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Ten Questions related to BP Oil Spill and Wealth

This is going to be one of my briefer posts. It is also one of the least finished. It sticks with simply asking some large questions that are not easily answered. That is because I want to focus on Carl-Henric Svanberg’s BP’s generous response to us “small people” for whom they have given up one year of dividends and also setting up a special fund for victim compensation.  

The fact that BP has placed twenty billion dollars into a victim’s compensation escrow account is certainly a very good thing. We are mostly pleased by that development and I think that Ken Feinberg enjoys a fairly high level of goodwill and respect here. So let us be clear about the fact that the money helps.  This is without regard to whether or not it is enough money.

1. Louisiana, most of all and other Gulf Coast states  have developed a system of leases, licenses, seasons, turtle excluders, pollution control and cultural traditions which has maintained a highly productive seafood industry while preserving the resources that are the basis of fisheries far from here from which we receive little money. We internalize the cost of responsibility and now have been agin greatly assaulted by obvious deluded idiots in the larger world.  Will there be a fiscal response to this set of financial obligations and their effects?

2. American policy of sending everyone into unstable industries and cheapened college educations is clearly moronic. We have maintained a whole class of high paying and decent skilled careers of the type this society hates. Now this sector is again assaulted and the whole infrastructure will tend to tear it apart if nothing is done. Will there be sector support?

3. BP is clearly run by people whose social skills are just above those of a gorilla troop. Will there be an effort by skilled people to work within the complex and enduring social fabric of our coast?

4. When food production is affected in any big way more food is taken from the poor in the world economy by a long string of events. Will anyone  actually care about the misery that may be suffered as far away a s rural China or Ecuador?

5. Will the natural resources management  professions be given social support in this context or will money men and politicians make all the policy decisions?

6. Will the utter cluelessness of policy regarding Louisiana’s unique wetlands in the federal government be really examined?

7. Will the pelicans of the next five generations get health support under Obamacare? Will there be funds to study wildlife survival and reproduction over years?

8.  Will the realities of seafood processing piece work be understood by anybody? Or will all decisions be made by people who think food comes from stores in plastic sheathing?

9. Will    there be any effort to clear the backlog of coastal restoration projects which will have to compete with the aftermath of this disaster for various resources?

10. Will someone give these BP executives a chance to meet with all the small people here who love their big strong protectors from across the Atlantic so very much?

We’ll See if BP’s Viking Shows His Horns

President Barack Hussein Obama will be meeting with : BP Plc chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg to discuss this Oil SPill crisis. Obama will be able to talk about his Nobel Prize and discuss this new disaster. I would have the readership look at my posts relating to this topic in a different context. I will see what the Swede who is at the helm of a major telecommunications entity in Scandinavia and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner can do to work things out.  For me so much of the situation is so very bad. I see so much about how our whole society and government and our world are functioning in the details of this crisis.

One thing I have not done is to give specific directions about how to handle this disaster. That is because to a remarkable degree I have struggled long and hard around the world to end up a nobody and nobodies cannot give directions in the real world. In the hell that is much of my life I can only look on at all that goes forward. I am willing to take up arms one day and die in some absurdly unwinnable cause but until I do that I will mostly be carping from the sidelines. It sort of underlines the despairing hellish quality of my situation. 

I also know that Sweden is in many ways a great country and for those who wish to see what it has to say for itself one can look at their own writers. Here is a list of Swedish newspapers:

Here is a link to an article in a major Stockholm paper which has a fabricated picture of Obama poking his finger at Svanberg. This was the most noticeable coverage of the spill. Although the picture is labeled as a montage it does uphold the proud piratical Viking heritage somehow.  Svanberg comes in as a true son of Trondheim bringing death, ruin and destruction. However aside from the ways in which we are the innocents being hurt I would remind the horned hammer worshippers that this is Louisiana of the cannibal Attakapas and this is Louisiana of the first Sicilian Mafia in the New World. This is the Louisiana that gave birth to much the leadership of the Black Panthers who followed in the tradition of the Louisiana Native Guard  of Afircan-American Creoles who proudly fought for the Confederacy and their right to enslave Black people and then sold out the Confederates and made a seperate peace in war for the Union and the freedmen. This is the Barataria Bay  he is polluting  from which Jean Lafitte came to help slaughter British regulars leading a force largely made up of Louisiana Islenos, Acadians, Germans, Spaniards and Blacks as well as immigrants. This is the Louisiana of the Knights of the White Camellia and the White Leagues and the large scale lynchings of white Europeans as well as African-Americans. This is the Louisiana of the Acadians and their ridelles, Comites de Vigilance and rumored  groups like the Loups Garous. This is the adoptive home of Zachary Taylor– our only US President whose nickname was a nomme de guerre, “Old Rough and Ready”. This is where Pierre Gustave T. Beauregard was born and reared and lived, he was the man who would first follow his Confederate moral convictions by firing shots in anger on the flag he had long loved. He had of course grown up among not only old Creole families but also among families of both Bourbon and Napoleonic aristocrats who fled France when their governments were deemed criminal. This is the Louisiana that was the principal home of Judah P. Benjamin who was the openly Jewish Secretary of State for the Confederacy in a largely antsemitic World. This is the the Louisiana of the Machinist who kept the Confederate raider running which circumnavigated the world and fired the true Confederate forces last shot in anger. This is the Louisiana that produced the tactical boats some claimed made the Second World War winnable and the boating culture that created that weapon is whom they have most offended.  Among the newest comers. many of the seafood community are Vietnamese and very few people as a group are harder working and better Catholics (with a little Buddhism here and there) and they have just elected a fine law-abiding man as a Congressman. However, this is a country where royalism is the uniquely ilegal political position. The community from Vietnam has among them the Nguyens many of him have dozens of kings in their direct central ancestral line who ruled by honor, sword, courage and divine right in a country with few natural resources surrounded by powerful competitors. They have learned to take a lot of grief — I am not sure they ever learned to love it.  Louisiana values do not include keeping the rules when the rules are twisted and corrupt and creat only injustice and ruin. Consistently Louisiana has stood against the world-wide tide of idiotic horror and tyranny which BP so perfectly exemplifies in this instance. If not a drop of oil hit our shores and not amn had died they have apparently done us all so much harm. Standards were always too low. But reams of evidence indicate they have tried to lower them. Louisiana is a place where stands are sometimes made that the world remembers.

Frankly, as Svanberg condescends to leave Sweden to come to the New World he will be briefed. But I am not sure the Swedes  will ever understand us.  They will not believe a very racially and culturally diverse group can be all that tough (if it was the einners would not be so tolerant to keep the others around. They will not believe that the  New World can have a colony in which the people are so rooted. We are in many ways their total opposites there in the Fjords. So if Svanberg chooses to find a high path I hope he will find those here who will walk with him on it. If he chooses to wake ancestral hell-fires on these shores he may find there is enough hell fire here to match even the gruesome legacy of Trondheim.  

It will not be easy for us. But if he chooses to lead us into hell he may find there are some of us who have been there before. I hope that none of this is relevant in any way.