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State Opening of the British Parliament

This is one of the days that my body reminds me of my varied interests. Yesterday, I awoke earlier than my usual early rising to watch the Leonid meteor shower from my back porch. Not wanting to rise too early I missed the peak  but still had a spectacular view of the sky and saw five “shooting stars” as I watched from my back porch. This morning I watched the opening of the British Parliament live on C-SPAN2. Doing that pushed the things I had to do a bit earlier into the day.  So that makes for two early mornings in a row.  I was not bursting with energy before.

I am predicting (not promising) that I will be commenting less on Lords of the Blog in the coming term of Parliament. Therefore I wish to preserve and post a comment from my most recent post there. That will be my principal post for today.  I have many other things to do today. Here it is:

franksummers3baPosted November 17, 2009 at 1:27 am |

Because others have personaly singled out Lord Norton and made self described deviations from the topic I have decided to join this post. I have been around since January and predict that I will be around less in the future. Therefore, I am leaving a tribute to the Lord who has been my principal host whether to post or read privately. It is an Acrostic Name Verse a genre which I have written mostly to my girlfriends, ex-wife and those I thought might become romantic interests. Occasionaly I use them in a public way as here to someone in an entirely distinct category.
“Lord Philip Norton, Baron of Louth”
Lords of the Blog lit my on-line list./
One could observe the outreach of others./
Respect reaches Lord Soley’s early gist/
Drawing us to Noble sisters and brothers./
Politics and Parliament in pointed prose/
Hull’s highly honored two Houses partner/
I saw in interesting way ideas pose./
Louth’s Lord led lectures in ether./
I in interest ideas investigated./
Philip Norton led as we debated./
Now, I have known some people in my life./
Out among the lands in peace and strife./
Review, his Lordship in Pennsylvania read./
That gives him ties to these United States./
Ohio, where I studied, nears Penn’s bed./
Nonetheless, we bridged some old debates./
Baron of Louth at Hull devotedly teaches./
America’s revolution and more divides us./
Rightly he preserves Wilberforce’s focus/
“On Buxton” might he make speeches./
Now I live near former CSA beaches./

Of the Queen’s Apology to Acadians also/
Frank has yet said little in this flow./
Lord Norton I give this piece of text./
Our word communion a blessing’s been./
Under this great sky what comes next?/
That’s harder than to tell the seen./
Here you’ve earned my interest keen./

Acrostic Verse

As it happens today I have a chance to blog about blogging again,

Chances between compelling causes of chosen communication come.

Readily I reach for these writer’s reprieves from regular responsibility.

On this evening I am able to discuss the form of verse which I did begin

So consistently to use as I use the poetic powers of my busied brain.

There is little love for acrostic verse as the tellers of free verse spin

Into convenient starting lines and unrhymed ends their words train.

Coding in a topic title on the start of these lines seems needless pain.


Very  few bills are paid these days by the penning of structured verse.

Even though I am unpaid here it still seems a deviating thing to do

Rigidly stringing rhymes in to the written words the titles rehearse.

Still I think the form  shapes and captures an experience quite well too.

Essentially I am still commenting too in this form both old and also new.

Blogging Towards Our Future

Blogs and bloggers keep their web logs as we all know. I blog here and now.

Lords of the Blog lets the House of Lords have its webward say on any day.

On Politico dot com one can watch ahead of the ship of state’s own prow.

Go to White House dot gov and find someone with much to do and say.

Go to the United Nations site and it gets close to blogging too but not quite.

It is at Rotten Tomatoes one can find some critiques and hot reviews as well.

Not far from me at WordPress there are many blogs I know left and right,

Go to the search bar and type in something — what the hell! 



There are folks at space advocate blog, I know Malette is there and writes.

On HBO there are blogs by fictional folks and those who watch the shows.

We can go to the Vatican and Smithsonian and Congress’s  official sites.

And if we are skilled searchers we find where the nearby blogging grows.

Really, there is little left to complain about as many pols blog too.

Doing all  these searches and readings we could now  surely do ,

Short of time we may become for all we have to web review.


Our future may see new changes in the blogosphere it’s true.

Under any view we can bet that future will be wired too.

Real disaster alone will end our blogging before twenty-one twenty-two.


Franksummers3ba’s Blog is a frank summary  written in frequent speed. 

Until it ceases it will have a man’s viewpoint on the wire to read.

Then take a break between Twitter and Facebook notes and your own blog.

Until you grow tired you could even post my link or put it in a printed log.

Really we are just blogging towards our future here and now in community.

Each of us should go and do something to make of words and our deeds a unity.