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Population Issues and America’s Future

In many ways the policy sheet you are about to read here is virtually unimaginable. I am sensitive to all the things that seem offensive to some and less than ideal to almost all. However, I really believe in civilization. I think America is till aspiring to true civilization. It is vital that those who are willoing to kill and die and do unpleasant things can lead a civilization forward or else it will surely lose all its civilized qualities soon enough. I believe our situation is already precarious and the paths to survival are not apparent to most of those in leadership and authority. In order to justify the time you would spend reading and trying to understand this post which outlines policy for an institution that does not yet exist and will probably not exist you should have some idea of America’s population situation.  Here is  a set of links which will give you some idea of what is the situation now. They do not tell you all that much but they will put you on the path to some kind of understanding:

I will simply state that this is part of the larger model for remaking the United States as a society, country and union. I had written a paragraph about the model and several other paragraphs that I lost somehow so this will be shortened by my weariness with things.  In the model the DIG is the Direct Imperial Government. State Governments would continue to exist, the US Congress and Supreme Court would be reformed but continue to exist. However, some new things would be created and one of them would be a set of lands ceded to and governed by the Direct Imperial Government as the DIG lands. This is the population policy proposed for that as yet nonexistent institution. States would have a renewed sovereign autonomy over many issues related to this policy because of their  authority over domestic regimes and institutions. But there would still be a limited leadership inherent in the DIG. 

Population Policy of the DIG

I. New General Initiatives The regime would take a very serious view about human life, filiation and population which is distinct from what is the norm in the rest of the world. That will be one of many reasons why America will have to transform its foreign policy. There will not be the consensus based on lies and half-truths with which America currently functions in the world. 

A. Record Keeping

There will be a great deal of investment in records and record keeping in the DIG. The power generated by such records will be offset by empowering other institutions but the goal will certainly and unmistakably be a newer and more powerful system of more coherent government in the Direct Imperial Government leading the way in many specific ways. 

1. Two Levels of Application

Those subjecting themseelves to DIG jurisdiction will be more directly and quickly integrated into the records policy. However, the DIG will work with other authorities to achieve similar goals over time.

2. Life Accountancy

The most important part of this whole policy in many ways is a comprehensive system of cancelling birth certificates with death certificates and requiring people to register at 18, 50 and one hundred years of age. Real data on births and deaths of a really high quality will gradually emerge that will drive other policies.  

3.Marriage Certificates and Related Documents

All marriage certificates and Contracts of Liaison and Placement for Certified Mistresses will be attached to birth records, will record known sterility and will be used to get an idea also of trends merging in the popultion.

B. Marriage, Family and Domestic Regimes Government Support

1. Taxation and Withholding for Family Kinship and General Population Fund 

There will be a variety of revenue streams for non-residents of the DIG lands to pay into the General Population Fund. One percent of all the net income of DIG residents will be collected for and go directly into the General Population Fund. In addition part of the revolutionary remaking of the union would be some requirements imposed on all jurisdictions. One of the principal most important and most radical of these would be that all citizen-subjects of the Federal American Empire of the United States would belong to at least one family association and no more than three. The governments would collect a minimum of one percent of net income to be paid directly to these associations. The Family Associations would pay a small annual collection fee to their tax collectors.  The programs outlined here would be funded through these funds and not general treasury funds.  

2. Birth Bonus paid to mother

About a third of all funds accumulated in the General Population Fund would be paid out in Birth Bonuses to mothers every year. The bonuses would vary year to year by the amount of money on hand and the number of births. Mothers having babies on rich years with fewer babies would get mor money. The value of a birth bonus is represented here by the variable x.

a. Cumulative scale:   Every child starts off with x determined by monies available in fund

i. The following add monies to the bonus:

.5X First child, .25x child one to three, .35x above average health child at birth, .5x parents married in recognized high or monogamous marriage,  .25x parents joined in plural marriage or certified natural filiation relationship, .2X mother between the ages of 22 and 40 years of age , .2x White child, .15X child whiter than mother, .15X Aboriginal American Child and .1X Aboriginal American child largely White, .07x Old American mix child, .1X one or both parents are certified geniuses and 1.5X father dead in service of Empire or polity federated therein.

ii. The following deduct monies from the bonus:

-.11x child four to seven, -.14x child eight or higher, -.19x ilegitimate child under law, -.22x bastard under the law, -.08x mother is a felon, .-12x both parents are felons, .-15x child less White than mother,  -. 04X mother has been divorced, -.4 both parents are not citizen-subjects  and -.3X child is born of known case of adultery to one or more parents who are young married complainants.

3. Mother’s Christmas Bonuses

About ten percent of funds in the General population fund will be paid out mothers of minor children equally each year on December 10 regardless of religion. An additional ten percent will be divided among mothers who have a child turning one, two, five, ten, fifteen or eighteen years of age. These bonuses will have a formula but a simple and more equal one. Children committing juvenile felonies will receive a modest reduction. Otherwise, the mothers will receive on tenth of the child’s original birth bonus, one tenth of the average birth bonus given out in the years since the child’s birth and  an equal share of any remaining monies among all recipients once the first two amounts have been awarded. 

C. Empress’s Bureau of Women’s Affairs

There will be a major institution that is under the authority of the Empress and will have standing in most cases involving first impression issues relating to women and shall have funding and other things. This bureau will have the authority also to undertake and co-ordinate many projects and initiatives to benefit women.   

1. Motherhood Initiative

This will be  a nest of programs to promote quality mothering and family experiences and a progressive maternal culture in the Empire.  The approach will be more positive than one of policing infractions or failures. 

Items 2,3 & 4 are included because they are part of the whole policy but not explained because they can be discussed elsewhere and are not as central to these issues.

 2. Wives Initiative

3. Cottage Industries and Gardening Administration

4. Girls Sport Administration

5. Sex and Fertility Education Agency

All girls will be educated in detailed natural family planning classes certified by the Bureau in secondary school. We will be committed to a brief explanatory course for boys but not of the same depth or quality.

6. Liaison to Women’s Religious Communities

Working with women who can find religious meaning in infertile lifestyles or mostly unfertile lifestyles to achieve the highest social good thereby.

7. The Ladies Alliance

Working with women of the nobility and titled gentry to deal with population issues an other issues affecting the Noble ranks of society. I do  not mean that this is mostly a population  agency but it is likely to deal with population a great deal.

II. Population Directed Programs and Agencies 

The Emperor will have a number of programs designed to deal directly with all the issues of population which would confront the Federal Empire of the United States.  This will be a theme woven through a great deal of policy rather than a cluster of poorly focused initiatives and ill-defined objectives.

A. Emperor’s Minister for Integrated Population Study and Management

This minister will be in charge of forging a coherent population policy throughout the government. He will work with relevant institutions to improve the population impacts of their work.

1.Liaison for Fertility 

This liaison will work with many diverse elements of the government to monitor and address issues of human fertility.

2.Liaison for Human Habitat Expansion

This liaison will work primarily with the agencies and ministries which will  focus on human habitat expansion. Therefore he or she will be primarily a sort of single customer official.  

3. Liaison for Foreign Affairs

This liaison will work to promote marriage and sound filiation policy, girls sport, sound fertility education and every other imperial value in the limits of Foreign Policy restrictions as well as to focus these values on the very slow population growth we see as the ideal demographic pattern for humanity as a whole.

4. Liaison for Immigration

This  Liaison will work not only with direct Border Zone related programs but also all aspects of the government that relate to both immigration and population. We live in a world and country where this will always be very challenging.

5. Liaison for Monasticism and Near Monasticism

Dealing with tradition in which not having children is incorporated into a larger lifestyle and a religious ideal.  This liaison will work with the Chaplain and other religious ties of the Emperor. However, the liaison will also work with all qualified groups in the Empire including the non-Christian  entities. 

The large remaining portion of this outline in numbers 6,7 & 8 has to do with the making of a society which can realistically chart slow and real population growth indefinitely. It is not a simple matter as each Liaison will work keep this goal in view for the government. 

6. Liaison for Waste Policy

7 . Liaison for Population Density

8 . Liaison for Reward Efficiency

 B. Imperial Cryptkeeper General 

The Cryptkeeper will be in charge of making the Death of those who die for the Emperor or Empire and his federal partners as glorious as possible. In the Empire a certain budget of young and glorious deaths is part of overall social  policy and it is admitted that this includes population policy.

  1. Liaison to the Imperial Chaplain

2. Liaison for Tombs and Monuments

C. Court Physician’s Office for Meaningful Medicine Minister of Population

1. Sub-ministry for Hospice

This ministry will acknowledge the precious and sacred character of human life. However, he will also be charged with assisting the Court Physician with spending relatively more resources on people who can largely recover and not spending enormous resources on people who remain sick, dying and expensive to care for indefinitely. This includes having death benefits, counseling, burial support and other resources in the sub-ministry at his command.

2. Sub-ministry for Natural Family Planning and Registered Condom Programs

This sub-ministry would seek to create culturally authentic programs that recognize the many real challenges of fertility management and seek to address these challenges at a level of wisdom and class not really available to disparate small entities. The programs will mostly be outreaches of the ministry.

3. Sub-ministry for Risk Integration

This will seek to recognize how activities that people choose to engage in and which shorten life will be integrated into an evolving society so that not everyone has to aim to live to be a hundred years old to affirm the value of human life. 

 III. Special Category

A. Death Penalty

Using a wide variety of offices and programs the Emperor and DIG will promote relatively cheap, easy and swift administration of the death penalty where allowed  by law elsewhere and within DIG jurisdiction for Murder, Agravated Repeat Incident Manslaughter, Agravated Rape of a Child and Felony Assisted High Treason. In the transition to the new regime it might be necessary to execute people currently set free to re-establish an understanding of what justice systems will be like.

B. Dueling and Vendetta

The new regime will have a fivefold nobility. Three of the Noble types Ordinary, Sword and Games will be expected to use the Office of Ritual Confrontation relatively frequently to resolve disputes. The programs are designed to make peace and preserve honor. However, there will be an acceptance of a number of deaths of valued people in these programs over time.

C. The Absolute Person

The Emperor can be resisted in persona so long as the force and means are less or nearly equal to those he brings and their is a real threat and the proceedings are personal and the intent is to survive, in such cases there is no treason. Flight from an angry Emperor is also not treason under similar limitations. However, the personal wrath of the Emperor effected by himself with weapons he can carry has no legal recourse — neither civil suit, criminal prosecution nor equitable injunction is allowed as relief to the victim.  In his own person the Emperor can do no wrong. The exceptions are constitutional and do not embrace physicalities no matter how great the harm to a person. Resistance and flight provoke an investigation as to whether the alleged victim committed a Misdemeanor against the Court, Low Treacherous Acts or High Treason or whether the Act was Justified. 

The British Petroleum Oil Spill and Memorial Day

Memorial Day actually springs from the traditions which came out of the Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, War to Save the Union, War for Southern Independence, Last Stand of Western Civilization or War to Put Down Rebellion– that great cataclysm of bloodshed and destruction which to many Southerners is what one is always presumed to be speaking about when one simply says “The War”. However on this Memorial Day my memory turns to the War Americans call the War of 1812 which gave us our National Anthem and the first complete military victory of the US over the Brits in a major engagement where no foreigners helped. That came in the battle of New Orleans.  Despite Lamar Mackay, Bob Dudley and thousands of US employees and stockholders the odd truth of all this is that the British and their Swiss allies are invading our most precious resources under the leadership of Tony Hayward and under the concealed banner of British Petroleum.  

Scraping oil off beaches


Below we have a map of how the British invaded Baltimore and how Americans sunk their own ships in a line to block access to the harbor. The British were large held at bay by that single maneuver and the heavy artillery from a fortress which was operating under an enormous star-spangled banner which a lawyer saw from a truce ship and about which he wrote the song which became our anthem.  
This Map Shows  how British Besiege and Attack Baltimore in war of 1812
The American gunboats were supported by a line of sunken American ships in lines not shown on that map that were sacrificed by the waterfolk and traders to limit movement of the mighty British fleet as well as by the fort McHenry which fired off huge guns and small ones beneath an enormous starry flag. The battle was watched by a lawyer in a truce fleet and  he wrote our National Anthem from its inspiration.

British invasion and repulsion in the Battle of New Orleans


The round of hostilities between Britain and America which reached such poetic height in Baltimore reached it end in the Battle of New Orleans which was fought very near where the current battle for the survival of the marshes is ongoing. We are facing the invasion of British Petroleum Crude near where Jackson and his army and Lafitte and his navy (injured by a new American attack) drove off some fine units of UK invaders. There in New Orleans they handed the British the first decisive defeat at the hands of an all American force in a major encounter. The Revolution owed much (if not most) of its winning to the Kingdom and Empire of the French but here French and English-speaking Americans drove out the British Empire in blood-soaked victory alone.    

This 2010 battle of Memorial Day  is an epic struggle and the stakes are very great. It is hard for us to win on this side because if there is little damage it will be used as an excuse for future sabotage or carelessness to be more easily permitted. If there is great damage then we live in age when the natural world is already under great strain and we have rich “well-educated” idiots (who had the capacity not to be idiots when they were young) in government and in big business who never think things through as regards the natural world. I hear so many stupid and irrelevant remarks. The damage done in a short period of time can wipe out millions of years of vital continuity and removing the toxins through there being biodegraded later won’t help. The oyster beds of South Louisiana ought to be compared and classed with vineyards of Napa and Sonoma and instead are classed with the sands of the Arabian deserts. It is hard for me to write this through all the pain and depression I am feeling.
I am very careful to use legal materials in this blog but if I have infringed any rights in this post I will worry about it after I see how much of my homeland has survived. This is a struggle  of enormous proportions. The eleven killed in the explosion and the  dozen or so cleaners who have been hospitalized have suffered in a war in which admirals, generals and Guardsmen are also battling. This is really a struggle for what cannot be replaced. 

Local efforts to block oil incursions

I am going to include a few phrase of my own between pictures of the struggle and verses of the National Anthem. Just above you see people drawing a line against the new invasion. Do we doubt they risk their health in this noble struggle? 

 The Star Spangled Banner Lyrics
By Francis Scott Key 1814


Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?




Fishing fleet cleaning or stranded in many places

Like Baltimore and Lafitte’s flotilla it has fallen to small ship and boat owners to bear the brunt of much of this great battle and they do so alongside the Coast Guard and others in their government’s formal service. But is their civilian service much less patriotic? 

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 

A flotilla of shrimp boats adapted for skimming

This flotilla of shrimp boats sails like the Americans of 1812 and 1814 to save their homes families and country. Already some languish in hospitals. Are they not our heroes too?  

 And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 

Louisiana National Guard fights a new enemy.

The National Guardsmen know that their world will not recognize this as combat. They will earn no new respect on world battlefields. Yet they risk their health in a beautiful but dangerous coastal wilderness under hot suns in proximity to possible and unmeasured risks of poisoning. The battle for their homeland and can not hurt the liquid at which they throw their human and mortal flesh. Are they not good warriors in this case as well?  

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 

 I wish everyone a good Memorial Day weekend. I have several friends nobly risking their lives in the two foreign wars we are fighting  and I wish them well.  SD, AD, JS,and JS if you read this know you are not forgotten. But this day my heart is full of pain and also the debt of respect for those who fight with little hope for honor or glory against an invasion so near to so much that I love. 

Note: Throughout the BP Macondo oil leak crisis I was responding day by day to an enormous set of devastating problems for many that I care about deeply or am connected to. While I have made no money on all that work and tried to use my own, open source or public domain materials in every case the stresses were enormous. This particular post has received many views and I have few if any net assets. If it happens that this or any materials used during the crisis are proprietary and used without permission I first apologize and secondly will do in a slow and careful manner whatever I can to make things right. Nonetheless, I am gratified that so many have visited this post over such a long time…

Really Becoming an Empire: Some Aspects of Transforming America. Part Three

I am afraid that this series is going to be a four-part essay rather than a trilogy. I hate leaving that boundary behind. When I outlined this post I thought:  “This post may be rather long but I am going to try to cover both the Imperial Harem and the Ethnos Arkadios as symbols and expressions of the new regime and as measure of its effect upon American culture. The Ethnos Arkadios would have to be discussed to some extent if this was in any way to be a complete and  serious proposal. I have discussed it in many places fleetingly and so will rely on those discussions to justify the brief discussion I will give in the latter half of this post.” However, it soon seemed clear that I would be grossly unjust to anyone interested in either topic if I tried to squish them into a single post. 

 There are many reasons why one might fail to discuss or avoid discussing the formation and modus vivendi of an Imperial Harem. However, I have chosen to discuss it. There is an element of truth to the idea that all these discussions come to me much more easily than they might have come to one of the Upper Nobles of Poland or a Spanish Hapsburg in the days of the Holy Roman Emperor.  The extreme divergence of my ideas from the flow of politics in my lifetime makes it easier to be honest because I take no risk of endangering a clear and well-marked path to a   future in which these ideas or embodied and made politic. There is no high probability route and so therefore if one is inclined to honesty and clarity one might as well be clear and honest as one blazes a path through the pickets of improbability.

Polygamy is a very complex subject. Royal Polygamy remains a very broad and complex subject in itself when one excludes other form of  polygamy from the discussion.  This is not really a discussion of polygamy but only refers to the broad subject occasionally to make clear the discussion of the proposed Imperial Harem itself. The Imperial Harem as it would exist is part of the essence of the Imperial House and its role. This institution communicates and shows forth many aspects what the transition to and transformation into Empire would be all about. One thing that this proposal will not decide is whether the proposed Harem would be small, medium-sized, large, grand or epic. Almost certainly it would not be epic. However, to the Western world today even a small harem would seem very large because people are lunatics as regards sexual behavior in many societies and in our society lunacy is really doing well. An Empress is the  wife of a polygamous sovereign  in the West but she is not part of the Seraglio or Harem or City of Women. She is outside and above but not entirely cut-off from it. A small Imperial Harem would mean that the Emperor should have but might not have an Empress, must have a Mistress of Ceremonies and then no fewer than five other consorts. Thus seven would be few not many. A medium size Harem would be between seven harem consorts (nine or ten total) and fifteen harem consorts (sixteen or seventeen total). A large size harem would be between sixteen harem consorts (seventeen or eighteen total)  and twenty-five harem consorts ( you should know about the other two by now). A grand size harem would be between twenty-six and two hundred harem consorts. An Epic  size harem would be any number above two hundred harem consorts.

I. Issues Related to the Empress

While the Empress is not part of the harem she is not unrelated to it. When an Emperor is elected who is under twenty-seven and has never been married to a fully legitimate wife then he would  have to promise to marry such a consort in the next seven years.  When he is over twenty-seven this must be done within the next four years. Failure to comply with that promise shall create automatic procedure for Forced Abdication. However, once an Emperor or Heir or the man who became the Emperor has been married in a public ceremony recognized by the laws of a state, which has the status of a putative marriage in the Catholic Church at the time this proposal is being written and then had an established  household with that putative wife for four years then all his obligations to marry are discharged under the constitution and laws. If his marriage is annulled or if his former wife dies he may be urged and exhorted to marry another to become Empress but he has no obligation whatever to do so. The Empress who divorces or is divorced from an Emperor loses that title and all its privileges and powers and receives other lesser ones instantly. However, she does not vitiate or call into question the legitimacy of offspring nor the rightness and certitude of acts issued under her Imperial Royal Title. One divorced who would have been Empress receives the titles of a divorced former Empress with a minimal reduction.

When a man is elected Emperor who has been married for less than five years and has no established mistress licensed by the Office of Placements, Liaisons and Alliances then he shall reign monogamous for one year and at the end of that year he will take a Mistress of Ceremonies and her Maid but no other consort. At the end of his second year he shall establish  a harem proper.  If he is married for more than five years in a fully monogamous relationship it shall be as above except that  the intervals shall be halved to six months and one year respectively. In both cases these movements into polygamy are not optional but required.

II. Issues Related to the Condition of the Emperor

The  Constitution and laws may exclude an epic  or a grand harem but nothing smaller. However, it is not in the spirit of this regime to do so but would rather be against its spirit and structural theme.  However, not all Emperors are in every way equal. No man made Emperor who is older than thirty-five at the time of becoming Emperor may ever have an epic harem. No Emperor who is older than forty  at the time of becoming Emperor may ever have a grand harem. Nor may any Emperor  that did not score at least average in his field of Heirs on the physical parts of the evaluation and the Trials and Ordeals. The Founder would be theoretically exempt from these laws but they would be guidelines for him as well.

An Emperor who is found to become entirely  sexually impotent or primarily homosexual (in the sane and not lunatic sense of having ejaculatory events with other men rather than women)  for a period longer than a year before he turns sixty-two  will trigger grounds for Automatic Forced Abdication. Disability from wounds received in battle will be a defense but will reduce his term to ten years from the date of the disability. Disability from injuries received in other service will be the same but for a period of seven years. Should such an excused Emperor rcover very well in the period dictated it will become permanent reinstatement. But he must prove his recovery over a period of  a year.

No other sexual conditions or diseases will have the effect above. Medical and health security are a priority but failure of such measures has no constitutional effect.  The Imperial Harem is primarily a sexual institution.

III. Function and Structure of the Harem

The Imperial Harem will function in a variety of important roles. Clearly its size and scale will determine the limits of what functions it can fulfill. However, the most important function is to have sexual relations with the Emperor.

A. Secondary and Derived Functions of the Imperial Harem

It needs (more in our age than in any other perhaps) to be said that as a matter of state the Imperial Harem is gathered to copulate and have coitus with the Emperor. This would be an affair of state in which the realm had an interest. However, such privacy and intimacy in regards to these matters as is possible will be preserved. 

1.Securing the Emperor’s Network of Relationships

This function has two very different aspects. The first could be called the Old Girlfriends and Fascinations aspect of the Harem membership. There is a strong interest of the state in gathering the women in an Emperor’s life whom he would like to have in his harem into his harem. Taking vows and entering a well-established religious community and becoming the wife and remaining the wife of a man in a fully legitimate marriage are presumed defenses and excuses against the duty of entering the Imperial Harem. Otherwise when her old boyfriend or long-time flirtation becomes an Emperor any woman who is not royal or upper nobility is bound by liege duty if a citizen-subject to report this to the Imperial House. The Emperor will then decide to take her into the harem or not. All certified mistresses of a new Emperor enter it automatically. The second aspect could be called the Sexual Senate. In an epic Harem Jurisdictions would literally send a consort to represent them in the Imperial Harem. In smaller harems the women do what they can from the inside out to function as representatives of the network of places, groups and institutions of which they are a part. 

2. Modeling Responsibility

Though the world and most of its components are so very insane that it makes discussing this unappealing, the responsibility aspect must be discussed.  A Royal Harem of any kind (that is a true Harem and not a dark and twisted cover for something else) exemplifies responsibility. All parties pay a price for it and all share its rewards.

3. Status Symbol

An Imperial Harem rightly constituted and manged is a sign of wealth and power which also affirms the value of people and circulates wealth in a progressive way. In a larger harem the lives of the junior consorts are in many ways as pleasant (except for some sexual frustration in the broader sense and the narrower) as human life ever actually gets. Smaller harems and senior consorts have a more normal life but are still pampered. The Emperor is a sign that it is possible for a man to achieve in this fallen world a level of selfish sexual happiness which will always be very rare and still function in a balanced way. So he is also pampered in that one way especially.

4. Community

Th Imperial Harem is a community for the women and their children. For the Emperor it also is a community meant to be in balance with the Imperial Family proper. More or less he should love and cultivate affections with the Imperial Family. However with adults in the Imperial Family it is supposed to be in many ways a collection of ambitious scheming political operatives skilled in violence and sexual intrigue who are devoted to the realm and a religious ideal and subordinate to the Emperor.  The Founding Family would not be likely to be the best community but the best Family could never be all a man needs. The Harem Community (including children who are not sexual objects or consorts of any kind for the Emperor) is a balancing resource and presence. 

5. Work Force

The Harem will have access to such careers and interests as they have prior to entry but also to the work that needs to be done in the House and even the rest of the Direct Imperial Government. That would be administered with many benefits and much flexibility. However, while it will be easy to criticize and ignore the Harem will develop expertise and flexible skilled labor contributions over time that can be of great value. 

6. Progenitors of the Imperial Natural Lines

The Imperial Harem can allow the Emperor to fulfill the deep male desire to increase his genetic impact and spread that heritage. The Harem over will also create a web of familial ties between the families of a large and diverse Empire. That role is very important to creating a royal and royalist consensus. 

B. Structure of the Imperial Harem and Titles of its Members

1.The Mistress of Ceremonies is a Sort of Governor-General and Court of Appeals for the Harem Community. Except that it is an every real sense a dictatorship of the Emperor. However, if the right is done in the interregnum the man who is Emperor will only use his rule by whim and less than flattering rights sparingly. But the ordinary course of governance above the consort is to the Harem Council then to the Mistress of Ceremonies and then to the Emperor.

Almost every other title in the Harem may not exist and there are some that could exist in an epic Harem especially which are not listed here.  However, the Mistress of Ceremonies is fixed and constitutional and described elsewhere. She is also less under any dictatorial sway.

2. The Basic Structure.

The basic structure is that there are Mistresses who have at least two  Maids (unless the Harem is a small Harem where maids do not exist). A Maid is an essential but not inevitable part of the structure.  She is not a servant or menial but a bound and subordinate companion who is also a consort to the Emperor under complex rules. Mistresses are the Higher ranking consorts regardless of outside title.  In a larger Harem there will be a division in which the Higher Mistresses or few and are called Established Mistresses and have their own palaces or Chateaux under the umbrella of the Imperial House. The lower part of the basic structure is that there are Concubines who almost always have only one Maid. The first title however which is added to the essential if size justifies is to appoint from one to three High Concubines who have their own Villas but also live part of each week in the adjacent quarters to the Emperor. Such Concubines have three Maids each. The rule is that all Mistresses outrank all Concubines and all Concubines outrank all Maids.  But if they exist High Concubine are different and keep a complex form of control over the detail of the Emperor’s personal space and schedule.

3. Most Favored Status

A system of rewards and perqs is set up based on who has most often had relations with the Emperor and most recently, who has borne the most and most recent children,who has been invited to a large meal in the presence most often. There are large issues of protocol and structure which are not addressed here. I hope to return to those if and when needed.  

4. Property

A Harem Consrot loses to the Emperor a great deal of her personal freedom. However, while there will be a tax to Harem Community, the Emperor and the House they will not be enormous and the Writ of Covenant will be real right.  It ends on a dark note to say that an Emperor would more easily get away with killing a Harem Consort in a fit of rage than robbing or defrauding her. In fact, strange as it may seem that is exactly the way the law would be.

After an American Revolution: The Royalist Portion of the Empire

This is a separate post from the four-part American Revolution post. It is also being written (at least in part, we shall see what happens)  the week of my brother Joseph Anthony Summers getting married to Brooke Lee Ortego.  I do have some things to discuss about the transition to royalism and the royalist aspect of the Empire and the changes that are necessary.  I choose to do this partly in terms of Twelve Principles and Precepts of the Transition to the Empire. This is all so very extremely distant from the run of American politics and yet it is quite the minimum in terms of understanding a transition from a republican to a royalist system. This is the kind of thing where the big break is to discuss the matter at all. Once one begins to discuss it there is no way to avoid saying many things that must seem ridiculous from the current vantage point. But the transformation would be a real transformation and so one must explain how it ought to work or else really had better not discuss it at all. I am also inconsistent in my use of person and tense here and I am not going to go with single style. This is in a sense incorrect but also suggestive of the context of this blog.

First Principle and Precept: The Emperor shall reign, shall be the Supreme Executive, Special and Extraordinary Commander in Chief and Judiciary of  Last Resort.  He is a minor and indirect player in the making of laws known as Legislation.

Second Principle and Precept: The Emperor shall preside over an a federal Empire which while it is more unitary and less federal than the true nature of the republic is as federal as the republic was often understood to be recently and his sovereignty is that of the federal and direct imperial power and not of the States or constitutional jurisdictions in which a portion of the system of dual sovereignty exists.

Third Principle and Precept: The Emperor shall by right occupy in fullness the Presidential and executive power during times when the First and Executive Vice President is disabled or unnamed but the powers of the Executive Branch as they have been vested in the Presidents of the Republic shall be ordinarily and customarily exercised by First and Executive Vice President  except where the written constitution of the Empire clearly transfers or reserves those rights to the Emperor or where lands, bureaucracies  houses and tribes clearly fall under the special power of the new Empire and were not part of the old Republican Presidency.

Fourth Principle and Precept: The processes of the Founding of the Empire shall in every way count as the Election of the Founding Emperor and the joining while the Constitution endures of the title of Basileus and Emperor. Basileus shall be the senior title and the Acadians shall provide no less than two-thirds majorities in all conclave elections under the Constitution. The Emperor shall also be at least King of the Compact of Louisiana and possibly of some of its Jurisdictions as well. This shall be a title equal in seniority to that of the Emperor and shall produce no less than half as many elector in the Conclave as the Empire itself produces. Further the Empire must accept that some of the Acadians  will not be citizen-subjects of the Empire. These Outside Acadians will number no more than one fifth nor less than one tenth of the Acadian section of the conclave unless the demographics or politics should obviously mean that the se persons had become citizen-subjects of the Empire.

Fifth Principle and Precept: With the exception of the National Parks and existing military bases the ordinary Federal government’s  land ownership shall be that which most yields to the transitions of creating the Empire. The Imperial House, The Peer-Elector Fiefdoms, The Gift Estate and the large transfers to the new Constitutional Jurisdictions will largely consume and exhaust other federal land ownership. Thus the First Executive Vice President will control fewer and less extensive lands as federal although new lands will enter the hands of the Emperor.  The Peer-Electors chosen and choosing will pay something for their lands and these funds will be divided into four equal parts. One part will go to a fund to pay down the national debt, one part will go to the Emperor’s  and Imperial House Trust, one part will go to a Custodial trust of the Fiefdom and Title of the Peer and one part will go the Imperial Combined Aristocratic Trust. The Forty-Nine Fiefdoms will be part of the Direct Imperial Government.

Sixth Principle and Precept: There shall be a handful of Institutions which shall be most especially the Preserve of the Royalist Imperial element of the government and society. A partial but substantial list that includes most of these elements would be:

1. The Imperial House itself.

2. The Office of Liaison to the Ethnos Arkadios.

3. The Empress’s Office of Women’s Affairs

4.The Empress’s Ministry of Protocol.

5. The Mistress of Ceremonies’  Office of Liaisons and Placements

6. The Mistress of Ceremony’s Office of  Ritual Confrontation

7.TThe Imperial Household

8. The Imperial House & Household Bank

9. The Emperor’s Office of Wastes and Ruins

10. The Imperial Office of  Human Habitat Expansion.

11. The Personal, Household and  Direct Imperial Military Institutions.

12. The Imperial Services Agency.

13. The Imperial Wellness Agency.

14. The Imperial Borders Administration.

Seventh Principle and Precept: The funding of the Royalist section shall not be subject in large part to the ordinary legislative process. The Operating Treasury of the approximate dozen major agencies of the Imperial Bureaucracy  would receive certain fixed funds by Constitutional prerogative:

1.  One  half of one percent of all revenues collected by the Federal government during each year would be given to this Operating Treasury.

2. A fourth of any and all taxes collected in the Direct Imperial Government lands would be evenly divided between the Imperial House Trust and the Operating Treasury prior to any other claims upon them.

3. All those passing through the entries to the United States in the Royal Fiat Zone would pay  a fee and all freight would pay an entry tariff to the Imperial Operating Treasury and the Imperial House Trust. A formula for these fees  would be set permanently  in the constitution.   The Emperor would have the right and prerogative to make use of the labor of apprehended illegal aliens and to maintain an office of Liaison with Canada and one with Mexico solely to operate this program in a state of transparency. The EMperor would have no obligation to arrest or detain anyone and  the US Border Patrol would operate on the interior line of the Fiat Zone as on an international border enforcing US laws of immigration. These aliens detained by the Emperor would be paid, fed and housed but paid less than other  American workers for Imperial projects especially in the border’s Royal Fiat Zone. There would be an escalating system of arrests. One week of labor on first arrest, six weeks on second arrest, twelve weeks on third arrest, one year on fourth arrest and five years followed by legal acceptance as permanent resident aliens on fifth arrest.  All aliens would be released with some portion of the profit they had earned when released, a portion equal to half the amount the alien received would go to the Transparency and Resettlement program of either Canada or Mexico or be held in trust until such date as they should agree to set up such an office and program. Labor would be forced but consistent with the health, capacities, skills, willingness and interests of the aliens.  The regular US border beyond this Royal Fiat  zone would operate on separate and parallel rules.   

3. The Emperor and Empress would each have an ex-officio Estate and Manor and the Peer-Electors would each have certain covenants to entertain and   support some aspect of the Household from their estates.  The legal principle regarding these operations should be “The King shall live on his own”.

4. The Imperial Operating Treasury shall receive one tenth of the revenues produced from all foreclosures in the United States but shall at the end of three years of earning conservative interest remit half of these funds to pay off the national debt. This shall be both a tax and a penalty on foreclosing institutions. The Imperial Operating Treasury shall also remit one tenth of these funds to the General Treasury of the Direct Imperial Government.

5. The Imperial Services shall include a Stock Market Assurance Agency. Every share of stock traded in the United States will be charged a one percent SMAA premium. A third of each premium will go into a General Recovery Fund.  Most of the rest will go into accounts attached to the names and credit of various players in a transaction according to rules set out. Each stock exchange in the United States will also pay one half of one mil of its gross gross volume of trade to the SMAA as an annual premium. When a company fall into nearly nill value its shareholders, employees and creditors will  be entered into an SMAA Company Holding Venture. The SMAA will evaluate which of a schedule of options is best from partial making whole of all, to a minimal settlement and dissolution of all interests and to a rehabilitation of the company. The Imperial operating Treasury will receive one percent of all revenues collected by the SMAA as an operating fee.

6. By a set of laws set out in the Constitution the Emperor shall have a right to profit from anything left to waste and ruin in the United States.

7. Every person voting in a national election would pay a nickel to the Emperor each time the voter exercised this right.

8. The Emperor shall have fees and excises associated with titles from which he may derive incomes.

Eighth Principle and Precept: The Imperial Commerce of Agency of the Imperial Services would be set up to pay taxes on activities of the Emperor and House in the free and private sectors of the economy. Both parties may engage in such activities and profit from them but when they do they can sue and be sued through this Agency.

Ninth Principle and Precept: The Emperor and the Imperial House (as well as each Peer-Elector and their House) shall have an official religion or a group of sponsored religions with which he will set the example of that mix of devotion, conflict, adherence and protest which typify these relationships. In the case of an Acadian Basileus the Roman Catholic Church is the Official Church and the Greek Orthodox Church is the most honored other church to which also an excommunicated  Basileus should first seek admittance for himself. However, the Emperor’s religion shall not be imposed upon the Citizen-Subjects of the Empire.

Tenth Principle and Precept:  Those in the Nobility and Aristocracy shall be subject to an Imperial Honor and Protocol Code   which shall govern their standing. In the founding papers it shall be described how the Imperial bureaucracy may discriminate in favor of Aristocrats and Nobles in Good Standing and how they may not so discriminate.  Anyone may buy a lowest rank , such as that of High Squire, for the purposes of attaining some small participation in these privileges. A fee shall be paid to the Ministry of Protocol and  another to the House, a Family Crest shall be certified, a plot of land subject to the new entail law be established, a family trust  and a family charity endowed and one can unless sued to prevent it on solid grounds buy such an elevation. The True Nobility starting at the equivalent of the British Rank of Baron may also be applied for and in a sense purchased but here the Ministry of Protocol must certify that there is some honor to be gained by the Institution and the Purchaser must already be a High Squire at least before applying. No rank above the baronial may be purchased directly under this scheme. Here a Knight’s Hold, a Coat of Arms, a family Shrine and a Personal and Family History would all be required of the purchaser as well as a very secure trust sufficient to provide a modest living at the time of its creation. These trusts will not be subject to seizure by creditors and therefore will require new working out of various laws.

Eleventh Principle and Precept: The House itself will be a domestic regime unto itself under Imperial LAw and with a fairly extensive set of written property and domestic laws. It shall not be subject to other domestic and property laws.

Twelfth Principle and Precept: The First and Executive Vice President would report to the Emperor regularly as prescribed by law and would pay him homage openly at the start of each four-year term or would not be able to hold office.

Healthcare and the Media Blitz

Sunday, President Barry Soetero -Barak Hussein Obama appeared on numerous talk shows (five) on US television. He then appeared on CBS on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night.  Obama took up not only the two and a half guest slots which regulars know form the core of the Letterman show but also took the place of the musical guest at the end and just about everything except the monologue at the begining. Certainly, he is an intimidating media figure. ALthough I have a larger audience on Facebook than here and have been published and braodcast I can honestly say that one has to compare that vast media exposure to one’s tiny little share of the blogosphere here. I do of course appreciate the readership I have and it does not always follow that large numbers are the biggest factor in determining the influence of words and ideas. Small readerships can spread ideas and can also grow into large readerships.

But what does this saturation of television mean and portend?

 I am guessing it means that he feels he can influence the agenda better by using that technique. Perhaps he is also punishing Fox by excluding them from the live presence. Perhaps he is flexing his communication muscle against his critics in media. Truly I do not know. But I do believe that it must be seen as highly significant.

I hear that Sarah Palin has been invited to speak to about 1000 investors in Hong Kong. I find that also to be significant. We are seeing her go from the millions on the campaign to 1000 but also see that millions will see this as part of her education in global affairs. Her 1000 can be a step forward to a better position. The President’s large audience can be heading for the bottom ot it may pay off well. I do think it is a gamble. Not a high stakes gamble but a gamble nonetheless.

Healthcare Lessons from FDR

I just watched the wonderful HBO film on DVD titled Warm Springs  with my parents on a quiet Friday night. Joseph Sargent’s direction of witing by Margaret Nagle is joined by very fine acting by Kenneth Branagh as Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt and Cynthi Nixon’ fine portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt. Numerous other good performances make it an exceptional piece of work and that includes the Kathy Bates portrayal of the full-time pgysical therapist at Warm Springs. This film is titled for the hotel and spa in Georgia which FDR visited on the recommendation of a friend and then ended up buying and converting into a full service regular facility for providing warm water therapy to those stricken by polio.

I was impressed by this movie’s excellent and humane treatment of a period and aspect of FDR’s life which was largely hidden while he was president and has been slow to emerge. I knew many of the broad facts and the movie was consistent with those brad facts and therefore I felt the odds were the wrting was farily historical. His experience as Secretary of the Navy and in other fields of endeavor had already shaped him. But to a significant degree his struggle in this healthcare question shaped his later behavior in the Presidency and the character he brought to those issues,

While a graduate student at Louisiana State University Iwas privileged to write a review of Pare Lorentz’s posthumously published memoirs FDR’s Moviemaker: Memoirs and Scripts and to read carefully and write about the life of the man who made documentary films for FDR. This man did make films about healthcare and the issues of healthcare reform. However he never made a film about Warm Springs even though FDR died there. I think that the shame of illness, deformity or disease cannot just be lightly dismissed. We must prefer health to sickness in oder to remain sane. But I looked at the movie this evening and simply felt more convinced than ever that the autonomy and empowerment of the struggle were just as important as anything else about the Warm Spring stories. We need a healthcare plan that enrgizes and allows all people to struggle and work hard for their health and wellness. We certainly cannot afford to make it easy to do everything anyone would like to do. But we can help the brave to struggle and be enlightened by the fires of their courage. We must not allow human beings to be reduced on ly to file numbers and entries on actuarial tables when we are trying to understand all of what  human health means and how we are to care about promoting that health and wellness.

The American Impasse on Healthcare

It may well happen that the Baucus bill will pass. I am quite ready to believe that something big can happen that will create a metamorphosis of much of the status quo. But America is a very complicated place in lots of good ways. Despite all this nation’s problems there are many ways in which we excel. I also believe that we have ways of reaching for new goals that are far better than our current situation will reflect. I  lived in China and I liked it. There is a lot more diversity, federalism and tolerance in their system than a lot of people think. There is also a lot of coldblooded killing, fear and suffering in the lives of the Chinese that seldom get reported. I was not there all that long but I left behind people I really cared about and China has many problems that make me worry about those people. However, America is not like China in a whole lot of ways. All countries benefit from a certain federal impulse but not all depend upon it in the same way. For America to survive and prosper it must be pretty darn federalized,

On the surface that may seem to be an agument against establishing another agency at the national level. But the NWA would be chartered to do most of its work through a web of Community Clinics (although it would do some other things as well) and those clinics would be chartered to fit in with the laws oand cultures of States, territories, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. If possible it should be able to work in some good agreement with Indian Nations as well. The National Wellness Agency would help us to answer thousands of questions in different ways that reflect community standards. It would not force countless groups of people to give up huge areas of freedom and autonomy to achieve a solution everyone would have to admit is a lowest common denominator at best. We must find an American solution and I believe that my proposed solution is one in keeping with our national character.

Healthcare and The Death of Government

I am ready to accept that my point of view is very much at variance with that of almost the entire political system in the United States and much of the world. However, when I look at the several hundred pages of something Baukus will call his bill and remember that Member of Congress who held a sign reading “What Bill” as Obama addressed the nation with his plan these things make me think. My proposal for a true independent national agency supporting a web of licensed but autonomous community clinics would only require fity pages of actual legislative memoranda and most of the regulation would be in agency which should be a cabinet level position with Senate confirmation.  This would be a more constitutional approach than the proliferation unconfirmed “czars”.

Whoever you may be if you read this I am grateful. However, you are not part of a vast readership even by the most generous estimate.  The National Wellness Agency with largely independent funds would also not create entitlements. The clinic insurance would buy only a right to whatever was available at a nominal fee. The NWA would commit to supporting the clinics with whatever it did in fact have in the bank. However, because the funding should not be part of the regular budget but fixed into various transactions at low costs the NWA would always have something.

President Obama’s election was one of many disappointments to me but his policy in this case is going to be part of the continuing death of government. What was the United States government is becoming something at once too expensive and intrusive on the one hand and too weak and ineffective on the other. It still does many things well. But real political science is a bit like medicine. The sickened parts of the body politic get more attention than the healthy parts proportionately.

Overall, I am feeling personaly sad and worried about a variety of things today but healthcare debate is really adding to my glum frame of mind. Not all political debates do — many leave me feeling unaffected.

The USA and World Health and Wellness

I have done a lot of posts on healthcare reform.  There are a lot of other topics on which I might have commented and which normaly would have gotten more of my attention. I think that health, wellness and healthcare have a lot to do with geopolitics.  I hope that as this debate goes forward there will be some real discussion of the worldwide political ramifications of our policy in health.

A lot of that thinking can be followed through under commonsense thought about the environment and nutrition and peace. I do believe that those are three huge aspect of dealing with health. But I think there is more to all of this than the simple. Deserts have advanced throughout historic times in many parts of the world and organic pollutants have overloaded and destroyed fresh watershed for centuries. We need to begin to imagine a world in which wet organic waste from around the world ends up becoming soil around the worlds growing deserts on artificial islands and on the moon.

We need to see worldwide programs supporting the local and national structures which will protect topsoil, biocorridors for wildlife and water tables. We need to determine how much of a role America can play in the future of world development of trade which promotes health and wealth objectives.

A discussion of health needs to include an understanding of making an effort to reward all employers around the world who produce:

1.Long term good health for workers and their families,

2. Healthy communities and local environments,

3. And positive contributions to world heallth.

We as a nation have a complex and important role to play in promoting health and wellness and the big health issues unite many very different people. I have not gotten specifialy into the role space industry devlopment can and should play in all of this development.  However, space is part of the big solution. We must start to seee the health implications of all policy and to keep the concern for health and wellness as a properly balanced priority.

Healthcare Reform and Decriminalizing Drugs

One of the issues that goes with the reform of healthcare is the question of ilegal narcotics. As it happens I posted a comment today at the Lords of the Blog under Lord Norton’s post “Decriminalising Drugs?” (NOTE: I made a small error and sent clicks to home net. When I changed the post it magicaly continued to send people to that site for no reason. The regular link is  ). I often post (or lately have often posted) on LOTB and this is an occasion to place that link here in my blog.

This is also a profoundly important health and wellness issue. I urge you if you read this post by Lord Norton and my comment too. So if you wonder how we can get a grip on the health risks of black market drugs then  also read this:

But as you read it try to think about how it relates to my overall vision of healthcare and ask what the health and wellness implications ofour current policy might be. We will probably be coming back to this in a future blog.