Glossary of Terms Casually Defined, Page Three: N to T

This is the sort of  page one would never put together unless one had completed the journey away from seeking certain kinds of respectability. I will update and perhaps correct these entries from time to time.  However, I have done little if anything to refresh my memory as to definitions before posting them and typing this with the original post almost ready for clicking the “publish” bar I do not think I have really looked up much of anything. The definitions are partial and casual. However, If one is confused and needs a start on the right path these ideas may help.

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natural for principal meaning see filiation. Also a term meaning that it is established by nature that something should be legal if there is any doubt as to whether it is legal.

New Orleans The largest city in Louisiana for centuries before Hurricane Katrina. My grandfather’s branch of government sat and sits there rather than in the State Capital of Baton Rouge.

New Orleans Notarial Archives is repository of  the documents recorded and legal instruments executed in new Orleans more or less. The repository has tremendous riches of drawings, graphs letters and plans along with contracts and other materials which help to provide a more complete picture of the city and indirectly the region over time.

Nom de Famille Means “family name”. The most recent society which most Americans, French or Canadians will know of that put a similar importance upon family name to the Acadians or the Scots. With Acadie becoming Nova Scotia this will inevitably lead to confusion. When an iregular period extends too long (from the Louisiana Purchase to the present) there is inevitably going to be pain and even some whose sense of pain will be so great that rather than accept a lower grade of membership some great assets will leave the tribe. The Comite de RFenaissance will produce the new rolls for review by the part of le Maison de  le  Roi knwon as the Palis who will submit ammendment proposals and suggestions and will submit it to the abreviated Conseil des Droits they will make notes and issue opinions and the Comite de Renaissance will issue a final role for the Basileus to approve if he does not approve it he will return it and they will make another proposal and start the process again. once regular times are restored things should get better. Here are some basic principles of the Lois and Droits of Nom de Famille for regular times. First, the Vieux Lois des Familles provides how names are passed on and it is more or less the same as the way US law provides for it to be passed on. Second,the Vieux Lois des Familles provides two and three generation  membership in family associations for none name bearers. Third, adopted children are second class family members but if they marry into the tribe their natural born children by that legitmate line will inherit all rights from them as though they were ordinary natural born legitimate children and first class. Fourth, a child given up for adoption loses all name and family rights but if the child brings a plea can be reinstated in second class to both and in reare reconstructive reconcilations can be brought to first class. Fitfh, the working roll to which even future official rolls must always be referenced and compared is the roll of names expelled from Acadie –the Boulets are the only family  with a claim of equal importance not on this list. Sixth, birth in Acadie or Greater Acadiana with one of these names creates a presumption of membership of one of these associations. These associations fill the top ranks within the ranked classes. Seventh, subject to approval by the Conseil des Droits and the Basileus given separately a family association may proclaim another name to be a branch even though it is derived from another culture this branch will then have all rights of the principal name except the following the rights can be lost to individuals and families who move away from large Acadian populations are do not participate or vote and no rights extend to non Acadian holders of a branch name except the right to file a plea that they should be included .  Eighth, The Conseil des Droits will prepare lists of names which have held sustaining Acadians under the rules or Acadians by points and suggest them for additon by Comite de Renaissance and the Basileus. The Comite is bound to select more than half of its names for addition to the Rolls from this list. However, the Basileus may add any name he wishes as his single addition. New names have many limitations and are subject to a more scrutinized regime however.  Ninth, name holders who are French, Greek, Canadian are US citizen but not known Acadians operate under a set of rules allowed and overseen by the government which is relatively favorable to their participation so long is does not overwhelm  new participants. The process for any one else to enroll without known tribal connections is to be much harder. Tenth, older name variants from France and Greece are to be preferred as candidates for full membership, branch membership or new associations to any other names. Eleventh, a Maison de  Le Roi with few or almost no Acadian names is a sign of a House in very bad disarray and should be seen as the sign of the likely end of the dynasty and only small survival by post dynasty rights but it does not weaken the line and has nothing to do with the succession of the Basilei directly.  A Basileus may add his own name as Middle Chiefly with it being raised at the end of the dynasty to High that will be subject to all new name discipline.  The Maison and Basileus are both inward and outward facing and the balance in irregular times is almost impossibly hard even if the people in it were far better than these people may actually be. Twelfth, the majority line rule allows that some kind of tribal mebership apply to an individual. This means that if on any certain horizontal line on his genealogical chart a person has a majority of ancestors with enrolled names he or she is entitled to membership and if no better way is found is an entitled member of the fictional family association of the Bouletherion.

Oedipus is one of the myths referred to in  Origines en memoirs de Ethnos Arkadios it is a profoundly different story than the standard myth and unlike the Biblical accounts is not simply a differing interpretation of these things. Myths we have were largely rewritten by republican polises. In  the Arcadian version Oedipus means Swollen Foot and he was born to a kingdom conquered by a raiding and trading people at the Time of The First Great Troubles of Ancient Greece. His brothers were all killed and his mother, sister and aunts were all made prostitutes for the trading and raiding band. But Swollen Foot because of his minor deformity was spared by the very appearance conscious conquerors. Many of his countrymen were castrated, driven to homosexuality or otherwise kept from the surviving women. So he was among the few young Old Hellenes. He solves the impossible Lore of the Sphinx, kills the Lords of Dragon Seas helping to develop a style of fighting which involves mostly standing rather than running around to fight. He triumphs and marries several of the royal prostitutes among whom he grew up fathering new children of the old lines. He restores ruined castles  and dies in a later battle. He links in one several Greek royal traditions: Those of royal lines wounded in battle and those born with deformed feet were not to be killed but given a hard chance to prove they were Sons of Oedipus . Secondly restoring ruins, preserving bloodlines and managing the tension between family, prostitution and  the functions of the royal house are all among the concerns of a Greek Basileus.

Olivier TheriotPrince de Grand Famille des Theriot and Founder of the Bayou Acadian Community. Haute Charge des Corps of Joseph Broussard Dit Beausoleil.

Origines en memoirs de Ethnos Arkadios One of the vanishing repositiories  Arcadian-Acadian heritage is versions of both Biblical stories and Greek Mytholgy which are believed to be older than the standard versions and which the Arcadians believed. In the case of the Bible stories it often seems to relatively impartial observers that the Arcadian versions are closer readings of the standard texts that we do have than the interpretations of the texts not based at all on alternative sources.

Our Family’s Book of Acts This is the sequel to Go You are Sent! it brings my mother’s religious memoir into my adult life. It is longer than the first book and has more about me as a person more similar to who I am now.

Our Lady of the Oaks A Jesuit retreat house in Grand Coteau, Louisiana.  I have made about eleven retreats there. Two were married retreats with my wife and almost all the others were fully silent retreats with the Abbeville Men’s Retreat Group.

Our Town A play by Thornton Wilder in which I performed the role of Stage Manager when it was produced and presented as the University Play at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Pagus Pagani This is a ceremony held in a sacred meadow on the first full moon after the Winter Solstice in regular times for the Ethnos Arkadios. Ceremonies begin an hour before sunset and are not open to the public or even the tribe as a whole. It is usually attended by the Basileus when it does not fall on a major Christian holiday and by a proxy on other days. All members of the Ethnos who are registered as pagans are required to  attend or send both a gift and register with a proxy. There is a recitation of loyalty oath in Arcadian Greek by all the Pagan Arcadian attendants. The Oath has Eight Parts:  First, it recognizes the Basileus Arcadios as holding in his title the legitimate Earthly Succession of Zeus,Ares, Hercules and Apollo. Second it recognizes the Basilissa as  the legitimate Earthly Sucession of  Hera and Athena.  Third, it recognizes the Maitresse des Rites as the legitimate Earthly Successor  of Aphrodite. Fourth, it acknowledges  that the Universe is bigger than the Earth and that there is a Great King over all the Kings of Gods and that this God King over all deities revealed something of himself to the Hebrews. Fifth, that this Great God in his special covenants acknowledged the other realms in ways now forgotten but the Basileus also holds covenants with him and is also tied to the Christian covenant. Sixth, that paganism is no longer the offical religion of the tribe nor always permitted publicly. Seventh, that they will fulfill their carnival and Mardi Gras duties. Eighth, that they will fulfill their duties  to the Conseil des Traiteurs. After the oath their will be a large bonfire lit and three small fires. The Fire Dance is then done. while the dance occurs the beasts are brought in. Cattle, sheep and swine draped in flowers preserved from earlier and wintergreens. The Songs commissioned are sung and beasts prepared and slaughtered by the officiants and the meat roasted. This is divided between the feasters, the Maison de la Roi and the poor who are represented by charitable collectors. During the feast toasts will be made and wine drunk with Arcadian Greek responses by choruses involving all the people. Then the dance of the wolves  and wolf dogs takes place and all scraps are fed to these animals. Then the ceremony concludes with maidens doing the dance of sweet cakes.

Paix des Coutumes (meaning the “Country of  Customs”) For Complementary and somewhat overlapping definition see Languedoc. This is one of two legal divisions of Medieval France The other is the Paix des Lois or Paix des Droit Ecrit. This has some bearing on the Model Constitutions in this blog, on the development of royal and legislative theory in the Acadian Tribal Institutions and on the current state of Law in Louisiana and Modern France.  Largely consisting of Languedoc and Alsace and including almost all of those tow regions this Country of Customs was without doubt more literate and literary than the the other Country of Written Law. The Secret and unwritten legal system included many written documents but enabled a more complex, diverse and civilized sociey to survive in more than two-thirds of France while still being loyal, financially supporting and helping in the development of the region under the direct legal system generated by the Frankish King and his government. The Basileus Arkadios under the title of Chef was one of the titular leaders of this secret government.

Palms Hospital and Hotel This was a building on the site where the Vermilion Parish Library stands today in 2010 which is a beautiful building and worthy of note on its own. It is ironic however, that this building has a bas relief mural depicting architectural and cultural sites of note and does not depict the Palms. The Palms was a twentieth century replica of the Fenwick Sanitarium which housed and treated drug addicts and was burnt down. In various incarnations it was owned by two doctors Boudreaux who shared the principal claim to the irregular Middle Chiefly Position for the Boudreaux Clan in the Ethnos Arkadios and passed through the hands of one of the wealthiest men who had lived in this area the Polish born entrepreneur of the Jewish faith Abrom Kaplan. He sold it to my great-grandfather Dr. Preston Joseph Miller who  had married Laura Broussard of one of the highest protocol ranking branches of the Princely Broussard clan of Acadians. Dr. Miller was of British, german and Hebrew ancestry. The nexus of the Broussards, the Boudreaux chiefs and the special relationship with Hebrews in Acadian history caused this prominent Abbeville site to have some prominence for Acadian Secret government purposes. Laura Broussard Miller died and when her remarried and divorced widower followed her in death his children inherited and liquidated the site. Among those children was  my grandmother Beverly who married Justice Summers before he was such. My father was born in this building as well.

Papeles Procedentes de Cuba simply means “papers proceeding from (or hailing from) Cuba”. This is one of two collections of papers that form a continuous Spanish Colonial Archive which have been enormously useful in documenting the modern era of Acadian history. The other set is the “Papeles Procedentes de Santo Domingo” . One of my college jobs at USL, which is now the University of Louisiana, was doing the initial and basic translating of some documents from the PPC for one of my professors as a subcontractor.

Parfait is more completely Le Parfait meaning the Perfect or the Perfect One. This refers to a meeting of the Bouletherion from which the Tribe is excused so long as it has no state nor open relationship such as would permit it to operate as an open tribal near state or collection of near states and so long as it is not the certified Royal tribe of an Empire. However, all members of government must promise to hold such a meeting and encourage others in posterity to do so. The Parfait has evolved easily over millenia and was rare even in the best of times. It is clear that linking various fora or sites by electronic means is well and good and that there is no question about it although it has never been done. Very bad links have been made and were used in ancient times. These are the requisites:

1. The center of each site must be a stadium, ampitheatre, sacred gully or other concave place.

2.”Le Parfait Plethos Bouletherion” must be posted in all sites outside and inside.

3. The meeting must begin on a full moon and must be announced well by the preceding full Moon.

4. The Rolls verbal or written of the Tribe must be certified in advance.

5. All Second Class auxiliaries who wish to vote must form groups of 100 persons. Two must serve with the site guards and to with the home guards while another two can vote each a single vote for themselves in the meeting. The others including the guards will give their proxies to an Acadian-Arcadian but none may have more than five of their proxies from that hundred nor more than fifteen proxies from hundreds in that Droit or Charter Group nor more than twenty proxies for second class auxiliaries nor more than fifty proxies overall.

6. All First Class auxiliaries will form themselves into groups of twenty persons and from those twenty will follow the same rules and officers as the hundred of the Second Class except as regards proxies. These shall fill out their proxies before a clerk of the Conseil des Droits however. No Acadian-Arcadian may hold more than five proxies from a Twenty nor ten proxies from that droit or charter group nor more than thirty first class proxies nor more than fifty proxies overall.

7. All men of the Tribe and only the men shall have set aside a portion who serve with the one third of the regular guards of several prescribed kinds and these men shall have proxies one per man. All those set to guard work will have their names read aloud to the other men at each site in the outside fire gathering held two hours before sunrise. The Chiefs and Royal Officials will also be introduced. Then at Sunrise these men will proceed into the site and mark out their seats.

8. Married men of the Princely families will sit at the bottom middle,above them the families will rise in descending order. There will be a dais for the royal house or Basileus and a mirroring one for allied observers. The Five Presidents or their deputies will mark out twenty vote-getters each.

9. The men shall vote up the schedule for the Bouletherion by simple majority of those present as may be provided by law and custom.

10. Two hours after sunrise the Basileus and Basilissa or members of their house so deputized shall arrive with a bodyguard and the married women. The married women will sit beside their husbands, widows being provided proxy husbands . The Basileus will review the schedule and make up to four amendments by fiat. He shall submit it to the president and all present by simple majority will elect one of several orders of business accepted by the Basileus and endorsed by Each President. The men will then all move to the East side of the married couples.

11. Religious and royal ritual will continue and the Basileus and a small party will eat and drink a snack with a small party. They shall then leave at noon. When the leave they shall open the doors for the single women who will bring in the food for luncheon and then sit on the West side of the married couples.  They shall remain their as all eat and proposals for Officers of the Parfait are made. These will be approved by simple majority of those present. The single women will leave except those elected at three o’clock.

12. The Officers will circulate bills of laws until they and the vote-getters have a tenth of the voters present for each and bills of edicts until they have two tenths of voters present for each. This will continue until half an hour before sunset and then all married women will leave.

13. The Chief of each family will set up which of his family’s men have two votes and which have one. Then by that majority of votes each law must receive the endorsement of no less than one fourth of the families in any site and no less than one third of the families in the tribe. When all nominated bills have been read and voted on the chiefs alone shall remain and set up the business for the next meeting which shall be not the following day but the day after.

13. Their shall be day of rest and celebration not counted as a day.

14. The Second Day married men will arrive at sunrise. They shall vote for officers and chiefs to organize each law.

15. Unmarried men will arrive two hours later. The Presidents may each call for one bill to be voted upon by the men only and if it fails to pass it is out for the session and no proxies will be counted in this vote save those of guards and the auxiliaries may not vote.

16. All women will arrive at noon and voting by simple majority will continue on all bills in order until sunset with auxiliaries voting as well. Then all changes in form and procedure which are proposed will be read. The dismissal shall be by Presidents.

17.  The Third Day shall begin at noon will but the Royal Presence. All bills neither disqualified nor approved will be put up for a vote by majority of all votes with a number and brief description for one hour. Those left shall be entrusted to the Basileus.

18. The Royal Presence will arrive at noon personally or as represented by his house at each site.  The changes of form proposed will be called out as dinner is served those supported by a majority of Low, Middle, High or Princely Chiefs will be so presented. The Basileus will then decide if a Simple or Two -Thirds majority of all votes is to be required. The majority of the Presidents will decide if a majority is needed in each class of votes. Then the votes will be calculated and recorded.

19. All this and other business can go on so long as all business is brought to the Basileus who shall signify its soundness as law and order it published. The unfinished business he shall divide among his Basilssa and ministers and officials keeping a portion for himself. This signifies more or less nothing as to its future but rather who will be in charge of such a future.

parish  A local congregation unit of a Roman Catholic or true Anglican diocese. A diocese is the part of the larger communion ruled by a bishop called an ordinary. The French word for parish is “paroisse”. In Louisiana a parish is the same type of unit of government that a county is in most states. Like a county it has a Sheriff. However in an unreformed parish the principal government is the Police Jury. That is an institution that does not exist in other States of the Union.

Phi Kappa Phi An academic honors society throughout many of the Universities and colleges of the United States of America. It is not to be confused with the somewhat better known and more prestigious Phi Beta Kappa.  I believe that when I was inducted the honor was offered to all of those in the top two or three percent of my Senior Class by academic average. I joined and wore the insignia both undergraduate and graduate degree commencements.    For years I paid my dues, read the magazine and filled out the general election forms and returned them. However, I am currently inactive.

Philosophie de Carnival et Mardi Gras  means “Philosophy of Carnival and Mardi Gras” and in turn Carnival means “farewell to meat” and is a corrupt and combined word from a Latin phrase while Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” and is French. Carnival is the period that starts with the Epiphany, Feast of the Magi and Child or  Feast of the Fealty of the Wizard Kings. This period ends on Mardi Gras which is the day before the meatless day of Ash Wednesday. This season has long and great significance for the Ethnos Arkadios. It is always in a since problematic but will be especially so for the next regular regime if there ever is one.  I will list the basic laws and principles and then the special problem.

1. The Story of the Three Wizard Kings calling on the Christ Child and Holy Family should be part of the the totality of the celebration.

2. Jesus’s exposure to Greek and Egyptian Paganism as well as Buddhism in Egypt at this time should be recreated for the youth of the tribe in some way during this period.

3. Tribe members who are Pagans, Jews, Protestants or Sole Freemasons should agree with the ridelles and the royal chaplains to have some somber observance early in Lent to mark the end of this period of license.

4. The Ridelles are to meet and discuss, police and facilitate carnival culture in the Tribe to some degree and are to be worthy men faithful to rule but tolerant of misrule.

5. This is a season to balance the official regimes of the day. In a republican state  royalism should be emphasized more and in a kingdom the Roman Republic should receive more of its due.

6. Mostly tourism of those who do not observe both Lent and Christmas and or not members of the Tribe is not welcome and is dangerous. However, groups and individuals who are willing to have a tribal or auxiliary  guide and receive an orientation can be welcome.

The special problem is that not only for Acadians but for the region some traditions have grown up in a new settlement and endure since the beginning here while royalism and tribalism have otherwise been hindered. This will make the transition very difficult and call for much care. Nonetheless the most established and serious Krewes and Ridelles and Courires should gradually receive new ritual rights at other times of year with only reminders of their roots in carnival. Under the most successful new Tribal regimes American, Mexican and Roman Republican themes should eventually have more importance during Carnival. Because royalist democracy would prevail in daily governance.

 Philosphie des Piastres et Grandesse This means more or less “Philosophy of Money and Grandeur” and could be called the Acadian theory of wealth and rules for the obligations thereof. One of the most important things about this theory is that while it enlightens our point of view about all wealth it does not in any way directly bind outside the club and only has regular status as a frame for Lois and Droits during regular times.  The other important thing is the belief that much of the Tribe will always exist in non Tribal states and that for this and many other reasons this philosophy should be applied by tribal authorities in a minimal and not a maximized way. But there are numerous principles of which these twelve are principal: First, each Acadian should pay their family tax and the families their tax to the Maison de Le Roi and both families and the Maison de Le Roi should try to preserve something in good times for bad times but neither is an insurer. Secondly,all residents of  each community or station should contribute food to the communal feast on Mardi Gras as collected by the Ridelles and each house should at least send one person to eat at least part of the feast. Thirdly, each house should have more than one source of income. Ideally the wife will be paid more often and work nearer the home and the husband paid more and work farther away. Fourth, every community or station should have a roll of wilderness reserves and manage hunting, gathering and fishing there strictly and prevent farming, burning and development. Fourthly, ideally there is tribal inheritance law which is very complex and unequal. It includes a forced heirship portion and a free heirship portion with the free pertaining more to chattles and the forced pertaining more to lands and real properties but with some of each in both categories. The higher the rank and more titles of the Acadian the greater the forced portion. However, where multiple titles are held and wealth associates to each title then titles a presumed to be divisible along with their assets among the heirs. The forced portion of a mother’s wealth should be divided two thirds among her daughters and one third among her sons with the widower keeping only a third as a strictly enforced usufruct then to be distributed among   the children as delayed wealth of hers. The forced portion of a father’s wealth should be divided three fourths to his sons and one fourth to his daughters. In his case the number of sons and daughters is increased by one and the eldest fo each sex receives the double portion. The  widow keeps half as a strictly enforced usufruct to be distributed among the children as her husband’s direct property upon her death. The Clergy and the Maison de Le Roi also excise one percent of all wealth left behind at death each unless a suitable tribute of greater value has been set aside after all other claims have been met. In an excise the excises come first by kind and class. Fifthly, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, clergy, professional men-at-arms and others or expected to maintain a tribal guild to which they pay one percent of their income. Each guild pays one percent of its income to the Tout et Rien, one percent to the Basileus directly and one percent to the Bouletherion. Sixthly, every married man and indeed all other men and and as many women as possible should own a weapon or set of weapons and be skilled in their use for individual, family  and tribal defense as well as  the hunting of game. Fishing and hunting culture should consciously feed into militia culture. Seventh, their should be a list of a few key items one buys as one becomes wealthier as a mark of wealth rank even though one has no great personal interest in them however institutions should ease the burden in varied ways on those feeling obliged to buy unwanted things. Eighth, rural landowners ought to use tribal structures to facilitate the success of children in urban environments nearby and in the reclaiming or development of new resources from a wild or unknown state according to Arcadian principles. Ninth, those employing members of Le Maison de Le Roi, une maison de le Prince, a ceremonial guard or clergy in training should receive tribal support and consult with tribal facilitators. Tenth, a portion of Wealth seized or gained by a Basileus as Basileus outside of taxes described in the principles above is his, another his family’s, another the portion of the Maison de Roi for long term and another belongs to the Ethnos Arkadios  as outlined by a Comite de Renaissance.  If all these formulae are satisfied the rest is divided equally in the tribe half by household and half by individual. Eleventh, the obligations of all tribe members to non tribe states and any of the tribe thereto are taken cognizance of by the tribal government and serve as a focus of fiscal policy. Twelfth, domestic regimes and titles can be set up outside the Tribal order for many reasons but a quittance of not less than two percent must be paid to the Bouletherion administration of the Basileus. Perhaps no historical society has ever had all  these principles operating well but they remain the principles.

Phyllis Miller Taylor My second cousin once removed who was at one time the only billionaire on the Forbes list hailing from Louisiana. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Energy Company LLC since the death of her husband, Patrick F. Taylor, in 2004. In 2005 she was the one and only listed billionaire on the Forbes magazine list who was a citizen and resident of Louisiana. She has fallen off the list in recent years possibly because of philanthropic giving  which has long typified her life.  She has been described even by relatively callous and objective reporters as  ” dedicated”, “compassionate”  and “visionary”. Phyllis M. Taylor has been very active in the realm of philanthropy over the past 25 years. Phyllis Taylor serves as Chairman and President of the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation which is the philanthropic organization she founded with her late husband in 1985.  The most famous achievement of this institution is its promotion of the Taylor Plan/TOPS which helped create educational opportunity for millions in Louisiana where students have been able to attend college because of these plans. Students who excel in secondary education are given money for tuition in college as long as they meet minimum maintenance standards. TOPS  However,  the Foundation she has long worked with also supports law enforcement, the military, and other worthy causes.  In 2008 the Louisiana legislature recognized  The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) and the late Pat Taylor’s contribution to the implementation of the program by changing the “T” in TOPS, an acronym, from “Tuition” to “Taylor.”  The Taylors used their own money as a seed and their own time to nurture the seed  in creating this program making state-paid college tuition available to academically qualified students. Twenty-one other states have adopted versions of the “Taylor Plan.”  Phyllis Miller Taylor was born in  Abbeville the town where both my parents and three of my grandparents were born and which is my hometown. This is the Parish seat which is in the heart of Vermilion Parish where I currently live.  Taylor earned a bachelor’s degree at University of Southwestern Louisiana where I earned my bachelor’s degree  and a post-graduate law degree at Tulane University which I twice attended but not where I got my only graduate degree. She clerked for my grandfather the late Louisiana Chief Justice Frank Wynerth Summers and she is my cousin. In this region were are neither very distant cousins nor close cousins but in most of the US today we would be considered distant cousins. We have seen each other at family reunions and other events but have never been close.  In the tradition of her late husband, her true passion is to ensure that tomorrow’s generation has the opportunity to obtain a college education.  The TOPS program developed by Patrick Taylor and promoted by the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation has been her main preoccupation. This program uses accountability and prior achievement to create much better returns on investment than comparable programs offered by the US government since before and after its founding and establishment as a Louisiana endowment.  Although the details are more obscure than those related to TOPS she is also known to have invested much of her own time, money and energy in rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina.  Still working on these projects after the major media had moved on to other stories, Taylor told an interviewer in regional media  ”Katrina has given the Greater New Orleans area a chance to remedy and remold many aspects of the area that would never have been possible otherwise. My concern is that we take advantage of this opportunity and get it right, rather than focus on the time it takes.”  During the worst period Taylor Energy moved its company offices to Lafayette which is the parish bordering on Vermilion. Taylor and several of her employees stayed in Abbeville where she was born and reared as wells as other employees eslewhere in Acadiana. Taylor employees were located temporarily in a three parish area, Vermilion, Lafayette, and Iberia. It was wonderful to stay at the Caldwell in Abbeville for that time and revisit, on an extended basis, my home town.  Discussing that time  in the same interview mentioned above Taylor said, “I was not able to take advantage of all that is available since we had many issues within the Company operations to consider, but I did my best. Many of the Taylor Energy employees explored the area fully and fell in love with the place. For me, that was a great chance for them to learn a bit about where I came from.”

Pierre Maisonnat dit Batiste see Maisonnat, Pierre

Pitre, here means Glen Pitre Glen Pitre was born on November 10, 1955 and is from Cutoff Louisiana. He worked his way through Harvard by shrimping in the summers and became a well-respected American screenwriter and film director. His debut film Belizaire the Cajun was exhibited in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival in 1986. Pitre films written and directed since 1986 as best as I can tell are:
Belizaire the Cajun (1986), Haunted Waters (1997), Good for What Ails You (1998), The Scoundrel’s Wife (2002), Top Speed (2003), Hurricane on the Bayou (2006), American Creole: New Orleans Reunion (2006), Journey Across India (2007),  The Man Who Came Back (2008),  Huit Piastres Et Demie!  (unk. date), La Fievre Jaune/Yellow Fever (unk. date) and Cigarettes and Nylons (2013?-2014?). I met Pitre at a writer’s conference in South Louisiana in the 2002-2004 time-frame and as of this writing he is my Facebook friend but we have never been close or anything approaching close.

Post, here means Lauren C. Post This is the writer of an important little book on the edge of serious scholarship called Cajun Sketches. It has photographs and writings about the Acadian people of Louisiana.

 Pontalba, Madame Celestin Pontalba, Baronesse Micaela Almonester de Pontalba was the wealthy investor and patroness of architecture who helped her  architect to redesign the decaying Place de Armes in New Orleans into Jackson Square in the center of the old city and French Quarter. She was the successor to charitable, commercial and public building projects organized by her Almonester ancestors.  By the time she built The Pontalbas (as the whole project is known) she was bo longer the rather beautiful woman she had been she had one lung, a rotting finger and little left of the others on one hand and one of her breast was mostly a prosthesis. She also had metal fragments left in her chest. All these physical ailments came from being shot by her father-in-law the Baron Pontalba. While she and her husband later Celestin Barone De Pontalba seem to have ended life both separated and in love their marriage is a rather horrid tale of conflicts between the greater property rights enjoyed by women in Louisiana and the lesser (almost nonexistent ) rights of women to property among the European Nobility — in this case Napoleonic Imperial French Nobility. In the state she is rumored to have had an affair with Andrew Jackson for whom she named the Square. Except for naming the Square for him, them both being alive at the same time and capable of consideration in such matters and   her being rather independent and a Louisianian all things seem to be against this. All time lines seem wrong to me. Who knows what is possible but it does not seem possible they were together in the right ways and times.

Prince Camille de Polignac This man was a French Prince and Confederate General who fought in Acadiana during the War Between the States. Since that time Liaison a la Maison de Polignac has been an office in the Maison de le Roi also seated in the Tout et Rien. This person is supposed to a De Polignac.

Princes Chefs Des Grand Familles, Herediteurs Exterieur Meaning more or less “Princes and Chiefs of the Great Families who are External Heirs”. The heads of the Boulet, Theriot, Broussard, Mouton and Leblanc Clans of the Acadians are Princes. Their family assemblies each elect a special representative to the Conseil des Droits, the Tout et Rien, they are each entitled to have a Garde de Famille under Royal charter and if they do its commander sits on the Conseil des Armes. The Boulets and the Theriots each elect one of the five Presidents of the Bouletherion. The other three are the highest ranking of the High Chiefly Families in electing the High Chiefly President. They are eligible for election as Basileus alone outside La Maison de le Roi. When a  Comite de Renaissance is held it will be seen if there is clearly a Prince in each clan if not then there will be one irregular procedure to select one. After that there will be a maison de  le Prince in each clan. Five external subchiefs will be in the clan of which two will be named for life by the Basileus, one elected by the lower half of the family council and two by highest genealogical rank outside the princely house. When a Prince dies the sitting Basileus will take the list of heirs from the princely house and the external sub chiefs and remove a fifth or three –  whatever is greater – at his whim. Then there will be a phase of examination of life record, trials and ordeals eliminating some significant number of candidates with passes for genealogical rank and by the Prince’s Widow and Chaplain among others. Then there will be an election in the Grande Famille who will send a first and second choice to the Basileus who name one Prince and one representative to the Maison de Roi. The new Prince will then make his fealty.

Quadroon Ball A ball held at intervals in New Orleans in which quadroon women both slave and free (75% white and 25% black) met and danced with white gentlemen who established some of them as formal mistresses especially on Rampart Street but also in other places. These women and their progeny were sometimes slaves legaly but most played a key role in free colored society in antebellum New Orleans.  Less frequent and more expensive balls and contracts occurred in the similar Octoroon ball for women seven eighths white and one eighth black.

Queen Elizabeth 2 The transatlantic passenger liner on which my parents and I crossed the Atlantic Ocean from New York to London. One of the great vessels in the world and memorable in that way.  However, our crossing was also memorable because we were caught up in an enormous storm that was the greatest test of the young ship to date and was one of the toughest storms in recent memory on those shipping lanes.

Queen’s Apology The result of a lawsuit brought by Warren Perrin of the Acadian Center. In many ways this document created the freedom, the burden and the duty of creating this blog. The ball which had been in the British Court for centuries is now in play and it falls to a diminished few to try to resume the game while other sorts of games have meanwhile matured.

restricted See filiation for principal definition. Also means a legal regime that has a dependent and special relationship with law and society which is formal and natural but not available in general.

Ridelle A chivalric community-based body of riders who run the Courire in a town or station. In the old days the Captains all renewed their vows to each new Basileus.

Rita The vast hurricane which struck within weeks of the more famous Katrina. Rita was while in the Gulf of Mexico one of the most powerful storms recorded there but like Katrina dropped class before striking land. However the flood waters brought in covered huge regions the size of small countries and deep sea fish were seen by me and other swimming in roadside ditches days after landfall of the storm. Striking at a time when our infrastructure in Acadiana was strained with refugees from areas in and near New Orleans devastated by Katrina. I was injured in Rita and chose to go first to San Diego,  California then Tijuana, Baja California in Mexico and then to see my sister Sarah in General Cepeda,  and Saltillo in Coahuila, Mexico and also on a vacation in Zacatecas. She was living with her children Alyse, Anika and Soren at that time. It was one of several special times we shared in those years. I returned to the USA for a family Christmas.

Roach v. Dresser also known more formally as Roach, James, v. Dresser Industrial Valve & Instrument Division was a decision issued by US Federal Judge Edwin F Hunter which recognized the Cajun and Acadian people as having a claim to any protections assured to ethnic minorities in the United States by US law.  

SCAP a movement actually named Student Catholic Action of the Philippines. It was a loose and broad organization when I was there in the eighties. I was involved in a ministry which blended this movement with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, some other ministries of my parents and several other groups.

Severin Leblanc: A Comite man, a businessman and much of a mystery. The first Basileus named Leblanc and my ancestor.

Severin W. Summers III  My second cousin named after Severin Leblanc in that his grandfather who was the brother of my grandfather Frank Summers was named after him. Sev was killed on August 2, 2009 in Afghanistan by a command operated improvised explosive device when his vehicle was hit. Severin had a Bachelor of Science degree from LSU and was qualified among other elite distinctions as a U. S. Army Ranger. He did not serve in Ranger Battalion but in the Special Forces proper in the Airborne units. He received at least eight official awards and decorations as well as the badges of various skills, certifications and  levels of proficiency.   He enlisted into military service in 1989. His father and brothers are military men and his wife then Tammy Fraser Summers and daughters Jessica, Shelby and Sarah survived him as well as his mother and sister. He and I were not close and had very different life experiences but I always felt when we did have a conversation it was longer, more detailed and more heartfelt than was the case with me and most people. It may be unfair to say we shared some confidences but I say it anyway. Last time I spoke to him at length was on the shores of False River and there was some concern shared with me about certain issues related to the fitness of some parts of the military in recent years. I think these factors had little to do with his death but the truth is I did very little to address those issues before he died and his words still haunt me sometimes. But Sev was all the gung ho poster boy that I have never been. We did stretch each other in some small ways. He carried the cross in his grandmother’s funeral procession and I felt it was part of an ongoing conversation between us although it was many other things as well. To associate myself with him in any way is too much and not to do so is unthinkable.

Shandong Institute of Business and Technology — SDIBT The university level institution formerly the Coal Economic College of China which is situated in Yantai, Shandong prvince overlooking the norther part of the Yellow Sea. It was here that I taught English in the China- Canada Higher Applied Technology College and the College of Foreign Studies. I produced eighteen student workshop dramas, oversaw and graded fifty research papers and advised hundreds of students in my year of academic work there.  I had some wonderful students and colleagues although there were also problems of course.

shoot count the custom some people (including me at one time) observe of keeping a running count of how many times they have fired a fire arm, what sorts of arms they have fired and under what conditions they have fired them. The higher the shoot count the better the chance of success in a shooting situation if all things are equal — of course they never are.

Smith, Carl Tasso (IV) See Tasso Smith

Society of Jesus The Jesuits with whom I and my family worked extensively in the Philippines, with whom my father and I studied briefly but intensely in Manila and with whom I have made many retreats. Both my father and his brother attended this order’s Spring Hill College near Mobile, Alabama.

Sparta: Spartans were the most fierce, warlike and disciplined Greek culture. Their constitution was developed by Lycurgus from their status as a subgroup of the Arcadian hegemony. They became a diarchical mixed government military empire in which citizens were all soldiers supported by their women and the Helots whom they enslaved. Leonidas was a king who embodied their ideal when he opposed a vast Persian invasion at Thermopylae with his bodyguard of 300 picked troops effectively for a while and fighting to the last man. Arius  was a King of Sparta who signed a Treaty of Kinship with the Hebrews under the Maccabees.

Sportswriter is a pretty obvious compound word. I have done some uncredited sportswriting for a variety of outlets some of which appeared only in box or box and quote form. I have written sports for The Advertiser and the Abbeville Meridional which are newspapers in this glossary.  While I make no pretense that my relationship with anyone was effortless, there have been several times when my relationship with the Meridional was only a few short steps short of guerilla warfare. Articles appearing under my by-line at times when the paper would rather have had me prosecuted than paid are not always really readable. However, the one’s the day before and the day after are usually in English that is recognizable as such. This is not about blame. Abbeville is beautiful, quaint, small, green and quiet. It is also a very tough town in so many ways and there is lots of objective evidence for this which I will not discuss here. Among Abbevillians things get rough sometimes and then people (mostly) move on afterwards.

Straight Street was a Catholic magazine published by the Barretto family in Malaybalay, Bukidnon on the island of Mindanao in the  Philippines. I wrote a couple of articles which ere published in the Magazine and was mentioned in a few others written by people I knew. The magazine has become defunct quite a few years ago I believe.

Swamp Pop This is a brand  and style of popular music which began and sustained itself mostly in Acadiana. Bobby Charles Guidry under the name of Bobby Charles was on of the brightest lights of this style. His songs Walking to New Orleans and See You Later Alligator enjoyed some worldwide success.  My parents went to school with him and I worked with his son on the movie The Blob. I wrote a Bobby Charles obituary in this blog as well.

Tasso Smith real name Carl Tasso Smith IV is a vocalist and  guitarist for Youngblood Hawke which is a band developed in San Antonio, Texas which  in its first few years with a record  deal has appeared on all of the top four broadcast television networks, sold it themes to numerous commercial and entertainment entities and has generated a lot of buzz and attention for it crafted and somewhat artsy rock sound.  Tasso is my first cousin the son of Carl Tasso Smith III  who has been many things and has many skills but has long earned his keep in the family agribusiness concern which is a major producer of peas. Tasso’s  mother is my father’s youngest sister Beverly Summers Smith, who goes by the name Missi Smith and under that name has produced, shown and sold many works of art. Tasso graduated from Alamo Heights High School and earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental Science at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. He lives in Los Angeles, California as of 2014 and retains ties to San Antonio, Texas. He spent quite a bit of time in Louisiana with family and on his family’s farm. His sister’s Brooke and Leah form the remainder of his birth and nurture nuclear family although he is now an uncle and has a serious relationship with Whitney Ullom.

Taylor Energy The oil company largely owned by my second cousin in this glossary Phyllis Miller Taylor.

The Advertiser is a newspaper which to everyone’s annoyance I still called The Daily Advertiser when I worked there because when I started reading it it was named that except on Sunday when it was The Sunday Advertiser. I was hired just before the 9-11 attacks. I had plaaned to work the football season but became a regular sportswriter in the initial contract and so stayed on through football, soccer and basketball season. In those days I had a farm, a small distribution company and was also working as a substitute teacher. I actually would have defined my life as pretty bad then but it has more or less constantly gotten worse and so now I have many of the same problems to face without the farm, company or two paychecks. In some ways my life is like Dante’s Inferno — just a constant downward spiral with interesting sightseeing and conversation along the way.

The Blob A feature film partly shot in Abbeville, Louisiana and starring primarily the youthful Shawnee Smith and the youthful Kevin Dillon.  I worked on this show as an extra wearing a white decontamination suit lit by a small interior flourescent lamp that dried the skin on my forehead for years.  I ran around firing a real automatic weapon full of blanks at an invisible monster. All or almost all of my work ended up on the cutting room floor.  However, I took the job shortly after marrying and the funds were a big help in our first year together.

The Historic New Orleans Collection — THNOC  is a museum, research center, and publisher dedicated to the study and preservation of the history and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast  and its associated environs both as part of colonial empires and as part of the United States.  The holdings consist of a library over 35,000 books and documents. Its real treasure are in the archive of images that consists of approximately 350,000 photographs, prints, paintings, drawings and other items.  In the second calendar year after I was born this institution was established in 1966 by General and Mrs. L. Kemper Williams whom I did not know but whom my grandmother has assured me on several occasions were friends of hers. The Williams relationship with Tennessee Williams as he wrote A Streetcar Named Desire was always a subject of discussion when they were mentioned. I have little verified history on the subject. This place to keep the collection of Louisiana materials in order and available for research and exhibition to the public is located on several streets but is mostly on Royal Street and was sometimes referred to as Royal New Orleans Collection.I visited it where it is  located in New Orleans’ Vieux Carre or French Quarter with a vernacular architecture class when I was a Board of Regents Fellow at LSU for a long field trip. I also visited in on my own with more limited credentials.

Territory of Orleans All of the lands of the current State of Louisiana except the West Florida Parishes East of Mississippi. This was on track to become the State and was joined to the Republic of West Florida to become the State of Louisiana.

Tommy Ashton Thompson, U.S. Representative T. A. Thompson This   man died suddenly in a gruesome roadside event on July 1, 1965 which severely injured a truck driver, slightly injured a police officer  and traumatized his family in the car he had just exited. Whether or not foul play was involved was never investigated thoroughly to my knowledge but was looked at in civil litigation. He was a returning to his home in Ville Platte, Louisiana. His mother Mrs. Thompson as formerly Rosa Soileau of the white Creole community in St. Landry Parish. She was the very close lifelong companion and sister of Etta Marie Soileau who became Mrs. Kildren Gremillion. Etta was the mother of my maternal grandfather Cecil Gremillion.

Representative Thompson was fluent in French and English, well-regarded locally and in the Louisiana Congressional delegation and was on the Public Works Committee as well as the Marine and Fisheries Committee where he served as Chairman of the Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Subcommittee. He had been adviser to the Louisiana State Legislature. In his years prior to Congressional service he helped establish the State’s employee retirement system and improved its fiscal and financial accountancy systems.

Tonga The Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga where I lived and attended Tonga Side School while my parents taught English in the Marist Order’s high school there. We lived in Nuku Alofa in the village of Maufanga on the island of Tongatapu. We frequently attended an ecumenical service in English for foreigners after going to Mass at the Cathedral built mostly of coral stone near our home called Betani (or Bethany).  on our way out we traveled to American Samoa through Hapaii and Vavau the other two island groups in the national archipelago.

Tintamarre The custom of making a loud racket on the Feast of the Assumption  to mark and mourn the destruction of Acadie. In many ways Acadians imitate what they perceived as the noisy and undisciplined Brits in this exercise although the Brits never recognize this. Acadians recognize the feast of the Assumption as their national day. This happened most officially by grand national congressional proclamation after the gathering of 1881. The Pope recognized this Acadian special relationship to the holiday in 1938. Just before the founding of  Acadie the King of France designated the Feast of the Assumption as the special holiday of France.  The full holiday ritual involves religious rituals, a meal and the noisy outside thing which is Tintamarre itself.

Tonga The first of several Polynesian countries in which I lived. I worshiped in the Catholic Cathedral in the Maufanga district of  the capital city of Nukualofa on the Island of Tongatapu and lived nearby with my parents and no siblings. Then in the evenings I worshiped in English at the Royal Chapel in the Palace just down the coast. That was the predominantly Protestant service I have attended most and longest in my life. I was enrolled at Tonga Side School. Later I would live in Samoa and New Zealand. This joined with several visits to Hawaii before and after Tonga have made Polynesia a big part of my life.

Tout et Rien Meaning  “All and Nothing” is a branch of the Cinque or Acadian Secret Government on one side of its governance. This is the branch in which a Tribal Census, Tribal Credit Union, Tribal Insurance Market and Tribal Stockpile of Listed  Goods are supposed to exist but really do not. There are founders rights, dissolution rights and others also which have monetary value in both royal and noble dynasties and in the offices they hold. The officials in charge of all this sit in the Center. The Representative of the Loups Garous for canine and lupine wellbeing and the  one for predators and the one beast mastery also sit here. The Haute Conseil des Traiteurs sits both here and in the Conseil des Droits. Ridelle Representatives for Grasslands  and Le Grand Chevalier des Chevalles also sits here. The Prince de Bas Titre et Chef des Hommes de Roi sur L’eau also sits here. There is no brief way to describe the work or composition of this branch very well. The royal Historian, Painter and Gardener in Chief sit here as well as in La Maison de Le Roi even when they are separate. This function has proved able to disappear and largely regenerate suddenly in these bad times for the function of the Ethnos Arkadios.

Traditional Administration of Justice in a Tribal State or Near State In a tribal state or near state all five branches of government have within themselves a separate Comite d’ Etat which admisiters there functions as a state and keeps record of them and deals with intergovernmental affairs. The policy laid out here depends upon independence and treaty considerations however like the various Philosophies it is meant to be applied as it can be. The Tribal State charges a tarriff of one of four classes at one mil, one percent, three percent or ten percent of the value of all imports. The Tribal State also amnufacture and regulates and sells and requires boundary markers for all real property at a modest price. The Tribal State also licenses all commercial gambling, use of exotic stimulants and any legal prostitution and taxes these activities. The Tribal State also administer some lands as tribal lands and derives some income from them. The Maison de Roi Comite d’ Etat and Conseil des Droit Comite d’Etat each receive  a third of these funds and the other branches only equally divide the remainder. Then there is an area of law entirely at the discretion of the Bouletherions which is substantial. Then each community or station is given a charter for some tax and police powers.  Police Powers fall into punishing direct affronts to the peace of the Basileus and all other matters. In all other matters the crime or civil dispute is to be first heard by a Community court, clan court, Bouletherion magistrate, Basilissa’s court, Ridelle and Jury or Clerical court and remedies begun with the witness of an official for the Basileus and one for the Croitonseil des Droits. There are limits in punishment, award of damages and power of enforcement of all these courts that are similar. The matter exhausts these as it proceeds to any necessary review. The review stage are the State Courts administered jointly and under charter by the Maison de Roi and the Conseil des Droits these have another schedule of powers and these are applied as any needed additional remedies are sought. Then the Bouletherion designs a final regime designating appeals to basileus and Conseil des Droits. The Maitresse des Rites des Basilei or Mistress of Ceremonies amintains an agency for deuling with counseling, lawyering, lists, physicians and insurers so that while it may end in death it is also a kind of civil court system as she also maintains the established and placed mistresses regimes. Torture is not used but forced labor and the death penalty are used punishments as well as fines and special punishments. Among the distinctions of the system is the idea of veils of varied regimes having to be penetrated. Revenge is also a legal claim and is one recourse which counterbalances other laws that might encourage domestic violence. Finally there is a principal which is too long to state here abd has many minor points but can be summarized as the idea that nobody in the state’s lands or in the Tribe’s power is ever nobody. Also the Arcadian does the hard things to make a happy and easy life possible for all for as long as possible. Lastly, the great magistrates must not know much of fear or timidity but we are not Spartans although they were our cousins and we remember them, a Tribe member citizen may sometimes be tender woman, a freed slave or even a timid man – we seek a livable order for many despite disciplines being so important. For young women variable clothing is a matter of law to form an Acadian woman she must grow up feeling the need to be very covered and the ability to be very uncovered in separate situations. Efforts will be made to erode groups discarding modesty or enforcing it all the time. Exile is a  punishment used as treaty relations allow and in context of law and ritual.

Traditional Racial Policy in a Tribal State or near State A modern American state in recent decades is the most wide open and completely haphazard collection of people that has ever existed in relative strength and prosperity. Most states and polities in the world are in an objective sense almost infinitely more racist (not necessarily evil and oppressive) than these current American states. A tribe governing its own state almost always has a strong racial component. Part of the policy are that this is not a reservation or purist enclave in that foreigners to tribal membership can live in these states, own land (but ever sale from a tribe member requires a smallish special tax and a special license fee)  and a vote in community council elections and sit on State court juries and by birth are in a special droit group of auxiliaries. Hospitality and shipping are port based industries that have very deep roots in the culture. In a new colony population growth should be very high by birth but there is no doubt that contraception with proper ritual and guidelines is very much in the Arcadian spirit as nonlethal population control is always welcomed — this is of course some kind of religious difficulty. The policy is more complex than can be reproduced here and works out in family and community mostly but there is a direction that is kind of alien  to everything from the Nazi to the color blind views of our era. The Basileus sponsored policy is sort of (in my slightly comical way) that every family should sort of have a commitment to to breeding a seven foot tall blue eyed red haired or blond person with the features and proportions of the classical Greek sculptures, Byzantine icons and Mediterranean  Hellenic Mosaics. Intermarriage  and filiation with those promoting this ideal are more acceptable. However, the other side is equally important. The other side is that fractional non white ancestry is allowed in the definition of white and while nonwhite auxillaries are positioned to stay together the tribe axpects interbreeding and intermarriage and also there are numerous advantages to shorter darker Greek forms that manifest themselves. This tension is not seen as fleeting but as potentially enduring fo whatever “forever” means — the dynamism and diversity within limits is our racial ideal and reality to some substantial degree.

Traiteur means “healer” and is a common enough  figure even among todays Acadians. This is one of the principal institutions to be renewed by any comite de renaissance and the start of a new regime. The Conseil des Traiteurs is part of the Conseil des Droits and the Tout et Rien. There is diversity among traiteurs even now with some of the best practicing the least. However, in regular times there are ranks and certifications. The Conseil des Traiteurs and Le Maison de Le Roi should build and sponsor a Haute Ecole des Traiteurs which is one of the two fonts of traiteurisme in a regular regime. When constituted new and local arts and sciences are incorporated into the curriculum. Besides the Haute ecole on must have a mentor called simply Maitre de Traiteurage with whom one works before going to school. There are seven major degrees  and each has a half degree. One cannot stay in school continuously for more than two degress and it is a lifelong task. The differences from modern education are too great to allow a brief summary. there are planes, upward paths and symbols. An traiteur in a lifetime should attempt to either  master  or study by way of familiarity the following: his or her genealogy of traiteurisme,  the calendar of his or her own religions or religions, the basic calendar and doctrine of the Catholic Church, the  herbals catalog of Greece, France and Louisiana and their birthplace, first aid, massage, cooking, navigation, one’s wood and plant symbol and its branches, one’s metal symbol and its ramifications, one’s stone symbol and its ramifications, one’s fabric symbol and its ramifications, one’s primary and secondary color symbols and their ramifications, sexual and reproductive lore, dietetics, randomizers, astronomy,  traditional weather prophecy, over view of science and library techniques, martial arts and weapon’s lore, soils lore, animal migrations and other beast lore, magic tricks,  child care skills and languages among other subjects.

Tribal Credit Union of the Tout et Rien There is not Tribal Credit Union now nor is there likely to be and there is a modified form for a Tribal Credit Union in the Royal Tribe of an empire but which still has not state or near state. Basically here I will outline what distinguishes this credit union from others and discuss how it would operate in a tribal state. First as a sovereign state institution it is not a for profit enterprise in the same way. Secondly all for profit financial services, banks or venture capitalists licensed in the Tribal State are required by law to keep at least one percent of the value of the money at play in the state which they hold on deposit at this Tribal Credit Union. Thirdly, as part of the Tout et Rien it is able to accept some payments in kind and in labor and liquidate their value.   Fourth,  all adult Tribe members have an acount active or inactive. Fifth, tax revenues fund some education programs, expertise small grants for borrowers. Sixth, the  credit union has an active role in lobbying and agitating for what would be called very hard money today. Seventh, all employers in the Tribal state are required to deposit two percent of employee pay into a long term savings account for their employee. Eighth, the credit union would be a major insurance broker. However, in other ways it would be an ordinary credit union.

Tribal Status of Descendants of Acadian Men All Children  of Acadian women who are first class members of any family are members of the Tribe and pass on some level of membership to their own children. All legtimate children of Acadian men who are first Class members of any tribe pass on membership likewise only more so. In general marriage in the tribe and established mistresses only from populations with auxillary status are the only forms of filiation fully approved by the Tribe. The exception is the Basileus all of his children are Tribe members of first, second or third class in the Special family association of the Maison de le Roi. The Bouletherion will operate a fictional family association under varied names for proven descendants of Acadian men who are not legitimate nor born to Acadian women, for families excised from rolls and from other sources. These families  and individuals may belong to this group for some three generations during which they will be second class members farmed out in voting situations to other families. Creation of the fewest possible but sufficient Droit groups for auxiliary status, agreements with auxiliaries, marriage into the tribe and other relief will be used to integrate these people into the Tribe or its formal auxiliaries. But if after three generations this is still their only formal tie then they will be cut off but without prejudice like any nonmember.

Tristesse et Doleur des Armes This literally means Sadness and Sorrow of Weapons I suppose. In the Acadian ideal this is a character trait and state of mind which is not required of all man at arms but is seen as part of the ideal.  It exists at a place where a man has internalized the attachment to ideals and values he has not fully realized and other conditions are met. The other conditions include having lost people he cared for to violence, having killed, having been in close danger of death by violence and some other triggering events. Merely having passed through these things is not enough one must emerge with a certain set of values and a certain disposition. It is only to such a man that the ideal of Une Chevalier sans pur et sans reproche can rightly be addressed.

Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation This is a charity that operates to fund Tulane Law School student and recent graduates doing pro bono work and low-paying work for well-intentioned nonprofits. I worked at the bagels and cofee sales table my second time at Tulane Law School selling these items to students who came in for class a few days a week.

Tulane University The largest private (according to US definitions) university in Louisiana. My great-grandfather and great- great uncle attended Tulane Medical School and graduated there. The future son-in law of this great grandfather was my grandfather and name sake he attended and graduated from Tulane Law School after matriculating at my undergraduate alma mater listed here as University of Louisiana. He made Moot Court honors and later became the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court. My father and two of his three younger brothers completed Tulane Law School. I have several cousins with a variety of Tulane degrees. I enrolled at Tulane Law School twice and never graduated. With some exceptions my relationship with the university could be described as more than half-hostile but regretfully so.


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