The Next Phase of the Era

The building up of America’s infrastructure is one of the issues on which Donald Trump was elected President. I think that the United States is a wealthy country and a powerful one but its infrastructure is in fact in a good but of a crisis. One may disagree about how severe the crisis is but not deny that the infrastructure need investment. One of Donald Trump’s greatest failures was that he did not have the Congress of the United States pass a major bill funding and planning a great deal of of Federal infrastructure improvement. It appears that Joseph Biden has gotten an infrastructure deal amid the polls showing that 70 percent of Americans feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction. He has found a mix of Republican and Democrat votes in the United States Congress which have created a structure for funding ta better infrastructure during this off year of political defeats of his party that holds office in leadership and the majority of both Houses. I think that is a necessary and useful thing to improve the infrastructure..

I am quite aware that the government of the United States of America has just seen the passage by a majority which is bipartisan of the bill that is largely necessary for the future of the country. I am not sure how much else is not even considered, besides the many real defects that are being remedied by the bill as imagined. But while waterways, coastal erosion, ground water management and a thousand other concerns are barely addressed we still must hope fro the best from this bill and law and plan. I do hope that it will have some long term good effects.

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