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Everybody is Fine

Everything and everybody is fine except that:
1. Ireland and Greece have been financially restructured recently.
2. The North Koreans are rushing ahead with their centrifuges and the West is till using extreme language.
3. Prince William is having a wedding after a funeral for a mother killed by modern celebrity culture.
4. Some American air travellers are afraid of being patted down or filmed viewed through their clothes and others are afraid of being killed by terrorists.
5. Flu season is starting soon.
6. Huge ecosystems are in decline in a world that needs more natural resources.
7. Money is a political game rather than a fixed system of value around the world.
8. Technology is in many ways in systemic decline.
9. The world is able to mobilize against solutions very effectively when the solutions are discipline and caution.
10. The erasure of cultural heritage around much of the world has made a much more volatile world than most people realize is the case.