Autobiography Storms, Aftermath, Recent Past & the Future

In all of these little sections of this micro autobiography there is far more missing than is included. I got back from China and while still trying to go back I wrote piece on my time there. I wrote it for Bonnes Nouvelles (Vermilion) a sort of cultural magazine newspaper which I had written for often enough before going to China. Robbie Dardeau the editor worked with me to get it in the next issue but I did not go back.

Open Door 2 China

I did a variety of things as i settled back in at Big Woods. My handicapped brother Simon was starting a new life on his own in an apartment with caregivers and I took a job with his agency but only provided care to him. The Hurricane katrina struck. We evacuated and I provided volunteer relief to the many refugees from other parts of the state coming into our relatively unaffected area. Then just afterwards Rita devastated this area. The buildings at Big Woods were unaffected but I was injured, I lost/left my job with Simon’s agency due to storm related tensions and Unable to readjust well I traveled by Bus to California. There I stayed in the Pickwick Hotel in San Diego for a few weeks trying to recover the capacity to walk and find a job at the same time. I took out an advertisement in the San Diego paper, hired a placement agent, rented a post office bos and while trying to get well had very few responses. Once I could walk well I moved into  cheaper accomodations in Tijuana. I kept trying but then went by Executive Class bus to visit my sister in our base and home in General Cepeda , Coahuila. Aside from her mission work and her children’s schooling we went on very nice trips to Zacatecas and Parras which I still remember joyfully. We came back to a somewhat recovered region by Christmas. That was the last of several times I lived with Sarah for long periods when we were both divorced. She has now remarried a fine younger man named Kevin Granger. We are currently living in different houses at Big Woods and see eachother often. My brother John Paul has married his childhood sweetheart Jill. My brother Joseph is just recently engaged to a young woman named Brooke. 

The time since those storms has been mostly a fairly bleak time. There have been lots of other bleak times in the past too but this one has been tiring in some special way. I began getting more active online than ever from that point of the storms onward. My mother and father gave me a laptop for my  44th birthday in June of 2008. I have pursued my interests on Facebook more since then than before. I was introduced to WordPress by commenting on and reading from Lords of the Blog, and in August of 2009 I set up this account.

My maternal grandmother died on my 45th birthday. I have had lots of other news but really current blog posts are better for the very recent future than extending this section of my “bio” any further.

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