Teaching and Trying to Build a Life with my Wife

These days I have been busy as both a teacher and a student. I am not sure what is more important in the big scheme of things, but it is not that I am not honored and grateful to have a chance to teach the next generation — but it is true that it comes late in a life in which I have made a lot of compromises and choices which are inspired by the belief that the world is not getting on very well and that there needs to be real change for those who are young students to have a chance for a good future.

I hope that in teaching however, as well as in studying the arts and sciences of pedagogy, I can share some insights and help students to engage in higher and more developed processes of thought that may enable them to make a better life, build better families and communities and deal with their obligations as citizens and members of the human race.

But I am teaching World Geography in my home region of Acadiana. That reality in and of itself, gives me an opportunity to address many things that matter to me in the world. The world is a complex place and it is important that people become aware of how deeply interconnected all parts ofthe world are as we struggle to find the future that will affect all of us and our posterity.

If there is a connection across the length of this blog, it is the continuity of the search for a future that is more responsive to the concerns that I have been aware of for most of my life which somehow never seemed to be fully addressed by the powers that be.

I hope that I personally and with my wife Clara can find a way to keep teaching and support myself in a world in which many bad things have happened that compromise my own hope to finish up my life in a certain degree of stability.

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