Happy Holidays, Keeping it Real and Beautiful.

The Advent wreath pulled out of Clara’s boxes and one lit at church, that is the season and Thanksgiving is the recently passed day. But I am aware of people celebrating Hanukkah, I thought of shopping on Black Friday and know that this is Cyber Monday and Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. At Clara’s house and elsewhere Christmas decorations are out of storage and being examined if not yet put up. the whir of the holidays is upon us and although I feel anxiety as well as joy I feel very blessed to be in love.

Clara and I have had a nice and enjoyable Thanksgiving season but it has been hectic overall with a little rest woven in. Nut much shopping yet for me as I just said. I am focused on getting one particular gift this season to one particular person and if that happens then I will post the news here. Prayers and good wishes are welcome..

I not only hope for my own happiness but I hope all of you are having the best of the seasons. Not much time on Facebook as usual. Happy Hanukkah as well and to those who really do good for themselves and other in the frenzied shopping of these days and manage to keep the Christmas Spirit — best wishes on that as well. Clara made bread pudding and sauces and I did a turkey for my families partial gathering. My turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce joined the sweet potato pone, green bean casserole, pies, other turkey, ham and rice dressing we found at Mom’s nicely decorated home. After a nice visit we came and hosted a good part of her family at her house. There my contribution was mostly the same but she added sweet potato medallions, broccoli and cauliflower casserole, rice dressing, her bread pudding and sauces, salad and other treats. Although I worked Friday and Saturday this is my first day past the Thanksgiving Weekend.

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