They would be the only ones allowed to vote when the Senate considered such matters. However, there would be a number of additional members  of high office and some elected by the Censors and Tribunes to serve in a Senatorial Constitutional  Assembly entitled to vote on the amendments to the Constitution. The current Congress of the United States numbers a bit under 550 and the new Congress would number a bit under 1000. This would be more in line with our revolutionary heritage. 

C. The New Constitutional Jurisdictions

The cost in lands would not fall on all States equally to create the new  Constitutional Jurisdictions and the Federal Government would be required to provide some lands of its own to the process.


1.The Territoryof the Federated Aboriginal American Nations of the North Eastern States

2.The Territoryof the Federated Aboriginal American Nations of the South Eastern States

3.The Territory of the Federated Aboriginal American Nations of the South Western States

4.The Territory of the Federated Aboriginal American Nations of the North Western States.

5.The Territory of the Kingdom of Hawaii

6.The Territory of American Samoa

7.The Territory of Guam

8.The Territory of the Aleut, Inuit and Eskimo Peoples of Alaska

9.The Territory of Creoles of Color of Louisiana

10.The Territory of the Creoles of Color of Puerto Rico

11.The Territoryof the Creoles of Color of the US Virgin Islands

12.The Federated Territory of the Mestizos of the Western Half of Spanish Borderlands

13.The Federated Territory of the Mestizos Eastern Half of the Spanish Borderlands

14. The Small Federal Territory of  token Micronesian, Filipino Other American Imperial Communities

Thus 28 not-by-population districts in the House.   


1.The Negro and African-American Possession in South Carolina

2.The Negro and African American Possession in Mississippi

3.The Negro and African American Possession in Florida

4.The Negro and African American Possession in Alabama

5.The Negro and African American Possession in Georgia

6.The Negro and African American Possession in Louisiana

7.The Negro and African American Possession in Texas

8.The Negro and African American Possession in Virginia

9.The Negro and African American Possession in Arkansas

10.The Negro and African American Possession in Tennessee

11.The Negro and African American Possession in North Carolina

12.The Negro and African American Possession in the US Virgin Islands

13.The Negro and African American Possession in Puerto Rico

14.The Negro and African American Possession of Federated Districts in Kentucky, Maryland and Oklahoma

15.The Negro and African American Possession of Federated Districts in the Union States of 1864

16.The Negro and African American Possession of Federated Districts of the Pacific States and Territories

17.The Negro and African American Possession of Federated States of the Greater South West

Thus 17 not-by-population districts in the House.

D. The Compact Zones

Each constitutional Jurisdiction shall yield a small zone of land to the direct governance of every compact it belongs to — no Compact Zone will be larger than four square miles and shall vary by the size of the Constitutional Jurisdiction.  There shall be major Compacts and minor compacts. Generally, the Major Compacts will receive larger zones.

The Major Compacts:

1.The Thirteen Colonies Compact

2.The Original Constitution Compact

3.The Compact of the Louisiana Purchase

4.The Compact of the Hartford Convention

5.The Compact of the Spanish Borderlands

6.The Compact of the Confederate States of America

7.The Compact of the Union States of the Civil War

8. The Compact of All Jurisdictions West of the Mississippi

9.The Compact of All Jurisdictions East of the Mississippi

10.The Compact of All States

11.The Compact of All Territories

12.The Compact of All Possessions 

Each Major Compact will receive a rebate of half of one percent of all federal taxes collected in every member jurisdiction as well as a half of one percent of all revenues raised by each jurisdiction. The Major Compacts shall also elect an elector for life who will sit and vote with other electors for the President and be seated in the Compact Council. The Compact Councils shall reserve most of the seats in their lower chamber for those elected from the Compact’s Roll of Kindreds. Every family association must belong to at least two Rolls of Kindreds and should contribute one percent of all its revenues to each Roll of Kindreds it belongs to up to four percent. After that if it elects to belong to more it shall simply divide four percent of its revenues equally among all Rolls. The Upper Chamber will be a Council of Nobles.  The Compacts will have the right to petition both the US Congress and their member legislatures. They shall each maintain a cavalry Honor Guard.

The Minor Compacts

The Minor Compacts will be institutions authorized and chartered by the United States Government to co-ordinate a basic set of long lasting concerns. Like the Major Compacts they will have independent constitutional funding but their governance will just be a set of uniquely chartered institutions not fully part of the federal grand plan for the society. I will not attempt to list them all but will give a few examples: the Compact of Louisiana, The Compact of Hawaii  and The Compact of Puerto Rico.

II. The Electoral College: Second Level of Revolutionary Change

A. The Election of the Chief Executive 

Every four years as today a person would be elected to many of the duties and roles of the current President of the United States. Each Jurisdiction would elect as many electors as it has members of its total Congressional caucus as today.   However, there would also be eighty-two Electors for life from the eighty-two Constitutional Jurisdictions and twelve  Electors for life from the Major Compacts.  These would be of less importance than ninety four new electors added to our five hundred because of the expansion of Congress and thus popularly chosen electors. The Electors for Life shall form a council with the only real direct oversight power over the Censors in drawing up the electoral districts. They shall meet to certify these districts on year before each Presidential Election. No one shall be declared President until the full electoral college shall have voted. Popular electors shall be bound as robots on the first vote but free to change their vote if there is no majority in the Electoral College on the First Ballot.

B. Other Elections

Should there be more than a single National Election ( today we have only the single Presidential and Vice Presidential ticket) then in these new elections the Electors for life would also participate as a primary organ of those elections.

In Part Four of this posting I will discuss the most radical outcomes of the proposed American Revolution. Outcomes more likely to be off-putting than any discussed so far in this essay.

Discrimination, Details and Security

I am writing today’s post largely in response or reaction to yesterday’s shooting at Fort Hood.  The shooting which killed thirteen people and wounded thirty at last count was carried out by an assisted or unassisted medical doctor who was a US Soldier, who had some expertise in post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and military communities. He was also the proud possessor of three traditional Islamic names: “Nidal”, “Hassan” and “Malik” although the order eludes me just now. So let us go over the man’s resume briefly:
1. He was (I hope) a trained killer being a US soldier — the basic arts of homicide were within his professional demands.
2. He had the excuse to study and become highly familiar with the details of a variety of shootings and disruptive events committed by soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
3.He was skilled and learned in detecting the physical and emotional vulnerabilities of human beings as a physician.
4.He was in the religious and some of the cultural aspects of his life someone likely to feel more empathy for some of America’s current adversaries than for many of his colleagues.
 5. He was in a position to hear and be informed of many of the most unflattering actions and anecdotes involving our servicemen and women in uniform.
6.He wore the full Muslim prayer garb when off duty and shopping at a store.
It would be reasonable to watch such a man very carefully, to scrutinize his associations and consider modifying his duties. The art of doing this with a regard for his good and the good of society is the pursuit of justice. I think that justice is very important. However, in this country rather than seeking justice we seek and teach others to seek nondiscrimination. As William James has written discrimination is the same thing as intelligence. Laws against discrimination are laws requiring forced idiocy. In terms of what is legal we are all idiots  or criminals. To discriminate between people and cases is to think. In areas of endeavor like military policing this set of discriminatory skills is especially vital. Of course real justice is very hard and complicated while both racial hatred and nondiscrimination are easy and simple.    
Since I am urging people to become hardened criminals and to think — which is a crime specified many times. I am going to reveal some details about myself to think about as well. These were written in a Facebook post responding to the trend of posting “25 random things about” oneself on one’s profile. I hope it amuses and informs and helps you to discriminate between me and others and not against anyone directly.
 Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 11:47pm |
I have devoted my notes to odd little thematic essays. Now, that is partly because I want to leave the options open for someone to see this as lasting body of essays. On the other hand I want to stay part of what is going on in the world, my life and the Facebook community. All these varied demands have formed part of the process that created these essays. Each of which is called “My Thoughts…” in the My Box section of this profile and by varied quirky titles in this Notes section.

One of these things that is happening in the world right now and in my environment is that I have been tagged by several people doing the Notes on Facebook titled “25 Random Things About Me.”
1. I was born in Crowley, Louisiana and not Abbeville although Abbeville has always been my hometown and ancestral place.
2. I won the 1985 Sophomore Class Award awarded to a male student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. There was another award of the same name given to a female student. She was an attractive musician whom I did not know.
3. I was baptized, made my First Communion and was married at Saint Mary Magdalen Church in Abbeville, Louisiana.
4. I have never learned to surf or scuba dive. I am able to fish, sail, canoe, pilot a motorboat and snorkel. I do not excel at those things, but I can do them.

In the world there is always a struggle for the future. That is more true now than at many other times.We livein an age when many ties to the past are being sacrificed in the name of bringing about a better future. While there are also struggles more clearly directed to the present and the past the struggle over the future is a very important one and the people who excel in that struggle often (but not always) gain great influence in the struggles over the past and the present as well. Whether it be American MBA earners in the eighties or China’s batches of engineers and international accountants many young people have rejoiced to be part of a wave of young people making a new future. But I am writing in this note about the struggle for the future. But we have been known to disagree as humans about the whole nature of the future. What do people say about the future? ” The future is good and it is getting better”. Or is it bad and getting worse? Or is it completely unpredictable?

5. I have been published in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television where I reviewed a book called “FDR’ Moviemaker: Pare Lorenz Memoirs and Scripts”.
6. I earned a Master of Arts Degree in History from LSU in 1993.

Nonetheless, despite an interest in history and some training in that field I remember the early honors, sacraments and water sports. I still find that I am at least wanting to find a future. The future still summons me more than the past.
7. I belonged to Mensa legitimately for high scores on IQ and other standardized tests.
8. Michelle Denise Broussard Summers and I lived together as husband and wife for more than seven years after just less than a year of being promised and then engaged.
9. I got new US Senator (or Rep. & Senate Candidate) John Breaux to endorse me in college when I applied for a position with the CIA. I wanted to be an operative. I did not make it.

I know that for me there are not a lot of likely scenarios for a future that appeals to me a great deal. I have made choices I cannot really renounce or deny but which involved passing on some things I would have needed to have done by now to have any real chance at what I would describe as an effective pursuit of happiness. I am instead able to say that I have found a great number of compensations that have made me glad and content in various ways. I have also had a number of things happen which have served to provide other forms of satisfaction than happiness. Lastly, I have to live with many miserable and disappointing outcomes that are somewhat predictable given the choices I made and the situations I have been in during my life.

10. My Dad taught me to fish and hunt but my great-uncle Clay R. Summers II bought me my first firearm. I t was a “four-ten” shotgun. It was both single shot and crack barrel and I thought it was very beautiful. I was turning nine years old.
11. I have fired 20 gauges, 16 gauges, 12 gauges and other shotguns. I have shot 22,38 and 45 caliber pistols as well as nine millimeter pistols.
12. I was treated for clinical depression ( but not a very severe case) when Michelle and I were splitting up I was about to ditch Tulane Law School for the second time.

I do struggle every day for the future. I do care about the future and want it to be better. I still think I have some ideas about how the future could be made better than it is likely to be as I see things going.
One way that I have struggled for the future is through caring for my younger brothers and sisters, teaching younger people than myself and caring for my nieces and nephews. However, all of this conceivably optimistic work and play has taken place against the background and in the context of what has often been and often still is a living nightmare. I would describe a great deal of my life as a living nightmare. However, I know countless other people whose lives I would describe in the same way. Therefore, I have felt the need to persevere in my struggle as best I could in order to honor their suffering and hopes as well as my own.

13. I have known people personally and socially who endured one or more of the following sufferings:
they were raped or molested as children, stabbed, shot, arrested, imprisoned, beaten frequently, raped and prostituted, robbed, burnt alive to death, drowned, nearly drowned, expelled, tortured, and blackmailed.
14. I had two broken arms at different times as a child. I was bitten by a snake, stung by bees, wasps, a poisonous centipede, spiders, dogs and angry men I was holding in restraint to stop them beating women. I was at various times prior to adulthood hit with rocks, shovels and ropes and was on several small vessels that sunk.
15. I have brought prayer cards, fruit and soap to prisoners in various States in this country and in other countries. I used to drive my cousin to jail often when he was on work release and pick him up afterwards.
16. I am a mediocre horseman at best but never a non horseman since I was a very small child.

I value family but think many families are truly horrific in many important ways. I value religion but see religion often twisted into something horrible. I value work but see much work making things much worse in every way.The list of such things goes on almost ad infinitum. As a small not very religious child I several times considered killing myself not out of depression or despair but as the most accessible way to avoid assisting all the forces and people I saw making a really bad human world constantly much worse. The things I have seen as an adult that were unknown to me then have largely been very bad as well. To remarkable degree life is hell. I am not the only one to make that observation. However, I have learned to desire life and despise suicide on other and different grounds than I had then.

17. I had a scene shooting an automatic weapon in addition to my work as an extra in The Blob with Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith but the filmed sequence did not make it into the final film. A picture of me in a white decontamination suit was published in the Abbeville Meridional with the caption “Beau is Bad”.
18. I had just gotten back from my honeymoon when I worked on The Blob and was going to school full-time for the last half of that series of 15 hour shooting days. The money meant a lot to me.
19. I played “Stage Manager” in a production of “Our Town” at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

What then can a pessimist do when the effort to shape a better future is in question? What can a pessimist do when he is also broke, long out of the flow of gainful work and commerce, divorced childless, unhappy and often ill to help make the world better? This sort of question is not easily answered well. I am trying to do things. I do see the world as largely a disaster and my own life as likely to get increasingly worse and yet I do try to work towards a better future. But still life is really hell.

20. Besides working for the Abbeville Meridional and the Daily Advertiser as a staff writer I also wrote for the Vermilion which was USL’s student newspaper. We ran the Matt Groening(sp) cartoon strips “School in Hell” and “Life in Hell”.

Not everything in life is hell. I was treated cruelly by many when I was a child in ways I could never deserve but I have tried to be kind to children. I have fed many hungry children a few hot meals and helped some get off the street where they were homeless. Most of all the best and happiest part of me was the time I spent reading to and caring for my younger brothers and sisters as well as nieces and nephews. Those good energies did not come from nowhere. My Mother taught me to read when I was very young and to swim and Dad taught me to ride and shoot. There were puppies for Christmas and treats in season. I think that compared to many children I was advantaged. But there were plenty of bad times as well some were extraordinarily bad. I maybe learned to be able to love in difficult times.

21.I used to bring my little sisters to Nancy Knobloch School on the Summer Institute of Linguistics base at Nazuli once a week. We were all living in Malaybalay in the same Bukidnon Province of the Philippines on the Island of Mindanao.
22. I also published some pieces in the Straight Street magazine in Malaybalay in those days.

In my life I have been to a lot of places and engaged in a great number of activities and relationships. So often there have been obstacles and distractions which I was not entirely able to deal with effectively. Like most people (except even more so) I was made up in such a way that I longed for good things from the human past which were not readily available in my own life and environs. We all face difficulties we cannot resolve. I have had to come to the conclusions that the world I live in is largely made up of a mass of horrors which I find no less horrible because they are both widespread and enduring. But I also have seen happiness, goodness and the heavenly on this same Earth. A good bit of life is made up of enjoying a mass of pleasure and struggling for good outcomes that might actually happen.

23. I reached my forty quarters of minimum FICA payments to be fully vested in Social Security quite a few years ago. I have never earned a really large salary.
24. I taught at St. Thomas More High School, Travel Talk Academy in Baton Rouge, he Vermilion Parish School Board’s system, The Shandong Institute of Business and Technology in Yantai, Shandong , China and in numerous short-term venues and outlets.

Right now, two of the forward-looking things which I am doing involve Facebook. One of them is starting a group called “The Crater Cap Concept Colony Group” and another is starting a Facebook group called “Seedbed of a New Geopolitics”. However, it is impossible for me to know if much of anything good will come from these two efforts.

25. I am not very optimistic about my own future but I do try every day for myself as well as for things bigger than myself.

I wonder what I might add to a longer list if I live long enough to see some things differently….

End of my Facebook Post–
My thoughts and prayers are with all the ones dead,wounded and surviving the loss of loved ones at Fort Hood. May they have a bit of comfort in these difficult days. 

Politics and the lost cause of a woman from Alaska

I have a lot on my mind today. It seems that there are a lot of political issues on my mind and these are seen in light of a good number of other factors, influences and issues.  One thing is that I like to think of myself as having a fairly high degree of intellectual honesty. I look for occasions and opportunities to test my basic honesty and to evaluate how honestly I have assessed previous situations. In that vein of assessment there has been an obvious opportunity for me to test my instincts. That is my chance to see how long it would seem to me that President Obama had been President of the United States by the time that the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks came around. I think my feeling is not totally off base from my earlier frame of reference. However, it does seem that he has been POTUS for a while. I am icreasingly willing to blame him for the bad things that happen on any given day.
That is relevant. Because when I voted for George W. Bush for his first term as President it seemed clear to me that he had not been President long enough to be really the president principaly  responsible for the tragedy of that day. I still see that Bush inherited a mess and I still see Obama as mostly working on an inherited economic problem but I am able to see thepercentage of blame for each president increase in my own mind as regards problems which emerge in the middle of September in their first year. Not a real clear definite change in opinion but it is some of that change which Obama was talking about during the campaign.
I did not vote for George Bush for his second term because I could not get to the embassy in Beijing during the allowed time period when I was teaching in China that year. I would very probably have voted for him if I could have voted at all that year. I tend to believe that it takes a while to really formulate and put in place a program of governance.  It seems likely to me that President Obama will be most effective following his re-election if that happens in 2012. That is the structure of the American Presidency today. I would have wanted to give Bush 2 a chance to really establish Homeland Security initiatives and to see if he could come up with a working program for Faith Based Initiatives  in reaching out to communities and populations most in crisis.
I was a solid Bush supporter who had once been a Democrat voting for Dukakis. I had left the party when Clinton was trying to start a war on Catholics, was barbecuing wierd religious kids in Waco and shooting families at Ruby Ridge for wanting to be left alone. I have never wanted to rejoin.  I have friends in many parties throughout the world. Conservatives in Britain and Communists in China are among the  groups with whom I have had the most dialog in the last decade. I do not belong to either.
However, the candidacy of Governor Sarah Palin  really excited me. I think she had a lot to offer. I am reproducing below some of the thoughts I had before last year’s election.   
The post reproduced first appeared on Facebook on my page on October 15,2008.
It is a season of winning and losing. I returned from a weekend at the Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting and have watched Tampa Bay beating the Red Sox, NFL teams struggling to win and the prognosticators saying that Obama is likely to win the election. The election is different than the sporting events. It occurs in a political arena where we either are or should be trying to build something to make our world and nation better. Once a President is elected there will not be such clear standards as to who must be beaten. It will not be so clear what a win is and how to measure it. If you think the wrong guy won it is harder to lose gracefully becuase more than pride and one’s salary is at stake. Nobody can ever say exactly what is at stake. Even historians have trouble deciding what came of an election after the fact. The President has no magic wand for remaking the coutnry according to dreams he may have. But we know a successful President will shape the way all of us and future generations live to some real extent.

I have decided to write a note exploring both the idea of success and the idea of losing gracefully in one piece of writing. It is true that we all live within a great number of pre-set limits and conditions. Most people at least claim not to be worried by most of them. We know some insects can live in suspended animation for years at a time, sperm whales can swim unaided into deep ocean trenches to hunt the giant squid, some trees live with their neighbors and relatives in peaceful adult coexistence for venturies if they can survive the traumas and trial of youth wheteher a male or a female most of us can find other living creatures which seem to have more sexual fun and a better deal than any humans we associate with of our gender. Except for artists (in the broadest sense),shamans, a few saints and the occasional lunatic most of us don’t empathize enough with other creatures to really feel the sense of watching some animal or being and knowing the sense of not having somethng they take for granted. Beyond interspecies differences, we can be aware that Charlemagne, Alexander the Great, Plato and Sun Tzu were all completely unable to win the World Series or the NASCAR trophies that we watch others compete for or avoid watching people compete for each day. The world rushes by each of us according to the age and space in which we live and there are no persons who have all human options open to them. Thus, whenever we speak of success and even of the most extreme kind of success we are speaking of a limited and relative kind of thing.

In fact, a rather well known line of poetry encourages us to see our limits in achieving the greatness we percieve in a good and happy way. “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp else what’s a Heaven for?” On a clear night the naked eye can see Arcturus many billions of miles away while a naked and unaided body can leap and grab an object not much over twenty feet from one’s naked resting eyeballs. Therefore, there does seem to be rather a disparity between the reachof purely physical perception and the grasp of grip. However, its hard to measure exactly how much further away is the farthest thing we can touch with our finger tips from the farthest thing we can grasp in our hands. Such a difference seems subpoetic somehow. So perhaps reach is meant in its broadest literal meaning as the underlying foundation of this metaphor. Some of us compare our actual achievements to goals analagous to those objects just at our fingertips and others of us tned to compare our achievements to goals as practically remote as Arcturus is distant. While I don’t think loftier goals always mean a less happy person they may certainly break down smugness and self satisfaction.

What about all the many how-to books of the self-help variety that tend to promote success as a goal which is relatively universal and easily identified? Can success reaslly be at all ambiguous or mysterious if so many agree on what is meant in the writing, publishing and purchase of all these books?

Perhaps one reason that sports and other games are so widely enjoyed by so many kinds of people is that in these games success can be identified more easily than in life. While in practice winning may not be the only goal that players and coaches address it is certainly one of the major goals in everygame. And even when a team or player is involved in a game or competition where winning is not a realistic goal and is not reall sought, winning remains the standard by which their efoorts are measured and assessed. This sort of game theory applies readily war. One hopes for and should seek victory but often it is best to put up a great fight and lose utterly than simply to lose utterly. The conqueror’s desire for revenge will not often cause as much harm as will be avoided by having taught them to fear renewed hostility, having reduced their forces, having proved unpredictable and having proven that one can stand strong for commitments given. The way one achieves these secondary objectives however is usually by trying to win.

In some kinds of play winning is not so clear and not so important. Often there are still victories involved but they are the victories of the type whiich actors describe in doing a scene. They are subtle kinds of plays for and calculations of dominance and position. Some forms of feminism have tried to hide the fact that in most cases and at most times women will avoid forms of direct contest in zero-sum competition with their husbands, potential husbands and potential sons-in-law. There are very good reasons for that. Nonetheless, in Greek which was so dominant over so much of culture for so long the women had their Heraklion games as a counterpart to the Olympic games and competed fiercely in athletics with one another. I think society is much richer when women speak the language of competition as men experience it. A little man to woman competiton in formal systems can add some spice as well. But men competing directly with women in hard fought games will never be the main course of a healthy society. Danika Patrick enhances INDY racing’s appeal because she is the sexy, good-looking woman who gives the guys a good run for their money. Other women come and go and she keeps the door open for them. INDY could probably handle another ten women of her caliber or better. But another 25 women like her would hurt its appeal. I watch the sport more because of her, but I enjoy watching her and the men compete in a man’s sport.

Coed soccer with little boys and girls is laying a foundation for a better future I think. Any good future will involve a lot of single sex competition. Cheerleading is a kind of sport and artform used to emphasize the really maco qualities of a given sport by accenting the fit and able females cheering for it. Male cheerleaders exist and can be important but they support and supplement the women involved. Men can also benefit from learining some female-dominated skill sets. It can be refreshing to everyone if old Widower Fred puts on a good social event as his wife once did. If men are throwing most of the dinner parties then that group of dinner parties will surely be in decline.

All of the kinds of success that I have mentioned are distinct from the big life-defining measure of overall success. Those seem different as well from the suceess measures of a society. I think that in my own life there has been a pretty good level of mixture between success and failure, winning and losing. I have had more than a few victories of various kinds. However, most of my life I have felt very aware that I could not overcome many of the difficulties that seemed most important to me. By most of the standards I value my life has been largely a failure. In may ways, things have gone mostly from bad to worse. I would describe myself as divorced, childless, unemloyed, not really solvent, physically challenged unhappy and without much rapport with people. While sincerely mean all of those things they are not the whole story. My situation is actually very complex. Even as a young child however I began to calculate that I was not likely to have a very happy life. My experiences and studies since then have mostly made me believe that as a child I was insightful rather than pessimistic or emotionally or mentally damaged. I think that the modern era has so much literal and metaphorical blood on its hands that it must take refuge in the idea of depression as mental illness. Modern society cannot begin to make ammends for all the evil it does, therefore it must say that thoses it injures have something wrong with the apparatus that records and evaluates injury. Painkillers are given when really the assault causing the pain and the wounds resulting should be the focus of attention.

The world has always been a place of great suffering and much that is wrong and evil has often happened here in every age of humankind. But I do think that as a species there are almost always fewer chances for the best tmes and structures of the human race to reassert themselves. The most squalid slums and refugee camps endure for generations now. Vast mountains of waste are produced by the rich and inflicted upon the environment. The healthiest expressions of each religion are often driven out and held out by the pincer action of secularism and fanaticism. I think a lot of things are getting worse.I favor the advance of technology and I don’t blame all problems on technological change. However, I think that it is less of an offset than some people technical advancement is probable in many scenarios. Knowledge tends to expand we should not celebrate ourselves too much as a result.

If we had a culture building sustainable seamount and undersea colonies on a big scale, turning waste into energy, colonizing mars and creating vast parks near all major megalopolises then I would say that such a technostorm was offestting most of the evils of the modern age. Instead, I see the human race as getting poorer over all.

In the coming Election I will be very glad to vote for Sarah Palin and won’t mind voting for McCain. If they lose I will see the election of Obama as a very bad thing for the futrure. I have discussed why in other notes. I believe that we will be losing some thing that cannot be quickly remedied.

However, it does not seem much worse or as bad as many other events that shaped history. I think that from a philosophical point of view I am getting more and more accustomed to losing gracefully. At a personal level I find that society exists as a place where my values are often destined to lose. When I do have a play to make I often think that I am in a situation where even a solid win will be a loss. But of course I may lose and often do. I have not been very active in this campaign season and I have not regretted not being a Republican. Yet I will be sad to see the lady from Alaska lose no matter how gracefully she does it.

 The End.
I see the Palins struggling with notoriety and am wondering how they will deal with it all. So many people have injuries in this administration. I hear that Robert Gates, Justice Alito, Jusitce Sotomayor, Hillary Clinton and many others have had injuries and I see the Governor of Alaska resigning. If I was paranoid I would see a pattern of limited mayhem marking the administration of President B. Hussein O.  Life is hard all over and I am able to see that Obama supporters have things to change. But I am still sad that the little lady from Alaska is not bringing her lovely smile to the Naval Observatory and the world stage. That is one area that has not changed within my mental framework about politics.
For now I will just muse, blog and think. Maybe one day I will do more.  But we will be in a very different place than we would have been. Where we will be standing remains to be seen.   

Women and Sexuality in some kind of context

This post first appeared in April of this year on Facebook I wrote all of those notes without any sources and have left them as written in almost every case where they are posted here. There are some errors in some posts and if they are caught I will try to figure out how best to show corrections…..
In one of Leon Tolstoy’s fantasticaly long and eloquent novels a smart young woman uncomfortable with her own sexual appeal says to another character, who is I believe a very self-assured Russian Prince, “Why do people have balls? Wouldn’t it be much more sensible if people simply spent the evening in conversation?” To which the Prince, who is an acomplished social dancer, replies “Infinitely more sensible and infinitely less like a ball.” A society that lives only in words and conversations does not live at all. Women and the way they appear to men is not primarily a subject to be debated. It is primarily the greatest engine and most pertinent mystery of human personality and society.

Tolstoy was a Christian, a dabbling Freemason, a bit of a socialist and an apologetic royalist. There have been many other humans of great intellect with deities like Pan, Aphrodite, Venus and a hundred others who were much more explicit in declaring the enormous importance of sex and the sexual recognition of women. When the founding fathers discussed the work of building the United States several key leaders including Jefferson wrote that the work of Population was one deserving time attention and resources. The American revolution was largely fought to allow the people of the United State a few centuries to breed and and build families and hope that over that time a better set of technologies would emerge to deal with high population density. Sex, family, courtship, childbirth, marraige and the like are of enormous importance to any sane public policy. All of these things especialy involve women as women.

I wrote a Facebook Note a while back on manhood.There are many reasons why such an undertaking was wiser, safer, more comfortable and easier than my current attempt to write a note about womanhood. Yet in this year of trying to get a basic smattering of my thoughts out into the world through Facebook Notes I would not have done very much of this at all unless I also included one of these rambling and personal essays in which the topic was womanhood. Womanhood is actually a topic which matters as much as any other possible topic in my opinion. However, the reasons for not writing an essay which is both wise and honest are numerous and powerful reasons. I can think of no more worthy challenge for my limited talents. I can think of few topics less likely to be personaly rewarding for me. However, this year’s (June 2008 through June 2009) Facebook Notes are a unique set of documents. I am trying to set out my thoughts more or less comprehensively in one venue. That will leave me free for whatever comes next in a certain way that I have not been before.

I will ramble among various perspectives and points of view in discussing this topic as I have with all the other notes in this series — or nearly all. However, I think I will start by discussing a few different aspects of sexuality and womanhood which may differentiate and distinguish the parameters of this discussion from almost any and perhaps from anyone else whom any reader may have read discussing this set of topics. I am more than a little confident that this is not the same essay one has read elsewhere. There is an originality in an early submarine even though boilers, sheet metal, rivets and propelors are old technology. When discussing the realm of the human condition an essay can be very original ev en when many component observations are commonly known. However, in the social sciences and humanities such originality is overlooked as it is in science very often. Engineering and math are the areas where patterns and combinations are likely to be recognized as original work if they are original work.

First, human females are truly shockingly extraordinary. They are not only very different from men they are different from other female earthlings. Women distinguish our species so enormously that it is simply inevitable magic. The combination of human extreme bipedalism (walking on two feet) and the shape of chidlbearing hips combine with prominent breasts to create a figure which is very extreme sexual dsiplay compared to men’s beards and very little else is so specifically developed as sexual flesh. This is somewhat different from our nearest biological relatives the apes. It is very distinct from the myriad examples of ducks, deer, chickens, lions, turkeys and other well known species where the male expresses the physical “come hither” material in the sexual dialog. In most species there is either no sexual dimorphism meaning there is asexual morphism — meaning males and females look mostly alike OR the male wears the plumage.

Having shown a major difference we are only geeting started. A heathy adult female can have coitus on any day at any period of that day. Most females are penetrable (in species like large animals which penterate) only infrquently and are fertile only on these realtively rare occasions. Healthy adult human females are fertile and infertile every month when they are not pregnant or lactating to supply a dependent nursing heavily. The variations between fertile and infertile periods within the month are not common to the whole species nor linked closely to the weather but vary from woman to woman. Further, there is very little physical difference between fertile and infertile women so that estrus is largely hidden. This is also a very limiting set of sexual characteristics which human famles share with few if any other females on Earth if taken as a whole.

To add another level of complexity to the totality of the factors in the paragraph above the human female fertility cycle matches the length of one of the most obvious cycles on earth that of the moon but is not tied to its periodicity. It generaly runs according to the woman’s own biology but does tie in and sychronize to some degree with women she lives with and is somewhat (but very subtly and eraticaly) related to sexual stimulus from men especialy in very young women.

Additional to all the other differences there is the difference between the baby dlivered by a woman and an adult human. That difference is called the “degree of neotony”. Almost no creature has a greater degree of neotony and when one combines this degree of neotony with the degree of involvement and care a young human will generaly accept and seek from its mother this creates a greaer demand and matched capacity for mothering per individual human than almost any other earthly species.

These are actually only a few of the reasons why women are objectively one of the most fascinating and compelling subjects to which one could apply the human mind. I actually believe that one of the greatest windows for insight into the state of well-being, progress and potential of any society is to look at women as women within that society.

Here is a woman functioning in Acadian or Germano-Acadian home ‘s kitchen and living room where she plays a vital role in social and economic development in the family and community. The painting is in turn painted by another woman, my great-great-grandmother Regina Oubre Hollier. Dhe is drawing from childhood memories for the composition.

There are a great number of things to learn if one wants to understand womanhood and perhaps in the modern age we are losing the last ties to many of them. Among the most influential men of my own lifetime a few of them have been distinguished in large part by something having to do with sex and womanhood. These include Karol Wotija/ Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Hugh Heffner, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles Arthur George Saxe-Coburg-Gotha- Battenburg-Lyons-Windsor (or whatever one chooses to call the current Prince of Wales) and John F. Kennedy. However, unlike many religious people what strikes me about the modern era is how sexles and lifeless it is not how we are all a bunch of sex maniacs. These men while very different from one another are perhaps more normal in that sex is a pulsing shaping force in their public biography. Most modern biographies are perhaps best described as freakishly wierd. Sex is not a side note to the decisions people make in public office. Sex is very much a part of a sane governance.

In a royalist or aristocratic high republican or a number of other regimes the family has a stature which can tie together the privacy of sex, affection and home with the qualities of a public institution.The modern era has largely abandoned this whole vast set of institutions and patterns which tie these huge parts of the world together.

The point of all this is not that women should have no meaning or existence outside of their role as sexual coun terparts to men and mothers to children. However, the point is to show thattheir is almost limitless capacity for development and discussion in that aspect both of women and of the idea of women. To know woman one must first renounce that kind of asexual androgyny which has had a great deal of credence and influence in the world of my lifetime. Men and women are profooundly different and that difference is vital, useful and profoundly energizing in a decent and healthy society.

There are many layers of sexual exchange and perception between men and women. The Bible is one of the sources for wisom and the perception of ages regarding the relations of men and women. In the iconic story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis in the Bible Adam is the first man and his words upon seeing the first woman are memorable. As Genesis 2: 22b-25 states:
” When he brought her to the man the man said.
“This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;
This one shall be called “woman” for out of “her man” this one has bee taken.”
That is why a man leaves his mother an father and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.
The man and his wife were naked but they felt no shame.”

The extreme intimacy of the passage is in comparison to the anmials with whom Adam cannot marry or form an intimate partnership. But it remains a very intimate passage. There is almost nothing that has been mor under sustained attack for millenia than this excited, intimate and personal recognition by man of his mate in women. Real moral science ia very demading and elegant pursuit and thus is more often abandoned than pursued. However, real moral science must always take a careful measure of relations between the sexes.

I think it deserves to be said in this context that I believe in a moral struggle as a desirable thing. I find that those who are not struggling have usually settled for something bad. One of the powerful shaping forces of humanity as it is remains the strong belief that anything related to the relational structure of humanity must either be very ancient, fixed and setled or else a really blank slate upon which any given generation can write or draw whatever it wants. For me I think that the entire mystery and meaning of humanity is something quite different. Humans have numerous intrinsic qualities that cannot really be changed much in any generation. Yet one may face the future with confidence when aware of these strictures of the past and present. A generation and an individual can compose any vast number of varied tunes using these notes given by nature. By preserving and fully working the great musical tradition one can even enhance the range and delicacy of notes available to future generations of musicians. Sexuality and the role of women is one of the great musical worlds in which the human race can operate. It is an area where we all practice some form of art whether or not we even acknowledge it.

What evolution, the idea of original sin, reincarnation, eugenics and quite a few other theories about the proper living out of humanity have in common is the idea that we pass on something different to the future based on our actions. Humans may not agree on what the mechanism for passing things on is, nor what ought to be passed on, nor how that which is passed on relates to present behavior. But in many different ways and at many different levels of intensity we remind ourselves and are reminded by those we put in charge of our most serious thinking that we are changing the present of future generations by how we live out our own present here and now.

This is a rather serious business and humans are able to make rather substantial changes in the population in relatively short periods of time. One of the most notable struggles of human race is our struggle to define and make ourselves as a species. That our greatest project is ourselves is a perspective which gives great importance to waman’s involvement in the human adventure. One of the characterisitics of the modern era is that we expect the totality of sexual relations to be easily defined. Consider that terms like: harem, concubine, paramour, mistress, courtesan, sister-wife, rival, Abbess, novice, midwife, maid, lady-in-waiting, placement, princess, Queen, Official Mistress and countless others once denoted roles which were available to women in many cases simultaneously and which in huge numbers of places have all disappeared down to the last one. I write here not so much to change the world but more as any defeated soldier may write when he decides that before his life ends he wants to make really clear how badly he views this new order and the triumph of what he fought against. So for me I see layer upon layer of both personal defeat and the coming to an end of much of what makes the human species human. It goes back to my recurring theme thayt life has mostly been a nightmare.

One thing about sex and womanhood being very near the core of the human moral struggle is that the issues related to womanhood and sexuality are subject to the same regional and epochal variations as are other part of the human moral drama. From my point of view I may say that all humans are severely confused and diseased in their understanding of these things. However, I would not say that they or we all suffer from the same delusion or disease. We may all be in error but we are in distinct errors across the species. A loose translation of the Bible called the Catholic Living Bible translates a passage as follows:
Luke 11: 45-47a
“Sir,” said an expert in religious law who was standing there, ” you insult my profession, too, in what you just said.”
“Yes,” said Jesus, “the same horrors await you! For you crush men beneath impossible religious demands that you yourselves would never think of trying to keep. Woe to you!””

Sex is an area where evil intentions , evil plans and hate often come dressed up as morality. One of the greatest problems humanity faces is the problem of overcoming the advantages acrued by evil in human affairs once evil is recognized as a real thing. I think that for me sex is an aspect of the human condition which accentuates hoew badly flawed our species is and yet, at the same time, is the point of glory at which we can most resemble the species we were once meant to be.

Sex remains the great risk and gamble on which we still place the most on the table. Where we can never entirely wipe out our divine destiny whether we believe in it or not.I think of Lawrence Summers my distinguished nonrelative ( as far as i know) who has had his name on the money of the United States of America and beeen president of Harvard and I think of the uproar and probable beginings of the move to boot him from the presidency of that famed institution. He merely suggested that the difference in representatation in hard sciences and maths and engineering between men and women migh have something to do with natural predilections varying by sex. He did not say women could not be good engineers, scientists or mathematicians. This is a story where I think the female faculty at Harverd is 100% justified in being very vigilant to the point of near para noia in guarding access to these fields for women candidates. I think Lawrence Summers — aside from having phenomenaly good taste in last names — was fully justified in speculating that there may be proclivities varying by sex which were relevant here. I think in that regard both sides in the dispute acted as relatively wise and intelligent people. Nonethless, I would favor the Swedish Parliament funding a Special “Silly Goose Award” comparable to the Nobel prizes they already give out and making all parties to this public dispute designated recipients. “Sex” it has often been said “makes fools of us all”.

Just the other night I watched the Miss USA Pageant and there is speculaation that one of the finalists was effectively disqualified by the very verbaly abusive ( on the web later) Perez Hilton for saying that she personally believed marriage was mneant to be between a man and a woman. Mr. Hilton is misogynistic scum. That is a quality which abounds in male humans. His audacious moral hideousness in going into an inner sanctum of hetero-sexual celebration of attraction and oing all that he has done is vile. But so is covering over millions of cases of rape with non-notification laws on abortions for teenage girls. So is the female genital mutilation of millions of women throughout the world to destroy their sexuality. So is the killing of countless girls and women without prosecution by their families and lovers every year in the worst situations and without hope of justice all around the world. I am not sure the ladies of Harvard can afford quite the ivory tower they live in. However, in that way they resemble their male counterparts.

I do not believe that the story at the begining of the book of Genesis was written by Moses after visiting the origins of the human species in a time machine. I do not believe the writer had a Ph. D. in biology. I do not believe it is a book coded from another book which was largely a straight first hand bio-history of its time — that is what I believe about the Gospels. I am even willing to say that he early stories are myths which is a word that atheistic relativistic scholars love to use for them. However, I do think that they are true stories written to pass on ancient coded trruths and insights which come from miraculousy ancient parts of the human story. Why is so much in the Bible coded?

That is a question for a long an important note on another occasion. In this note we will examine a bit more of Adam and Eve. There are three phases of the sexual relationship betwwen the two. in very general terms I mean for one could argue for a dozen phases.

The first is the phase in Genesis 2: 22-25b which I have already quoted this is the relationship between Man and Woman which God intended as unique to the human species. This really reflected the Image of an ultimate divine nature. The qualities of that relationship are intimacy, passion, empathy, excitement sex, good bodily self-image and fertitlity. It sounds tiring to those of us with enough mileage but otherwise one who can think can see the logic and goodness of it.

To preserve this humanity needed God’s friendship and to avoid eating the fruit of the knowleddge of Good and Evil. The writer here is using code for cannibalism. Yes, that again. The passage says that iti is a tree in the middle of the garden of course humans are in the middle of their own world always. That on the day one eats it humans will die and again if humans are eaten then the human eaten will die. It brings knowledge of Good and Evil and we actually have a lot of data across many centuries and cultures to show that eating human flesh is a passage which brings cunning, insioght and moral guilt into human minds in a unique way whether the society endorses or forbids cannibalism.

The last set of relations is the abusive marrasige and the loss of God’s friendship which define behavior which is in the survivable margin for humans as we currently are. These last two phases of the story are descibed in Genesis Chapter three. We all are still living in the last phase at best from the story’s own point of view.

It goes far beyond my capacity in time and space in tis note to show instances of cultures where men have driven their lands into desert and ruin to make sure that women were sastarving and dispossessed and fit into one of three (to them) acceptable catgories hyper-breeding terrified slaves, spies or religiously deluded cattle reared as food. rthis of course has always included the need to kill and maim some large number of men who cannot overcome (or heroicaly resist overcoming) their lover for mothers, sisters, and female lovers. Some of the time homosexuals have led this misogynistic elte.

Life is often hell and human society often a sewer which exceeds my capcity to espress and usually it involves building things on one of two principles men hating women or women hating children. Often this is dressed up as religion or ideology but it is really about that. This engine allows the most foul and wothless kinds of people to amss almost all available power and resources. It has happened occasionaly since time imemorial.

The sexualy intense path of paradise requires lots of restriction and guidance in the real world. It always has unless you believe we may have had an unfallen Eden somewhere in the pre-historic past. But it is the path which produces real joy and love, wealth, pressure for progress and other necessities. I presume that almost everyone alive today is someone iI would consider fundamantally insane. But I do not take such a dim view of insanity as some do. Homosexuality is a condition of some sons of women which is in my view tolerable when thaose who are homosexual know it is alimiting thing and have the humility to see it as a speciai status with some rewards and some disease like qualities requiring a routine of self -care, or when they publicly acnkowledge it as a kind of loss in bio-sweepstakes in which they make the best out of a less than first place postion. But when they think as Mr. Hilton does they are evil men encouraging other evil men in a way which opens on to an ininite pool of evil.

Women are tied to certain kinds of inferiority too. the way a man is supposed to feel superior is in the act of achieving coital satisfaction. Unthinkably in allowing the killer and crusher in him to feel fed by her sufferings in pregnancy and child birth and then letting the good and protective part of him make it up to her in other ways. Women are supposed to have a capacity for maistakes as a class which is no the same in men. If women stopped getting pregnant and being a little optimistic about it when everything was bleak and horrible there would never be a brighter tomorrow. What is wrong is that there have for hundreds of centuries been people racing to the bottom giving women less and less of their share for breeding expenses as it were. There is a lot more I could say on this subject. Men have also been maimed and crippled by women in many ways and that is also part of the drama.

I believe that we all face a need for learning more and better views of marriage, culture , midwifery and other subjects. However, only when humanity is able to see that women were maent to inflame men and so were made by God and yet we cannot handle it can we begin to handle it. I truly think that both medical contraception and the church sponsored studies of natural family planning in recent centuries can bring us much closer to what we are menat to be. And yet I would be lying if I said that I believe the Catholic Hieracrhcy or Gynecolgists have handled the test very well. I think there is a massive sexual crisis on Earth and that is a separate note because it relates mostly to the last 1,500 years where as what I have discussed is about all humans at all times. In the West our current disoprder is usually to be blindly iresponsible and lie about why. In the East it is to use responsibiliuty as an excues for racing to the worst positions because they are sustainable. I think that anyone who believes in a God, Gods, Fates, Karma or Providence should be very afraid to account for our species’ sexual legacy. The rest of you, well you sort of amuse me –maybe that is your cosmic purpose.