Glossary of Terms Casually Defined, Page One: A to E

This is the sort of  page one would never put together unless one had completed the journey away from seeking certain kinds of respectability. I will update and perhaps correct these entries from time to time.  However, I have done little if anything to refresh my memory as to definitions before posting them and typing this with the original post almost ready for clicking the “publish” bar I do not think I have really looked up much of anything. The definitions are partial and casual. However, If one is confused and needs a start on the right path these ideas may help.

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Abbeville A small town in South Louisiana now named after a town in France. When it was named La Chapelle my Leblanc ancestors sold the land to Pere Megret. Pere Megret was the French missionary priest who developed the town.  I was baptized, made my first communion, got my first drivers license and wed there to a young woman from there. This was the home of Severin and Dudley Leblanc in this glossary and also of Chief Justice Frank W. Summers. I currently live nearby.

Abbeville Meridional The newspaper in myhometown is smallish and appears five times weekly which is the minimum for a daily classification. It now belongs to the Louisiana State Newspapers chain. My mother was Society Editor and a columnsit there when I was a child. They have written about me and my family various times. I have been News Editor, reporter and correspondent there as well. Like many places and institutions where my parents had previous contacts before I went there I have always had a lot of conflict and misunderstanding in my relations with the newspaper but there  has been a majority of the work I did for and with them which I consider creditable and good.

Acadiana: That part of Louisiana where the Acadians have been the dominant cultural and population group.

Acadie: Mostly the same place as the Canadian province now officially known as Nova Scotia.

Accad: Seat of Nimrod from which he drew the Title “First of all Kings on Earth” this is mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Achaia One of the first and oldest Arcadian colonies where Arcadian culture achieved a true synthesis with other greek tribes and where formal federalism was probably first devloped in the history of human governance both in tribal and inter polis  federations. Also the site of the capital city of Meaglopolis which was actually a federation of several polises.

Ahim Adonai Household Almost all founders were there when I joined and helped to grow this household at the Franciscan University of Steubenville to which I still belong. I won the Sophomore class award there and a female also won it as was the custom. This is a men’s group with Latin letters spelling Hebrew words meaning Brothers of the Lord.

Akkad: One of the oldest civilizations known to history. This is the original homeland of the civilization.

Alexander the Great: King of Macedonia and Greece who conquered Persia, the Eastern Mediterranean and much of Western Asia. His father was Philip King of Macedonia who conquered much of Greece. The Macedonians were a people with very long and close ties to the Arcadians.

Alexandre Mouton first Mouton Basileus and Governor of Louisiana, father of  Alfred Mouton — see Mouton in this Glossary.

Alfred Mouton, his real name and entry in this Glossary is Jean-Jacques-Alfred-Alexandre Mouton.  He was the second and last Mouton Basileus and Confederate General — see Mouton in this Glossary.

Anglo-Acadians are people who belong to the Ethnos Arkadios and see that as their primary ethnicity but are also Anglos or of  English descent. There has been some talk in the Acadian Secret Government that if there is ever a return to regular times then there should be certain standing committees of Bouletherion which have never had standing committee status before but times have changed. These would include an Anglo-Acadian Committee, Germano-Acadian Committee, Italo-Acadian Committee and a handful of other committees similar in nature. Anglo-Acadians and Scots-Acadians are in a particularly difficult situation because of the looming importance of Le Grand Derangement in Acadian history and consciousness. Among the most prominent Anglo-Acadians of recent decades are my grandfather Justice Frank Wynerth Summers of this glossary and Warren Perrin who sued for and received an apology from Her Britannic Majesty which apology is listed in this glossary. Most Anglo-Acadians have almost all ties through marriages of Acadians to Anglos in the United States, Nova Scotia in large numbers or Colonial Louisiana in a few cases. However, in the lore of this sub-community there are two largely legendary roots which are hard to substantiate but may be true. One is the legend of transchannel families and the belief that despite nationalism, language and other inhibitors there were families with a secret Acadian identity who also maintained unity as a family with separate identities in two states.  Most of all this relates to two High Chiefly families the Heberts and the Melancons as well as to two Middle Chiefly families which are the Richards and the Grangers. The older legend is based on a belief that King Arthur and the Round Table are true stories and that Avalon (which does not always appear in early versions ) was an historic Arcadian colony and center which supported the last classical Briton King in his struggle against invading Norse and Teutonic barbarians.

Arcadia: Homeland of the Ancient Tribe of Arcadians and Kings of Arcadia. Ancestors of Spartan Culture and the Tribe largely responsible for the Hellenic part of Macedonian heritage. Known as a kind of Paradise on Earth to many in the ancient world.

Arcadian An adjective describing something having to do with Arcadia or Arcadians. Having the meaning of a near paradise of pastoral, agricultural and other rural resources.

Arcadie the original name of the colony which became Acadie.

Atakapas Aboriginal American tribe known for small numbers, ferocity and cannibalism who were very diminished in wars with other Aboriginal American nations, the Spanish and the French before the Acadians under Joseph Broussard came to this region. The Prairie where Abbeville and Lafayette sit is the Attakapas country in Acadian and Louisiana parlance. A good number of Atakapas (or Attakapas of Atakkapas) were killed in skirmishes and there wives and children taken as mistresses and second families by the Acadians. Some of their descendants joined the Houma who also interbred and intermarried heavily with the Acadians. The Attakapas name was so hated by neighbors that only people who are almost pure European White have ever dared to use it since first contact. There are remnants but no tribe. The remnants are spread over a large area.

Atchafalaya One of the largest riverine estuaries in North America. Probably still the largest. The traditional Aboriginal American territory of the Chitimacha or Chetimache people. It produces a great deal of the crawfish, fur, alligator meat, fresh water fish, retting moss, sunken cured cypress, eco-tourism revenues and freshwater sports fishing revenues for the State of Louisiana. It is the place where many of the most important Aboriginal American archaeological sites have been found. The area is sacred to the Chetimache traditional religion and retains a sacral character among Chitimacha, Acadian and Creoles of Color who within the context of an orthodox Catholic Christianity inculturate the Gospel into folk religious sensibilities.The Cajun or Acadian presence and involvement in the Atchafalaya has been documented in the Leslye Abbey film Angels of the Basin by Snowflake Productions. I feel this film started off as the sort of subtle anti-Acadian propaganda which even Acadians end up making in the mainstream American sewer of anti-Acadian propaganda. However, the coming of Katrina tended to confirm what the crawfishermen and others were saying about the death of this great South Louisiana region and its effect on the whole state and region. The main Acadian contention at varied levels of organization has been that we must invest in fresh water circulation and intake infrastructure. I myself have put out a variety of plans for this sort of thing which are not as radical or expensive as the get-rich-quick petroleum boys always like to portray them as being. Rather the mainstream position is simply pillaging, genocidal and wanton piracy.

Athletics is one of the ideals and practices that unite all Greek and Hellenic societies and cultures.  There is no exception among Acadians. Distinctive events like pirogue racing, competitive alligator hunting and certain unique events in what could still be called the world of equestrian sports and rodeo have largely (but not completely) died out. However out of doors sports in the unstructured competition of stories afterwards like hunting, fishing, boating, wood and swamp and marsh craft  and other such activities abound. Regular sports for most Americans  like football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, softball, basketball and wrestling are also popular. In my life I have been much more a dilettante than a specialist in sports and am not a great athlete and now fell more cut off than even my mature years would justiry from this whole world of recreations. However, besides being a sportswriter, I have participated at least once and sometimes hundreds of times in each of the following sports in some real way:  archery, baseball, basketball, bowling, canoeing, football, hiking, horseback riding, horseshoes, hunting (aligators, deer, wild pigs, ducks, geese, Kung Fu, rabbits, racoons and squirrels) rock climbing, skeet shooting, sailing, shot-putting, skiing, snorkeling, swimming, weight lifting, Tae Kwan Do and varied motor sports.

Auxiliaries These are persons individually and constituted in Groups who are participant in some o f the rights, privileges and obligations of the Tribe. The Ethnos Arkadios maintains the right to control the quality of relationship to the groups granted this status by those asserting the rights and privileges of an auxiliary. The auxiliary status is seen as growing more dormant over time as time goes on without holding a Parfait. Therefore when there is a Parfait for the first time in a long time then there is a Comite de Renaissance which must among other things decide how to class auxiliaries and how to invite them but only the concurrence of a Basileus and the Bouletherion in a cancellation of a charter for auxiliaries entirely. Classification between first and second class is a government matter but uphoding the original class of a group is constitutionally preferred. Some groups that have received Auxiliary status are: The Aristocrats of Southern Macedonia, the Family of the Second King of Sparta, the Greek and Hellenic Vine Growers and Wine Merchants of Gaul, The Alliance of Nobles around La Rochelle, Les Arkadikoi d’Avalon et la Belle France, The Micmac, Les Chetimache, the Houma, The Morton Band of Secret Holders of the Ku Klux Klan and Their Welcomers from the War, La Noblesse et Alliance des Francais et Creole Blancs de la Belle Louisiane,  The River Bank Germans of the Cote des Allemans and the Les Filles des Creoles de Colours de La Bataille de Chalmette, Le Creole de Coleurs de L’Homage Acadiens and others. In addition there would be near charters supposed to be offered by recent Basilei as well as a Founder’s Due of a handful of new charters to be given by the convening Basileus. Also there are no purely individual auxiliaries except members of La Maison de Roi and these are governed by special rules. All members of La Maison de Roi are either members or auxiliaries of the Ethnos Arkadios.

BP One of the world’s largest corporations which is not a state held corporation this company changed its name from British Petroleum.  The company has great significance in this blog because its operations and lease in the Macondo site which was being drilled by the Deep Water Horizon oil rig operated by Transocean blew up caught fire and sank killing eleven men who worked on the rig including Louisiana men. The oil ran free for months  killing rare birds , poisoning crab larvae and damaging fragile grasses. It appears that all at BP are confident the cement job left after the static kill will hold up under these maneuvers. However, among some of those injured  and likely to be there has been  talk as I first typed this of the danger of removing the Blow Out Preventer before finishing the relief well and therefore letting oil flow again for a while  if the  preliminary kill did not hold– I will not necessarily update this again and there have been so many changing stories. We remember a fishing season, pelican colonies, beaches, boat engines and hulls and health of workers and other things were all among the things damaged. The desire of the oil industry to continue to act irresponsibly and the role of the government in abetting that are old stories we have seen again. This has been yet another horrible experience in a long line of them for me but in this case I sustained no personal loss or injury you can quantify.  This story will probably never really end for me but we are past the peak of it as I type this. The relief well and bottom kill were effected in September and a plug and abandon plan was authorized.

badass This was twowords until fairly recently “bad” and “ass” it has no entirely certain meaning and is made fun of as meaningless by many. However, by best definition it is relatively morally and socially neutral and means “a dangerous man” it can by extension mean a woman, car, animal or just about anything that has the qualities that distinguish a dangerous man. There are certain things likely to create the perception of a dangerous man. These are mostly a criminal records, tatoos, Harley motor bikes, a military record, very long hair and not being white or overly religious as well as being brusque with women. I have none of the qualities desired in the sentence above. On the other hand, I had a picture of myself in white holding an automatic weapon published in my own hometown newspaper over the caption “Beau is Bad”and I once got in a childhood fight with five schoolmates bigger than me and was sent up as the one creating the real danger. I also once fought over a dozen colored kids in a foreign school all bigger than me over racially charged issues with no white help in sight. I drove my cousin back and forth to jail in the middle of the most short haired part of Texas with a pony tail down a long part of the way to my waist for a year when he was in work release. The hereditary but nonclaiming king of a small tribal kingdom in the Philippines who is an educated attorney gave me his grandfather scarred and chipped sword to commemorate our relationship. I know personally many people nobody would hesitate to call bad ass. So while I am religious, polite and often reclusive the views as to my being a bad-ass or badass vary from group to group. No word outside the US has exactly the same meaning.

Baroness Pontalba see Pontalba

basilica A building based on the format of ancient Greek “pre-archonic” kings and queens and built for a public or ceremonial use. This term has been most used by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches for special Houses of Worship.   The Roman Catholic Church has a set of requirements mostly not architectural in nature which a church must meet to achieve this designation.

Basileus A Latin lettering for the Greek word for King. Used to describe and identify the king of the secret Acadian government of the Ethnos Arkadios. Also correctly known as βασιλιάς or more correctly βασιλέας.

Basileus Pater This was a term used in the tribe before later being used by Byzantine Emperors for some fathers-in-law. Here it is proper to the King’s father when the son is elected over his father or where the son has called a man father who is not kingable such as his foster father. The term Prince Pere is more often used. Where a match is particularly valuable and where the Basilissa is taken by one already Basileus to be his wife it is in the gift of the Basileus to convey this honor on a father-in-law after the Byzantine custom so long as the rank of his own father, if living, is markedly superior. There has never been a time in this line when some sons were not eligible to stand for election at the same time as father and no deferment of the type which seek to avoid this have ever been considered honorable.

Basilissa A Latin lettering for the Greek word for Queen. Used to describe and identify the queen of the secret Acadian government of the Ethnos Arkadios. Also less properly used for the Queen Mother or mother of the Basileus although it can be used this way it is better used with an adjoining word. There has always been a tension since before Christianity between polygamous and monogamous attributes of the Kingship. Where the polygamous rights were stronger in certain centuries the Queen Mother was the principal Queen and in more monogamous rights times the Queen Consort or Queen High Consort was the principal Queen.

This is one of the tensions that can never be entirely resolved without damaging the constitution of the Ethnos Arkadios as both are important roles. This title is also correctly βασίλισσα.

bastard See Filiation

Bastrop, Felipe Enrique Neri  Baron de  was not born heir to any title related to the name of Bastrop, Louisiana and Bastrop County in Texas where he did make a difference in colonization during the Spanish Colonial period of Louisiana. The  Dutch businessman and land owner  in a number of places and enterprises was born on Nov. 23, 1759 in Paramaribo, Surinam  and came to colonial Louisiana and had something to do with the parts of the Ouachita  valley lands where his name is enshrined. The role of Acadians in the conquest of British West Florida, settling the First and Second Acadian Coasts, bringing about several revolutions and establishing rights to the Attakapas  Country chieftancy were all parts of their involvement in making Louisiana. The struggle also  brought the Acadian Secret government into negotiation with Bastrop and his failure to reach agreements for a path to a legitimated Barony with them had much to do with his failure in the Spanish colony. However, he had more success in Anglophone settlement of Texas before he died on the 23rd of February. 1827.

The Battle of Baton Rouge was a brief siege and attack by the Spanish Colonial  forces and regulars against the British.during the American Revolutionary War and War of Independence in which the Acadians made up part of the St. Martinville militia and were busy forging ties with Creoles and Spaniards against the British Empire. that was decided on September 21, 1779. The Acadians were still arriving over a period of time and a large group would not arrive until 1785 but they were committed to Galvez’s war.  Baton Rouge was the second British outpost in which they saw action which fell to Spanish arms during Governor and General Bernardo de Gálvez’s march into British West Florida. Spain  and its empire officially entered the American Revolutionary War on May 8, 1779, as Su Majestad Catolico Carlos III issued a formal declaration of war and another on July 8 that authorized Bernardo de Gálvez, the colonial Governor of Spanish Louisiana  and other in the Empire to open lines in this war on Britain.

Battle of Bayou Queue de Tortue This was the greatest single conflict of the Comites de Vigilance des Attakapas in their original form before the War between the States. Many of the adversaries on both sides were Acadians as well as one side being commanded by the newly anointed Basileus of the Ethnos Arkadios. This was fought shortly before Louisiana’s secession from the Union. The Queue de Tortue Bayou begins near Lafayette without reaching great size outside of floods it is stable and forms the natural boundary separating Lafayette Parish and Acadia Parish to the west and Acadia Parish and Vermilion Parish to the south.

Battle of Beausejour This was a British victory during a time of many triumphs over France and the French. The British had a major objective in a small conflict seeking to secure the Isthmus of Chignecto under British control. Control of the isthmus was crucial to the French  and its fall would be disastrous because it was the only gateway between Quebec and Louisbourg during the winter months. Acadians were already neutrals although less than before but believed securing the ISthus in peace was vital to their future and a token force were in the area and were caught up in the conflict. The fighting began on June 3, 1755, when a British army under Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Monckton  acted on long discussed plans made across the British Empire but staged out of nearby Fort Lawrence, and attacked French, MicMac, Acadian and other interests by attacking a fort of emerging significance when he besieged the small French regular garrison and a handful of other forces at Fort Beauséjour.  After a fortnight under siege, Louis Du Pont Duchambon de Vergor, the fort’s French commander, capitulated on June 16. For the view of this battle as a legal and geopolitical event significant to me see Beausejour.

Battle of Mansfield Arguably one of the most significant battles in Acadian history it did not have significance in representing the outcome of the war in which it was fought in that it was a Confederate victory in a war the Confederacy would lose.   The battle is alternately  known as the Battle of Sabine Crossroads, occurred on April 8, 1864, in De Soto Parish, Louisiana.  Not to take anything away from the other Confederate forces commanded by Major General Richard Taylor who was responsible and boldly attacked the Union forces in this contest the role of the Martyred Acadian Basileus and his units was very large. The Federals troops were commanded by Major General Nathaniel P. Banks and were set up a few miles outside the town of Mansfield, near Sabine Crossroads. The Union forces held their positions for a short time before being overwhelmed by Confederate attacks  and driven from the field.  The speed of the battle emphasizes the importance of the early actors and  when the fighting started  Taylor had approximately 9,000 troops consisting of Brigadier General Alfred Mouton’s Louisiana/Texas infantry division, Major General John G. Walker’s Texas infantry division, Brigadier General Thomas Green’s Texas Cavalry Division, and Colonel William G. Vincent’s Louisiana cavalry brigade. Of these the most important portion in many ways were under Mouton who was killed and whose command was taken by the French Prince Camille de Polignac. Taylor had reserve troops who did come into the action which were the 5,000 men in the divisions of Brigadier General Thomas J. Churchill and Brigadier General Mosby M. Parsons which moved up from encampments near Keachie, between Mansfield and Shreveport. This battle stood as symbol in the Acadian mind for the next generation beyond its strategic significance.

For Acadians this ended the line of Basileii of Famille des Moutons and  the next Basileus was Severin Leblanc whose first edict certified by the Cinque was that the Basileus could name a Liaison to the Maison de Polignac in perpetuity. The battle was a decisive Confederate victory although the South went on to fully lose the war and it was mostly lost already it was this battle  which stopped the Federal advance ofknown as the  Red River Campaign.

Battle of New Orleans This was the first major military engagement in a significant military campaign in which the United States beat the British Empire on its won. Much is made of the fact that a treaty had already been signed but not delivered to the theater but one could build a large hill with treaties that have been radically reinterpreted and itis clear enough Britian would at least have kept the area around New Orleans and probably the lower Mississippi Valley. The battle was won by Andrew Jackson and his Kentucky Rifles, Jean Lafiite and especially the superb artillerists among his corsairs, Acadians and Germans from outside the neighborhood, Aboriginal American Nations special troops and both white and colored Creoles of both the mostly Spanish and mostly French type who provided superior logistics. The American Revolution could not be won without the French Empire. The capital in DC had been recently destroyed and the British saw the Battle at Baltimore as a draw. It was only after the blood spilled at Chalmette, Grand Terre and other surroundings of New Orleans that the British believed they could lose to Americans alone in pitched battle.


Beausejour  This entry relates to the Battle of Beausejour as a causis bellum and legal issue for the Battle itself see Battle of Beausejour. This is a very controversial battle in which Joseph Broussard Dit Beausoleil and five members of his secret bodyguard as Premiere Prince Herediteur  almost certainly took part and which the Acadians felt did not violate their status as French Neutrals but which provides the only possible moral or legal justification for the expulsion. The soon to be Basileus was operating as a retained  peacekeeper for the French in regulating a variety of local tribal and metis groups and interactions with British officers. However, during the battle he does seem to have killed two British native auxiliaries and wounded a British officer. Although the British did not report his success in the combat they used it as their pretext for their “great and noble scheme” of stealing the rich Acadian lands anyway.

Beausoleil A town in Acadie where several families including the Broussards lived.  Part of the  identifying handle of Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil. Beausoleil is also a code name for Basileus. Beausoleil is also the name of a band led by Michael Doucet which some allege to be Acadian royalists although they have not assented to this in plain language.

Beauvoir The Confederate shrine and Biloxi, Mississippi home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  Michelle and I visited this shrine on our honeymoon. We also did other things but this was a significant part of our wedding trip.

Bonnes Nouvelles (Vermilion) This is a sort of newspaper formatted cultural magazine published monthly in Abbeville for which I once wrote feature articles and columns for a significant stint. My column was called A Summery of the Local Cultural Scene.

Board of Regents Fellowship This is a a name for any fellowship awarded by the Louisiana Board of Regents. These fellowships are funded by permanent endowed funds and primarily pay for outstanding Louisiana scholars to study at Louisiana universities. I received such a fellowship to study for my Master of Arts in History at Louisiana State University. The fund paid for tuition and a stipend that was a substantial enough income for my ex-wife and myself to sustain a household with a little money I had saved from teaching and with her job.

boucherie has a sound and meaning somewhat similar to the English word “butchery” it is a feast in which the community gathers to kill a pig  or several  pigs and  reduce the swine to all major processed parts  in a single event. These occasions  allow for a feast for those present as well as other events.  I think that it has declined greatly in popularity as it is a noisy and bloody ritual which in large part functioned to ensure that all members of the Acadian people understood that killing is a part of life.

Bouletherion A   very large and sacred council of the Ethnos Arkadios which alone has constitutional dignity and importance equal to the Basileus and Basilissa. In  myth  or legends nearly forgotten even in Acadiana it is the first and most of ancient of all legislatures. It is presided over by five Presidents on nominated by the Grand Famille des Boulets, one by the Grand Famille des Theriot, one by the High Chiefly Families, one by the mid and Low Chiefly Families and the last appointed by the Basileus.  The Greek Boleutheria of ancient times were all descended from this council. Because it can be held in abbreviated forms and because it is so senior and sacred it endures in right even when disused. This is also correctly  το κοινοβούλιο της αρχαιότητας and more correctly ή το βούλιοθερηωτικός Αρκαδικό with another yet more proper variant.

Brand Book A book of registered cattle brands. These books are also used by the Acadian Secret government to establish what in English members call defaced or suggested heraldry. It is one of many means that Acadian families, clans and nobles as well as their Louisiana allies have used for hinting in some way at an underlying royalist reality which can then be verified elsewhere.

Brasseaux here means Carl A. Brasseaux if not otherwise specified.  Carl A Brasseaux is the preeminent Acadian historian of my lifetime and of recent centuries certainly. I have great respect for him and we have met and speoken about history. I have read much but not all his work much of which is listed in color below (these are authored, co-authored and edited works). This does not mean he endorses this blog. I have only a Masters degree and have never published a book of history so fall far short of his standards in many ways. He on the other hand is a Brasseaux which is a middle chiefly clan, he is not from Bayou Lafourche or Vermilion Parish and has no close relatives who are recent members of La Maison de Le Roi. He is therefor cut off from most of the insights tha inform me in these decayed times. There are five other historians who I rely on as much or more than he in technical temrs for my model of recent centuries for our tribe, But none of them do what he does. As with the Queen’s Apology the effort made in this blog is unthinkable without Brasseaux although perhaps like the Queen  of the United Kingdom he migjht not be able to endorse or verify its statements.

The Founding of New Acadia: The Beginnings of Acadian Life in Louisiana, 1765-1803

In Search of Evangeline: Birth and Evolution of the Evangeline Myth

Quest for the Promised Land: Official Correspondence Relating to the First Acadian Migration to Louisiana, 1764-1769

Brazeal Partisan Rangers This was a unit which was reorganized into the Second Louisiana Cavalry and served in a lot of different actions including the Battle of Mansfield under Basileus and  Brigadier General Jean-Jacques-Alfred-Alexandre “Alfred” Mouton (February 10, 1829 – April 8, 1864) who  was killed at the Battle of Mansfield while leading his men in a cavalry charge assisted by these men with whom among others he had developed a close bond. This unit was organized as a result of the Partisan Rangers Act of the Confederate Congress in April of 1862. There among my cousins a number of Brazeals as my mother’s maternal grandmother’s niece married into the family. The Brazeals served in other states of the Confederacy and were part of the limited Armagh Irish Auxiliary of the  Bouletherion by right which can be renewed on application but was granted temporarily.
Brotherhood of the Cross A small young men’s service, social and spiritual group founded by me in my  hometown in the early eighties. Some basic principles of Christian Chivalry were being developed but my involvement was relatively short-lived.

Cajun A corruption of ” ‘Cadien” for Acadien which means Acadian. This is the term most often used to describe the complex of people, institutions and cultural elements in and among the Acadians of Louisiana and the regions where they dominate.

Cayenne The part of French Guyana used by Acadians during le Grand Derangement as a means of measuring success in Louisiana. negotiating colonial policy with France and seeking to survive. Some Acadian merchants and privateers also ran messages to Acadians in Louisiana and the Caribbean from this base. However, the royal and princely houses were not much part of this part of the ordeal.

Catholic A term meaning universal. Usually I mean what some would call Roman Catholic and sometimes members of all ancient Christian communions that have not been radically reformed.

Cebuano-Visayan One of the languages I speak. It is spoken and read and written by millions in the Southern Philippines. It contends (now as the contender losing ground) with Tagalog as having  the most national and diverse group of Filipino speakers. It also contends with Tagalog for the largest group of solid ethnic base speakers.

Central Intelligence Agency, CIA This is largest American civilian intelligence agency the position and structure of which have been reformed more often than other agencies. It lacks the kind of institutional support which the military can bring to its own agencies. Like a lot of people I grew up fascinated with spy movies and tv shows. Twice before I was eighteen I met someone overseas whom I interacted with and who may well have been with the CIA.  When I was sixteen years old I published a long letter to the editor in the Morning Star  a Roman Catholic newspaper objecting to the draft and then going further. I had lots of reasons but as time went on felt that perhaps I had closed off a career that might be my best channel for my particular talents. In an onging process of figuring things out I applied to the Central Intelligence Agency while in college, seeking a career as an operative. I spoke with my wife, went through several phone interviews and was sent a first application. It was sort of approved and I was sent a second application and for it I got a recommendation from then US Senator John Breaux. This was sort of accepted and I was scheduled for initial testing and I sort of passed. Then I signed a confidentiality agreement of some kind for whatever happened thereafter. I cannot say more than that there were head games involved and I would describe my connections with the agency as just enough to endanger my friends and associates overseas by association and not nearly enough to get paid and supported.

Chemine Secret Means the “Secret Path” This is the remnant and in a sense the corruption of what was once a very great and large thing. It is the  discipline of the Loups Garous. It consists of various levels and  all of the larger, higher and more expensive levels have faded away long ago. The largest unit that has existed in Louisiana in centuries probably is the Salle. The Salle has some officers who are women and learn some dog craft, weapons craft and assist in lectures and rituals. The Loups Garous themselves are all men. Exercising in water and mud, hunting alligators with a sharp hatchet held by one man and a pole and noose held by another, marksmanship, martial arts practiced in total darkness and working with dogs, wolf dogs and wolves are all among the disciplines they use and which distinguish them.   They also study theater, mask making, camouflage, field medicine and languages. Traditionally there are at least five times as many men in each rank as in the rank above it and ranks are not command structures but more like academic degrees that bring some command.The Loups Garous alone preserve the ancient goal of La Belle Morte among the Acadians. The beautiful death is usually sought by one or two high ranking men who have suffered reverses in life and will travel far, often in disguise and attack the strongest enemies of the Tribe they can in as open a combat as possible where the enemy are both numerous and strong. They take many precautions to avoid capture but do not commit suicide.

Chaplains of the Basileus Upon the Commencement of the reign of a new Basileus he announces to the Conclave or Conseil d’Eleccion de Royaume de Ethnos Arkadios his appointment of four Chaplains who have certain important roles. In recent reigns the separation by the Maison de Le Roi and Basileus from the Chaplains has been greater than before. They are consulted through hypotheticals and by observer collating their thoughts.  They are informed but in way so muddled and unclear that given the weakness of the Acadian Secret Government they do not really suspect they are Chaplains. Only if they survive to the next Conclave of if their appointed successors do are they dragged into the real working of the irregular government. I happen to know the last four appointed and by whom they were appointed but while one is dead  the others would likely emphatically deny this. However, if they thought very carefully at leisure over their memories they might reach a different conclusion. So here is the first revelation of actual living officers of the ASG but not of the inner circle which manages things. The four last Chaplains do not include a single bishop or Archbishop. They are: Monsignor Richard Van Phul Mouton – Chaplain in Chief, Fr. “Pookie” Theriot, Fr. Oris Broussard and Fr. Steve Leblanc.

Chitimacha or Chetimache one of the Aboriginal American tribes that was always and still is well established in the community of tribes in Louisiana. They got along well with the Acadians who took much of their land because it seemed clear to them that the Acadians could hold their own lands and act as a buffer between the tribe and other Europeans and would treat them more fairly than other European Whites were likely to do. Traditionally the Acadian Secret Government preferred to deal first with the Chitimacha as a senior partner in dealing with the Choctaw, Coushata,Tunica, Biloxi, Chicasaw tribes and Unmentionable bands.

Chopin see Kate Chopin

Christ A term meaning the Anointed from the Greek. It refers to the originally Hebrew practice of designating all Prophets, Priests and Kings as starting out in office by oiling their heads at least. This was especially essential for Kings. These oiled people were Messiahs although the term came to be associated with a supreme Messiah of Prophecy. Jesus the Christ on whom the common calendar year is based is thus designated in Greek as this supreme Messiah and then the word comes into English.

Christianity The religion based on the life, teaching, appointments, death and signs of Jesus Christ.

Cinque Meaning Five it is the name for the Acadian Secret Government itself which unlike the three branched US government has five branches with two assignations each of the five first whole numbers and two names differing slightly or greatly in the two sytems. The more public system is: Premiere– Basileus, Basilissa et Maison de Le Roi, Deux et Seconde– Bouletherion, Le Trois de troit et de croix — Conseil des Armes, Le Quatre– Conseil des Droits and Cinque– Le Tout et Rien.

Cles  des Touches et Serrure des Maisons et Grands Familles des Rois means ” Articles of the Keys and Locks of the Houses and Great Families of the Kings”.  This is a very different system than European dynasts and genealogies. Terms which translate in English as “relative bifurcation”, “sympathetic  preservation” and other such things go with the Arcadian-Acadian science.  These then involve a very tangled web of Prince Candidates and in some cases run quite counter to standard received history: Zeuzians, Rhaenids, Sargonids, Nimrod-Hamites, Pelasgaes, Nimrod-Semites, Herculeands, Arean-Aleans, Lykonids, Lyko-Lycurgids, Bouletgals, Theriopleths and other clans whose names have long died out are a sort of near infinite backdrop.   In recent centuries the pictures get a bit cleared but one of the worst periods is from 1300-1550 A.D. .

Code Duello Both the universal agregation of and any individual example of a code which allows for wounded honor to be met with a public challenge, allows a fixed time for response, allows an appointment of seconds, allows an interview of anounced seconds, allows seconds to contract a physician, allows seconds to certify choice and quality of weapons, provides approved lists, provides a marshal of lists and renunciations and enables the offended parties to have a limited and specified chance to kill each other in fair and equal combat. This is a defense to any charge of homicide. In the model of government proposed in this blog a government agency would monopolize certifying and regulating this activity.

Code Noir The law in colonial Louisiana which was widely unobseveds it forbid male masters from having sex with their female slaves.  However, even this was partly effective and even as intended slaves who bore mixed children had a bargaining chip. other provisions were more enforced and effective. The slaves could not be sold apart from spouses nor children from their parents until they were old enough for some independence. The were free to refuse or accept a spouse and were to be instructed and baptized correctly in the Catholic faith.

Congres Mondial des Acadiens Mostly a union of Acadian family Associations.

Conseil des Droits This is a very special part of the Arcadian-Acadian government both in its perpetual evolving constitution and in the  current Acadian Secret Government. It is a council composed first of all judges and judicial magistrates who are in any way Acadians byt pure right so that even if under the current regime they do not know of it they are still members. Second, any Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox Bishop who is an Acadian as well as the chaplains of the Bouletherion, the government and  the Maison de Le Roi. Thirdly it is composed of a number of key genealogical officials. Fourthly it is composed of a dozen or more rather unique Acadian-Arcadian officials. While a Basileus who becomes an Emperor must be the Judiciary of Last Resort for the Empire and it must not be outrageously difficult for him to hear certain special appeals it is extremely rare that an appeal goes beyond this council. It must be endorsed by every branch and two-thirds of the Bouletherion in a Parfait. The Basileus never presides over this Council. He is President of the Conseil Des Armes and Presides over the Bouletherion when he is present and a Parfait is being held, he presides over the Tout et Rien when it is merged with his House and that can be often. That means that while bound by rules and kept in check in many ways by ancient Teutonic or East Asian standards he really does exert some intermittent political leadership in each of these other branches. But in the Conseil des Droits he is really excluded except as a part of the government and tribe in which it operates and with which it must interact. There are many forms of tyranny besides those of a royal monarch who overreaches but for those who distrust this power the purest guardian of their freedom is the Conseil des Droits. The Conseil has a maximum of five ceremonial guard charters who can enforce some of its orders directly, courier its messages and who are to defend its sites and officers even from the government. On the other hand the other branches also have minor incursions into judical action. This is not exactly the judiciary — it is the Conseil Des Droits.

Comités de Vigilance des Attakapas was an institution which reached its peak in 1859 bear my hometown of Abbeville in Vermilion Parish. It has been rather famously portrayed in the Glen Pitre 1986 film “Belizaire the Cajun”. However, despite some considerable outside evidence there is a principal source for these accounts which is work of their official chronicler and historian Alexandre Barde who wrote in French for a Francophone organization . The vigilantes did persecute some Acadian outlaw folk heros close to the charater of the hybrid of fiction and history which emerges as Belizaire Breaux in the Pitre film. There also were Anglos in the group and some were from the Perry family as depicted in the film. However, they hanged and rounded up people of many types and ethnicities who refused to leave and lead by the Acadian Moutons and Leblancs who were prosperous Acadian families and some criminals persecuted were Anglos. Innocent and guilty victims are hard to diecern with certainty but rather than being another instance of Acadian poverty and futility in the endless fairy tale of American British history they were a violent wing of the secret Acadian government known as the Cinque.

Courire de Mardi Gras The running on Fat Tuesday is a ritual of collection, beating the bounds, community, charity and intimidation traditionally run by a ridelle under a captain. Men in masks and colorful costumes collect ingredients for a communal feast centered on chicken gumbo. This is done on the day before Lent begins with Ash Wednesday.

court bouilliion or cour’b’illion means “short boil” and is a recipes which allows agreat deal of the juicy quality and freshness of a piece meat of any kind to be preserved while still cooking it fully and marrying its flavors into the whole dish.  A court bouillion can sometimes also be a sauce picante or spicy sauce or it may not be.

Crater Cap Concept Colony Group isa Facebook group which I founded and administer which seeks to promote the development of the colonization of the craters on the Moon and Mars especially. It seeks to understand and promote all necessary aspects of this effort.

Cristeros more completely guerreros Cristeros or “warriors for Christ”. These were Mexican Catholic men who fought mostly on horseback with simple firearms against mechanized infantry and other troops when President Calles and the revolutionaries were killing priests and nuns, closing churches and creating many forms of persecution and repression. The surviving Cristeros and their wives and widows were old men  and their women who filled my teenage years with songs, books, stories and faded photographs that have shaped my ideas and life ever since.

Declaration of Independence A document without known precedent that began the great American political experiment not long after Le Grand Derangement.

Derechos y Deudas del Tratado means Rights and Debts of the Treaty and refers to the influence on the constitution of the Ethnos Arkadios which was effected by the treaties of settlement of Joseph Broussard and his company and Olivier Theriot and his company when settling the New Acadia in Louisiana.  It also relates to the debts of honor, courtesy and goodwill owed to all the Bourbons Spanish and French for their support in the years after Le Grand Derangement as well  despite some conflicts with both.

Diocese of Lafayette A dicoese is that spiritual community and administrative division of Catholic Church under the leadership of a bishop classified as an ordinary. The Diocese of Lafayette is my home diocese, while most services and celebations are performed in a local church called a parish and most records are kept there the diocese oversee these functions as well as others.  My baptism, first communion and wedding occurred in St. Mary Magdalen Parish in this diocese that is my home. I attended Mount Carmel Elementary School in this diocese. While still a teenager I was trained and commissioned as an Evangelist for this diocese. I worked for St. Therese Parish in Duson, Louisiana as well as for Catholic Campus Ministry at LSU in Eunice,  Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Lafayette itself and  as a volunteer in many capacites in St. Mary Magdalen Parish. While married my wife and I taught catechism in St. Mary Magdalen and I taught theology and coordinated a televison program at St. Thomas More High School  which three of my sisters attended and from which one graduated I was also youth minister at St. Mary’s Parish at that time. While my anullment was tried in the Archdiocese of Miami I only dealt with the officials from the Diocese of Lafayette. The diocese has granted certain ritual and rubrics rights to people and organizations on the family property where I live and so we have a full chapel here.

Droits des Acadiens Means more or less “Rights of Acadians” . This is what the Tribe depends upon for its governance more than Lois which means “Laws” . Laws are presumed questionable as expired when a dynasty of Basilei ends and the one seeking to preserve the law must show why they should not expire. A dynasty in Acadian terms is acknowledged as a compex matter to define ( while elsewhere it may be complex but pretend not to be) and so what does Lois depend upon?  The election any of the line of Succession heirs above the Permanent Heirs or any Line of Succession Heir from below who happens to have the same family name as the deceased Basileus is presumed to continue a dynasty and anyone else is presumed to end one. This  eventuality of disappearing  laws can be prevented and the need for other defence obviated  with an omnibus bill passed in a Parfait but it must name every law which it wishes to preserve from the expired dynasty during the interregnum or the following year. In the Interregnum the Basilissa bereaved must preside in the places where the Basileus would. Such omnibus bills are sometimes passed in each interregnum in case a dynasty changes, in other epochs they do not pass these.  In Lois written original acts are supreme. In Droits the act is spoken in front of witnesses and some of them are scribes who make recognized records that may differ. The living memory is supreme. Droits is a field which is inately flexible as it interacts with other Droits and is affected by the Ares, Techne, Dynamis and Koinonia of the holder of the Droits. While there are some droits that are universal to all Acadians that is not what this term means but rather the unity of all sets of rights. No Droit itself expires but the font may change and cause the loss of all its effects as most would measure them. The Conseil des Droits cannot create a Droit except in managing internal affairs of the Conseil and elsewhere are bound by rules and procedures. However,  this Conseil and branch is presumably the supreme arbiter of all issues of Droits. They also interpret Lois as to their interaction and effect with the system of Droits

Drug Policy I am known in some circles for personally advocating a particular set of drug policies: 1. Agreements with all drug producing countries to import legal stimulants. That means Moslem countries would have to operate special hotels for international alcohol sale at least. Colombia would have to allow competition with local beer etc. In return a percentage of all drugs used in the new regimes would be allocated to imports from these countries.
2. A survey would be made of all lands used for drug crops in drug exporting countries. No new lands could be put in use. Farmers in the zone would have to use half their lands and resources for production of food crops even if before they were all drug crops. This would reduce supply.
3. Criminal cartels would be given a chance to adhere to participation in a manufactories regime and transit with government supervision of supply and production. They would be required to produce a percentage of low dose and by-product goods.
4. Importing countries would tax drugs imported at a high but not absolutely unique rate.
5. Pharmacists and physicians would be required contractors but recreational drugs cold only be sold in retail recreational environments where every foodserver, bartender and usher had passed a basic drug licensing course.
6.Medical Marijuana and other dosed medical drug use would be allowed but out of regular pharmacies only and not as is the case in California’s huge industry.
7. All use neither medical nor in these highly licensed recreational regimes would still be criminal.

Directly or indirectly I have contacts with many governments and many drug cartels and I have advocated these positions to both. I am driven to this for reasons less obvious than being a large scale user or dealer in forbidden chemical stimulants.

Dudley Leblanc (August 16, 1894 – October 22, 1971) entrepreneur, legislator, author and Acadian activist.  Dudley is said to be the last Basileus named Leblanc. Leblanc is the newest Princely Grand Famille  of the Ethnos Arkadios. He also gave statues of St. Therese to numerous local Catholic churches. He was my cousin and the brother and sister-in-law of Justice Frank Wynerth Summers of this glossary also reared his daughter after he was widowed. Also in this glossary should be HADACOL and Leblanc.

Duels see Code Duello

EAPI East Asian Pastoral Institute A school within the Jesuit university known as the Ateneo de Manila in the capital city of the Philippines. A Jesuit Priest who worked largely in leading a large Charismatic community also was on staff there and founded an intense residential course called Scripture Ventures.  Although it lacked some real stature of a regular EAPI course it attracted an international class of enrollees and was taught by several senior faculty members as well as others. I attended and graduated from the first Scripture ventures course.

Earth Day is a day to raise awarenessof the need to clean up the environment and care for the natural order on Earth. On the first Earth Day in 1970 I served as a robed altar server (or unordained acolyte) when Fr. Joe Ted Miller  ( I think it was him) blessed the waters of the polluted Bayou Vermilion or Vermilion River.  The river has been cleaned up a great deal since then. I am not ungrateful for the chance, however, many of my classmate had older brothers who were experienced altar servers and almost all of them were more regular churchgoers than I was in those days. So it was on of my ealiest experiences of being resented when I thought the other side had a good reason. In the decades since then I have sometimes written or spoken about Earth Day and its meaning.

Emigres Literally, this only means emigrants or people moving out of a country. However, in bothe Britain and the French colonies it acquired a special meaning as referring to the Bourbon nobility who fled from the guillotines that killed the majority of their population during France’s reign of terror which was in many ways brought on by the American Revolution and the French role in it. In certain circles in Louisiana it has come to mean highly elite populations of Francophone background who fled to Louisiana in organized groups to save their lives and settle. The waves of such refugees are: 1. The Bourbon Nobles fleeing the reign of terror, 2. the planter and merchant elite both creole of colour and white fleeing Haiti after the slave revolt,3.the Napoleonic Nobility and officer corps fleeing here after his first and second falls, 4. the small but significant group of French speaking Austrian Jews who came here ater the fall of the Hapsburg Empire and 5. the Vietnamese specificaly who either were themselves or were attached to the Nguyens who are the Royal Clan of Hue Kings and Queens of Indochine.

Ethnos Arkadios Romanization of the Greek for Arcadian Tribe. The term used by the Secret Acadian Government to describe itself and the Acadian People in several senses.   εθνος Αρκάδιοι, εθνος Αρκάδιος and as many as five other variants.

Eunice A Louisiana town in the northern part of Acadiana proper. The town has a two year campus of Louisiana State University I worked on the campus very briefly running the Catholic campus ministry there. Eunice is also the site of the Liberty Theater which has been a powerhouse of live and broadcast Cajun music.  In addition Eunice is near the town of Ville Platte where quite a few of my ancestors and relations have lived. I have stayed in touch with that side of the family but never lived in Ville Platte.



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