Happiness, Christmas and COVID-19

I tested negative for Covid again on Saturday. But Covid has impacted my life yet again and I am currently concerned about, praying for and trying to support a number of people in my family who are suffering from COVID. It does seem that the Omicron surge is less lethal and likely to lead to serious illness than some of the earlier variants. The almost never-ending surprises and vicissitudes of this pandemic do seem to wear away at any sense of a plan or a certainty about one’s ability to carry on.

I am grateful for a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. I am grateful for the chance to still be trying to navigate this ongoing crisis instead of having been entirely beaten down by it, It has been a good season but at the moment I am very much aware that everything remains wracked by the storm-like forces of the pandemic across our world and lives. I am not sure what the next chapter will be and so I will be possibly posting more for the few who still read this blog. But for now I will just say that I feel very much besieged by the new COVID surge. I also feel very blessed to be with Clara and to have had a wonderful Christmas season.

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